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Once Upon a Time part 3

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"Well, I'm pissed off," Ruby sulked, looking at her hair. She knew that the battle had caused at least two split ends, "I still don't understand what you want with angel boy, Eriol."

Eriol Hiiragizawa simply smiled at his moon-guardian's antics. She really did not look happy, carrying the unconscious peasant in her arms, but he really couldn't do much about it.

"It's because it's my duty to help him see," Eriol replied cryptically, smiling to himself. This entire mess was really his fault… after all, he had sent Ruby Moon and Spinel Sun to the Kinomoto palace as a princess and her… stuffed animal, spooked the horse enough to have Touya 'accidentally' run and knock over Yukito, created the night warriors in order to bring Yue out, and waited impatiently for something to happen. However, Yue either seemed content or perhaps nervous about showing any of his emotions, and had preferred to bide his time. Eriol did not have much time in this world left, he had to return to his own, and so he had told the two guardians to bring Yue to him and carry out plan B. Yes, it was a gamble and possibly dangerous, but he needed to accomplish what he had been sent there to do.

He stepped closer to Ruby, who was still sulking, and brushed away one of the bangs that fell in front of Yukito's face. The tiny action was enough to cause him to stir, and one warm amber eye cracked open slightly to look at him. Suddenly and quite unexpectedly, the white wings spread out and enfolded him, causing Ruby to squeak and drop him. Several seconds later, the wings withdrew and Yue stood there, glaring at alll three.

"Jeez, give me a warning next time!" Ruby shrieked indignantly, while Spinel smirked, very much amused. Eriol ignored his guardians' antics as he approached the angel.

"Hello Yue."

The anger in Yue's eyes seemed to flare away as he stared at the blue-haired boy, "Clow?"

Eriol nodded simply. Yes, that was who he was. The reincarnation of Clow Read. (Except, since I am the oh so fabulous author… this is PM by the way because KEI refuses to work on this story with me since she's been ignoring me at school *sniffs sadly*. HINT KEI HINT! PAS is ready to murder ya! ANYHOW, I am the wondrous omniscent narrator, so I will impart a little secret on you! Everybody listen up! I "confused the hell outta" Mateem with this scene, and of course it's not confusing to me because hey, I wrote the thing! But, heehee, I think I kinda cut out the explanation when I gave up on the epilogue… *coughs* Hey, it's not my fault! Blame Kei! She needs to get her butt into gear and start HELPING me for a change! Anyhow, I figure that since Eriol has all his magic and is so mighty and powerful… course, not as powerful as ME… he for some reason unknown to myself and possibly ALL mankind, returns to the past simply to bring Touya and Yue/Yukito together. Why?! O.o I don't know! Because he knew how much I was suffering and decided to aid me in my attempt to get the two cuties together! *ducks rotton vegetables* So… that's really about it. There aren't really two Clow Read's, Eriol's not an alien… although I suppose that IS debatable… and Yue isn't hallucinating! Because most of that was rambling, I'll repeat it again. Eriol has come from the future in order to bring Yue/Yukito and Touya together. Why? I really have no clue…)

"So now are you going to explain why you wanted angel boy?" Ruby asked impatiently.

"You're so impatient, Ruby," Eriol replied calmly.

Ruby stamped her foot and sulked.


"Kaijuu, where's Yukito?"

Sakura looked at her older brother with confusion in her eyes, "Isn't he here?"

"Do you see him?"

"Huh?!" she looked around the room, her gray-haired companion no where in sight, and started to panic, "HOE! Where could he have gone?!"

She doesn't know… Touya thought to himself as he spoke out loud, trying to sound as convincing as he could, "I'll just go look for him then…"

The princess nodded, looking a bit shaken at the discovery of her missing friend, "Oo… okay…"

Then she stopped and looked at her brother, "Onii-chan. What Kero-chan was yelling… does that have anything to do with Yukito-san?"

He flinched.

Sakura smiled and let the subject drop, much to her brother's relief. It would have been much easier if she had known everything or nothing, not something in between when he could barely understand what was going on.

Her older brother started to leave when he suddenly stiffened and looked back at her. She sweatdropped heavily, not liking the look on his face.

"That gaki had better not be in this room."

