Tomorrow When The War Began: Rewritten. . .

Summary: What would've happened that instead of Ellie and Homer fell in love with Fi and Lee, they fell in love with each other? How will the story work out? Based on the book and the movie. . .

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Chapter 8: War and the end...

It was sunset by the time we put our plan into motion. Lee, Homer and I were crouching under bushes, watching the enemies drive their tanks across the Heron Bridge.

Lee sighed. "So what are we gonna do?" he asked. "Blow it up?" he added with a slight smile. Lee amazed me sometimes.

Homer was looking through a miniature telescope. "Cobbler's Bay is one of their key ports, and this bridge is the only was in or out," Homer said, seriously as he passed me the telescope.

I looked at through the telescope as well. "It's the key to everything," I agreed with Homer. "If they can't resupply their soldiers, then they can't fight," I added and Homer nodded in agreement as I passed Lee the telescope.

Lee looked through it and cursed quietly. "They've got sentries," he said and looked at us with a dark expression.

I shrugged. "We'll just have to find a way to distract them," I told him.

He shook his head. "Remember what Dr Clement said?" he asked us and I frowned. "Aout how other people tried to blow up that bridge before?" he added.

Homer chuckled quietly and I looked at him with my eyebrows raised. "Amateurs," he scoffed and Lee turned his head to look at Homer as well with confusion clear on his face.

Hmer continued. "A couple of years ago, me and some mates came up with a way to take this bridge down," he explained and at my shocked expression he shrugged. "You know, just for fun," he added with a smile.

I rolled my eyes with a chuckle. "That's hardly reassuring knowing your mates," I teased him and he laughed.

He then turned to me as though an idea came to him. "El, can you drive a petrol taker?" he asked and I looked at him with an eyebrow raised.

This was gonna be good.

Curr's Blue Star Fuel and Oil Distributors was in Back Street, about six blocks from the bridge. Fi and I found it with no trouble which was really surprising. Fi and I snuck around the back when we saw the soldiers guarding the entrance. I brought a pair of bolt cutters and started to break through the stubborn wire.

"Ellie?" Fi whispered.

I looked at her for a second before went back to the task at hand. "What?" I asked.

Fi looked at me with a frightened expression. "Hurry up," she urged.

I rolled my eyes. "Alright," I whispered as I cut through a large amount of space to fit both Fi and I. We crawled through quietly and walked through the abandoned place with Fi in the lead. I was admiring Fi, with the task that Homer allocated her. I was carrying the rifle when Fi stopped me for a second and poked her head through the door, looking left and right before she walked in. I followed her.

She crashed into something which made me jump and glared at her a little. "Sorry," she whispered and I sighed. Oh well no one can be perfect.

We got to the edge of the walk way and looked at the two small petrol tankers and a big one. I raised an eyebrow at Fi who looked at me with a similar expression.

"The big one?" I asked.

Fi nodded. "The big one," she agreed. We looked around trying to find the keys and Fi suddenly gasped making me turned to her. "There. Under the window," she said and I looked around to throw something at it. I picked up a brick and was about to throw it when Fi stopped me.

"Wait!" she shouted and I almost dropped the brick in shock that a soldier was behind us.

She bit her lip. "Can I do it?" she asked, indicating to the brick and I raised my eyebrow in shock. Elegant and beautiful Fi wants to smash a window with a brick like something Homer would do at School? "I always wanted to smash a window," she explained and I shrugged handing her the brick.

She took a deep breath and threw the brick and smashed the window. I smiled at this newly transformed Fi. It was as if she was a caterpillar who turned into a beautiful butterfly. I went to find some rope while Fi grabbed the keys. Or tried to anyway. I found some rope and climbed the ladder of the big petrol tanker and with the rope hooked on my arm so I won't lose it. I opened the lid to the petrol and shoved the rope in it and let the rope absorbed the petrol.

After I done it, I looked up and saw a soldier sneaking in and pointed his rile at Fi.

"Fi! Run!" I shouted and Fi started to run. The soldier told her to stop and she did and raised her arms in defeat and turned around. She quickly pulled down a leaver that made the door create a barrier between them. She ran towards me and handed me the keys I slammed the lid of the petrol after tying some loose end of the rope tightly to a medal pole that was on the tanker and got in the driver's seat. Fi got in the passenger's seat and I put the keys in the ignition and turned it on. I drove through the factory and smashed through the gate. To make the situation less tense, Fi put on her seatbelt which would've made me laugh.

We arrived just in time at the Heron Bridge when the last of the enemy's convoys drove their way across the bridge. I killed the engines.

