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I'd have loved to sleep in, but sadly Jasper must have thought it was a good time to bite my ass. I didn't think he even realized how much he liked doing it. Keeping my eyes closed, I pushed his head with my right hand; and he bit that, too. I heard him chuckle, then felt his mouth on my lower back.


"Yes, Alfred?"

"Stop it."

"But we never got to the rimming part last night!"

That was true. "Because you asked me to fuck you, which I did, then you fell asleep. Now let me sleep."

I wasn't against what he was proposing, and honestly, I was hard and ready, but while the rimming hadn't happened last night, neither had our conversation. When we'd gone back to the main bar, Bex and Emmett were gone. They had left a message for us, at least Emmett had, telling us he was taking Bex back to her room and was taking the car. He had added a sort of drawing explaining how to get back to the motel, and it didn't take us long to walk there, although Jasper still thought it was too long. Horny fucker.

To his credit, he had given me a great orgasm in the club, and I could understand how he'd be worked up from it. I had never had anyone indulge me in my kink before, but he had. Knowing him it wasn't completely surprising, but it was still pleasant, to say the least. Right now, though, we needed to have 'that' conversation, and it was sad because rimming sounded really good to me.

"Bruce, stop it."


"Seriously, you're whining?"


Maybe? "You are whining. Now that you woke me, speak up." I felt his mouth leave my skin and he changed position. Next, he was in my line of vision, sitting with his back against the headboard. I look up at his face but his eyes never met mine; he stared at the sheets and at something on the walls but never at me. Ah, uneasy and self-conscious, okay, I could work with that. Trust wasn't something that developed in only a few days. "You already know about my kink. Talk to me, Bruce." I hoped that using my nickname for him would help him open up to me.

"Ah, I don't know where to start."

"Start with what you need."

"Well, that's the thing. I don't always need it, I just, uhm, crave it once in a while."

I finally turned on my side, replacing the pillow under my head so I could look at him without hurting my neck. "It's the same thing, Jasper. I don't need to go watch people fuck every week, but I miss it after a while, and then I will need to do it." He groaned and I watched his limp cock getting hard. Such a horny fucker. "Now tell me about you."

His cock became limper, even if it wasn't completely flaccid. I could see that this conversation was stressful for him.

He let out a breath and rubbed his face with his hands. "I like when someone, or ah, people watch me, like last night." He grimaced, still avoiding my eyes. "A hand job, a blow job, or, ah, more. Whether it's me getting it or giving it, I get off on that."

He finally locked gazes with me and relaxed slightly when he saw that I wasn't judging him for what he had just told me. I would have kept quiet until he was finished with everything he had to say, but he looked way too stressed for me to do that. Knowing Jasper, he'd go crazy trying to understand what my silence meant.

"Yeah, I knew that already. It wasn't hard to guess." I chuckled and he gave me a small smile, still waiting for what I had to say. "I don't mind. I've never really been turned on by someone watching me, and honestly I'm still not, but I enjoyed last night twice as much because I knew it turned you on. I don't think it will ever be a problem."

Jasper closed his eyes and nodded his head, clearly relieved but still very tense. He looked at me hopefull; I knew he wasn't finished so I motioned for him to continue. He turned his head, avoiding my gaze again before continuing.

"I, ah, like threesomes." He scrunched up his eyes then added quickly. "Not always, not all the time, I just- Darn it." He huffed. "I love threesomes. Not that I've had a lot in my life, but enough to know I can't go years without."

His eyes were still scrunched up as if he was waiting for me to start laughing, or yelling. Fuck knows what was going on in his head right now.

"Jasper." He didn't move or respond, so I tried again. "Bruce!" He opened his eyes but still didn't look at me, only letting me know he was listening. "That's the kind of thing that will have to wait."

He swiftly turned his head towards me and finally looked me in the eyes. "But you're not put off by it?"

I laughed. "Nope. Threesomes are cool, but they're easier when none of the participants is in a relationship. I've seen countless couples torn apart by them, because once the threesome is over and they stop being driven by lust, then it's just the two of them again. And if things weren't good between them to start with, it just makes things go awry."

"Not that I want one now, but things are good between us. No?"

