A/N: A new crossover idea that struck me a little while ago purely because I love pirates and I love Doctor Who! Plus I've had the thought of River being a sexy, naughty pirate in my head for even longer! Anyway... I have no idea if this'll be a good fic or not, it was just for fun and hopefully this chapter will keep you hooked for more (get it- hooked! Haha! Nah, forget it my cheesy humour will get me nowhere whereas my sarcasm well who knows...)

Going off track again... right, so this story is completely irrelevant to anything happening(ed) in Pirates of the Caribbean or Doctor Who it was completely made up in my miniscule mind and I hope it's good enough...

There was a story

A story that had been shared for thousands of years

A story of a man that knew and had seen everything

He changed his face but was still the same man that no one could ever forget. He was a lord looked up to by those who were caught in his mishaps or blessed with him running into them and taking an instant shine to them- he was the only one who saw them both as the same thing! He not only was a lord but a captain, not of a ship, but of a blue box. The blue box was his ship, his livelihood just like every pirate. He travelled the seas, the skies and the stars with his first mate who was no man but a woman- an extraordinary woman. He too had a crew of hundreds, not always there but always fighting for him. He was never in search of treasure; he never fired a gun at a living creature or committed treason. He was a good pirate, too good. The only tool of his trade was his magic sword that could do anything, even the impossible. He had travelled beyond the seven seas and survived Davey Jones' locker intact with his sanity- no mere average man could even come close to that. This mad man defied all odds and never made any sense. He was the captain of the stars who had no first name...

"I keep telling you I'm the Doctor!" A man with floppy brown hair in a tweed jacket and bow tie yelled as he was shoved forwards by the brute of a soldier.

"You are not him, for he is fictional." Another man in the same uniform as the first said.

"Look, these clothes are not from this time. That blue box in the story is mine, I parked it somewhere but then I lost it, I still have the key as proof, and if you kindly un tie my hands I will be more than happy to show you my 'magic sword' as mentioned. Yes, I have learnt the story about me, mind you it does over-exaggerate in parts..." he rambled, still agitated.

"Like they're really going to listen to you now after you just drop out of the sky and wash up on a beach!" a beautiful woman with wild golden blonde curls and a bewitching body that was any man's eye candy whispered in his ear.

"That was not my fault, we were thrown off course by some sort of undetected turbulence!" he argued.

"Or it was just your bad steering..." she mumbled.

"Oooor... the TARDIS picked up something that confused her spacey-wacey mechanism and caused her to crash land in the time period that she picked up strange signals from." He explained in his defence reverting back to his previous point.

The two of them were nudged further down the queue of other restrained men, women and children. In front of them was a man with a moustache and dreadlocks with a red bandana on top of his knots of hair. He was next in line and the two travellers were soon to follow. Three others in front of him stepped up, never to be seen again.

The Doctor and River Song were sent to be executed after arriving in England from out of nowhere- like usual. He knew this wasn't her end, her death was already set. But time can be re-written; maybe whatever threw them off course had to happen and it had to change what happens. He pondered on that thought. Whatever it was, the Doctor had to find out why it pulled the TARDIS here in particular. The wooden steps and their unjust fate were drawing ever-closer as the seconds ticked by- the Doctor was running out of time for a solution to their predicament.

The execution podiums were standing tall and almighty in front of them. The three wooden boxes were placed on the stage facing the crowd who gathered to watch the executions. A rope suspended on a pole about six feet above the box, they were going to be hung. Hanging was a primitive but effective way of execution, River only read about it, she had never travelled to a point in which there was an execution taking place. She never thought it would be that bad compared to the torture of the Stormcage the 51st century has to offer but now she was 'up close and personal' with it all, she was actually terrified of it.

She sighed shakily as she rested her head on the shoulder of the young impossible man in tweed. He rubbed his cheek on the top of her head for comfort as he couldn't simply wrap his arms around her in a hug. He could sense she was afraid; how he wished he could hold her and protect her.

"I'm sorry I got you into this River." He mumbled in her hair before planting a kiss on her. "It was partly down to my bad steering that we crashed. The rest was a surge of power emitting from this time zone." He smiled agreeing with her to make her feel a bit better.

"It's ok, sweetie. You don't need to be sorry; it was equally both of our faults... and you don't hear me say that often!" River smiled up at him and he chuckled slightly at that, it was true.

They were nudged forward to the wooden steps and the man with the bandana in front of them slowly made his way up to the podium. The Doctor followed him with River reluctantly staying quiet and resisting the urge to fight back. Each of them came to a halt by the boxes facing the hateful crowd booing, sniggering and glaring at them.

"Doctor, this is usually the time where you come up with a brilliantly stupid plan of escape. I would but when you're with me too, it's normally your plan we end up following." She grumbled.

"Don't worry darling I'll come up with something." He whispered back.

Each of them stepped onto the podium and a soldier slipped the rope loop around each of their necks. River rolled her eyes and scoffed. "Well you better hurry up about it." she snapped.

The soldier finished attaching the ropes then walked over to the lever that opened the hatch and removed the boxes. He gripped the lever now prepared to pull when the signal was given then it would all be over for the three who were meant to be standing in shame in front of the English public. Instead one of them was thinking of a means of escape without harming anyone innocent, one was planning the quickest and easiest escape even if it resulted in violence which was considered to be fun and the other was simply waiting for the escape...

The suspense was almost as painful as the execution itself. Each of them waited for the end to come as they held onto the last breath they would ever breathe...