Title: How it goes

Summary: Ficcy inspired by the speed dating promo. I've been waiting forever for new material, so why not? PG, no spoilers

Like most of their adventures, it started with Maura being overly exuberant, and Jane being characteristically skeptical: speed dating.

Maura had grown weary of Jane rejecting every single one of the guys she had worked so diligently to procure for her. Jane was tired of Maura tricking every eligible Boston bachelor into going on dates with her.

"I just wish I could ask the guy right from the get-go, 'so what are you about?' and cut out all the crap," Jane waved her arm over the autopsy table where Maura was working on the victim in their most recent case.

Maura's head popped up as a light bulb went on, "Speed dating!"

"What? Oh, come on, no! That's so…cheesy," Jane said adamantly.

Maura shrugged, but a slight smirk curled her lip, "ok, I'll drop it, but it would be a highly efficient way of finding a potential mate."

"No! End of story," Jane said as she stomped out of the morgue.

The next day after work, Maura invited Jane to a nearby hotel for drink. Unsuspectingly, Jane followed Maura into a conference room, where the detective quickly caught on that this wasn't their usual "drinks after work" routine.

"Really? I thought we discussed this, woman."

"Jane, it's just drinks, but now you have a chance to ask all your questions right out front, because we're on a strict timer," Maura reasoned running her hand up Jane's arm to calm her down.

Jane sighed, rolled her eyes, and slapped on her name tag.

Two long hours, and 14 bad dates later, Jane and Maura finally caught up with one another.

"How'd it go for you?" Maura asked dejected.

"Horrible, like hell- only sleazier," Jane said sipping her beer.

The event organizer came to their table to ask for the names of the men they were interested in meeting again. Jane and Maura both shook their heads. "Not a one," Jane told her.

Jane and Maura proceeded to relay all of their bad speed dating moments to each other.

"Again with the handcuffs?" Maura asked disgusted.

"Yep," Jane popped the "p" nodding her head, and they both burst out laughing.

"Let's get out of here," Maura said as she downed the last of her wine and grabbed her purse.

"Whoa! Maura, I think I drank a beer for every 5 minute date. There is no way I'm driving," Jane stood up displaying her lack of balance.

"We'll take a cab to my house and I'll drive you home…in the morning," Maura reasoned, grabbing Jane's hand and guiding her out of the stuffy room.

"As long as we can order pizza…and I can borrow a pair of your silky pajamas," Jane bargained as they got in the cab.

"Fine, but you always wear a tank top to bed," Maura stated puzzled, as she was most looking forward to seeing Jane in a tank top.

"Ok, whatever- tank top and silky pajama bottoms," Jane amended. "Do I get to pick out what you wear to bed?"

Maura thought about it, "Only if I deem it tasteful."

Jane laughed, "Do you think I'd make you sleep naked?" After she said it, the sudden thought caused Jane's cheeks to burn and she wished she could take back her words.

"I'll consider it," Maura replied a moment later, displaying a wide smile.

Jane smiled too, and declared the night a success.