"Lost In A Paradise of Lust"

Rated M

Summary: When Heather is stranded out at sea after a disaster upon a cruise ship, she soon finds out that Justin is stuck alongside her. Will his newfound feelings for Heather help them survive?

Disclaimer: My ears itch like hell. Anyway, here's the 10th chapter.

Back at the deserted island, 6:30 p.m...

Heather was busy sighing on her good's night's sleep on that soft huge piece of blankety moss, when she was suddenly awaken by the smell of grilled fish. As she woke up, her sight appeared to have focused on Justin, who was busy grilling some fish he hunted last night. Justin seemed to have noticed her awake from the sudden midnight slumber.

"Morning, sleepyhead. Enjoy the nap?" he spoke to her as the Hawaiian was turning the fish over on the fire.

"Ugh... I had worse, but other than the soft comfortable moss I've been sleeping on, I say I slept very well." Heather spoke in little cranky manner. Her hair was a bit of a mess, knowing that she couldn't handle getting bed hair. And then, she looked right at the fish as she started to complain "Is that all you could find? You couldn't find anything like bacon or eggs of some kind?"

"Heather, there is probably no way we could get bacon and eggs on this island. Maybe if there was a genie in this forsaken island, we might." Justin replied back as he took the grilled fish out of the bonfire and just handed it to the still-grumpy, yet-beautiful Asian with a mock British accent. "Here ya go, malady."

Heather wasn't used to having fish for breakfast all the time, but she had no choice but to dig in. She couldn't believe the way that the taste felt. It didn't need to have any seasoning from the fish whatsoever. The flavor was excellent and it was just so amazing. There wasn't any fish in the world that tasted something so cajun. So who needed bacon and eggs in this island? This fish was just so rare and excellent.

"Wow... this is actually really good. Where on earth did you know how to cook like this?" Heather replied as she was still munching on her cooked fish.

"You know, I'm not very sure. It looked very golden and I'm pretty sure I swam deep enough to get it." Justin responded as his statement forced Heather's eyebrow to lift with such shock.

"That deep? You mean way deep into the ocean? You do realize that's pretty dangerous, right?" Heather spoke once again as she still chomped on her fish.

"Well, it may be dangerous for some. But not me. You see, most of the modeling I did was right in underwater. And I had to breathe in for like an half-hour or so. Sure my hands would feel a bit wrinkled after staying underwater for so long, but sometimes, models like me have to strive for this kind of thing. You see, if I can take the chances of doing my career underwater or maybe next to some type of disaster looming right at me. I know I can really take it." he added. "You see where I'm getting at?"

"That's really amazing... You can hold your breath for that long even when you swim deep underwater? You're not gonna die, right?"

"Not as long as you're careful..." Justin smiled assuringly of her.

Heather couldn't believe that she was having fun talking to him. Somehow, all of the boys Heather knew just wouldn't compete to her standards one bit, well maybe except her now ex-boyfriend Alejandro, but there was really something about Justin that the Queen Bee didn't put her mind to long time ago. It wasn't the fact that Justin had the most softest shaggy black hair. It wasn't the fact that he had such a gorgeous clean-cut body with an excellent six-pack. No, it wasn't that at all. The only thing that Heather really found in Justin was the fact...

...that he had class. Justin had class that no guy on earth ever had. Perhaps he was greater than perfect in Heather's black eyes? It might seem that way to a substantial standpoint at least. Heather was really starting to become comfortable being with him. But she could've sworn that Justin was blushing right at her. She just let out a quiet chuckle.

"What's so funny?" Justin responded.

"Oh, nothing. It's just the fact that it's actually the first time we actually shared a conversation without me having to shed a tear and such. It's kinda interesting you know. We're like the two peas in a pod that connect to each other. Like a pair of birds flying through the sky. Like peanut butter and chocolate. Kinda..." Heather said as that one last comment made Justin chuckle a bit as well.

"Well, I gotta say, it comes close to that..." he replied as the two decided to stop chuckling for a minute.

Heather really hated to admit as much as the next person was concerned, but she never knew how much he loved seeing Justin smile in front of her. He had such a bit of a laid-back personality, similar to Geoff, and despite being a self-loving narcissist, Justin made really easy company for conversation such as moments like this.

As they soon noticed right about now, both Heather and Justin felt each other's faces come close at a really good standpoint. Heather could end up feeling a bit of Justin's body warmth and his presence real closer to her unlike none other. They were still smiling at each other, knowing that inside of each other's bodies, they were trapped in a forbidden infinite gaze that felt just like true paradise. It was like two mesmerizing forces that mother nature would never prevent them from being broken apart.

The sweet silence kept going on until Justin happened to get up from his feet.

"Well... this was exciting. I'm gonna go find us some coconuts. That way it can lighten the mood a little!" Justin exclaimed as he took a bit of a morning dive outside the cave. Heather still felt a case of the happiness outside of her because she was really loving her conversation with the Hawaiian...

