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I have started this story again with a prologue and some background information.


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Chapter 1: Prologue

Time of Merlin.

Merlin was concerned he was visiting his long time friend Rowena and not many people knew that she was a seer and while they was discussing many mundane things, Rowena slipped into a trance that Merlin knew all too well. He quickly conjured a quill and parchment from the side and wrote down every word that was said.

"The time of peace between magic and mundane is coming to end

The friend of magic will turn against his long time friend

Magical beings will be hunted and killed

Magic must hide to survive

If magic does not hide it will become a thing of the past

Courage, Loyalty, Wisdom and Cunning must join together to hide the magical world from the mundane

If they do not unite, then the magical world will fall"

Merlin was shocked at the prophecy and when Rowena came around from her trance, Merlin showed her what she had said. Rowena was shocked and decided to call her two good friends over to discuss with Merlin and herself. A few minutes later Helga and Salazar arrived at Rowena's house and Rowena showed them both what she had just foretold.

They both was in a state of shock as they knew relations with the mundane people was at all time high, magic was freely used and lots of things that was otherwise fatal was being saved thanks to the advances in magic .

"Is there anyway that could be a false prophecy? "Asked Salazar

"When have you ever known that Rowena has given a false prophecy?" Merlin responded

"Never it was just wishful thinking I suppose, but now the question how long do we have years , months or days no one knows and prophecy's never give a time scale "

"Salazar stop panicking man, first thing we need to do is work out who the four components of the Prophecy, I have an idea but none of are going to like it. I see it this way I'm Courage Rowena is wisdom Helga is Loyalty and our friend Salazar is Cunning and we all know what I just mentioned is our strongest traits"

Merlin sat there watching his 3 closest friends and their reactions, he was quite amused and as they was sitting there reflecting on what they had learnt, Rowena slipped into another Trance.

"The one with the power to vanquish the dark lord approaches

Born to those who have thrice defied him

Born as the seventh month dies

And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal

But he will have power the dark lord knows not

And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives

The one with power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies

He will need the support of the Flame and Knowledge

A Bond will form of mind body and souls

Together they will defeat the Dark Lord and bring magic back to where it has been missing

The future of the realm rests with these three souls"

Merlin quickly wrote this one down as well and when Rowena came out of the trance she quickly read what Merlin had wrote down and she was flabbergasted. All four of the sat around the table discussing both Prophecies'. They had reached the conclusion that they would have start preparations for the magical world to go into hiding. From the second one they soon realized that this would not happen in their time and it would be put into a sphere and one of the four would look after it and pass it down from generation to generation until it gets fulfilled.

They gathered from the second Prophecy that they would be successful in hiding the magical world, which means they had to start preparing now. Merlin suggested that they would need a ministry that controlled the magic population , as people that had no laws to follow would be just be running rampant and the magical world would soon be discovered. They also decided on building a school to teach magical children how to use there gifts and become productive members of society. They would need magical shopping areas where people could shop for clothes food and drink and they would also need a bank.

They all soon departed with various jobs to do in preparation to hide the magical world from the mundane world. Merlin approached the Goblins and he knew they was very good with accounting and just loved to handle gold and jewels, so he suggested to the Head Goblin that they set up a bank and design a currency that could be used when the magical world had to hide. The head goblin jumped at this chance as he knew his people would love to do it and would create many jobs for many Goblin families.

Once Merlin had sorted that and found a location they could build the bank, the goblins set work on creating the bank and finding all the raw materials that they could use to start a magic currency. While this was going on Rowena was trying to find a place big enough to house a school for all magic children to attend and she was going up and down the country trying to find a spot. Salazar was spending his time collecting many ingredients that would be needed for all the potions and was also looking for a suitable place for a medical facility that would be for the use of magical beings only. Helga was going around and telling trusted groups of what was going to happen and working on a way that she could get messages to all these people when the time came for them to go into hiding.

