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Arthur was depressed. This whole 'woman' thing wasn't working for him, whereas Gwen was loving being him.

It didn't seem that Merlin minded too much, but is Merlin really one to judge things on?

Morgana was just having a God-awful time.

However, they didn't mind some things, such as watching Lancelot flirt with Merlin.

Actually, all the guys but Elyan were trying to flirt with Merlin.

And poor Arthur had to pseudo-flirt with his father while Gwen tried very hard not to laugh.

Morgana was just having a God-awful time.

Honestly, how would you feel if your life had been luxurious forever, and then you become a servant, and a man, no less.

She was taking time to admire just how beautiful she was, though.

Gaius really didn't seem surprised to see 'Merlin' staring at 'Morgana' all the time.

Merlin was really starting to have a God-awful time too.

Guys flirting with you gets very boring/gross after a while.

Especially Gwaine. Honestly, Merlin had no idea how he put up with him.

Merlin started to hate being a girl.

Arthur was starting to have a God-awful time also.

Flirting with one's father is terrible. Terrible.

Of course, not having the abs of glory was pretty bad too. How could Morgana stand being so weak?

Gwen was really enjoying herself.

Having inherited the abs of glory, she could do most anything. She especially enjoyed beating people up, watching Arthur and Uther, and kissing herself/Merlin. Keeping up with customs, you know?

Morgana, Merlin and Arthur were having God-awful times, and Gwen was having the time of her life.

Not much of an outcome, really.

Morgana and Merlin were really wanting Arthur to go down to the basement and apologize to the dragon, but Arthur kept saying the dragon "insulted his honor."

They were stuck and rather screwed.

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