Tomorrow When The War Began: Rewritten. . .

Summary: What would've happened that instead of Ellie and Homer fell in love with Fi and Lee, they fell in love with each other? How will the story work out? Based on the book and the movie. . .

Disclaimer: I do not own Tomorrow When the War Began. It all belongs to John Marsden and I'm not him. . .

Chapter 1: Back to where it all began. . .

It's only been half an hour since someone, Robyn I think, said that we should write everything down. It's been twenty-nine minutes since I got chosen. I'm not going to hold back though. The others know that I won't. Writing this though. It's so important to us. To all of us. I guess it's our way of telling ourselves that we really matter in this world. That we'd made a difference, minus the friends that we'd lost along the way.

Everyone is yelling at me, shouting ideas that I can use. But I can't concentrate when everyone is yelling. Homer told everyone to back off to give me some peace and quiet.

God how I love Homer. He makes you feel better being around. Like his presence is so soothing that it takes all the stress off of you and washes it away. Homer and I are away from the rest of the group, down by the creek. It's funny of what war does to a person. Especially Homer and I. We started out as brother and sister but then moved on to a loving couple. Homer is leaning against a fallen tree while I'm leaning against his chest. He wrapped his strong, protective arms around my shoulders and started to day-dream while I'm writing this.

OK I'm getting sidetrack here. There is only one way we can do this. And that's to go back to where it all began. . .

It all began on a bright sunny day in our little town of Wirrawee. I was helping dad putting up fences in the paddock when I got a text from Corrie telling me she's got big news and wanted me to go over to her house. I thought that her family won the lottery. But what she'd told me shocked me more than anything.

"What! With Kevin?" I spluttered. "When?"

Corrie smiled shyly but shushed me. "Last night." She said. "Kevin came over to help with the sheering and some sheep got out so we were by ourselves for like twenty minutes." She giggled.

I smiled and my eyebrows rosed. "You did it in a sheering shed?" I asked.

Corrie grinned. "On a bed of soft, pure Merino wool." She said in a sing song voice.

I chuckled. "My God. You're such a nympho!" I said.

Corrie laughed. "You can talk Ellie. Remember what happened between you and Steve last year?" She asked knowingly, raising her eyebrows.

I scoffed. "Oh please! We didn't go THAT far." I replied.

Corrie held out her pinkie. "Now pinkie swear not to tell." She whispered.

I raised an eyebrow at this and laughed. "Pinkie swear?" I asked. "Is that not something that we stopped doing in, like, second grade?"

I shook my head. Corrie has been my best mate, other that Homer, for as long as I can remember. Whenever I had problems I'd tell them both, and they'd always fix it.

The look in Corrie's face made me give in. "Fine." I groaned.

We both locked our pinkies and I sat on Corrie's bed. I looked at her. "So how was it?" I asked.

Corrie pounded the question for a second. "It was not how I expected." She said at least. "I feel different somehow. Like a real woman." She finished. I laughed.

"I want to do more, I want to see more, I want to be more." She said.

I shrugged. "What do you want to do?" I asked.

Corrie thought for a moment. "Well, how about we'd go to the river again? I mean we haven't done that in ages." She replied.

We'd camped out quite a bit. We've been doing it since we were kids! We'd load up the motorbikes with our gear and sleep under the starry sky, slinging a hammock or something to keep us dry.

I nodded. "Sure, and maybe dad will let us have the Landrover."

Corrie smiled shyly. "And maybe Kevin can come with us." She said.

I grinned smugly. "Ah I see." I said. "You want to have more sex is that it?" I asked.

Corrie looked appalled. "No!" She replied. Then she pounded her thought for a second. She bit her lip. "Well yeah." She said.

I looked at her smiling. She sighed.

"Look. We get a bunch of us together, and if your dad lets us have the Landrover, we should go up further than we ever been before. Like all the way up to Tailor's Stitch and all the way into Hell."

I regarded the thought for a moment. "Sure. I'll ask dad tonight."

So after that said, I was left with facing mum and dad about the situation. Of course they were discouraged at first. They kept firing ideas like. 'Why not the bikes instead of the Landrover?' or 'Why not invite more girls instead of the boys?'

But with further convincing mum and dad agreed to allow me to take the Landrover but only Homer and I could drive it. They let Homer because they treated him like a son that they'd never have. So the next task was to have at least eight people to go with us. Corrie and I came up with the list. Kevin, Lee and Homer were in, along with Fi. Robyn's parents took a little more convincing but she was allowed to come. So we had seven and that was good enough.

Our plan was to leave really early next morning. So we all loaded up the Landrover and I was driving it. Homer was next to me with a chainsaw that we'd brought along, ready to use for cutting fallen trees and shrubs. I hope that he wasn't too serious on the job.

I had to pull over for a minute because Fi was going to be sick. It wasn't a pretty sight to watch. After a while we were on the road again and Robyn convinced Fi to drink plenty of water before we stopped.

We stopped at the top of the road and got out and stretched our legs. All seven of us looked down at Hell. The place we would stay for a week.

"Wow." Kevin said. "We're staying in there?" He asked.

I nodded. "Yep."

Kevin raised his hand up, as though he was asking a teacher a question.

I sighed. "Yes Kevin?" I asked, in my best teacher voice.

The other's laughed and Kevin blushed.

"I have two questions. How are we going to get down there?" He asked.

Homer and I turned to him and raised an eyebrow. "And what's the other one?" Homer asked.

"Why? But just tell me the 'how' question and I'll be satisfied." Kevin replied.

Homer and I snickered. "That's not what Corrie says." I chuckled.

After a few minutes of silence and throwing rocks, Kevin asked again. "How are we getting in that thick bush?"

I looked around and saw our route. "There!" I exclaimed, pointing to the right. "That's where we'll go."

We walked back to the Landrover and took the food out, stuffing it in our bags. I noticed that Fi's bag was a little more stuffed than it needed to be.

"Um Fi?" I said

She looked up at me with an innocent expression. "Yes?"

I pointed at her bag. "What did you bring?"

Fi shrugged. "What Corrie said I should bring."

I raised an eyebrow. "Like?"

Fi looked embarrassed. "Clothes."

I looked at her and Corrie gasped as she took out a pink bag. "Make-up?" She asked Fi.

Fi looked down and took it out of Corrie's hands. "Well you never know who you'd meet."

Kevin walked passed us and stepped on a rock and looked at the view.

"You can see Cobbler's Bay from here!" He shouted at us. Corrie walked over to him. "You can also see the Heron Bridge!" I walked over and looked at the view as well. He wasn't kidding either.

"How far do you reckon we'd come?" Homer asked in awe once he walked over to me.

I put a hand on his shoulder. "That was the easy part." I told him.

"Now we walk." Corrie said.

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