Merlin decided that all the magical creatures will have to be told as well and because Merlin was a beast speaker he could talk to every type of magical animal there was, he also knew that owls was very intelligent people and approached the owls to see if they would become the postal service for the magic people when they went into hiding and they all readily agreed. Vampires, werewolves and many other magical creatures were brought into the fold of what would be happening and they were very happy that they were not just left out for the slaughter.

Merlin also found a place that could be used as a magical prison for magic people that broke the law, that also brought about any other problems as they was potentially hundreds of jobs that would need to be filled. After about a year they all got together to discuss the progress of hiding their world away from the mundane world. All they had left to do was build a school and set a syllabus up for what the students would be learning.

Merlin suggested as they was all well known to have magic and that they would be one of the first people targeted that they should change their surnames so no one would really know, who they actually were. Merlin had to change his complete name so he went with Godric Griffindor, Salazar went with Salazar Slytherin, Helga went with Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena went with Rowena Ravenclaw. It was in this moment that Merlin comes up with the name for the school HOGWARTS SCHOOL OF WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDARY.

The others loved name now just needed to find a place to build the school. They finally found a place to build the school and told the goblins what they wanted and they built it for them from all the raw materials they had been mining, to build the bank and the surrounding shops.

5 Years later…

Everything had been built and was ready for action, The bank and people had come forward for ideas of what the shops should be and everyone knew what they was going to be doing, when they had to go into hiding from the mundane world. There was just one position to be filled and that was the King of the magical realm. Many people had come forward and to make it fair, the choice would be made by someone who was totally impartial. This impartial judge was Fawkes he was the first ever of his kind and the only one of his kind and everyone decided to call the bird that was named Fawkes a Phoenix as it would always rise from the ashes, no matter how many times it died, it would always rise from the ashes.

Everyone was gathered and Fawkes was flying overhead and as he passed everyone in the crowd it was like they was being judged, the magical world waited with baited breath of who was to be their king and after about one hour the Phoenix swooped down and coasted over the crowd, it looked like he had made his decision and he landed on the shoulder of Merlin himself also known as Godric Griffindor. As he landed Godric was surrounded by a bright golden light and when it was there was a very large GOLDEN PHOENIX their king had been chosen and the crowd shouted out LONG LIVE THE KING over and over. The legend of the Golden phoenix was born. Fawkes instructed Godric on how to turn back into his human form and explained to him until another golden phoenix was born he would have to remain in the Mortal plane.

Godric, Rowena , Helga and Salazar was stunned they never though they would get everything done, but now they had a King and magical government ready to start ruling and the founding laws was put into place that day. There was also a massive party that took place in the magical section of the land that was now hidden away from the mundane world, after the party they all headed back to their life's not knowing when the magical world that had been built, would have to be used.

20 years later

The time had come Arthur had banished Merlin due him not being able to save one of his badly wounded knights from death, Merlin was blamed for this and the words that came back to haunt him

The friend of magic will turn against his long time friend

He knew now was the time for everyone to move into the magical world and hide their world from the mundane. He contacted everyone and told them to start moving into the magical world and the magical world listened to their and within a week magic and all its traces had been removed from the sight of the mundane world. History books was written , the school which was divided into the 4 houses of the founders Griffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin and the magical world stated to live their life's away from the mundane world. Godric had a special book that would inform him every time a magical child was born and he an elite squad to go out and collect the little ones and bring them to a place were they would not be persecuted.

Time moved on everyone got used to the new way of living and everyone was safe from being killed or tortured, Godric would go to be the greatest king that ever lived and when he died at the age of 452, he remained In the mortal plane as the Phoenix King and was seen quite often giving the ministers of magic guidance and also helping out in Hogwarts where he could. He still remembered the prophecy that was still waiting to be fulfilled and he could see history was getting more and more twisted, so he left the mortal plane and went into the phoenix realm where he spent watching many things that was going on in the world and was appalled at what was happening. Many phoenixes became disheartened with the world and passed on at their burning days not finding anyone that was suitable to bond with, he only had one other phoenix left and that was Fawkes and one day he left to check on HOGWARTS and never returned and he could not work out why ….