Fi spoke into the walkie talkies that we brought along. "Guys are you there?"she asked quietly.

We heard Robyn's voice. "We're all set. We can see you," she told us. She was paired with Chris. "Don't come any closer. Wait there until we get the word from Homer," she added.

Homer spoke through next. "Lee and me are almost there," he said and I rolled my eyes.

"Lee and I," I automatically corrected him on the other end, I could hear him sigh in annoyance when I corrected him.

Corrie was next. "OK. We're in position too," she said. She was paired with Kevin. "I can see 10 soldiers on the bridge," she informed us and I cursed siently.

"We've only got about 15 minutes before the next convoy comes along. We'll call you when we're waiting. Ellie, I love you," Homer said and I smiled a bit.

"I know," I replied.

Fi put it down and looked at me with an eyebrow raised. "You love Homer?" she teased.

I rolled my eyes again. "Do you love Lee?" I retorted.

Fi blushed like a tomato. "Would you mind if I did?" I asked and I laughed.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

Fi shrugged. "Well I just thought that you were in love with him," she explained. "After all I can see how close you two are," she added and I smiled.

"Fi I think of him as a brother," I assured her and she seemed relieved. I pursed my lips in thought. "Is Lee a good kisser?" I asked then paused. "Don't answer that," I quickly said.

Fi smiled. "Yes he is," she said dreamingly. Great. Now I have to put up with two Corrie's in love.

I sighed. "Great now I know," I said.

"Lee must have seen every horror movie that there is on the planet," Fi explained to me. "But he's so shy. Lee told me he plays the piano a lot as well," she added.

I chuckled quietly. "It looks like one of your dreams came true," I said and she looked at me confused. "Remember, you told me that one day you'll meet someone eventually, but you don't know when or who?" I asked and she laughed quietly.

"Lee is like two different people though," she said. "One minute he's shy and when he's around me, he's passionate and sweet and funny," she shook her head in frustration. "I don't get it," she added.

I smiled. "If I could understand Lee and Homer, then I would understand every guys on the planet," I replied.

"So how long have you liked Homer?' she asked me and I gasped in shock.

I looked at her. "How do you know that?" I asked.

She sighed in mock annoyance. "Come on Ellie, everyone knows," she teased.

I scoffed. "God, this is worse than recess," I chuckled and shrugged. "I love Homer but I don't want to have a falling out. I mean think about it, we're in a middle of a war full of death and grief, what if falling in love causes a wedge between me and Homer?" I asked Fi.

Fi sighed. "El, look love happens at the strangest of times," she said. "But you can't keep thinking 'what if?' questions all the time. When you miss the chance, there's no turning back. You should grab the chance before it disappears. And by the way it's Homer and I," she corrected me and I smiled

Just then a soldier crept up behind us and we screamed as the soldier shouted some things in his own language.

Fi knocked him out with the rifle and I turned on the keys and the tanker came to life. I drove it towards the Bridge and Fi grabbed the walkie talkie.

"Ellie, I'm so sorry I turned it off," she explained with a half sob.

I growled. "It doesn't matter," I shouted over the noise over the truck.

Everything was in motion and Fi and I could see the cows walking on the bridge. Bullets came smashing on the truck that caused minor damage. I drove the truck right under the bridge and got out of it, along with Fi and started to climb the ladder again. I grabbed the rope and chucked it to her and she took it and dragged it until I slammed the lid shut again.

I climbed down and Fi's eyes widened. "Ellie, I don't have the lighter, you were meant to bring it," she said and I shook my head.

"I don't have it," I replied slowly. Suddenly bullets flew past us and we screamed in fright and hid behind the fence and laid flat on our stomaches we continued to scream and tears filled my eyes. I would never see Homer again. Never tell him I loved him, wanted to be with him forever. Married with kids on a farm or something. It was all over. Or so we thought. Just then the bullets stopped and Fi and I looked at each other and looked at the dead soldiers and Robyn holding the gun with tears rolling down her face. Chris ran towards us with a lighter and we ran towards Robyn. I smiled at her and hugged her tightly.

"Come on," I said when we pulled apart and we were walking away when I stopped. "Wait!" I shouted and walked over towards the truck when the fire seemed to slow down. I took a step forward and suddenly the fire rushed up the rope like a snake and the truck exploded and the force hit us making us fly back. We landed on our backs and got up with grins on our faces except Robyn who was still shocked from killing the soldiers.

The bridge exploded into two and bits and pieces flew off into different directions and Fi whispered, "Gosh."

I shrugged. "They always said they wanted to build a new one," I commented and they laughed. We got on the bikes and drove back to Homer's house chatting in excitement.

