Dany pressed her body hard against Drogo's. It was as if she couldn't get close enough to him to quench the fire that was spreading through out her body. Softly Drogo stroked her shoulder with his rough and calloused fingers. For all their roughness his touch was gentle on her body. She let out a quiet sigh and ran her hand over his chest.

Drogo's sexual appetite had only been awakened and stirred by the sensual odyssey Dany started. His Khaleesi had paid him so much attention and shown him a gentler side of lovemaking. Already his passion stirred and he needed further attention. Turning his massive frame he steered Dany onto her back. Gently pressing his leg between her thighs he nudged his way between hers. Resting on his elbows on either side of her head, he began to kiss her. He slowly traced his lips over her skin. He blazed a trail of soft kisses all over her face. He started with her forehead then moved down the side of her face until he reached her lips. Dany allowed her hands to explore his body as they ran up his back towards his shoulders. She loved the way he felt. His muscles were firm and running her hands over them aroused her. Drogo enjoyed the contact and after giving her a deep kiss he eased back slowly until his eyes focused on her face. Their eyes met and together they let out a smile before he covered her mouth with his own again.

He was in charge and showed Dany what he had learned from their first lesson. Forcing her lips open he drove his tongue deep inside her mouth. Dany received the tantalizing muscle and responded by sucking on it hard. Low groans emitted from Drogo's throat. His cock stiffened between her legs and after a few moments he found he was already grinding his hips onto hers. Removing his mouth lock he pulled his head up and inhaled sharply. The need to push his length into her was overwhelming but he wanted to show his wife that he too could learn.

Raising himself onto his hands he lowered his body slowly against hers, stopping occasionally to lay a kiss or nip at her flesh on the way down. He stopped to toy with her breasts. He gave each of her nipples brief attention by licking each one before resting his mouth completely on one of her breasts and he started to suck hard on it. Dany let out gasp as his teeth nibbled on the sensitive button and mound. Drogo liked the noises he could hear spilling from her mouth. Encouraged by pleasure filled sounds he continued worshipping her body. He let his tongue slide to the other breast to give it equal attention. Dany groaned as Drogo's mouth closed over the nipple. He raked his teeth over her breast and pulled lightly on the nipple until Dany moaned and shivered.

Dany was surprised how Drogo appeared to be enjoying his teasing. Their usual arrangement in bed had been rigid with Drogo taking the command position behind her. Grabbing a hold of his hair she tugged on his ponytail hard to lever him away from her nipples which were now becoming sore. Drogo gave one last hard suck on her breast before letting go of it. Dany cried out at the loss of the pleasurable suction. A wide smile beamed across Drogo's face. He raised his head and brought his lips crashing down on to hers in a hard kiss. The kiss was so good it left Dany breathless. Drogo pulled on Dany's lower lip as he broke away. His eyes were full of mischief as he stared into Dany's eyes.

"More?" he asked.

Drogo's use of the common tongue was limited but he knew enough to communicate with Dany. Dany was teaching him a few words every day. He was a quick learner and was eager to learn the new language. He seemed to be the perfect student.

"Yes" she replied with a smile.

Without any hesitation Drogo started his descent. Occasionally licking at her skin on the way down, hovering over her navel he teased her body. Dany relaxed herself into the furs that adorned their bed. She had not imagined it would have been possible for Drogo to adapt his style so quickly and willingly. Enjoying the attention she sighed quietly beneath the taunting of her Khal's tongue.

Drogo's outstretched hand covered almost all of Dany's stomach. Her delicate frame quivered beneath his touch. He pushed downward slowly and slid two fingers deep inside her. Dany's breaths came out in short quick pants as his fingers explored her wetness. He watched her as he dug deeper and played with clitoris. He wanted to see her expression and to ensure this was the attention she craved. He lowered his head and pressed an openmouthed kiss on her sex and then delved between her lips to taste. Dany lifted her head off the bed and watched as Drogo's lips suckled on her clitoris. The sight of his lips puckered around her tender flesh was heavenly and mixed with his long fingers delving inside her was driving her insane. Drogo slid his fingers in and out in a gentle motion until her body rocked against his hand with each thrust. He finished sucking but his mouth hovered over her sexual bundle of nerves, occasionally flicking his tongue across the sensitive nub. She was beginning to shake, uncontrollably. He slid his thumb upward with each thrust of his fingers and it connected with her clitoris bringing her even more pleasure.

Dany pushed down against his hand and moaned firmly with each pass. Grinding herself onto his fingers and pressing her clitoris into his open mouth she couldn't control her body. The tingling that began between her legs and inside her caused her to moan loudly. Her breaths were shorter as the full extent of her climax rushed through her body. Her moans turned to cries of pleasure. Drogo watched as his wife writhed beneath him. He had never pleased her this way and watching her reach orgasm excited him. Dany's exaltation heightened his senses and as her cries lessened to soft whimpers he removed his fingers. Bringing up his knees and leaning forward and pushed open her legs. He rubbed his swollen member against her soaked vagina. Hovering over her shaking torso he pushed deep into her body and filling her to the hilt. She groaned against each heavy thrust; wrapping her legs around him to draw him in deeper. Drogo groaned and threw back his head as his length slid into Dany. She was feverishly aroused and soaking wet. He liked the sensation of their bodies moulded together. Grinding his hips harder and deeper with each stroke he listened to the noises emitting from Dany's mouth. He let his head fall back and he took a deep breath. Drogo was close to his orgasm. Placing one hand on her hips to hold her he powered into her. Dany inhaled sharply and gasped. Drogo was large and he filled her, but usually it was not as comfortable. The care he had given her before his lovemaking was appreciated.

Breathing hard and heavy his pace quickened. He pummeled into Dany with uncontrollable need. Drogo reached his climax. Dany grunted loudly with every thrust of his hips. She also began to cry out as the ecstasy drover her over the edge. The walls of her sex clenched around him as if to squeeze every drop of his juice. He shuddered as the last remnants of his orgasm rippled through his body. With one last lunge he rested his cock deep inside her. Dany's body quivered as another orgasm surged through her. Heaving and sighing as her senses where overwhelmed with ecstasy she enjoyed the pleasure of her climax until finally it ceased. Moving his hand to the side of her body he leaned close to her face, his breaths were hot as they showered her. Cradling his face Dany stared into the beautiful eyes of her beloved. Drogo caught his breath and before withdrawing gently kissed her.

Their new experience together would only strengthen their marriage; Dany desired this more than anything. To please her Khal would make her happy. But also as of that night her Khal would make sure to bring his Khaleesi insurmountable pleasures as well.