Hi guys! So I'm still not much of a SPN fanfic writer (there's just so much canon to keep in mind, it's hard! Not to mention wanting to write the boys right) and as you might be able to tell, this didn't start as a FF, but once I'd written this I couldn't think of who or what could help or happen to this girl without it sounding suspiciously like an episode of SPN. So here you go! I hope you like it. Criticism is huuuuugely appreciated!

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural.

The wind whipped my hair around my face as I ran, ran, the force of the oxygen I sucked in burning at my throat. My feet felt all wrong as they struggled to grip at the rocks and ruts beneath my shoes and my ankles turned to touch the dirt at about every third step.

The woods are alive, rushed through my head. Alivealivealive.

I kept running, gripping the leash so tightly that my hand went numb and so did my certaintly that the leash was there. A fresh wave a panic rose from the depths of my stomach and I stumbled as I looked down.

"Deojee," I breathed. The terrier galloped beside me, panting harshly. But he wouldn't stop either. "Alive, Deojee." My legs felt like rubber but I kept running. Alivealivealive.

The path narrowed and the branches tunneled over me. I wouldn't realize it until later, but my headband, a simple thing with a white satin bow, would snag on its cruel fingers.

It would become a symbol of my youth to those to who loved me. My short life.

But I wasn't dead.