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"Heat? What do you mean I'm in Heat?"

Chapter 12 – Epilogue

Jazz waltzed happily into his house, no, home, humming loudly. It had been a great day, even more so than usual. His part-time gig at the Rendezvous day club had been even better today, the crowd was more receptive, more involved with his performance as The Meister. It had also been refreshing to bask in the warm sunlight, thanking Primus once more that Cybertron was returned to its rightful place in orbit around Alpha Centauri. Taking off the disguise he wore as a performer, Jazz reflected on another reason why this day was so special – it was for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it was his and Prowl's 1000th anniversary of being bondmates. Which also meant it was their eldest's 1000th sparkday. Which meant she and her bonded were coming here for a private celebration.

And not only that…he and Prowl had a surprise for all their creations.

Jazz smiled as he thought about that. Yes…creations. He had got his wish fulfilled, and he and the love of his life together created a big, loving family - even through the drama and issues, they stuck together through thick and thin. Finally shucking off his disguise plating and putting it in the closet on the right side of the large hallway, the visored mech stopped at the foot of a set of wide stairs, placing his hands on his hips.

Grinning loudly, he called up, "Sweetsparks, Papa's home!"

For a second, there was silence. And then came loud sounds of clanging and banging as doors were hastily opened and the sounds of eight sets of pedes came stampeding down the hallway and to the stairs.


The cry was wrung around the entrance hallway as eight frames moved toward one of their creators, tackling him in a massive group hug. Jazz laughed, never tiring of the enthusiasm of his creations whenever he or Prowl came home. It was practically tradition for one of them to take a flying leap at them whenever they came back. With Jazz part performing and also being a saboteur in helping the Praxus Enforcers, his schedule could be a little erratic at times. Prowl, meanwhile, had more stability as Chief Enforcer of Praxus.

Jazz calmed down in his laughter, groaning, "Ok guys, let ya poor Papa up. How's all ya homework comin' along?"

Technostat, the second eldest of Prowl and Jazz's offspring, replied, "It's all good. I've finished my essay for Professor Starscream, and all I have to do is go over my notes for Professor Perceptor's class on higher order mainframe facilities. And everyone else has been good too." Technostat was the first mech in the family, resembling Prowl with his frame type. He was mostly black with grey plating here and there, with a red chevron and black doorwings. He was to graduate from the Praxus Academy in science and general technology within the next vorn. However academic he may be, he still had Jazz's cheeky streak in him.

"Thanks, Tech. Ya know how much ya Father 'n' Ah appreciate ya looking after ya siblin's when we can't be here," said Jazz, rubbing his son's chevron affectionately after standing up. He was rewarded with a smile.

"So, what do we have ta do b'fore Harmony 'n' Father git home?" asked Darkrider, leaning against his twin, Lightshock. They were the third and fourth creations and had inherited Jazz's thick Polyhexian accent and had managed to make it even thicker by the way they spoke. Darkrider was the master prankster, black with a white chevron, but no doorwings, and small patches of blue plating on his frame. Lightshock looked exactly like him, only he was white with a black chevron and a few patches of yellow. While he often joined his twin on pranks, he was more academic of the two and got higher scores in the Academy where they were studying to continue Jazz's line of work in being a saboteur.

"We already have the decorations up," pointed out Crossfire, white chevroned helm perking up shyly. The fifth creation, light, pale grey with Prowl's body type and a bright red flame decal on her chestplating, she had just entered the Academy to study the history of Cybertron. It was her dearest wish to become one of the guardians of the new Allspark. The most quiet and unassuming of her siblings, her ways took after Prowl.

Jazz nodded at her and shrugged, "What else? Ya gotta give me somethin' to do."

"Energon is ready, trays are set out. Mirage and Hound ask that we have them back within the next decacycle," stated Vires. Prowl and Jazz's sixth creation, he almost did not make it out into the world. It was his difficult separation that meant Prowl could never bear another sparklet. He looked most like a perfect combination of Prowl and Jazz – sensory horns, red chevron, doorwings, and retractable visor, and white and black plating. His frame was a perfect balance of the two colours, as if to showcase how his creators reflected each other. He was in his last year of attending the Cybertronian equivalent to high school.

