Another PucKurt prompt.

"Today, I was crying because my boyfriend broke up with me.

I had fallen head-over-heels for him, so I was devastated.

One of the most popular guys came up to me and said. "Trust me, anyone that makes such a beautiful girl cry is not worth it." and then hugged me.

I have never felt so good in my life. He GMH.

Puck is the popular yet not so popular anymore guys"

For femmefatale who picked 21

Gave Me Hope

To say that Puck was surprised to find Kurt hiding in the bleachers on that bleak wintry day a week before Christmas holiday would have been an understatement.

'You're going to be too sick to celebrate anything if you stay out here for much longer,' Puck offered as he climbed up to the other boy.

'It doesn't matter,' Kurt snapped back, but it didn't have its usual bite.

'What's wrong, Kurt?' Puck settled on the bench next to the slighter boy, trying to offer him some of his heat. He smiled softly to himself when Kurt leaned into his warmth. The smile quickly vanished when Kurt gave a muffled sob.

He wrapped his arm around Kurt and drew him into a hug, and then Kurt was spilling everything.

'Blaine just broke up with me with a text message. He said he found someone else! Someone who was closer and not so prudish and wasn't so me. I love him, I am in love with him and he…' Kurt dissolved into tears and Puck pulled him into a tight, if slightly awkward, hug.

'Hush,' he whispered softly, trying to brush away Kurt's tears, but his fingers were cold and stiff, 'any guy who makes someone as beautiful and amazing as you cry, is an idiot and isn't worth the tears.'

Kurt sniffled as he tried to quell the tears, because Puck was right. If Blaine couldn't see how fabulous Kurt was, well that was Blaine's own fault.

Using a handkerchief to clean himself up, Kurt nodded. He didn't need Blaine.

Later that afternoon, Puck escorted Kurt to practice with an arm draped over Kurt's shoulders as Kurt laughed about something Puck had said.

He was still hurt that Blaine had been so callous in breaking up with him, but he knew he could heal, given time, and help from his friends. Especially Puck.

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