A/N: I will have quite a bit of fun with this. But first, why it happens. The place where the dragon is kept is now the 'basement', because that's easier to say. I don't own anything. Here it is…

Arthur was… pissed off, to say the least. He had just learned that there was, essentially, a dragon in Camelot's basement. It was an accident, really. He had seen Merlin come up from the basement quite a few times, and was, frankly, interested.

So he went down. And he saw a huge dragon. Which freaked him out. A lot. How would you feel?

"Oh. It's you." the dragon said.

"I am prince of Camelot, and you will address me with more respect!" the dragon yawned. And then Arthur decided to try something that's worked with other people (*cough* Merlin*cough*) and threw his sword at the dragon. Which is a very big mistake. Very big mistake.

"You will regret this!" the dragon yelled. Then he let out a shockwave. The a-team (Merlin, Gwen, Arthur, Morgana) passed out.

When Arthur woke up, he was a girl.

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