I walked in and Lee greeted us with a sad expression that I didn't notice. "Did you see the bridge?" I asked.

Lee didn't answer and he still had the same sad expression on his face. My eyes widened and I ran into the living room where Corrie laid bleeding in the back. A bullet wound.

"Corrie!" I gasped loudly and kneeled next to her. "Oh, my God! What happened?" I asked Kevin, but Kevin was too upset to answer so Homer answered instead.

"She got shot as we were driving away," he said, his voice cracking. "I can't stop the bleeding," he added, biting his lip.

Fi turned to Homer. "We'll take her to go see Dr Clement," she suggested, silver tears glistening down her cheeks. "He can fix her the same way that he fixed Lee," she added.

Homer shook his head in defeat. "She needs a hospital, FI," he said slowly.

I bit my lip and stood up. "I'll go get the Land Rover," I said quickly.

Homer stopped me. "No," he said. "The Merc's still here. It's closer and it'll give her a better ride," he added and I nodded in agreement.

Just then I heard Corrie's voice. "Ellie..." she whispered.

I ran to her side in seconds, stroking her damp hair. "Hey," I said softly.

Corrie's eyes were still close, but she was speaking. "You have to leave me..." she croaked.

I shook my head. How could she say that? She's my best friend. One of the people I would exchange my life for. Corrie is like my sister. We grew up together. I watched her as she took each breath. Her life was fading before my eyes.

I bit my lip hard. "No, I can't. I'm not leaving you," I cried.

"She's right," Homer said sadly and I looked at him shock that he thought of that. Corrie was like his sister too. We all grew up together. "It's sounds cruel but the only thing to do is ring the bell and run," he explained.

My eyes widened. "No!" Kevin and I said at the same time.

Homer closed his eyes. "We have to be rational about this," he said. "If we take her to the hospital, we will get caught," he added.

Kevin shook his head as he ran his fingers gently through Corrie's hair. "No, I don't give a shit what's rational, alright?" he growled. "Corrie's our mate and I love her," he said softly and I looked up at him. Cold tears were rolling down my face. "I'm taking her in, and I'm staying with her," he vowed and I sobbed quietly.

Homer and Kevin gently picked up Corrie and took her to the black Mercedes that was still parked in the drive way. They laid her down gently and we stuffed some sacks, pillows and sheets around her to make her stop moving. I choked on my sobs and I stood next to the window that Corrie was leaning against. She had her eyes opened and was looking at me. Her eyes were filled with pain that made me wanted to get revenge on the soldiers for doing this to her.

Homer handed the keys to Kevin. "Good luck mate," he said quietly.

I tried to smile at Corrie. "Uh...I'll come and get you... when you're better okay?" I asked and wiped my tears away with the back of my hand. She gently raised her hand and held out her pinkie finger. I sobbed as I linked it with my own. "Pinkie Swear," I promised and kissed her on the forehead gently. She smiled.

I walked away as Kevin started the car up and drove out of the drive way and into the night. I watched them go and ran into Homer's arms, crying my heart out. Homer wrapped his arms tightly around me and pulled me close. I cried in his neck.

Homer took a deep breath. "Well, we've hit them," he said. "We've hit them hard. And they're gonna be coming after us now, with everything they've got," he said softly.

"Come on," Lee said softly. "Let's go to home. Back to Hell," he added.

And they did come after us. For three weeks now, we've seen dozens of planes and helicopters and search parties. But they haven't found us yet, which meant that Corrie and Kevin had told them nothing. A month ago, we were just an average bunch of teenagers, studying for school and complaining about our parents. Now we're soldiers, trapped behind enemy lines and fighting to survive. But we won't run. We won't hide. We will fight and keep fighting and never give up until this war is finally won. It's hard to work out when stories begin, but ours hasn't ended yet. We've been holed up here for a week since Kevin drove away with Corrie in the back seat.

I look around me. Homer sitting next to me, making lists and drawing plans. God knows what he's got in mind for us. I like the way he tops every minute or so to hug me or kiss me. Robyn's reading the Bible. She prays quietly every night. I like Robyn and I like how strong she is in her beliefs. Chris is writing too, probably a poem. He's been doing that a lot lately. Maybe he'll make a book full of poems about his experiences of the war. Like the one I'm doing now. As I said before, recording this is so important that we want to be remembered if something happens to us. Fi's putting in some posts for a bigger chook yard. Lee's sitting next to Fi, trying to make a rabbit trap. Ever since we lost Kevin and Corrie, all of us have becoming like a family. I liked that. Having a family in this trouble time. At least this way I won't be alone.

I just hope we can survive.

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