Vengeance of a Time Lord

Prologue: Rebirth

Disclaimer: I do not own the classic anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, nor do I own the British television icon Doctor Who. Those are the respective property of Gainax and…. well, someone in Britain, I suppose.

Summary: Doctor Who/Evangelion crossover.

Rating: T for now, may raise to M later.

Just the day before, Shinji had gotten a card in the mail from his father, essentially calling him to Tokyo-3 for some obscure reason.

If it had at least had the word "please" somewhere on it, Shinji would've obeyed without hesitation, but as things were, there was no semblance of politeness to be found.

Still, he figured that if he didn't come, Gendo would probably send someone after him and drag Shinji over there by force.

So, torn between a futile show of defiance and timid compliance, Shinji was taking a walk through Yokohama-4 in an effort to gather his thoughts. As he neared a little-known pawn shop, the young Ikari glanced through the window out of habit, and froze.

There, on the counter, was a silver pocketwatch with somewhat intricate engravings upon its lid, and it was well within his price range. Shinji had needed a new timepiece for weeks and had been meaning to get a wristwatch, but this called out to him… Shinji would've compared it to a long-lost friend, but he'd never had any friends – long-lost or otherwise – and so it would probably not have been accurate.

But getting back to the topic at hand, Shinji felt compelled to enter the small store and picked up the watch, examining it for a few moments. "Excuse me, sir, but I'd like to buy this watch…"

The clerk, a young girl who sat chewing gum while reading a trashy romance novel, glanced up at him and said, "That's more of a paperweight than a watch, on account of nobody ever being able to open it and see the clock, but the price is on the tag. It's your money and what you spend it on is no business of mine."

Slightly miffed at the clerk's rude demeanor, Shinji nevertheless produced an adequate amount of money and left it on the counter, deciding that sticking around this person wasn't worth collecting his meager change.

Once he was back on the street, Shinji decided to check out whether that girl had been lying about whether his new watch couldn't be opened.

Turning it over a few times until he found a promising-looking button, Shinji depressed it and to his surprise, the watch flew open instantly, revealing an analog face reminiscent of the British clocktower, Big Ben.

And then, a yellow-orange radiance exploded in his face.

The young man gripped his head and fell to his knees as a series of memories assaulted him – those that Shinji Ikari had repressed, and those of other people that Shinji still somehow recognized as also being himself.

For two minutes, Shinji convulsed on the sidewalk, with nary a soul around to witness the miracle taking place.

He remembered traveling across time and space for decades, seeking adventure and knowledge.

He remembered the experiences, loves, hates, and et ceteras of five people before him, the death of each leading directly into the regeneration of the next.

And then, he remembered Antarctica, fifteen years ago, he'd been poking around somewhere that, in retrospect, he shouldn't have, and Second Impact had devastated his expedition, and with the last of his strength, he'd gotten his daughter Misato into the escape pod, and Gendo Ikari had shown up just the day before and collected the research data which meant that that BASTARD had KNOWN what was going to happen, or at least had a good hypothesis, and somehow Second Impact had scattered his still-Regenerating biomass across the planet and was somehow absorbed into a pregnant woman and then Yui Ikari had, around a year later, given birth to Shinji Ikari, which was who he was now…

And then, the human Shinji Ikari was no more.

And in his place, there knelt a Time Lord reborn.

Eyes filled with hate and sorrow, Shinji said, "Those bastards killed me, made my daughter an orphan, and fucked over the rest of the planet, too. The Human Instrumentality Committee, Gendo Ikari, and everyone who worked alongside them that KNEW about Second Impact…. I swear, I'm going to kill every single last one of you, even if I have to cycle through every one of my remaining Regenerations to do it. But not yet. No, for the moment I have to play things by ear, fully assess the situation. But you can rest assured, girls. I will avenge you, Akane. And Misato… I know I'm probably decades too late, but I WILL find a way to set things right."

But first, the Time Lord reflected, he needed to arrive in Tokyo-3, which was where the action was going to be. But even before that, however, there was a grievous error in his apparel that he had to correct. So he went to the first clothing store he could find, and got a red necktie. Yes, he would wear a necktie from now on. Neckties were cool.

And so, the revived Time Lord made his preparations…

Tokyo-3, a few days later…

And so it was that one Shinji Ikari, Time Lord, stepped off the train and entered Tokyo-3 armed with a red necktie, black longcoat, excellent running shoes, dark blue gloves, and a cold glare. (1)

Once the fighter jets and cruise missiles began flying at dangerously low altitudes around him, the city had become a war zone.

And in the midst of this chaos, the Time Lord just chuckled.

"Man, this brings back memories. I'd normally start reminiscing about now, but I need to stay in the present. I can tell myself about my past all I like once the explosions come to a halt."

And as a blue sports car performed a U-turn and screeched to a halt right in front of him, Shinji smiled. Even though he was in a different body and half her age, and she wouldn't realize it for a long while, the Time Lord was about to reunite with his daughter for the first time in over a decade.

A/N: Well, there you have it. The prologue chapter of my Evangelion/Doctor Who crossover. No, he's NOT the Doctor or the Master, Shinji is a different Time Lord from either of them. Just dispelling that right now.

(1) Shinji's current attire is based on Will Eisner's The Spirit.

Also, Shinji needs a name. Not for himself, but as a Time Lord. The only ones I know of are Doctor, Master, and Rassilon, all of which are taken. If anyone has a good idea for Shinji's name as a Time Lord, feel free to tell me in a review.