Red had always found it funny that for the past three years whenever someone asked for a strong trainer to battle, his name would be the first one mentioned. Because despite training on this freezing mountain and being the former Champion of the Kanto and Johto League, he still didn't feel that he was very good, let alone supposedly the best in the two regions. He also wondered why everyone knew about him, but he always brought it down to the fact that his victory against Green was highly publicised and his departure even more so. There was the Team Rocket thing too, a lot of peple had recognised him after that.

He was seen by most people as that kid (despite being eighteen now) that braved the cold and lived on Mount Silver, a place which was already famous for housing powerful and dangerous pokemon. They thought he never left there, but he did quite frequently. Just because that's where he resided now, it didn't mean that he didn't have a life to maintain in Kanto. He'd visit Green in Viridian and his mother too, there was the Professor and Mia as well. He couldn't just forget about all those people, could he? But because everyone thought he just stayed in the mountain constantly, he could travel the region without worrying about being identified.

It was always weird when someone did recognise him though, and he wasn't sure if he liked it. They'd be so surprised that they ran into him, so he'd just smile as if to say "yeah, I'm just an average person like you." Mount Silver was good though, he didn't have to worry about people constantly asking him things even though they knew full well he couldn't answer and just getting in his face. He'd experienced that for about ten minutes after he'd won the League and that had been enough for his lifetime. He preferred to be by himself anyway, and when he wasn't down in Kanto, the only company he received were ambitious trainers wanting to try their luck. Oh, and Green too. He trekked up there to visit sometimes, always proclaiming loudly that he didn't understand what was "so great about this Godforsaken mountain," and that it was "bound to kill us sooner or later." Neverminding that it was his suggestion for Red to train up here anyway.

After leaving a note for Lance saying that he could have the position all those years ago, Red had spent the night in the Pokecentre in the League building as he didn't really have anywhere else to be. It was kind of amusing seeing all the hopeful trainers bunking there before they took on the Elite Four the next day - and to think he had been one of them that morning. They had no idea what was in store and that if he hadn't ditched the title one of them could have been versing him.

He woke the next morning to find footage of his battle with Green (he hadn't even realised they'd captured it) playing on the televisions mounted to the walls. The news presenter said that the Indigo League was welcoming a new Champion, the boy that had rescued Saffron from the clutches of Team Rocket. He'd sprinted out of there, hoping that no one had time to recognise him. No one had, and he managed to escape down to Viridian City with no issues.

From there, he had gone back to Pallet and visited Green. It was then that the other boy suggested that he go and train in Mount Silver (it is to be noted that before he had said this, he had punched him in the face for giving up the position hours after he'd beaten him), so he had. And that's where he had been since.

He didn't see himself staying up here forever though, but for now, it was good. But really, he visited the cities enough, it was just like he was living in a different suburb. A dangerous and cold one at that, but you know what he meant. He didn't understand what people were talking about when they said that it was freezing up here though, because it was pretty average to him. Green would argue that it's because he'd been up here so long, but right from the start he had never felt it. Probably because he'd never worn a jacket when he first started travelling, he had just gotten used to cold weather.

Something caught Red's eye at this point, snapping him out of his daydreaming. It kind of looked like a silhouette of someone walking towards where he was sitting in the snow. Probably just another trainer, it had been a while since a challenger and it would be nice to battle properly again. He stood up and peered forward, and when they came into view, his eyes widened. When Gold had said that he wanted to battle him one day, he didn't think they actually would.

You know, for the last three years, Red had felt like he was just that silent kid from Pallet, or to others he was just the boy that defeated Team Rocket. He was also the heir to said organisation (which was a tiny part of the reason why he was isolated up here), and the former Champion of Kanto. But as he watched Gold approach him with that huge grin on his face, a sudden realisation hit him. He was only Red, and that's all he ever would be no matter what life threw in his direction or what people said. That fact made him smile, because really, that's just what he wanted.

"Hey, Red!"

And then with the same smile on his face, he reached into the snow behind him and picked up a pokeball.

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