When he was die, he has a happen…

Since he was die, in his one time traveler.

He meet his wife in their house in 7p.m. , his wife was eighty years old(very old).

His wife was very happy to see him and she gave him a big hug.

Then they went to a restaurant to eat their yummy dinner.

They were chatting .

They felt it was very happy to eat their dinner.

When he was has a shot...

His wife was very scared to see he has a short and she was really cry.

Then she used her phone to call 999, but it was unuseful.

When the ambulance was come, he was really die.

But when he was already, he asked he wife "Don't feel unhappy I will come back in the future because I am a time traveler man."

Then his wife felt more happy now, and she always saw him in the future.

When his wife was eighty, they also went to eat dinner in 7p.m. on a western restaurant.

They ate a yummy dinner including cow, red wine, dssert and so on.

When they finished their dinner, he was go away.
Then his wife could not saw him in the future.

Because since he was die, in his last time to go to time travel is in his wife eighty years old.

So his wife could not saw him in the future.
But his wife also wait him all the day until she was die.

My story is finish in here, please give me an opinion about my writing. THz.