Mr.Miller suggested this. After all, like the Legion of Superheroes, this has so many characters that you need a scorecard to figure out who's who and we haven't even gotten into the relations yet.

oh yes, that WAS a Scooby Doo reference in chapter 3.

-- Listar MIME Decryption -------------- -- Name : avsbguide.txt

A Very Scary Bet part X: A Guide To The Scary Bet by greggsharp, various people own the various char. no trademark infringement is intended. this is written for enjoyment, distributed for others to enjoy, and should not be confused for even a picosecond as Great Literature. ---------------------- TYPE: Continuing Series/Crossover TARGET FLAVOR: Generally insane the original idea was to try writing this as a "What If Kosuke Fujishima (OMG, YUA) had been the writer for Ranma 1/2?" CHARACTERS: ------------------- The Fiancees------------------ 01- Kasumi Tendo, eldest of the three daughters Tendo and practitioner of Hokuto Shin Ken, gentle fist substyle. She knows shiatsu and moxibuxtion techniques, is a good cook (though nowhere near as good as in the canon) and has somewhat more of a temper than in the canon (particularly later chapters.) She's taking make-up classes in order to graduate high school (she was in China) and starts work at a shiatsu clinic soon. Mainly considers Ranma to be a "younger brother." Altered her Jusenkyo curse of Drowned Unicorn so that she only transforms during the full moon.

02- Nabiki Tendo, second oldest Tendo daughter. Cologne started training her as a warrior of the Chinese Amazons, but it became obvious that her path lay elsewhere and she was officially adopted into the house of Balm to be trained as a Lorekeeper. (This makes her related to Shampoo.) Nabiki is a little less mercenary, but more curious than in the canon. As a Lorekeeper, her skills are in potions, herbcraft, and knowledge of (even if she can't do them) special techniques. Mainly considers Ranma to be like a cousin or a brother on an emotional basis. Cured of her Jusenkyo curse.

03- Akane Tendo, youngest Tendo. Practitioner of shotokan karate- fierce dragon substyle. She's a better fighter than in the canon. Has a thing for Ken Masters, another student of the same school of karate. Has a bantering/friendly relationship with most of the other characters. Has spent quite a bit of time in the shadows of Ken & Ryu and as a result is anxious to prove herself. Thinks of Ranma as a somewhat annoying but dear brother and would have a hard time changing that attitude at this point. Uses a chi technique to suppress her Jusenkyo curse of Drowned Rhino.

04 - Ukyou Kuonji. Heir and practitioner of the Kuonji Okonomiyaki Style of martial arts. Slightly better at hand-to-hand than in the canon, but lacked the drive for vengeance that made her train so hard that she became so good with the spatulas. She's never renounced her feminity or sworn vengeance against Ranma in this timeline. Also practices some of the Saotome Anything Goes style. When children, she hit it off with Shampoo ("are you really a princess?!") and shared blood & salt with the Amazon, making her Shampoo's sister within the tribe. Considers herself to be Ranma's "true & cute fiancee" and has a friendly rivalry with Shampoo regarding this aspect of their lives. Cursed to turn into a winged version of herself, though she's learned to suppress it unless she is startled.

05- Ami Mizuno. Slight training in Anything Goes style. Genius Junior High School student who met Ranma, Kasumi, Akane, Ukyou, Genma and Nabiki while the group was training. Nabiki conned her father out of a few hundred yen with a "shell game" and Mr Mizuno decided to try to cover the loss with a few martial arts lessons bought at discount for his little daughter. This got Ami the "Fiancee Card" from Nabiki. Ami has known for some time about what a fiancee really is, and has entertained a few fantasies over the years. Ami has recently become the reborn crusader of justice, Sailor Mercury. Mainly she regards the engagement as a means of investigating this mysterious inventor and maybe some more martial arts lessons will help her in her battles against the Dark Kingdom.

