Just a silly little thing. I do not own either shows.

Two men stood face to face. Both were wearing long, light tan trenchcoats. While one had a slightly messy dark blue suit and dress shoes underneath, the other had a brown and white pinstripe suit and white converse. The first had a slightly confused look on his face while the other grinned insanely. The second babbled, "Oh, this is brilliant. An angel, an actual celestial being of light. Oh, I haven't seen one of you in ages. Last time I met one of you was about the Enlightenment period and Gabriel (Was he the one that like pulling pranks? 'Yes.') courting Marie Antoinette while he masqueraded as Louis the Sixteenth." When the first man didn't say anything, he asked, "Did you get your coat from Janis Joplin?"

That's when Sam and Dean busted through the door with loaded shotguns and the second man decided to run. He didn't want to get shot with salt today.

Um... heh