Ah. I guess I needed to spell it out for him, then. "They're good, but not threesome good. Trust is the basis for everything and we're not there, yet." He frowned so I went on. "You can't even look at me while you're telling me about your kinks, Jasper. Afraid that I'll bolt or whatever; you can't tell me that you trust me or are sure of what my reactions would be."

He shook his head. "Yeah, you're right."

"I know." He chuckled and slapped my shoulder, but I kept going. "Being sure of the other. Never having to second guess. Trust. That's the only way things like that can work. And you, Bruce, are the type to wonder about everything. It would drive you mad."

He sighed. "It would." Then he glanced at me and asked playfully, "But you're not against it? In the long run, I mean?"

"Can't say I am. But in time, and not carelessly."

"Oh, wow."


He took a moment before answering; I guessed he was having an inner conversation again. "I was pretty sure you'd be put off by it, or would tell me you couldn't go on with our relationship. I swear I've pictured everything bad you could say in my head. "

"To be honest, I knew it might be a possibility, Bruce."

"Why am I not surprised?" He threw his arms in the air, then clapped his knees. "Seriously?"

"Seriously." I laughed and let my hand trail down his arm. "It made sense, what with your love of being watched. It's not always the case, but hey, it goes well with me enjoying watching. I could count it as another kink of mine."

His eyebrows shot up and he opened and closed his mouth a few times. Then he caught my hand in his and stroked my fingers, eyeing me carefully. Oh. He wasn't done; how many kinks did he have? I smiled encouragingly but stayed silent. After a minute or two of pondering, he finally spoke. It was a good thing because I wouldn't have let him get away with it.

"I'm- I have never tried it really, because I've never dared ask or tell the guys I was with before, but I -" He cleared his throat and tapped his finger on his left thigh. "I really want my, ah, boyfriend to watch me suck another guy."

He said the last part very quickly, and I almost didn't catch it. "I gather you don't see that as being part of a threesome?" He shook his head and his hand released mine. Yup, trust wasn't a done deal yet. "I don't know about that, Jasper."

He avoided my gaze, and moved. He didn't sit any farther from me but righted himself and crossed his legs. "So that's a deal breaker?"

"I didn't say that, I'm only telling you what I think. And right now, I don't know if it's something I'd like, want or can do."


"'Oh?' Care to expand on that?"

Jasper played with the corner of my pillow but stayed silent. I let him work it out and waited until he was ready to talk. When he did, it was with a shaky voice.

"I don't want you to give up on us because of that."

Aww, Bruce. "I didn't say that, either, Jasper."

He locked eyes with me. "But that guy you told me about, the one with the daddy kink-"

I cut him off then because he was mixing everything up. "That's not the same thing, Bruce. He wanted something I couldn't give him at all. And anyway, he needed to find an older guy, much older than me. Even if it hadn't bothered me to go with it, he would have realized that. I think he was still a bit lost when it came to what he needed." I poked him with a finger, and he squirmed. "You, on the other hand, want something that is really close to the things I need and can handle. I just don't know if it's something I want. We'll have to wait and see. If it happens to be something I really can't do, then we'll deal with it when the time comes. Anyway, you've never done it, right?" He nodded and I added, "Then you don't really know how you'd react, either. I'm not saying that's the case here, but there's a difference between what we fantasize about and what we can really handle doing . But as I said, we can only wait and see."

I smiled at him and this time he relaxed completely, sliding down the bed until he was lying next to me, mirroring my position. "So, you're okay with all this?"

"I am. "

"You're so kinky, Alfred." He moved closer to kiss me, then leaned back again.

"So are you, Bruce. But there's one thing you didn't explain, yet." He frowned, so I added, "What the fuck is Kinky Butler Sex?"

Jasper groaned and turned onto his stomach, hiding his face in his hands. The motion brought him closer to me, his side flush against my front, and I put my arms over his back to clap his shoulders.

"Come on! You just told me you wanted me to watch you suck another guy, and you play shy about that?"

His voice was muffled by the pillow when he answered. "It's not the same thing. That was one of my weird inner scenarios; you shouldn't have even found out about it!"

"Oh, but I want to know about it, Bruce." I pushed on his shoulder until he was on his back, and I lay on top of him before he could move. I caught his hands in mine and put my elbows on either side of his head, pinning his arms above him. Our chests were flush together, my cock pushing on his and our legs entwined; he whimpered and bucked into me, making my cock harden. I nuzzled into his neck and spoke close to his ear. "Tell me." I felt his cock twitch and he moaned, squirming under me, seeking more friction.