Jazz continued to smile at his creations, taking in their satisfied and beaming faceplates. Looking fondly upon them all, he asked, "So you guys already took care of everythin'? As a gift to me 'n' ya father?"

Sonata, the 7th creation, nodded, "Yeah Papa. And I've got a new song to sing to you and father." Sonata was named after Jazz's carrier, and inherited Jazz's musical ability to the extent that it is almost too natural. She is one with her music, and both Prowl and Jazz are proud of her. She is looking at becoming one of the youngest musical stars of Cybertron. Modelled after Jazz's carrier and looking mostly like Jazz, she has black plating with splashes of blue and white, and has a blue star painted on the sides of each sky blue optic. However, as well as having the sensory horns, she also has Prowl's crimson chevron adorning her black helm.

"Nice one Sonata, spoil the surprise," said her younger sibling, Feverpitch, who had crossed her arms. Impulsive, reckless, yet fiercely loyal, Feverpitch (known as Feva), was created in such a way that she suited her name. Black and white plating with sensory horns, she bore a thick red stripe from her neck to abdomen, and red doorwings. Prowl also tutored her in tactics, meaning she has a method she uses when she is being impulsive. The youngest in the Cybertronian equivalent of high school, she stands up for those who she finds being bullied.

"Aw, Feva, it's all right. Ah'm sure Prowl and Ah will be surprised anyway," soothed Jazz, laying a hand on her sensory horns. He found that it was the best way to calm his youngest femmeling down.

"Papa?" came a soft voice.

Jazz turned to see his youngest, Norvan, reaching up to him in a classic pose of 'pick me up, please.' Jazz obliged, taking his youngest son into his arms and rubbing at the developing doorwings on his back. Norvran was only just out of his sparkling years and was in primary school and doing well, apart from his glitch. The coding of his spark had abruptly changed halfway through the carrying stage, and suddenly had the ability to triple change. Added to this, Ratchet and Wheeljack and their team had not been able to change the protoform completely in time, and so, every once and a while, if Novran felt overwhelmed or too stressed, he would glitch and crash. With doorwings, sensory horns, and a blue chevron, the youngest also inherited his creator's white plating, with a black and red stripe on each of his sides.

"When do ya think Harmony will get here, Papa?" the little youngling asked softly, cuddling into his creator's neck.

"Well, ya know she's busy 'n' all being the tactical advisor the Prime in Iacon. And ya remember what Ah said 'bout Iacon didn't ya?" asked Jazz, making his way to the spacious kitchen and living area, carrying his youngest securely in his arms.

"It's north 'n' east of Praxus, where we live, an' is real busy," replied Novran dutifully.

Jazz nodded, "Yup. And she left earlier today, cos Uncle Optimus let me know he let her off, so she should be here with Dynamo within the joor."

"So father will be home soon?" asked Sonata to clarify.

Jazz nodded again, "Yup. Now until then, Ah wanna heard what ya all did today."

As the ex Autobot TIC settled in on one of the many couches (they couldn't completely give up Earth customs in some respects), chatter burst forth from his youngling's mouths. For Jazz, it was one of the highlights of everyday to find out how his and Prowl's sparklings developed in day to day life.

"We tended to our Crystal garden," piped up Crossfire.

"We played a prank on P'fessor Tunnelire," grinned Lightshock, bumping fists with Darkrider. Jazz was tempted to both frown and grin at that.

"I received the top grade in mathematics," said Vires proudly.

"Miss Moonracer let us do art today," said Novran, curling into Jazz's side.

"Armourhold was picking on Compass again, so I taught him a lesson," shrugged Feva. Jazz did frown at her, but she protested, "I didn't hit him. I just…embarrassed him."

"Ah'll ask later," warned Jazz.

Sonata was about to add her event for the day when the sound of their front doors opening with a soft swish floated into the living room. All of the siblings looked at each other, grinning, before jumping up and yelling happily, "Father! Father's home!"

