Two young princes meandered down the palace halls, each carrying a stack of books that touched their chins.

"This is entirely your fault." The blond mumbled.

"You're the one who started it." The darker haired one shot back.

"Did not." Thor protested

Loki rolled his eyes. "Nevertheless, we are both in trouble and should get these to the book-keeper before we get into more trouble."

"Do we even know where we are going?" Thor asked.

"When do we not know where we are going?"

Thor shot his brother a deathly glare.

Loki's face turned a light shade of pink. "That's right," He coughed in remembrance.

In silence, the two boys eventually found the library. Thor stopped before entering. "This is the library, right?"

Loki pushed the door open with his foot, raising an eyebrow. Thor walked up to the entrance cautiously and poked his head through the doorway quickly. With a sigh of relief, he entered. They piled the books on the desk by the door. "Hello?" Loki called, "We have returned some of your books!"

The only reply they received was the echo of Loki's voice. Thor shrugged his shoulders and headed for the door, but stopped when he realized that his footsteps were missing a certain echo. He looked back and saw Loki skimming one of the innumerable books along the wall. "What are you doing?"

His eyes grazing the tattered pages, the younger prince said, "Looking. This one seems interesting. Just give me a moment and we can leave."

Thor sighed and rolled his eyes, but they returned to a shiny silver spine. The blond reached out his hand, but couldn't touch it. He then stood on the tips of his toes. Still, there was no avail.

Loki put his book away and saw Thor jumping in attempt to reach the book. "Thor, there's a ladder right next to you."

"Those are for mortals!" The boy proclaimed.

"If they were simply for mortals," Loki sighed, "Then I'm fairly certain we wouldn't use them."

"I am Odin's son!" Thor shouted with another jump. "I do not need such things!"

Thor gave one last leap and his hand finally latched onto the bookshelf. Loki's eyes widened and he took in a quick, sharp gasp.

A horrible boom echoed clearly through Asgard's royal palace.

Somewhere deep, deep within his heart and against his better judgment, Odin was hoping that was an act of war from the Jotuns and had absolutely nothing to do with his children.

A guard marched up to the door. "The book keeper asks that you come to the library when you are given the chance."