"Huh?" she blinked at the rather random statement before laughing nervously and waving it off, "No! Of course not! Why on earth would Syaoran be in here?! No reason of course! Which is exactly why he's not here! In fact, he's definitely in his room across the palace! Nope! He wouldn't be here! No reason for being here! What would give you that idea? He wouldn't come here! He's in his room! Not here, nope! I mean, why would he be under the bed?! No, wait… urm… he's not here, okay? He's in his room, really! You can go check right now! In fact, why don't you…"

Touya just watched her impassively as she continued to ramble unconvincingly about why on earth her gaki fiancee would be in the room, before he suddenly stalked over to where she was sitting on the bed and pulled the sheets that slightly covered the opening between the bed and floor. Sakura winced unhappily as her brother's eyes widened as he glared angrily into Syaoran's equally angry brown eyes.


Sakura groaned.


Eriol nodded to his two guardians, "Ruby. Spinel. You two know what to do."

Spinel nodded elegantly and spread the emerald dotted butterfly wings, followed by a sulking Ruby. Eriol smiled fondly and turned back to Yue, who was staring at him with complete bewilderment.

"How can you be Clow Read?" he whispered, stomach knotting. Did this mean his beloved master was…

"It's a long story," Eriol replied, sitting in the red chair that they both knew some well, "Would you like something to drink?"

Yue just raised an eyebrow and waited.


Sakura bit her lip tensely as she looked around the room. Something was wrong, she could sense it. And she was terribly worried for her friend's safety, what happened if something had happened to him! What was she going to do then! She loved him very much, a much nicer older brother than onii-chan who always called her a kaijuu and stole her treats!

She jerked up as she felt somebody enter the room, but when she turned she saw nothing. Wondering if she was losing her mind, she was about to turn away when gloved hands grabbed her, and she screamed.


Cerberus ran as quickly as he possibly could, sweat dripping from the golden fur which rippled nervously in anticipation. Everything was happening way too fast. First the peasant boy and princess, then the dreams, then to find out that the snow bunny was none other than Yue… the angel from his dreams… and that the eye-color changing princess was really a butterfly-winged psychotic being… now Yue was gone, kidnapped by Akizuki (or really Ruby Moon) and her demented panther companion, Spinel Sun…

Forgive him for being ready to rip the next pillow cushion apart.

But there was no time to release his anger just yet. He had heard Sakura's scream, and was he or was he not the princess's guardian? He would protect her with his life!

A familiar green flash.

"GAKI!" Cerberus roared, running after the prince, "WHERE'S SAKURA?!"

The brown eyes flashed angrily, but there was no response because at that moment, who should drop in but…

"Well, we meet again Cerberus."

"Spinel Sun…" Kero growled, and by his side, Syaoran drew his sword.

They had barely any time to react when a red light filled the entire room.


"Things can be deceiving, you know. Am I truly the enemy?"

"How can Clow ever be the enemy?" Yue stared at the young man… Syaoran and Sakura's age, he would guess, by appearance at least… who radiated his beloved former master's kehai, "But why are you doing this?"

"I do believe you need to figure this out yourself," Eriol replied smoothly.


Like Cerberus, Touya too had heard his sister scream, and he was running to find her. Like Cerberus, Touya too suffered from an annoying overwhelming brain overload… added with bewilderment and so on. And like Cerberus, he had to push all of that aside. His sister… his kaijuu was in trouble!

Have you ever heard of a sister complex, To-ya?

The words made him want to laugh even while he worried for his sister's safety.


He threw open the door where a petal pink aura and a more sharp pink aura came from, completely unprepared for a very nasty surprise.

"Hello, Touya-kun!" He looked up and stared into an upper level window where a very familiar figure stood.


But this wasn't Nakuru Akizuki, princess from a far-away realm (he should have been suspicious as soon as he heard that 'far-away realm nonsense!).

It was Ruby Moon.

Ruby Moon, who gripped a frightened Sakura Kinomoto in her arms.

"Let her go, Akizuki," he growled, glaring up at the butterfly-winged maiden.

"Why? You must do better than that, Touya-kun. Perhaps offer something in return?"


"No?" she shrugged, "Then what motive could I possibly have for wanting to let your little sister go?"

He simply glared, causing her to giggle.

"It's not so simple, is it?"


