A/N: Soo... sorry for being away for so long guys, I've been busy with the most important school year of my life so far and I've taken countless exams so I had to put this story on hold but they're all over and done with now and I've been working on this chapter since then.

Right I'll just quickly sum up what's happened so far for followers of this story who haven't read it in a while due to lack of updates. Basically, the Doctor and River meet Captain Jack Sparrow after escaping an execution and they board the Black Pearl. They then learn of the pirate Jolly Roger who knows the Doctor in the future, a bit like his and River's relationship which is a bit backwards. The crew of the Pearl are in possession of his hat which they know can be used to revive him on the anniversary of his death, which is tonight and they sail off to where his corpse has been kept to place the hat on the skull when the Blood Moon is in view. However, there is a complication that stands in there way- The Storm of the Damned and in the eye of the storm is the ghost of Long John Silver and his crew who will drag down the ship and steal their spirits. When Long John Silver sees the hat with River, he kidnaps her and takes her to the skull where she can revive Jolly Roger so he can be part of his crew. But she has been poisoned by a toxic green mist, which she is unaware of it's dangers yet. Jolly Roger has been revived and has been on board long John Silver's ship and Long John Silver wants him to help claim back all of the treasure that the Commodore had taken from him nearly 300 years ago, but the current Commodore has no idea about the treasure as he wasn't alive when it was stolen. Long John Silver is in pursuit of the Commodore but River and Jolly Roger had other plans so they escaped the ship on a dinghy and warned the Commodore of Long John Silver whilst the Doctor meanwhile is trying to locate the treasure and figure out a way of how to stop Long John Silver.

And that's pretty much all that's happened so far! So, updates should be here a little more frequent but it may still take a while... Either way, enjoy!

River, Jolly Roger and the Commodore were racing against the clock to make it safely to the Black Pearl before Long John Silver arrived. They only hoped they could find the familiar ship in time, River was sure she couldn't spot it on the way in. She kept her eyes peeled as they scanned the whole pier in desperate search of the other pirates.

Long John Silver's boat was nearing land and River knew that when they arrived they wouldn't stop killing whoever stood in their way until they found the treasure. But the problem with that was the Commodore had no idea about the treasure, which meant if Long John Silver wasn't stopped he'd kill hundreds of innocent people and continue roaming the Seven Seas dragging many other boats down in the Storm of the Damned until he did find it. River couldn't let that happen, the Doctor taught her better than that.

They kept running down the seemingly never-ending pier and they passed many boats but not a single one looked like the Black Pearl. Long John Silver's boat neared the pier, ready to attack and hunt down the Commodore. Somehow he had to be stopped, there just seemed to be no way of doing so. Just when it appeared all hope was lost there were some very familiar voices disturbing the content roaring of the waves.

"Pick up the pace lads, I can see the ship getting closer and I don't fancy dying today!" Captain Jack's voice echoed along the pier. "I don't know about you though..." he muttered to himself afterwards.

"What gives you the right to issue the orders? I'm still the captain of the Pearl so I'm still in charge." she heard Barbossa's voice booming afterwards. She rolled her eyes. Typical of them to argue even when preparing for battle...

River knew that they were nearby as their voices became louder. Hope had returned as she ran with Jolly Roger and the Commodore in the direction of the voices. She heard the pair arguing and was a little bit annoyed that they still do even at ridiculous times, but she was thankful otherwise she probably wouldn't have been able to find them. She spotted the Black Pearl at the end of the pier, the crew were moving crates around, aligning cannons, tying ropes and doing other tedious boat tasks.

Jack was standing with his back to them as he was watching his crew. Little did he know that River and the other two were approaching them, so he merely continued shouting out unhelpful orders to his crew.

"Jack!" River yelled as she neared the end of the pier where the Black Pearl was docked.

Jack paused and listened but did not turn his head. He looked slightly confused for a moment then continued his work. He strolled down the pier shouting out orders as he did previously.

"Jack!" River called out again.

This time Jack heard it clearly so he spun on his heels to come face to face with River, Jolly Roger and the Commodore trailing just behind. He took a moment to study all of them, mainly River, making sure they were ok.

"River, it's you. I guess you weren't doomed after all!" Jack paused when he saw River raise an eyebrow. He cleared his throat awkwardly. "Good, you can help us fight off Long John Silver before they drop anchor. We're about to sail off to them now..." he explained.

River looked out onto the horizon and saw the mast of another ship start to rise out from the water. "I don't think we need to worry Jack..."

Jack took a step closer to River and followed her line of sight out to sea where the second ship had almost fully emerged from the water. It was Davy Jones' ship, captained by Will, or in other words- their reinforcements.