He stayed silent so I moved, and sat next to him, my back against the headboard. His hands were still above his head, his breath ragged and his hard cock standing. He looked at me with his signature puppy-dog eyes, but I just picked up one of the lube packets from my nightstand and coated my cock with its contents.

I could have asked him seriously to tell me about what Kinky Butler Sex was, he would have answered but where was the fun in that? He'd also have to learn not to be embarrassed to share what he wanted with me. I closed my eyes and started stroking my cock slowly. It was hard to keep from smiling when I felt the bed dip slightly. I opened my eyes to see him on his knees in front of me, his eyes wide as saucers and full of lust.

"What are you doing?"

I moaned before answering, just to see him squirm. "I'm jerking off, Bruce. If you're not going to share, I'm not going to, either."

He blinked a few times, then whimpered.

"If you're ready to share, then that's another story. Are you?"

He nodded his head forcefully and I stopped my motion to grab a condom that I slowly unrolled on my cock. His eyes never left my crotch. I added some lube from the open packet, then pulled on one of his arms until he was straddling me, his ass just above my cock.

I put my already lubed hand between his legs and pushed two fingers into his asshole, fingering him slowly. "Now, what could it be, Bruce?" I finger fucked him faster, his moans getting louder, then retrieved my fingers to grab my cock and stroke the head against his hole but not pushing into him. He tried to slide down on it, but I kept him from doing so and he whimpered loudly.

"Tell me. That's the only way I'm going to let you sink down on my cock, Bruce, and I know how much you want it right now."

His hands gripped the headboard above my head and his gaze locked on mine. His lips were parted, his eyes hooded and his arms and legs were quivering. I had a hard time not pushing him down my shaft, but I managed to hold his gaze and keep a straight face. He finally spoke, his voice cracking.

"You're the mean, snotty Butler, and I - maybe I messed with your kitchen and you teach me a lesson."

I pushed the head of my cock inside his ass, which made him stop talking. I stopped moving again, and his head leaned back. He groaned. "You can't do that to me!"

I grinned, even if he couldn't see it. "I know there's more. Speak." Then I pushed him farther down on my cock. He moaned again but started speaking, his words often interrupted by gasps.

"You use things, kitchen things. Everything you can find."

He started moving, up and down, fucking himself on my cock, and I trailed my hands along his chest, pinching his nipples on the way. "Keep talking. What things?"

"I-wooden spoon-Fuck!- Big one. And Saran Wrap- Shit, Edward!"

Jasper was looking at me again, and I stroked his cock slowly. "What would I do with a wooden spoon and Saran Wrap, Bruce?" His cock twitched in my hand. I knew exactly what he meant, but hearing him say it was such a turn-on.

"Ah, fuck! - Spank me. Tie me up- Stroke my cock faster!" It had taken him a while to say those few words, his moans and lust getting in the way.

"Seems like there are some kinks you didn't tell me about, Bruce." My voice was steady and teasing, but the feeling of my cock in his ass, seeing him so turned on, and his words, made it really difficult not to let him have his way with me. I wanted to let him fuck himself harder on my cock and stroke his faster until I felt his cum on my skin and heard how many more times he'd say 'fuck'. He finally replied,

"No, I don't -Oh, fuck that feels good! - I don't like it much but this scenario just turns me on so much." He gasped and I felt his ass clench on me. I stroked him faster and he went on. "I want you to do that once. Tie me up, spank me, be-" gasp, moan "-all mean Alfred on me."

Fuck, I was so turned on. I grabbed his ass and pushed him harder on my cock, again and again. One of his hands left the headboard and I watched him stroke himself. His mouth was open, but no sound came out of it except his loud breathing. I kneaded his ass and leaned forward to catch one of his nipples in my mouth, sucking and biting on it. It still amazed me how sensitive he was, since I wasn't in the least. I heard him cuss loudly and then felt his cum on my chest. He clenched so hard around me, I almost came from it.

He kept moving above me, moaning and still cussing. I leaned back, enjoying the ride, but after a few thrusts he stopped and knelt in front of me again. I was going to tell him that, unlike him, I had yet to shoot my load, but he grabbed my legs and made me slide down the bed, before taking the condom off my cock.