Jazz stayed where he was, sitting on the couch with a big grin on his face as he heard a faint, "Ooof!" followed by, "Dearsparks, it is illogical to glomp me every time I come home." Jazz shook his helm in amusement. Prowl said that most of the time, but there was never any inflection in his tone to denote he never wanted to be greeted like that. The visored mech waited patiently for his family to re-join him, smiling brightly when Prowl came into his sight.

In all their years together, Prowl had not diminished in how handsome and dignified he managed to look. Their passion for each other had never dwindled – and was especially evidenced by the overall happiness of their sparklings and the fact they had needed a soundproofed master bedroom. Prowl smiled softly at him and stepped free of the embraces of his younglings, stepping forward to pull Jazz up into a gentle kiss.

"Ew!" chorused their younger offspring, while Technostat, Darkrider, Lightshock and Crossfire smirked.

Ignoring the exclamations, Prowl dipped his bondmate back, kissing him deeper, smiling into the kiss, before pulling back and saying, "Happy anniversary Jazz."

"Happy anniversary to you too, Prowler," replied Jazz, giving him one last peck before straightening up and looking at their offspring. The Chief enforcer looked around the room, taking in all the signs of his children's hard work, before turning back to them and smiling at them.

"Thank you dearsparks. It means a lot to me and Jazz," he said softly in his smooth tenor.

"Aw, shucks Father, all we did was put up a couple o' decorations," grinned Darkrider.

"Nevertheless," stated Prowl, moving away to put his enforcer weapons in the storage locker in the basement. Only he and Jazz could access the vault, full of weaponry and other war time objects from their days as the Autobot's. They were still Autobot's, but had chosen to live a more civilian lifestyle. When he returned, Prowl found that his and Jazz's eldest offspring, Harmony, had arrived in the time he had put away his weapons and badge, and all of his other younglings were crowded around the mature femme in excitement.

Reflecting on his eldest daughter, Prowl could not help but be reminded of the unconventional way that he and Jazz had finally realised their love. And looking on the domestic, family scene, Prowl could honestly say that this is where his spark felt most at ease, with his family around him.

Harmony herself was vastly different to her siblings in that she was all white in her colouring, the only other hint of colour was the sky blue of her optics and a bit of dove grey here and there where her protoform metal or wires was not covered by plating. She was a carbon copy of Jazz's frame, but in a more 'femme' shape, and had Prowl's doorwings. It gave her a bit of an angel look. With a processor as sharp as Prowl's and with Jazz's social butterfly nature, her job as Prime's advisor is suited to her.

"Hello Father," Harmony greeted, turning her smile upon Prowl.

"Happy sparkday, Harmony," Prowl returned, stepping forward to give her a warm hug. He had not seen his eldest creation for a while.

Stepping back, the Praxian moved to clap Dynamo, his daughter's sparkmate and son of Ratchet and Wheeljack, on the shoulder in greeting, before moving on to Jazz and wrapping an arm around his bondmate's waist affectionately.

"So…everyone, dig in to the goodies and let the energon flo', isn't this a celebration?" announced Jazz, grinning broadly and leaning into Prowl's side, sending love and joy to him through their bond.

A while later, when all the celebrating was done, Sonata had sung her song to her delighted creator's, and the family was seated in a wide circle, Prowl and Jazz looked at each other, secretive smirks on their faces.

"Guys, ya Father and Ah have an announcement to make. And Harmony, we're kinda sorry cos we're going to be raining on your parade a bit, but we thought that today'd be the best time to tell ya all," began Jazz, clearing his intakes as he talked. Prowl just leaned into his mate's shoulder, contented after a long day of being an enforcer.

"What?" Vires asked politely, his siblings and Dynamo all leaning forward in rapt anticipation.

"Well…we didn't tell you earlier because of our age and because of the difficulties in the past," Prowl said softly.

"But First Aid gave us the all clear a few days ago, and the good news is…Ah'm sparked again! Another femme, the 5th femme to round up the group of ten," Jazz finished excitedly, Prowl's optics taking a proud glint along with his own.

