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Authors Notes: This is the first of several out and future takes from my completed story – My Facebook Reunion – please read that one first or these will make no sense to you

My Facebook Reunion

Out-take #1 – Edward's Love Letters.



I really like you.

Bella, I think you're really pretty.

I enjoyed working with you in Biology this week.

Dear Bella, I just wanted to tell you something. You will probably ignore me after this and not want to be my friend anymore... I don't even know if I can call you my friend, because it's not like we have talked much – apart from in class... but I really like you.

"Edddddddddie, are you gonna come play Sega with me? All Rosalie wants to play is Sonic the freaking Spikey dude... I wanna kick your ass at Monaco GP!" My brother whines through my bedroom door. My mom won't give me a lock, even though I've been close to getting down on my knees.

"Edwaaaaaaard, come on, please! If you come play then maybe Rosalie leave me alone and go out with Alice and Beelllllllla like she was supposed to."

Bella... she hardly ever comes around anymore. Probably because Emmett ribs her at any opportunity. I don't know why. Maybe he likes her too... no, actually he is way too in love with Rosalie Hale for that to happen... ever.

I roll my eyes and get off my bed and turn off my stereo and walk to the door and inch it open. My brother leans against the door frame and grins. He really does look like an imp.

"You wanna play Sega?"

"Not right now... maybe later?" I ask him, hoping that he'll just leave it. I'm bad at stuff like that. Although mom and dad got the Mega Drive thing for the two of us, it's mostly Emmett's. I'm no good at it and I'd rather read a book. Or do my homework.

"Well, can I hang out in here with you then?"

I sigh heavily and move back to my desk and sit down, taking my glasses off and putting them down on top of my books. "I guess. But I'm doing homework."

"Jeez, Eddie it's Saturday. You're like obsessive or something. Come have some fun."

"Don't call me that, and I will after I've finished my trig."

"Ohhh, trig? Can I copy?"

"No... do you not think they'd notice if you got all the answers right?" I asked him.

"Shit... I guess... Hey, are you saying I'm a dumbass?"

I shake my head and chuckle as I pull out my pen again. I move the paper I'd been writing on before my brother came in and pushed it to the back, underneath my workbook. "Of course not, but I can help you, if you want?"

Emmett grins and heads out of the door. "Thanks, I'll just grab my bag."

My brother is such a dork... okay, he's not because I guess I'm the dork – well, I know I'm a dork because I get told that everyday as I'm shoved against the lockers by some of the other kids. Emmett is so lucky. He's a lot bigger than me and he has this way with everyone – especially girls. They run after him and go and watch his basketball and football games – and Rosalie has started to... notice him more recently. Weird because she used to act like she hated him.

Emmet soon comes back with his school bag and he dumps it beside my desk and pulls the other chair across the room and sits next to me. We work on the simple math questions for a while and I try and explain how to solve the problems. Poor Em just isn't getting it. I feel bad for him.

"Yo, Eddie?" he asks, distracted again.


"What's this?"

To my horror, he pulls out the note book I'd been scribbling on before he'd walked in on me. I try and grab it from him but he stands up and holds it out of my reach.

"It's nothing... just... please, Emmett, can I have it back?"

"No shit, Eddie, is this a love letter?" he asks, eyeballing me.

"No, of course not!" I jump up and try and retrieve the paper from his huge hand but he yanks it away once again and steps away to look at it more closely. "

"Holy shit! It IS a love letter. Ohhhhh Eddie's got a girlfriend!"

"No, I haven't."

Emmett grins at me and waves the letter in front of my face. He looks at it again. "Wait... Bella... like as in Bella Swan? Dude..."

I blush and grab at my glasses. "She's not my girlfriend."

"But you like her... like her, like her?"

"I don't have to answer that."

"Woah... you wait till Rosie hears about this, you're totally macking on her bestie. She's going to flip!"

"No... please, Emmett, you can't tell anyone about this, please!"

"What... wait a minute. Dude. Bella doesn't know you luuuurrrrve her, does she?"

I shake my head, totally defeated. There is no denying it. Emmett has discovered the written proof about how I feel. He isn't as dumb as he makes out. Emmett knows and now I'm screwed."

My brother studies me for a moment. "You know, with a haircut and getting rid of those dorky glasses, you could get her, you know."

I snort loudly. "Yeah, whatever."

"Dude, if you hadn't noticed, she'd a dork as well. She doesn't speak to anyone apart from Rose and Alice... she won't even talk to me and Jasper. She probably likes you too.2

"Right, thanks, Emmett, don't make this harder than it already is. I'm not going to tell her. She isn't interested in me, no one is. I'm just an idiot."

"You're not an idiot, Eddie. No one gets to call you that except me – and I'm your bro, so I'm supposed to. Tell her. Give her this."

I shake my head.

"Fair enough... just watch her from a distance. Don't act on it. Dude. Your loss." He shrugs and tosses the letter back to me.

"You're not going to tell anyone, are you?"

"Not if you come play Sega with me." He smiles and shoves his books back into his school bag.

I flop my shoulders and huff. "Okay. You win. I'll play Sega with you, but please, I'm begging you, Emmett. I'll do anything, please don't say anything to Rosalie... she'll tell Bella and I don't want to embarrass her."

"Come on, your secret is safe with me. I won't tell."

"Thanks. You go and put Monaco on. I'll be down in a minute."

Emmett fist bumps me and grins like an elf before leaving me alone in my room. I gently fold the letter and move to my closet and place it inside the shoe box with the many other notes that Bella will never see.

Is fourteen and a half too early to be in love?

*Sigh* - if only he knew what would happen 14 years from this?