Next thing I knew, Jasper's mouth was on my ass, and his tongue was licking my hole, while one of his hands stroked me exactly the way I had shown him last night. Fuck, Bruce was a fast learner. I was almost bent in two in this position. Even if I couldn't see him clearly, we could still look at each other, and it was a big turn-on. He wasn't trying to hide; he was intent on watching the effect he had on me.

I could feel his tongue lick up and down my asshole. But he was doing it too quickly for me to fully enjoy it, so I asked him to go more slowly but to apply more pressure, which he did. After a few minutes I was gone. I moaned loudly, my hands clenching on the pillow under my head, and I even let out a shout when I finally came, coating his hand and my abs. Shit, he was good.

He released my legs and cock and lay down next to me, his head on my shoulder. I couldn't really talk yet, since I was still catching my breath, but I laughed when we heard banging on the door.

"Get moving, boys! I'm starving!"

Jasper laughed with me. "I hope she wasn't listening."

"Fuck, I hope not! That would be too weird, even for us."


After showering, we joined Bex in the restaurant. She was already sitting at a table, talking with Emmett, who was working.

"Finally! I've created monsters!" The look on her face proved that she didn't mean a word of it. Jasper sat next to her and I, across from them.

"Yeah, yeah. Admit that you're weirdly proud of yourself right now, Bex."

"Damn right I am, Edward. Look at my boy! He is all happy and shit. I knew you'd be good for him." She patted his hand and Jasper looked at me, rolling his eyes.

Emmett was shaking his head at us. "Okay, what do you want to eat, crazy people? We have the brunch special. It's really good." We all nodded in agreement, and he wrote it down. Before he left, I asked him,

"Hey, Emmett, what happened last night?"

He guffawed. "You'd better ask Bex. I'll be back soon." Then he walked away to take someone else's order.

I looked at Bex, curious, waiting for her to explain. She continued drinking her coffee and acting like nothing was going on.

"Did you get lucky, Bex?" Jasper was wriggling his eyebrows and smiling at her.

"Don't be stupid, boy. It was a gay club. I don't think anyone there was interested in seeing my saggy boobs." Then she grinned and added, "But I got to see some fine specimens. Those men weren't shy, I can tell you!"

We laughed but I was still curious about what went down. "So what happened?"

"Emmett is fun. He doesn't want to touch any cocks, but he's fun!"

"Shit, no, I didn't want to touch any cocks!" Emmett was back at our table with coffee for Jasper and me. He looked at me then. "She almost made me palm one!"

Jasper and I chuckled at his words, and he asked "How?"

"She has an iron grip, I swear! She was touching some guy's junk through his pants and grabbed my hand saying 'Emmett you have to touch it. Cocks are wonderful!' I was so surprised that I didn't have a chance to pull my hand away in time!"

"You were palming a gay guy, Bex?" I hoped she had asked first. Poor guy.

"Of course I did! You can't expect me to go to a great place like that-" she got a dreamy look then, "- with so many cocks, and not touch." She pointed a finger at me. "That's just plain cruel, Edward."

Emmett must have followed my train of thought because he piped up then. "She asked nicely, though." He chuckled and added, "She told everyone that would listen that her 'boys' were somewhere in the club getting their kink on while she had to wait at the bar 'cockless', her word not mine, and that it had been so long since she had seen one that she probably didn't even know how what one looked like anymore."

I nearly spat my coffee out, laughing as I was.

"You can laugh, but I'm happy a few guys were willing to let her touch them because she was intent on making me drop my pants!"

"You were the only non-gay there. It made sense!" She turned to Jasper then. "I touched, but as you can guess, none of them got hard. Such a shame."

"No offense, Bex, but, ah, I wouldn't have gotten hard, either." Emmett chuckled, but it was clear he hoped he hadn't offended her.

Bex waved her hand. "That's okay, Emmett, don't worry. And I knew you wouldn't drop your pants, but it was so entertaining to make you squirm." She looked at me. "Emmett blushes! Something you never did."

Her tone was almost accusatory, but I knew she was still trying to tease him. She continued speaking. "Although, he never squirmed as much as he did when a guy felt his ass. You should have seen his face!"

I laughed loudly and looked at Emmett. "Really?"

"Hey, I was surprised, that's all. It's not every day a guy feels my ass and he had wandering fingers - I swear I felt them pushing along my crack."