The room burst into chatter, asking them all sorts of questions of their creators, congratulations, excitement for yet another sibling to be accepted into their family. And Prowl and Jazz sat tranquilly amidst the excitement, contentment flowing in harmony through their sparks. They enjoyed the excited looks on their youngling's faceplates and felt blessed by Primus to be given such a diverse and yet harmonious brood.

"Wait a second," came Harmony's voice above the excited talking of her younger siblings. Her doorwings were twitching in a peculiar way, as if she was distracted. Dynamo cast her a half-nervous, half-excited look as she held her hand up for silence.

"Yeah sweetspark?" asked Jazz, canting his helm to the side.

"Well…sorry to rain on your parade, but," Harmony took Dynamo's hand in her own, smiling up at the white and green medic, "Dynamo confirmed it before we came here..."

"...I'm with spark too."

And Prowl, upon hearing his eldest daughter's statement, abruptly crashed.



"Jazzy…come on, overload for me love."


With gasping cries, the couple overloaded in simultaneous completion. Jazz's forehelm resting upon his bondmate's, visor up and damaged optics unshielded to Prowl's optics. It was night, they were in their berthroom celebrating the union of their sparks and of conceiving, yet again, another sparklet. Prowl took large intakes to cool himself down from their lovemaking, gently grasping Jazz's hips which were astride his own, lifting his love off his now limp spike as they reached the third overload for the night.

It was moment's like these that the Enforcer was glad he and Jazz had gotten their room extra soundproofed when they first constructed their modern Cybertronian home in a restored Praxus.

Jazz settled next to him, not caring for their fluids or the searing heat of their plating.

"Ya know, it was pretty funny when you crashed earlier today," Jazz mused mildly.

Prowl snorted slightly, "Pain in the diodes for me though."

Jazz smirked, "Ah still think it was funny. Ah never thought you'd crash because ya found out ya daughter was sparked."

"It was sudden…can you blame me?" Prowl asked, letting Jazz snuggle closer. Over the years he had been with Jazz, he had found it easier to allow touch, and especially touches from the saboteur.

"No…Ah blame that computer," replied Jazz, laying a hand on Prowl's chestplates, feeling the pump of the spark that was his and his alone. Prowl dropped a kiss on a sensory horn and turned on his side so he and Jazz were face to face. He took the hand from his chest and kissed the obsidian fingers, conveying through the bond a thread of calm. For Jazz had a habit of getting mad when he thought of science mechs using Prowl as a test subject for one of the first battle computers. It worked, and Jazz calmed.

"Have you thought of any names?" asked Prowl quietly. In the resulting silence, Prowl took a moment to just feel. Feel the silken sheets under him on the berth, the light wind coming in through a partially open window, Jazz's plating against his own. And the soft gaze of those treasured, yet defective optics that Prowl had never found himself to see as defective.

"Ah always think of the names Prowl," chided Jazz softly.

"Not always…I thought of Novran, Vires and Technostat," protested Prowl softly, frowning softly.

Jazz merely sent a wave of relaxation and calm to Prowl in response, before saying, "Those were mech names. Ah've named all the femme's so far. Ah think it's time for you to. Would be really amazin' for me to see what ya think about our new sparklet." His tone was gentle and loving, a tone he only ever used on Prowl or when his younglings were hurt and needed support.

Prowl thought hard about it, going over thousands of names in the span of minutes, but none seeming quite right. He stared into the distance, going through another list of names that was created by a noun and a verb. He tossed it around in his processor. It felt…right. As with every other name he and Jazz had come up with, there was a rightness about this name.

"Freedreamer," he said softly into the still air.

The slightly smaller black and white drawled, equally as soft, "Freedreamer…Freedreamer…Ah like it."

'It feels right,' Prowl said over their bond.

'It does," Jazz acknowledged. He then yawned, intakes hissing as he did so.

"Tired?" Prowl asked aloud, already knowing the answer.

"Yeah. Crowd was crazy 'bout me though," replied Jazz, wrapping his arms around his bondmate and moving in even closer and began to initiate his recharge sequence. Prowl chuckled softly, before doing the same as his lover and enveloping Jazz in his own arms.

'I love you, for forever and a day,' Prowl's loving thought echoed through the bond.

'And Ah love you, until all are one,' Jazz replied.

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