06 - Kodachi Kuno. Trained early on by her mother in Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics, Kodachi ran away from home one day and ran into Kasumi. Kasumi heard the girl's tale of woe, being beaten and abused by her mother, and Kodachi joined the training trip. Kodachi was cursed to turn into a tiger, and ended up being sold off by Genma to train in the Southern Cross school of martial arts as "Kasumi's rival." As for Ranma, Kodachi genuinely likes Ranma but views him mainly as a guarantee that things won't get boring.

07- Makoto Kino. As a little girl became first interested in martial arts when she observed the antics surrounding a certain okonomiyaki cart. Ranma is her first "sempai" - the first boy she ever had a crush on. She had fantasies when she was younger about going on a training journey with the group, but her father had said no. Something she has long regretted. She looks to renew her relationship with Ranma, if nothing else so that she can get more training in Saotome Anything Goes martial arts. Oh yes, she's also Sailor Jupiter.

08- Atsuko Natsume. Her "father" got a "Fiancee to Ranma" card with a note as to how it was a pity that the frat brother pledge to have their children marry would never come about. Atsuko, aka the android catgirl Nuku Nuku, was introduced to Ranma by Professor Natsume later in order to have an excuse to check out Ranma's hightech equipment.

11- Lillith. Genma sold his child to a demon for a scroll on a special technique. Of course, Genma thought they were talking about martial arts special techniques. When it turned out to be a special technique for making coffee, he handed the scroll to Ukyou during a time when the kids were bugging him on learning such things. When Morrigan finds out about all the chaos she could have associated with, she might want the card back. Lillith will fill the Shampoo/Kodachi role of fiancee who uses drugs, potions, and spells to try and acquire her fiance (and thereby become "one flesh.")

24- Shampoo. "princess" of the Chinese Amazons. She's not the tribal champion, having spent a number of years travelling with Doctor Who and Ranma up and down the timestream. She won a daisho in Japan's past. Feels an incredible amount of guilt from a time when she was under the Master's mind control and she beat Ranma into the ground. Ranma had saved her life three times previously, twice at risk to his own, and Shampoo is even more affectionate toward him than even in the canon, though she's also more subdued in pursuing that relationship. She has shared blood & salt with Ukyou, making the chef her blood-sister. Shampoo has developed an affection for hightech weaponry such as power armor and hovercycles.

29- Kaori Daikokuji. Ranma was sold quite early to her father, though as far as official "fiancee" status is concerned, she is fairly high up in the numbers. Only became an official card-carrying member of the fiancee club when Genma was approached during his search for Ranma.

32- Vanilla, Champion of the Chinese Amazons. An albino who was left in the Village as a child by Doctor Who. She was actually an age-regressed Rei Ayanami II. She utilizes her half-angel nature and Amazon style kung fu. She is currently being hunted by Queen Beryl as Rei has a LOT of life energy to tap into. Vanilla is after Ranma as he is someone whom she vaguely remembers rescuing her from her entry plug after her Eva unit was self destructed.

39- Kiima. Winged warrior of the bird people. ----------------The Saotomes----------------- Ranma Saotome. The hero, or at least central character of this mess. Trained extensively in the martial arts, he's more apt to work with machines than practice nowadays. Due to an experience with a device that impresses information directly into the neural pathways, has a female persona that comes out when turned into a girl by his Jusenkyo curse. Also has a set of preprogrammed reflexes from a "marital arts special techniques" tape. His cursed form is actually that of a dragon who can assume human (female) form. He's studied technology in the future and on RIFTS Earth while adventuring with Doctor Who.

Genma Saotome. Ranma's father. Jusenkyo cursed to turn into a panda. Other than being a bit more lazy and obtuse, he's essentially the same as the canon Genma. The person most singly responsible for the majority of Ranma's problems prior to Nerima. He's gotten lazier and more obtuse due to basically having those "darn kids" running the show for the length of the training trip.