A cold eb of fear jolted in Yue's mind, causing him to flinch. Eriol smiled charmingly as the angel stiffened.


He didn't see it, but Eriol's smile turned more sincere.

He needs to go now…

It's time to say good-bye again…

Suddenly, with little to no warning whatsoever, the pale blue crystals appeared in his hands. Without a word, they spun and crashed through the window, sending tiny shards of glass all over the room. Neither Yue nor Eriol seemed to care as the angel spread his wings and flew through the remains of the formerly beautiful window.

Eriol stepped gingerly through the broken glass, watching as his former life's creation sped towards the castle where the person that held his heart awaited.

"Good luck Yue," he whispered before he sat down in his red chair, awaiting the return of his two guardians and wondering exactly how much he was going to bill the Kinomotos for the damage to his beautiful stained-glass window that was window no more.


"So what do you say Touya-kun?"

Touya's teeth gritted at that hated nickname. What he really wanted to do was grab Ruby Moon by those butterfly wings and rip them clear off her back, but not all dreams can come true.

I don't have a choice… I have to protect Sakura!!

He was saved the pain of the decision when an equally familiar figure came into view.


Angel boy at 10:00! Ruby thought to herself as she looked disinterestedly at the angel, "What are you doing here Yue?"

"Let go of her, Ruby Moon."

"Ordering me around? Why is everybody ordering me around today? I'm not a little toy, you know."

"No, you're just a perpetual annoyance."

"Humph. Well, if you really want the girl, catch!" with that, she dropped Sakura.

The poor girl shrieked as she was dropped out of the relatively safety of Ruby's arms, plummeting to the earth.

"Sakura!" Touya was too worried for his sister to worry about insulting her.

Ruby shot a smirk at Yue, "Better catch her quick, Angel Boy."

Before she even got past the 'catch', he had already folded his wings and dived towards the green-eyed girl, who was still screaming as the ground got simply way too close for comfort. The girl shut her eyes.

Is this the end?

Then… she stopped falling. Instead, she was cradled in the arms of a white haired angel, amethyst-blue eyes peering worriedly at her.

"Ah… ah… arigatou gozaimasu," she whispered, shocked, but the words were lost as he flew upwards, back towards her room and to force a confrontation with Ruby Moon.

However, upon peering into the room, Sakura and Yue noted that the butterfly-winged girl was gone.


"That was a little close, don't you think?"

"I knew he would have saved her."

"Still, no reason to give us all a heart attack."

Ruby fluttered over to a droopy Spinel, who was harboring the worst headache he had ever encountered as he watched the butterfly-winged guardian approached him.

"Is it done?"

She nodded, pouting, "So this is what Eriol wanted… he wanted them to come together."

Spinel nearly fainted before he roared, "Well, no DUH! You think we traveled to the past and went through all that hell for no reason at all!"

She scowled at him, still sulking, "But I wanted Touya-kun to myself…"

The panther groaned and shook his head, "Come on. Eriol is waiting for us."


Sakura clung to the moon-angel's immaculate white clothing, a bit overwhelmed by the flawless beauty and inhumanly possible grace… then again, it wasn't like he was human. Not with the silver-blue cat eyes that were so cold and distant, with not a single emotion flickering within. So unlike the 'peasant boy', whose eyes always seemed to sparkle with a special something… She had never been so awed and scared at the same time, afraid she might do something absolutely idiotic to break the moment into nothing but finely ground glass dust to remember the moment.

Then the huge, ivory colored feathery wings extended wing-tip to wing-tip, and the princess squeaked and held on even tighter. It wasn't that she was afraid of heights, but when she was being carried by a being that she barely knew, and they were about to fly down a height that could become deadly if she was dropped…

Her nervousness must have been very much apparent to the moon-angel, who paused before beginning the flight to the ground where her extremely impatient brother was waiting.

"Do not worry, Sakura. I will not drop you."

She looked up, startled at his words, as he tightened his grip on her in a way that only one other person had done, "Yu… Yukito?"

The stoic angel did not answer to her astonished question, instead drawing his wings close to him and stepping through the window, before spreading them once again and flying slowly back to the ground, the bare feet landing gently. Despite having her initial fears calmed, Sakura was deeply gratified to be on solid ground again.

