These chapters are supposed to go through the actual Manga's storyline, some being retellings of actual events and others being original chapters from me filling gaps left by the author. The latter includes what Levi said to Gajeel after he beat Luxus, or how Gajeel introduced his new cat to Levi. To perhaps have a better enjoyment of the romance in the actual manga's story, give these chapters a read!

This is the infamous Gajeel-saves-Levi-from-Luxus scene, with certain parts missing and certain parts added.

Levi wasn't quite sure why she was so terrified. And yet, standing behind her tree as she was, holding on to it so securely as she watched the ominous figures of Jet and Droy facing a far more ominous figure in its own right, she felt nothing but fear.

"Heh… you guys are really holding a grudge? Can't you just let bygones be bygones? Huh?"

Gajeel was grinning so menacingly, so readily, that anyone would think he was the one initiating the confrontation. And Levi figured that either way, it was her guild mates who were the ones in trouble.

She remembered his power. It wasn't just his raw strength, or speed or anything like that. It was the ability to crush three people he didn't know for no reason at all that… This stayed with her, and at the time had ruined her sleep for the next coming days. Waking up in pain from injury was a bearable thing. But to see a bloodied Reedus, a broken Jet and a crushed Droy in the same room as her had made all her memories come flowing back at once. She remembered grabbing onto her head in pure shock, trying in vain to shake the memories of her assault.

And remembering this as she stood behind her tree, Levi realized just why that man terrified her so.

"I'm over that, really…" she weakly tried to protest, but she knew it was for a different reason than what she said. She was indeed over it; her injuries had healed, she was able to sleep again and she had all her friends back.

But she was terrified how this man before her, dressed in his foreboding black, could so effortlessly cause her friends to revisit the hospital. Only this time, for a much longer stay if he so pleased. And he wouldn't even get into trouble, since her friends were the ones who started it.

So imagine her shock when said man in black did nothing but receive the blows. Scowling in pain with bruises forming on his face where he sat, he did nothing but look back.

"Is that it for your power!"

But Gajeel did nothing except look up at them. It was like he was hoping his glare alone could defeat her teammates. She was proud to see they stopped their attack; even they couldn't gain satisfaction from attacking a man who didn't fight back, no matter what his crime was.

But her confusion was replaced by another frightful shiver, as one particular blonde haired and angry looking man stepped up.

"You being picked on? Huh?"

Here was a man who terrified her in a different way. Not for the fact that he had attacked her before, but because of the aura he emitted. That of a man who could and would do anything he wanted to harm his teammates, at any time.

"What could he want with us?" she wondered. Had he come here to bully them again? To tease them for picking on someone who wasn't fighting back? But no, nothing like that.

"And the old man let this piece of trash join our guild for some lame reason?"

Levi watched as Luxus' face turned into a dark mist of anger.

She heard a scream in pain; Gajeel's. He was shrieking as if every cell in his body was being ripped apart. Not just Levi, the most peaceful person there, but even her two teammates were being horrified. Minutes ago, they wanted nothing more but to beat some sense into Gajeel. But this… this just didn't feel right. After years of living in Fairy Tail, a guild full of love, this was something which they could never be happy watching.


But Luxus didn't listen.

"You're going too far!"

But Luxus didn't care.

Levi saw Gajeel, practically sizzling in that attack, and heard Jet and Droy speaking… realizing just what was going on. She couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth as she realized that Gajeel was trying to gain their trust. But why? Why join Fairy Tail, why fight for their trust? None of it made any sense…

At this stage, Luxus was screaming at Gajeel. Blaming him for the guild's weakness, blaming him for their reputation. And without any remorse, wished death upon him, slowly crushing his skull with his boots.

"STOP! THAT'S ENOUGH, LUXUS!" Jet's cry reached him. Luxus did indeed stop. And instead of attacking Gajeel, he lost his temper and sent a bolt flying right at Levi.

Had it been another mage, had it been one not so terrifying, perhaps her legs could have moved and she could have dodged. But at the moment she could do nothing. She closed her eyes and braced herself wordlessly, preparing for the pain. She could feel the bright light against her eyes and heard the crackling of lightning, deducing that the bolt must have killed her.

What she did not expect was to hear a groan of pain in the process. She looked up, confused, to see a man in front of her, sporting a beastly black mane and burnt clothes on his body emitting smoke where he stood.

"Is that enough? I've got work to do", came a gruff voice in front of her. Was that all he had to say? Getting beaten and battered… getting abused like that, having saved her life… that's all he had to say? No harsh words, no bitterness, no nothing? Even if he was repentant for what he did, wasn't he going too far by taking that bolt to his chest? His chest of all places! Iron can't protect you from lightning… it'll only make things worse…

She failed at getting a response from him. He just told her to leave him be, and she was silenced.

Why? That was all she could think. Why? Why… did any of those events transpire? None of them made sense, nothing. Not one thing Gajeel did could make any kind of sense to her.

She watched him walking away, wounded and hardly able to move properly. With his unruly black mane which was made even edgier with the lightning, and with his strange gait due to all the punishment he endured, he looked like a wild and dangerous kind of animal as he stepped away.

Levi, whose mind was almost going blank with all the stress she had endured, entertained that strange thought. Even though he just did a kind thing and acted nobly, he still looked like a monster as he moved away.

She wondered loosely in her mind for a second whether or not the other times he looked so monstrous, he also might have had some goodness in him. She wondered about those other times, and what he was really thinking. Afterall, Natsu told her once that he was just a big teddy bear inside.

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