Nodoka Saotome. Ranma's mother. This is the canon mother as much as circumstances allow. She has spent two years with Akane, Nabiki, Kasumi, and Ukyou around and isn't nearly as lonely. Knows about Ranma's curse and is thoroughly confused that even being a time-travelling inventor, that her son still seems to manage to fulfill her definition of manly. Leaves the Tendo household to get out of her son's way (so that he can be manly, decide which girl he's going to marry, and give her lots of grandkids.) --------------------- Allies---------------------------- Ryouga Hibiki. Lost boy who until recently thought that Ranko was actually Ranma's uncursed form. Now that he has his own Jusenkyo curse, he is capable of believing that Ranma was telling the truth. Turns into a pikachu or "electric mouse." Sometimes a rival or foil to Ranma, as he doesn't quite forgive Ranma for not being Ranko. Becomes Akane's pet P-chan though is pursued by Azusa and Sash for quite some time.

Doctor, the. Time-and-space travelling near-human from a planet called Gallifrey. Still in his Fourth Incarnation as Ranma and Shampoo kept pulling his bacon out of the fire (of course, they were often instrumental in getting that fire there in the first place.)

Akira Fudoh. Once a shy and gentle soul. Then a demon-lord named Amon tried to possess him and ended up possessed by Akira instead. Akira became Devilman and fought a number of demonic entities until his Amon body was killed by the demon Siryn. There were lingering side effects, Akira has some toughguy and nasty elements to his personality, is tougher and stronger than any normal human, and is a fair fighter. He is the "lone wolf" rival that refuses to join these groups, but will come to them when they or he needs help. Once he starts developing a relationship with Minako, tends to follow Tuxedo Mask's example of staying in the background until a distraction/rescue is needed.

Minako Aino. Sailor Venus. Starts out unchanged. Begins to develop a relationship with Akira Fudoh similar to the canon Akane-Ranma. Decides to help Makoto in her pursuit of Ranma.

Usagi Tsukino. Sailor Moon. Essentially unchanged. Considers chasing after Ranma but instead decides to help Ami pursue Ranma.

Mamoru Chiba. Prince Endymion. Usagi's boyfriend. aka Tuxedo Mask. Frequently known to look at Ranma and say "better him than me." Reborn prince of Earth.

Rei Hino. Sailor Mars. Doesn't trust Ranma, at least partly due to mistakes made early in their meeting.

Ken Masters & Ryu. Akane has a crush on Ken. Both practice the same fighting technique as Akane, though Ryu is a more dedicated martial artist while Ken has outside interests. When Akane leaves Nerima, it is so that she can continue to pursue Ken.

Jon Talbain. Werewolf. Gets involved with this bunch because Dimitri Maximoff is involved with their opponents. Starts developing a relationship with Kasumi2 after "Settling Bets." Comes to the aid of the Senshi and Honeychan on occasion thereafter.

Frank, aka "Adam", aka "the Monster". Born in the mid-1800s at the hands of a mad scientist named Frankenstein. Functionally immortal with superhuman strength and endurance. A pretty nice guy if you don't make Herman Munster references. Also sometimes referred to as "Legion." Drives a customized "Fat Boy" Harley. Finds Honey to be fascinating and considers her almost a cousin.

Honey Kisaragi. android girl who can change costumes on the fly, uploading different skill packages into memory as she does so. Wants to be one of the Senshi or one of the fiancees. Gets some minor system upgrades after Ranma rebuilds her.

Cologne. Matriarch of the Chinese Amazons. Longtime rival of Perch, Matriarch of the Norwegian Amazons.

Lilac. Elder Healer of the Chinese Amazons. Has a very earthy sense of humor and thinks Ranma should fool around more as a way of lessening tensions... -------------Enemies/Opponents/Foils---------- Tatewaki Kuno. Essentially unchanged except he knows Ranko is Ranma. However he believes that Ranko is the uncursed form. He is also pursuing his "fierce sorceress Akane Tendo", and the "goddess of okonomiyaki" Ukyou Kuonji.

Sash. The Amazon Otaku. Until forced to, she believes Ryouga's cursed form is her cute animal mascot. Once she crosses paths with the Senshi and others, will want power armor or magic of her own to live out her dreams as a magical princess/warrior of love & beauty...

