A Behind the Scenes Look at the Running Hogwarts

By Hermione Potter


In all my years at Hogwarts, I found that any and all information about the actual running of Hogwarts, is kept rather close. I understand that some of this may be about lack of interest (how many students actually want to know where their food comes from, or what happens to their potions after they turn them in). In other instances, it may be about safety (obviously the exact wards around Hogwarts must be kept secret). However, there were many questions during my time at Hogwarts that I was unable to answer, and at least 90% of those were regarding Hogwarts herself.

Where do the House Elves go when they aren't working? How does the school get the food for its nearly 500 occupants? What does happen to the potions we turn in for assignments? These are all questions I've learned the answer to now that my husband is Headmaster.

Harry Potter fully supports disclosing more facts about the school. A victim of Albus Dumbledore's notorious habit of keeping information from others, Headmaster Potter has decided it is time to share more information with the regular wizarding population. It was this desire that led me to bring up every question I ever had about the running of Hogwarts and get answers to each.

I sincerely hope you find the answers to some of your own questions within these pages, as it can be incredibly aggravating to be left answerless.

AN: So, here is the introduction to the book written by Hermione Potter (yeah, she marries Harry in this universe, they're better together than her and Ron or him and Ginny). Anyway, I have a few ideas to start, but then I'll need help, so any ideas you have about why/how something happens, or a question about the running of Hogwarts, let me know in a review and I'll work it into a future chapter. Hope you enjoy it.