How Azimio Found Out

"David, I thought you did not want to come out!"

"Babe chill, practice ended half an hour ago, no one is around!"

"You can just assume that? You can read minds and know when someone is near?"

"...Have you been reading more vampire stories?"

"Shut up! Dave, I'm seri-mmmfff!"

Azimio tilted his head in confusion. Well, of course he recognized his best boy Karofsky's voice, but the other voice, although it sounded familar, he couldn't place it. But why in the hell was Dave calling another dude (because it was definitely a dude) babe? He crept carefully along the row of lockers, kind of thankful he had forgotten his sweatshirt in his locker. Karofsky was hiding something, and he didn't know what.

Yeah, he may be kind of oblivous, but even he realizes when something's up. Karofsky had been canceling plans with him, coming late to classes (which Azimio would mention didn't sound to different from usual, but he was all flustered and messy when he came in), besides, sometimes Karofsky would get this weird look on his face when looking at...Evans!

That was the voice! And the look...holy shit! That was a lovestruck look! What the literal fuck? No, no...Azimio took a few deep breaths. No need to jump to conclusions. He carefully (and as quietly and gently as an over 200 pound man could be) crept around the corner, still blocked from where he assumed Karofsky to be standing's view. He quickly glanced around the corner, and his mouth dropped open.




Evans, f-ing EVANS, a dude, a f-ing DUDE, had Karofsky, f-ing KAROFSKY, another dude, another f-ing DUDE, pinned to the row of lockers, MOUTHS TOGETHER!





Azimio stumbled backwards, slamming into a row of lockers, making a loud bang. He cursed himself silently.

"What was that? Dave, did you hear that?"

"You're panicking babe."

"I am! Let's get the hell out of here! My parents are out until late."


Azimio darted out of the room, spinning around sideways to turn down a hallway. He took a deep breath, starting a calm, cool, collected walk back towards the locker room. He turned the corner again, coming face to face with Evans and Karofsky, HOLDING HANDS. Evans dropped his hand, shoving him sideways.

"YoAz, whatup?" Dave said, really, really quickly. "What'cha doinghere?" he laughed, quickly.

"Nothing. Forgot my jacket." Azimio said. He coughed, "Nothing. Forgot my jacket." he said in a lower voice, one that they would be able to hear, not dogs.

"Oh, well, we, uh Dav-Karofsky and I, we, uh-" Evans stumbled out.

"Yeah, yeah, cool. Gotta go, my little sister is waiting for me to pick her up." Azimio paused, "You know, after I get my jacket."

"Yeah,yeah,yeahokcool." Dave nodded to him, attempting to look chill, but really shaking his head like a bug was on his face and he was trying to get it off.

"Bye." Evans stated weakly.

"Yeah." Azimio slipped by them, attempting not to touch either one of them and in the process contorting his body in a way that would make a Cheerio jealous. He slammed the locker room door shut behind him, leaning against it and staring at the ceiling, breathing heavily.

Holy shit. His best friend... His boy...

Dave Karofsky was gay for Sam Evans.

A/N: So here it is. Kind of funny, right? Sorry it's so short, but whatever.