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Like strawberries and cream

All was silent, except for the quiet snoring of the children.

Hitomiko watched over her little aliens, controlling they were all sleeping. She smiled seeing that red-hair popping out Midorikawa's bed –of course Hiroto, her little brother, had slipped into his bed to sleep with his Midori-chan. She knew He liked him a lot.

Diam was sleeping right new to Midorikawa, who accidentally slapped him on his face, making him rolling on the other side; next to him, there were Heat and Nepper, sleeping closely in the same bed. She silently changed room and controlled all the girls.

There was only one room left.

Hitomiko entered the room and blinked at the two guys sleeping in the same bed, whereas the other was empty. Burn was hugging Gazel tenderly, and their head were so near it created a nice contrast of red and white. Just like strawberries and cream.

"Onee-san, why isn't Gazel coming to play?"

"Because He has a fever, Haru-kun"

The tulip-head boy seemed to think about it for a second, then said "Then I also won't play"

"Why? Just go and have fun. Suzuno will feel better soon and then he'll come"

"I'll wait for him" He said stubbornly and sat near her.

Hitomiko blinked in surprise, then smiled and patted him on his head. "You really like Suzuno, don't you?"

"Yep" He exclaimed "I love him"

"Do you know the meaning of what you've just said, Haru-kun?"

He pouted. "Of course I do. Isn't it the same as Hiroto and Midorikawa?"

"Yeah that's quite the same" She smiled again. The boy kept silent for a while, then looked down and whispered "I want to be with him forever. I want to protect him"

"That's sweet Haru-kun" She answered caressing him.

"Uhm, onee-san, can I have some strawberries with cream?" The boy suddenly asked.

He eyes ran from the two boys to the table where there was the empty cup of strawberries and cream. Burn fed Gazel with it to make him feel better.

Strawberries and cream were fresh and sweet, just like them sleeping closely, breathing closely -strawberries and cream were surprisingly just like their hair colour.

She smiles and closed the door, leaving them alone together.