Sometimes Love Can Get Through Anything

Jaylyn pulled up behind the moving truck and groaned as she got out of her purple skyline. She scoped out her new life. She still hated her parents for moving her to LA. She may be 19 and able to stay by herself but they were her parents, she couldn't leave them. She didn't want to.
Jaylyn looked next door and saw a group of people outside. The guy next to the yellow skyline immediately caught her attention. He was sexy as shit. He leaned against the skyline, keys in hand yelling at everyone to hurry up. He looked rugged with his baggy jeans and black basketball jersey. He locked eyes with her but she didn't care. He was like a magnet.
"Jaylyn, honey help us carry some of these boxes." said her mom walking up behind her.
Jaylyn's stare was broken when she jumped by her mother talking.
"Alright mom." said Jaylyn.
When she turned to look one more time he was pulling out of the driveway, so she just moved to help her mom and dad. After everything was settled Jaylyn started organizing her room but she couldn't get that guy off her mind.