I would have loved to have seen that. Even if it wasn't cool for Emmett, it was still really funny. "What did you do then?"

"I tried to explain that I wasn't interested, but that didn't faze him, and he kept coming on to me. And his hands were everywhere. I mean, a few guys tried to offer me a drink or more, but they went away when I told them I wasn't interested. But this guy? Dense, I tell you."

Jasper asked Bex, "Did you help him?" but she didn't have time to answer before Emmett did.

"She was too busy laughing her ass off!"

"Hey, I helped in the end." I looked at her and she chuckled, clearly remembering the scene. "I told him Emmett was my boy toy, and that he wasn't allowed to fuck anyone else but me."

"Then she told him that if he wanted her to, she would touch his junk. She had already attracted a crowd by then with her antics, and they were all laughing and cheering, but the guy bailed."

Picturing all that was hilarious. "Fuck, Emmett, I would have loved to have been there for that!"

"You could have been if you hadn't abandoned me with Bex and the hungry gays!"

"Ah sorry, but I had my cock in Jasper's mouth while we watched some guys fuck, but next time if you want ,you can come with us." I guffawed, knowing that it wasn't Emmett's thing, but I was sure that he was glad he had stayed at the bar, now. He opened his mouth and his notepad fell on the table with a thud.

"Seriously, you-"

"McCarty! I don't pay your sorry ass so you can bore the customers with your prattle. Leave them alone and get to work already!"

Emmett winced and sent us an apologetic smile, before walking up to the guy who had spoken to him. They exchanged a few words, and none of them sounded nice. Emmett's shoulder hunched, and he shook his head in answer to whatever the guy was saying, before being pushed towards the kitchen.

Jasper, Bex, and I looked at each other, wondering what that was all about, but we stayed put, waiting to see what would happen next. Emmett emerged from the kitchen with three plates and brought them to us.

"Sorry about that. Some people think they're better than everyone else. Sadly, it's frowned upon to beat up your boss." He shrugged and walked away quickly to attend to another table.

Jasper started eating, then turned to where Emmett was. "Hey, can you bring us some sauce when you come back over here?"

Emmett nodded but it was his boss who brought it to us in the next few seconds. "I apologize for him. I try my best to help him and he has been working here for years, but some people are just too limited, you know what I mean?"

I put my fork down. "No, I don't think I know what you mean. Or why you're telling us that."

The guy looked surprised. "Well, I'm sorry for the inconvenience he caused you."

Emmett had his back turned to us, working on something, but I knew he was listening, I wondered how many times he had heard that asshole talk about him this way. I was itching with the need to punch him, but I knew that wasn't a solution; Emmett would be the one to pay for that.

"I'm sorry. Inconvenience?" I waited for him to nod before continuing. "The only inconvenience I see here is you. Emmett has been a great waiter, and I'm wondering why you would talk about him like that."

"I'm sorry if I misjudged the situation. I'm always worried when it comes to him." He paused, then added, "Sometimes you have to be worried when it comes to certain people. It's my business, after all. I don't want anything to happen."

Fuck this guy, he was such a dickhead. "Can you just get the fuck out of our faces so we can finish eating?"

The guy took a step back, appalled. "No need to get vulgar. I was just looking out for you. There are some things you don't know about him, that's all."




All three of us insulted him at the same time, which made us laugh, but he just walked away, fuming.

"Is that guy for real?" Jasper looked from Bex to me. She answered first.

"Sadly. What an asshole. Seriously, people like that just make me want to get violent. I'm not even hungry anymore."

Emmett came back to our table and clapped my shoulder. "Thanks for that. You didn't have to do it."

"What the fuck, Emmett? That guy is such a prick. Of course I had to! I really wanted to make him eat his teeth, too."

He chuckled, but it was mixed with bitterness. "I'm used to him; believe me when I say he isn't the worst boss out there. I've learned to ignore him, anyway."

The tension in his jaw proved that wasn't completely true, but I let it go. He walked away and we kept eating.

"That's so ducking wrong."

I choked on my food at Jasper's words at the same time as Bex said, "Seriously, boy?" Then she gazed at me. "Edward!"


She pointed a thumb at Jasper. "He's still saying duck. Why is he still saying duck?"

"Because he's Jasper?"

