"Danny, can I talk to you for a sec?"

"If it's about my emotional well being after this whole fiasco, just keep walking." Danny sighed.

"No...its not that." She frowned sitting on the edge of his bed. "I wanted to tell you...everything that happened, with the monk, the little fox demon, and the guy with the dog ears...it was real right?"

Danny spun in place to look back at his sister, "Yeah...I mean, I still feel the pain of the poison."

"I'm going to miss them." Jazz murmured looking at her feet.

"What, well I can't say that I don't feel the same way but I'm still happy that we're back home with mom and dad...indoor plumbing." He cracked a smile.

"Alright okay, now go on." Jazz shooed him out the door as he waved and disappeared into the light, pleasant dusk.

Alright so that was the end of this story; thank you so much to all of you who like this story. And you can also thank Iris Taishou for suggesting that I write this story! Well thank you again all of you hope that you liked it. K then bai~