This is my version of how I would have like to have seen Daenerys and Drogo get together in the bedroom episode where she takes control.

Dany lay on her bed staring at the beautiful dragon eggs. Under the candlelight, the eggs seemed to move. It was only a trick of the light and she continued staring at the flames. Letting her mind wander, thinking about all that happened in the last few months since her marriage to Khal Drogo. She could not believe how her life had changed.

While her fear of the great horse lord had once made it difficult to feel comfortable in his presence, she now had great affection for him. Wishing to change, to become Dothraki was her objective. Young and innocent as she was, she wanted to become the perfect wife, the perfect Khaleesi. His decision making about his people was always in their best interest, and she appreciated how he took responsibility for them.

Her confidant and friend, Doreah, had been teaching her how to become more assertive in the bedroom. Drogo needed the attention of his wife nightly, but for Dany, it was never gratifying. Mounted from behind, the preferred position of the Dothraki, proved unsatisfying for her. Although she could not compare his lovemaking with anyone else, as she had been a virgin, Doreah introduced her to the sensual arts and taught her how to please and be pleased.

Some time had passed and Dany had not moved. With her eyes still fixed on the dancing flame of the candle, she listened to the noises around her. Around the campfires the men would drink, laugh and tell stories. Drogo was among them.

Dany replaced the burned out candles with new ones and lay back on her bed. She heard the rustling of the skins covering the door as they were swept aside and Drogo entered. Sitting up quickly she stared at the massive bulk as he stood at the entrance. Removing his belt he stared back at Dany, his eyes filled with want for his Khaleesi. Watching him undress, she admired his physique. Massive in stature he stood proud. His sculpted and firm chest covered by a dusting of hair.

His long ponytail fell forward as he bent forward to remove his boots, rising back up, he flicked it behind him. The swelling of his manhood beneath his leather pants showed Dany how much he needed her. Fast fingers unraveled the laces that secured his pants. His eyes never moved away from hers. Pushing the soft leather lower, down past his thighs, he bent over to remove them.

Walking towards the bed Drogo moved his hand over his erection and stroked it just once before kneeling at the edge at Dany's side. His hands were already at the hem of her dress, making their way up her thighs. Grabbing ahold of her, he turned her around, pushing her onto the bed on her knees. Dany quickly spun around and sat back, saying "No!" She pressed her hand against his chest as she spoke. Drogo was surprised, but continued his attempt to push Dany onto all fours to take up his usual stance. His hands moved fast, trying to lift her clothing. She struggled and broke free, turning back to face him again, Dany cried out "No!" But Drogo took hold of her wrist firmly as she tried to place it against his body. His nostrils flared as if angered by her actions. Staring hard into Dany's eyes he did not speak but his look was enough to tell her she needed to explain herself quickly.

"Tonight, I would look upon your face."

Drogo stopped. He looked into Dany's eyes and surrendered the tight hold on her wrist. Breathing heavily Dany realized she had won his attention and moved her hand to his face. This was new to Drogo but he let his Khaleesi continue, waiting to see what she wanted to do. His passion needed fulfilling and while he was going to let her take control, he would only be patient for a short time.

Dany touched her hand to her husbands face, gently. Tracing around his mouth with her fingertip she stared into his eyes. Drogo did not speak or make a sound but let his lover continue with her playing. Drogo's lips, full and soft to the touch slightly parted as she pushed the tip of her finger against them. Her hand trembled slightly but she continued to show her husband her need for intimacy. Removing her fingers and leaning forward, Dany pushed her mouth against his. He did not move. Breathing hard and trying to still her breaths she continued to press against Drogo, wrapping her arms around his neck. Responding to her embrace Drogo moved his large hands around Dany's slender frame. Moving one hand up towards the back of her neck, he pushed his mouth hard against hers. She was surprised by his actions but she welcomed the advance and encouraged her lover. She pushed her tongue into his mouth.

Drogo learned quickly and followed Dany's actions. He forced his tongue deep inside her welcoming sweetness. His breath quickened and became frenzied as he took the lead. Tightening his hold, he squeezed Dany closer, his mouth now eager to swallow her. Feeling the need flowing through her Dany was ecstatic. Drogo's tongue now occupied her mouth and searched inside for new areas to explore. Drogo's hot breath mixed with hers as he let out a deep and rumbling groan. Their excitement grew and Dany wanted to show her husband more of her teachings from Doreah.

Dany managed to pull away from Drogo's tight hold; she needed to catch her breath. He pulled her back, continuing with his onslaught, teasing her, drawing her tongue out to dance in the small space between their lips. He was enjoying the new teachings from his innocent wife and was already learning some tricks of his own. He pulled his mouth away from hers for a second and stared deep into her eyes. With his fiery and intense glance he let her know he was excited and hungry for his Khaleesi. A slight grin momentarily graced Drogo's face. He slowly leaned forward until his mouth covered Dany's. He flicked his tongue inside, starting a sensual dance with her tongue. Overwhelmed and surprised at how quickly he adopted this new experience, Dany's heart skipped a beat but soared to new heights.

Drogo continued to show his wife how he could be tamed. Dany released her mouth from his and put some space in between their bodies. She slowly traced a path from his shoulders down his well-toned chest. Their minds were in sync at this time as they had the same goal in mind. Drogo guided her hands towards his engorged flesh. He was already leaking and at Dany's light touch, he twitched. Dany looked into the wild eyes of her man and pushed herself onto the edge of their bed. Maintaining eye contact with him she guided him down lower into the bed. Drogo surrendered his will to her. He lay back and let out a long breath.