Hinako Ninnomiya. Schoolteacher who normally looks like a child, but has an adult femme fatale form when she has absorbed someone's chi. Essentially a chi-vampire who uses a special technique (Happo Five Yen Satsu) and any circular object with a hole in the center. She runs afoul of the Senshi, and after attacking them once is immediately mistaken for a youma by them.

Mousse. Male of the Chinese Amazons, master of Hidden Weapons style martial arts. Nearly blind. Has been hitting on Shampoo for years, then mistaking other girls for Shampoo after Shampoo left the village. Jusenkyo cursed to turn into a fruit bat. Mistaken at least once for a vampire as a result. After Vanilla treated him kindly once, he became nearly as annoying to her as he has been to Shampoo. Hates Ranma for "being an enemy of women" and such a Cassanova.

Tsubasa Kuranai. Pursues Ukyou Kuonji. Discovers all the high tech and starts putting together high-tech and thoroughly weird looking powersuits and battlemecha.

Dimitri Maximoff. Vampire lord. A Marquis of the Dark Kingdom, not working for Beryl but for Beryl's mistress. Dimitri wants to drain the Senshi and make them his vampire slaves.

The Spells R Us Wizard. Out to sow chaos and death and destruction because that's how he gets his jollies.

Queen Beryl. Evil queen working for Queen Metallica. Has a number of henchmen who each control a number of semi-monstrous youma. Out to get life energy to revive Metallica to full power. Sailor Moon's usual opponent.

Panther Zora. Evil queen who is one of Queen Metallica's rivals. Has a number of monstrous henchmen who control a number of drones and cannon fodder road-punks. The usual antagonist of Honey Kisaragi/Cutey Honey. Furinkan Science Club. A number of obsessed nerds who were the Chem Club at one point. They go into mechanical design when a large amount of money becomes available through Tatewaki Kuno.

Lucien Makrieg. Major major bad guy. One of Queen Metallica's rivals. This is the major evil ruler for Devilman. He (sometimes she) is of the race of devils, which is a viral invasive lifeform that copies and adapts from host to host. A spider that infects a human would merge the DNA from both into a monstrous being. The power of the individual devil is how many of the individual DNA batches can be combined, or how they are combined. Minor devils combine only two or three simple animals. Major ones combine dozens and gain psychic powers that the individuals did not have. Lucien is rumored to have 666 different DNA patterns mixed.

Daleks. Rolling cans with guns and periscopes that contain a blob shaped organic component that is the actual Dalek. Known for a lack of humor and limited vocabulary.

Cybermen. Humanoid shaped cyborgs with little humanoid parts. Known for a lack of humor and a tendency to shoot things. Don't get along well with Daleks.

K'trall. Once, many ages ago, a peaceful humanoid race with minor esper abilities was making its first space probes and asking the two questions: "Is Anyone Out There?" and "Do They Know How To Party?" Unfortunately the Daleks found them. They spent 200 years being exterminated and enslaved by the Daleks until they learned guerilla warfare, psionic combat, and How To Kill. The next group they ran into were the Cybermen. Now convinced that the Universe was out to get them, they developed their psionic and personal combat abilities to Saiyajin levels and started looking for more opponents before the opponents could come looking for them. Never get in between a K'trall and a Dalek.

Happosai. Ancient lecherous martial arts master. Doesn't find Ranma that much fun, but with all these pretty girls, how can he stay away?

Pantyhose Tarou. Largely unchanged. Not as down on Ranma, cause Ranma isn't as antagonistic in return. A fight between Dragon-Ranma and Tarou's cursed form can get messy. Unfortunately for Tarou, he keeps getting blasted by the Senshi for being a youma, Akira Fudoh kicks his butt all over the place for being a recurrent devil, Yohko Mano keeps waving that sword around. On the other hand, he and Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo ought to get along real well.

