He was beautiful. He was so, so beautiful. He was absolutely lovely.

Berwald couldn't help but notice him, walking down the hallway as though it were a runway or something worthy of that much grace. The delicate sway of his hips further drew him to watch the pretty little thing pass him, and it wasn't his fault that he couldn't help but watch that perfectly rounded ass shift with every step. The Swede found himself staring long after the angel of a being turned the corner.

That angel was Tino Vainamoinen, also known as Berwald Oxenstierna's wet dream. And also probably the wet dream of about every other person in this damn institution. Berwald knew he was wasting his time chasing after him. Every moan in the shower, jacking off to the image of Tino on his knees, asking to touch him, suck him off with that pretty perfect mouth- it was all wasted breath. He knew it, he knew that, but he continued to do it anyway. Maybe he was a masochist.

The warning bell for first period rang and Berwald knew that he should probably get to class, but fuck he was tired, aching a little, and he really didn't feel like dealing with Mathias today. Today seemed like a good day to cut class, anyway. It wasn't like Berwald was a kid that cut classes frequently, but sometimes everyone did. It wasn't like anyone would really notice he was gone. In addition to that Mathias was currently thoroughly convinced that Berwald had looked at Nikolai (the Dane's boyfriend) the wrong way it would be best to at least miss first period.

Little did he know that this hastily made decision would be the catalyst for the rest of his life.

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