Yue set her too on the ground, and before she could even thank him, proceeded to spread his wings with every intention to fly to some hidden part of the palace to transform back into Yukito… there was no longer any need for him to be here, he had completed his duty and…

"Oh no you don't," a voice protested vehemently, and he was suddenly more or less tackled onto his back, looking up rather dazedly at none other than…

"Onni-chan? What are you doing?" Sakura exclaimed, watching nervously from Tomoyo's side as her older brother pounced on the moon-guardian, positioning himself as not to be dislodged.

"Touya," Yue looked at the dark-haired man that was pinning him to the ground, trying to keep his voice as emotionless as possible, "Will you please get off me?"

"No! Not until I get some answers to sort out this whole crazy mess, Yue. Or Yukito. Or whoever you're supposed to be!" he was starting to get dangerously close to ranting before he paused, as if realizing that everybody was now staring at him openly. Except for the angel he still had pinned to the ground, who was just watching him impassively (or at least trying to)…

"Why'd you do it, Yue? Why did you save Sakura?" he finally asked quietly, staring intently into the cat-eyes, which gazed back calmly. The moon-angel's composure was starting to pacify his nerves, although he still wasn't confident enough to let him go.

"Because," there was a long pause, "She's Yukito's friend."

Touya's eyes looked deeply into calm blue eyes, trying to find a part of the quieter, gray-haired boy that had given back some reason for living in the steely color. At the first look… okay, second and third look too, he couldn't see the 'peasant-boy' that was such a polar opposite of this distant being that seemed to be the full embodiment of his namesake.

Except he could swear that he saw…

"So then why'd you save me?" Touya couldn't help but smirk just slightly as… was the stoic angel actually blushing? "Don't tell me it's just because I'm the kaijuu's brother."

"Because… Yukito… he… I… you…"

He's just so cute when he's silly, the just as silly thought seemed to dominate within his mind (although it was difficult for him to believe that Yue could ever be either, except for the fact that he was witnessing it right at the moment) as he helped him up, the other still stuttering. Touya finally covered his lips with a gentle hand, using the other to just as gently grasp his chin so he was looking up into his eyes.

It was rather disconcerting when he discovered that he was taller than even one of perfection…

"Please don't run away from me again."

The icy blue eyes seemed to melt slightly as Yue struggled to get the words out, "To-ya…"

Words that wished to escape were stifled as warm lips pressed against his own.

Perhaps some words are better left not said.


Sakura watched, inwardly feeling rather pleased that her onni-chan had finally found somebody of his own. Next to her, Tomoyo was sighing happily, probably wishing she had some way of sketching a truly once in a lifetime moment…

"Nani?" Sakura turned to see Syaoran practically limping up to her, Kero supporting his weight (once in a lifetime sight, certainly), "Hoe! Syaoran-kun!"

Syaoran smiled tiredly as she ran up to him, "Syaoran-kun! Are you okay?!"

"I'm… fine…"

"Are you sure?"


She smiled happily, "I'm so glad!"

Touya broke away just in time to see Sakura and Syaoran passing an equally passionate kiss as he had just shared, "GAKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

A small smile tugged at Yue's lips, unnoticed by all as Touya advanced on the couple, ready to tear them apart. His white wings enveloped him as the magic circle of Clow appeared at his feet, and seconds later, transformation complete, Tsukishiro Yukito took his place in the world.

Just as Touya was ready to rip Syaoran and Sakura's lips apart and then maybe quite possibly throw Syaoran into the nearest tree, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"To-ya," Yukito's brown eyes looked at him seriously, "Have you ever heard of a sister complex?"

"Oh hush up," Touya muttered, giving Syaoran the evil eye before turning back to Yukito, I'll let him off today… but tomorrow? THAT is when he dies! And as a warning to all other suitors, I'll hang his headless body over the…

His evil thoughts were cut off as he pulled Yukito into another kiss.

Besides the two couples, Tomoyo sighed happily (again), and Kero sighed as well, but less than happy. He looked up to the sky, golden eyes glaring at the authoress busily typing the ending of the story.


Arrogant fool.

And thus the great and glorious writer debated whether to blast Cerberus with a well-placed lightning bolt.

Until a certain will remain unnamed person that has big white wings, amethyst-blue cat-eyes, way too much hair when it comes to drawing, and just happens to be his brother wrestled the laptop away from her…

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