"Oh yeah, let's talk about me as if I'm not here, again. I haven't missed it, just so you know."

Bex waved at him dismissively, and he slapped his forehead. She was still looking at me. "The only thing you had to do was to use your wonder cock to unlock him, but he's still saying 'duck'!"

"Whoa, first, ah, I like my cock, but in no way is it a 'wonder cock', and second, I can tell you that Bruce can say 'fuck' and a lot of other swear words, don't worry."

"Oh. Ooooh." She watched Jasper's face for a few seconds. "Do you now?"

He shrugged. "Yes." He pointed his fork at me. "You do have a sort of wonder cock."

"Yeah, sure, Bruce. Maybe for you, but you're strange anyway."

"He does?" Bex asked him, her eyes shining and a bright smile on her face. "I knew it! How it is?"

"Uncut and when-"

"Not that I mind you praising my dick, but it's weird. It's my cock, praise it by using your mouth and tongue -not you Bex, I'm talking to Bruce, here- but not by talking about it."

Jasper licked his lips while he stared at me, and Bex laughed at him. "Seems like you two are having fun; I've never seen Jasper like this. I knew my boy had it in him."

Oh, he had a lot of things in him. I don't think she knew how finished eating, and Bex gave us a few more details about her night, but we still didn't know why Emmett had brought her home. We left the restaurant soon after, and I motioned to Emmett that I'd be back to see him.

"Okay, boys, I think I need a nap."

"Feeling your age, Bex? But a nap does sound good." He wriggled his eyebrows as he glanced at me.

Bex hit Jasper on the head, and he howled. "Be careful, boy. You know better than to push my buttons."

"Sorry, Bex." Jasper laughed, clearly not meaning it.

"I don't believe you, boy." She grinned. "But we haven't talked, just the two of us, for a while, so I think I'll take that as an apology."

Jasper made a face and looked at me, pleading with his eyes. Shit, him and his puppy-dog eyes! I stayed silent, though, so he turned to Bex, and spoke to her in a coaxing tone. "Bex, think about all the filthy things Edward and I could do during a nap. Do you really want to get between me and his cock, or between him and my cock?"

She seemed to think about it for a minute, but I discreetly shook my head, telling her not to cave. She was surprised for what seemed like the blink of an eye - she was good, there was no doubt about it- but then went with it. "No, I don't care. From what I've heard lately, you two will have fucked more times than I care to count before this day is over."

Jasper sighed but smiled. Like me, he knew she was right; and I guessed he wasn't against some time with her, either. He shrugged and kissed me before following Bex to her room.

I walked back inside the restaurant, where Mr. Douchebag sent daggers at me when he thought I wasn't looking, and waited for Emmett to finish with one of his tables.

"When are you off?"

He checked his watch. "In about 15 minutes, why?"

"Do you know if there are any music stores around here? I'm looking for a guitar."

He stroked his neck, thinking. "Yeah, I think I know where you can find one." Then he asked, surprised, "You want me to come with you?"

"Yup, plus you still have my car keys."

Twenty minutes later we were in my car. I listened to his directions, then brought up the topic of his boss.

"Why do you let him speak to you like that?"

"I don't, believe me. But I need the money, and there are not many people willing to give a job to an ex-con, and he knows that. Although I'm not the only person in this world with a dickhead for a boss, sometimes you just don't have much choice."

I hummed in answer and he kept going, "I'm baffled by the fact that you still haven't asked what I did to end up in prison."

I glanced at him before answering. "I want to know if you want to tell me, but it's not my business, Emmett."

"I know I'm repeating myself, but you're weird. Most people shy away, but not before wanting to know what I did."

I took a left turn when he told me to. "Let's say we're not most people."

"I'm beginning to see that." He looked out the window and stayed silent for a few minutes. "I stole. I was in a sort of gang at the time, mostly fuckers if you ask me, but I needed to feel like I belonged somewhere, you know?" I didn't answer, but he wasn't waiting for one. "We used to break into empty houses and steal a few things. We weren't organized. We just did it when we felt like it, mostly breaking things and writing on the walls. Fuck, we didn't even steal the big pricy things, just what we needed. Some did it to pay for their drugs, others, like me, out of boredom."

