A/N: I just decided to try a drabble. It was hard for me to: 1. Kill off Merlin 2. Do it in 100 words. I own nothing.

The battle's been going for ages. Men die, life sucks. But there's only one thing that really catches Arthur Pendragon's attention. The silhouette of a young man , falling. Arthur's manservant, to be exact. Arthur's not very far, and somehow is there. All that Merlin's aware of is a warmth, where the arrow hit him. It feels so good, he just wants to succumb. But that desire stops. Because the prince who saved him yells, "Stay here, don't die. Your prince commands it!" Merlin's last thoughts? I really tried to follow orders. Then he succumbs. "I'm sorry, Arthur." Then blackness.

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