...but on the inside, Heather felt a little disappointed that if Justin had never gotten out of this brief, yet tender moment, something so magical would have likely to happen to both of them. Just maybe what Heather would feel if he had kissed those thick lips of Justin's. But somehow, another moment would have likely to wait.

As Justin was now on the search for coconuts, Heather turned her focus on one thing. It was the only thing that now made Heather cringe with anger, hatred and rage for one man's infidelity. The kind of infidelity that had now seemed unforgivable.

And that was Alejandro.

Speaking of which, Alejandro was busy driving alongside the freeway in original land, with Courtney driving alongside him. However, Courtney felt a little upset right at the Latin rodrigo for being a little concerned about Heather's disappearance from the god-forsaken cruise ship that was Chris McLean's.

"Okay... what was that all about? After everything that I did for you for my fun and satisfaction that you would be concerned for Heather's safety, you just wanted to make me suck your dick for all I care?" Courtney snapped at him a bit as Alejandro continued to drive the car, much to her annoyance. "You know, you really have some nerve making me do that! If it wasn't for my damn hormones taking all over my body, I would have let you get stuck with that long raven-haired bitch! If you ask me, it's-"

"Who said... I really cared for Heather all of sudden?" Alejandro spoke in a booming voice, just cutting off Courtney. "For your information. I'm really glad that Heather's really out of my skin. You helped me see the real light, Courtney. I'm impressed, mi senorita..."

Hearing this, Courtney's serious frustrated tone and turned into a very flirty one.

"Hmmmmmmm... You really are something else, Alejandro. Kinda crafty, I always say..." Courtney replied sweetly as Alejandro had decided to stop the car into someplace special. They just happened to come upon a beautiful hill that showed quite the amazing sunset. As he put the car into park, he then looked right at Courtney with such a dirty, unfilthy intention in his face.

"Really? Well then... why don't you come here and 'craft' something of mine...?" the latin casanova said with such a sexy smirk as Courtney immediately charged at him with her red juicy lips right on the attack. Courtney once again had Alejandro's spicy spanish lips wrapped around her once again. The feeling of that evil excitement that Courtney had went right to her body. She just couldn't get enough of being all around his face with all the sucking of the tongues.

Alejandro then leaned forward as he broke off the kiss for a minute. What was really on his evil mind all of a sudden. Was it something so sinister and just so sinfully?

"Come and smoke on my chorizo..." he said to her muskfully as Courtney let out one hell of a sexual blush. Courtney cooed softly as her hand took a grasp on Alejandro's zipper. She just slid it all the way down smoothly as Alejandro's erected 9-inch manhood was let out on the nice uninterrupted sunset air. It was just so hung like a Christmas tree displayed in December.

"Ohhhhhhh..." Courtney moaned a bit as he grabbed the hard hispanic stick of his and slowly slid her mouth right inside his brilliant man-meat. She slowly bobbed her head just feeling the whole 9 inches inside her over and over again like a roller-coaster going in slow motion. He wanted to make sure to Courtney that he liked it nice and slow at first, before she can go through.

"Ahhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhh..." Alejandro moaned quietly as Courtney was making his cock wet than a car getting washed by a bunch of topless girls. He relaxed and look up to the stars with a peaceful sigh, as Courtney continued to suck his hard, metallic sausage once again. "Keep going... keeep gooooing...ohhhhh..."

Courtney then broke out of the position a little bit as she now started to give his tremendous cock a nice easy handjob. Her brilliant hand was pulling up and down, just shafting his large member uncontrollably. The feeling and the velocity of getting shafted was making Alejandro's grunts more loudly and fierce. Alejandro hips also seemed to gyrate because of the wet, intense feeling. He was about to feel something blow up inside of him as Courtney's mouth was placed on the tip of his penis. The explosion was gonna be sexually disasterous.

"Ohhhhh...Ohhhhhhhh... I'M CUMMING! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Alejandro shouted and moaned aggressively as his milky man-juice shot up her pretty mouth. He shot the bulls-eye once again and again while sending volts straight to his hips. The taste that Courtney felt was just like drinking grade-A milk. Somehow, his love juices was making Courtney's bones stronger by the minute. Courtney then wiped up the rest of the man-milk with her tongue as it was all over the rim of his brilliant Spanish package. She was licking it up just like a delicious fruit pop. Courtney then looked up to the already satisfied Alejandro, who was just sweating like a pig all over.

"Sooooo... do you like it?" she spoke with a seductive tone. But Alejandro felt like he wasn't quite done with her yet.

"Hmmmmmm... keep going. I'm gonna make you drink all of it..." Alejandro responded down to her as Courtney let out another sexy giggle. She now went on the attack on his groin region once again as Alejandro relaxed began to look at the stars repeatedly. To him and Courtney, it was finally no Heather, and no expectations...

Something tells me Heather's not much of a morning person I assume because of the bed hair...

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