Kiyone. Galaxy Police detective 1st class. Quite competent. After hearing that the Senshi are the equivelant of the Warrior Blades, determines that she has to help them protect this planet from what are essentially extradimensional criminals. Uses Washu built gadgets in an ersatz Senshi fuku as Sailor Cop. Series: Tenchi Muyo Mihoshi. Galaxy Police detective 1st class. She's...lucky. Mihoshi uses a Washu designed fuku that turns her into a version of the "Greatest American Hero" - including the skill with landings. aka Sailor Galaxy. Series: Tenchi Muyo Ryoko. Space Pirate capable of phasing, teleporting, projecting energy blasts and a psi sword. In RIFTS terms a fair level Mind Melter. Is one of the girls pursuing Tenchi. Uses Sailor Pirate as her "Senshi" name. Series: Tenchi Muyo Aeka. Princess of planet Jurai. Has some fair powers due to the tiara that is all but grafted onto her forehead and her descent from the Royal House. Mainly forceshield and electrical generation abilities. Rumored to be skilled with the whip. Uses Sailor Princess as her "Senshi" identity. Series: Tenchi Muyo

Sasami. Aeka's little sister. Bonded with THE tree of Jurai, Tsunami. By agreement with Tsunami, Sasami can transform into the magical princess Pretty Sammi. From this form she can power up further into manifesting Tsunami herself. Series: Tenchi Muyo, Pretty Sammy Tenchi Masaki. Doesn't feel so bad about his own lot in life when he watches Ranma's problems. Descended from the Royal House Of Jurai himself, and can manifest some power. Also carries the Tenchi-ken, a sword of power. Series: Tenchi Muyo Wasshu. Number one genius mad scientist in the universe. Has a thing for a crustacean motif. Series: Tenchi Muyo Yosho. Would much rather stay at his shrine than get involved in all that Tokyo craziness, thank you. Series: Tenchi Muyo Yohko Mano. A professional Devilhunter who finds herself in a love triangle with Akira Fudoh and Minako Aino. Series: Devil Hunter Yohko. Serjeant Benton. UNIT squad soldier who gets a lot of the dirty assignments, because despite his complaints, he somehow manages to slog through where others might go the way of Ensign Extra. Series: Doctor Who. Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart. One of the founding forces in UNIT. Considers himself a good friend of the Doctor in at least two incarnations. Ryo Saeba. City Hunter. A professional shootist with ties to the Yakuza, other ties to the police, and a penchant for pretty ladies. SLIGHTLY more controlled than Happosai or Ataru Moroboshi. Series: City Hunter. Umibozu aka Falcon. BIG gaijin who is in at least semi-retirement from the Yakuza in order to work a small coffee shop with his wife Miki. Partially blind but still an excellent shot. Unlike Ryo's surgeon approach, Falcon is more likely to use MASSIVE amounts of firepower. After Ranma's offer to build him a bionic eye, becomes VERY protective of the "little guy." Series: City Hunter. Major Misato Katsuragi. Major of NERV rescued from certain death by Ranma attempting to send Rei back to her own timeline, and snagging a bullet-wounded Katsuragi just before the bombs or going "splut" would have occurred. Gina Diggers. Genius mecha designer in Atlanta Georgia. Discovers that both Seance and Ryan Talbot are interested in her and drops her interest in Ranma (he's kinda young anyway) though the two start exchanging technology and resources. Series: Gold Digger by Antarctic Press.

Brittany Diggers. Werecheetah married to Prince Stripe of the K'ryn city of Eldorado. Is dragged into an adventure by Gina, makes a Senshi costume and kicks some serious butt in an adventure, though she has her own adventures to keep her busy most of the time. Series: Gold Digger. Brianna Diggers. "Sister" to Brianna and Brittany created through an attempt to free them of a curse. Instead they created a clone with a combination of their traits. Brianna is a weapons otaku who will immediately discover a soul sister in Shampoo. Series: Gold Digger. UNIT. United Nations Intelligence Taskforce a group of paramilitary specialists under UN semi-autonomous control that are charged with saving the world from time- travellers, aliens, ancient evils, and are hopelessly outgunned and underbudgeted for this task. Still, they make do with a stiff upper lip, determination, and a little help from their friends. Series: Doctor Who. K-9 IV. Robot developed with Gina Digger's help that resembles a bionic doberman. K-9 is planned as a plucky nonhuman android to whom various characters can explain a number of things to. Series: Gold Digger/Doctor Who/????