AN: This was just something that popped into my head and I thought it was funny so I wanted to share. I love Wally and Dick just hanging out being bros 3



Kaldur walked over to the kitchen to find M'gann hovering in the space between the counter and the living room. The Martian was watching the pair sitting on the couch biting her lip and twisting a lock of her hair between her fingers.



The Atlantian glanced at their teammates, then back to Miss. Martian, "M'gann, what's going on?"

"Science Geek"

"Computer Nerd"

"I-I'm not sure, I know that these are Earth insults, but….neither of them sounds angry." she turned to him with a confused frown on her lips, "I'm very confused, perhaps there is something about Earth culture that I'm not understanding?"

"Speed freak"


Aqualad raised one eyebrow, "You are not alone then. I have no idea what is going on here."

"Twinkle toes"


"Good one. Spaz"



"What? Doofus."

"Saw it on a commercial. Goober."



"Ewww. Dip-wad."

"Freckle face."

"Oh that's original. Short pants."

"I call 'em like I see 'em. Weirdo."


"Really? Fart Knocker."

"Uh, right back at you. Snot-nose."

"That was weak. Shmuck."

"Okay I was gonna save this one but: Milqutoast."

"What does that mean? Geekburger."

"Fancy word for Sissy. Show-off."

"I like it. Hmmm Wisenheimer."

"I'm glad, I looked it up just for you. Birdbrain."

"You already said that one. Flaming heel."

"Crap. Uhhhh, Putz."


M'gann and Aqualad exchanged a glance when Wally leaned in close, apparently to whisper something to Robin.

"What are you a pirate? Dick."

"Hey! Dipshit!"

"Heh heh, At least I whispered. It's a legitimate insult. Nitwit."

Kaldur turned and shrugged at M'gann as Kid Flash sat up once more, their voices rising again.


"Uhhhh crap….Twit!"

"I can do this all day. Jerkface."


"I'm waiting."

"…..Damn, What's the score?"

"20/18 my favor."

"No way! How did you get two over me?"

"You said birdbrain twice remember?"

"Frack, looks like you win this time.'

M'gann and Kaldur watched in confusion as Robin laughed and held out his hand; Wally frowned, but sighed and handed the younger boy the remote.

Robin chuckled as he flopped backward into the couch cushions, "Thank you."

Wally sat back beside the younger boy shaking his head, "I need to look up more insults."

Dick smiled as he flipped through the channels, "Well, I have to admit you did have some good ones this time."

The pair chatted happily and Aqualad turned to Miss Martian holding his hands up in defeat, "I have no idea what that was about…"

Miss Martian flashed him a small smile, "Perhaps we should join them?"

Aqualad nodded and the pair crossed the room to where their teammates were making jokes about the programs on the TV and laughing amiably. M'gann sat beside Wally while Kaldur moved to sit beside Robin.

"So what was that all about?"

AN: I hope nobody actually found these insulting, I tried to pick ones that are silly so no one would get hurt feelings after all this was all in good fun. I hope everyone that reads this finds this as amusing as I did.

Just in case you don't know a Flaming-heel is a guy who's convinced he's God's gift to humankind, ultra cool; but, in fact, is a pathetic, trend-chasing wanker. I thought it was kind of a fun one for Dick to use on Wally ^_^