"I love this part." He bent to give a soft kiss to Zero's heaving chest. He was a mess under him, gasping, moaning and writhing shyly like a lost little boy. Not that Kaname mind though, he loved his sweet lover like this. So defenseless - letting his walls to be trampled down by the pureblood.

"And this part too." Kaname moved to nuzzle the ex-human's neck before kissing the column of his neck. Zero clasped his hands to muffle the moans.

"K-Kaname..." His face tinted by a cherry red.

"I," a wet lick along Zero's shoulder blade.

"Want," butterfly kiss to the hunter's midsection.

"You." Kaname smirked as he spared gentle and possessive kisses all over Kiryu's torso.

He enjoyed it. The way the obstinate hunter wantonly begging for his touch - begging for the pureblood to make him as his - begging his former-enemy to make love to him.

Kaname would give Zero all of that. But of course he'd do it slowly just so he could enjoy Zero's pain before he gave him pleasure.

"All of you..." Kaname untied the red tie around his collar and wrapped it around Zero's wrist. "...belong to me." He affectionately pecked Zero's forehead and brushed the bangs. "Mine to have. Mine to love."

"Mine to posses."

The only response he got was a weak whimper from the boy pinned beneath him.


Yuki twitched. She tightened her grip around the yellow mug in her palms.

"D-damn you K-Kuran- ah...ah!"

"Not yet Zero. I'm having my fun here."

She bit her lower lip, glaring at the clock on the wall. It was near midnight.

"Remove that cock ring Kuran! I need...urgh..."

"I'm sorry Zero. But by doing that, I'm defying my sadistic side as a pureblood."

"You! G-gah! Stop biting it!"

"But Zero...you look bigger than I thought."

Yuki blushed. She couldn't even go to sleep because of those noises.

"Kuran, just put it inside me!"

"I haven't prepared you yet."

"Do I look like I care?"

"No, you look mouthwatering."

The mug in her hands fell down on the floor, broke into pieces. Yuki stood; she fisted her hands and brought it to her face and then...she cried, mourning over the sleepless night and her fate. All she ever wanted was a calm sleep. But she wouldn't have it because-

"Why do you have to be so annoyingly big, Kuran?"

"That's not true, Zero. You're just too tight."

Yuki cried harder, the beautiful sleep now slipping through her fingers.


Written by Wookie

Requested by Irmina