He rubbed his face with a hand. "I was a fucking moron, that's for sure. I'm lucky prison didn't make me worse; I saw that happen to a lot of guys who were locked up with me. They come in as little fish, but by the time they get out, they're up to no good."

I stayed silent. First, I didn't know anything about life in prison and second, because Emmett sounded like he only needed someone to listen to him. He shook his head then changed topic altogether.

"So, Jasper and you, huh? You've been together a long time?"

I chuckled. "With the amount of time you spent with Bex, I'd have thought you would have known. She cheered enough for anyone in the vicinity to know that we fucked for the first time last night."

He groaned. "Oh yeah, that I know. She kept repeating how it was 'wonderful'. I thought maybe you were together before that."

"Nope. Although sometimes it feels like it."

"I've never had any gay friends." He seemed surprised and embarrassed at his words. I didn't know if it was because of the 'gay' or 'friends' part, though. I just laughed and shrugged; it was fun to see him look for something else to say, which he finally did.

"How long have you played guitar?"

"Never. I have no idea how to play. The guitar is for Jasper."

"Oh, okay. Shouldn't he be choosing the guitar, then?"

"Well, that sort of kills the surprise a bit then, doesn't it?"

One thing Bruce did almost as much as having inner conversations, was moving his fingers as if he was playing the guitar. He did it when he was thinking, sometimes when he was lost in conversation with someone, he even did it in his sleep sometimes. It was somewhat fascinating that he didn't realize that he was doing it. It also told me he missed playing, so Bex asking for some time with him gave me the occasion to buy him one. It sure wouldn't be a great guitar, but at least it would be a start.

"Gift? You must like him a lot."

"He needs one, I'm buying him one. And yeah, I like him, but if Bex needed a guitar I'd buy her one, too."

That made him smile. "I believe you. I've just never met people who offered things just for the hell of it, that's all." He huffed and then added, " But you better really like him. Jasper is cool."

"Is it your way of telling me you're interested in Jasper, Emmett?"

"Oh, fuck no! Shit, sorry. It's just, fuck, no. I can't, with a guy, argh! Shit, that was rude! But really it's- Oh, shit I'm sorry, I-"

I couldn't stop laughing. Poor Emmett didn't seem to know how to stop himself. I parked the car when I found the shop, and he was still apologizing as we got out of it.

"It's okay, Emmett, I was joking. It was just funny the way you defended Jasper -who doesn't need to be defended by the way."

We entered the shop and I checked their guitars, not that I could choose alone. Emmett asked the owner a couple of questions. He clearly knew a lot more about them than I did. I watched him handle a few guitars to see whatever the fuck there was to see. The guy was fun, as was the way he had taken to Jasper.

I shook my head. Bruce could charm anyone without even trying. The day he realized how great he was, and felt as confident as he should be, he'd be simply mind-blowing.

I ended up buying what seemed to be the best suited guitar, with its case, and we went back to the car.

"Anywhere else you need to go?"

I started the car, thinking about Emmett's question. "Are there any sex shops around?"


"Sex shops, Emmett, where you can buy sex toys. You know, vibes, dildos, cockr-"

"Okay, okay, I got it!" Then he muttered, "I got it the first time, too."


"There's a big one, but it's not that close. It's like they built it in the middle of nowhere, but from what I know, people come from a lot of different towns to shop there."

I chuckled and teased him. "From what you know?"

He bent his head but then decided to be more forward. "I've been there once or twice, yeah. Shit, I shouldn't get all self-conscious in front of the guy who got his cock sucked in front of people."

"You should try it sometime."

He coughed. "Ah, no, thank you." Bex was right, it was fun to make him squirm. He coughed again then asked, "So you want to go, now?"

I stopped the car and turned to him. "Are you crazy? Do you know what Jasper and Bex would do to me if I went there without them?"

"Whoa, Bex would go, too?"

"Fuck, Emmett did you take a good look at her last night? You spent the evening with her, dude, and you're surprised she'd want to come?"

"Ah, yeah, said like that. Shit, I'd like to see that! Bex in a sex shop." He laughed and I joined him, because that would definitely be funny.

"We'll go later today. You're welcome to join us, by the way. The idea of you and Bex together in a sex shop is hilarious."

Emmett blanched a bit. "She'll ask me to try things, won't she?"

I didn't answer because I was too busy laughing. Knowing her, she would. I couldn't wait to witness that.

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