"That'll work..." Jack shrugged his shoulders.

Captain Turner's ship rose above the waters with its crew on standby, ready to attack. Will stood at the helm with his sword in hand prepared for battle. The ship sailed closer to Long John Silver's and the pirates swung across on board the opposing ship from the ropes. The battle had begun...

Will crossed swords with Long John Silver; the clanging metal drew closer to their bodies as each swing gained momentum. "You're going down, Silver!" Will declared as he swung again.

"Not by a long shot, the Commodore should be dead by now and any minute I'll have the treasure!" Long John Silver smirked as he intercepted Will's swing and pushed his sword back which caused Will to stumble.

"No you won't, we have the Doctor on our side. The Captain of the blue box, he will take you down and you will stay down."

"Oh... what makes ye so sure?"

"He's on his way to the treasure right now." Will swung his sword with all his might but Long John Silver once again cut off his path.

"What? He knows where the treasure is? Tell me!"

"No!" Will knew that the Doctor wanted Long John Silver to follow but he was trying to buy him as much time as he can and give Jack enough time to get Jolly Roger out of the harbour and to Blood Bath Bay. He glanced over his shoulder and saw the Pearl had almost passed by the other ships.

Jack ran over to the side of the Pearl when he spotted Will amongst the commotion. "Will, we got them and we're on our way to-"

"That's great Jack, just get out of here!"

"What about the Commodore, what do we do with him?"

Will sighed heavily, hoping to keep that a secret. "The Commodore, he's still alive?" Long John Silver asked in surprise.

"Oops..." Jack strolled along the deck in his abstract manner. "Right, you heard Captain Turner let's keep going!" The Black Pearl continued on its journey to the bay and the treasure. Jack strolled along the deck frantically, shooing River and Jolly Roger out of sight of Long John Silver so they can make their escape.

"Well, this certainly changes things..." Long John Silver grinned and swung back across to his own ship and a thick fog rolled in before the boat disappeared into the night.

As the fog cleared and the pirates on board Will's ship were left abandoned on the open waters. Will looked around and saw nothing on the horizon. The men started to prepare the boat for travel and Will leapt back up the steps to the helm. "Right men, we have to make it to Blood Bath Bay before Long John Silver and we have to fend him off for as long as the Doctor needs." The boat began its course to the bay and gradually sunk down into the water for ease.

The Black Pearl drifted safely in the open waters towards the bay and where the treasure was meant to be. Barbossa stood at the wheel, reprising his role as the Captain after a very long and monotonous argument with Jack that River once again had to resolve.

"So... Jack?" River asked as she looked over the port side of the boat.

"Yes?" he strolled up next to her.

"Where's the Doctor?" She looked at him.

"Ah, um... he went with Will and then... I don't know." He waved his arms around in his usual eccentric manner.

"What do you mean you don't know?" Her voice sounded slightly panicked.

"I mean he was with Will, they went somewhere else and when we passed them I didn't see him."

"So... you've lost him?"

"Not 'lost' him just... don't know where he is or what he's doing..." He trailed off and cringed as he realised his error.

"Yeah, that's called losing him..." River rolled her eyes. "Typical..." Jack had a feeling that he should walk away while he still can so he strolled to the upper deck and made it appear as if he was actually helping someone but really he just wanted to be the captain instead of Barbossa.

Jolly Roger joined River at the side of the boat. "Are you ok?" he asked as he placed a hand around her shoulders.

"Yeah, I'm fine..." She nodded her head. "I just... wish I knew what the Doctor was up to. It sounds silly, I know but I always know what he's up to but now I don't know where he is so I don't know what to do."

"It doesn't sound silly, it sounds perfectly reasonable. You're his companion after all and you look out for him. I'm sure he knows what he's up to and we will stop Long John Silver."

River looked up at him and smiled. "Thanks..."

"For what?"

"For looking after me and making me feel better." She looked out at the water and rested her hands on the banister, the sleeve of her jacket lifted up slightly to reveal green vein-like markings on her wrist.

The Doctor meanwhile made his way to the bay via a very rough and rushed trip in the TARDIS. He stepped out and spun around to make a quick survey of his new surroundings. Just behind the TARDIS was a forest of trees and ahead of him was the edge of a cliff and opposite was another cliff, almost as if there was a mirror down the middle.

He took out his sonic screwdriver and scanned in a circle before taking several paces towards the forest. There was an ominous green mist lingering between the trees which caught the Doctor's attention. He could only assume that it was the same mist he encountered whilst he was in the dinghy.

"Guess I'm going to need to hold my breath again..." he took a deep breath, held out his sonic and charged into the forest, using the sound of the sonic to guide him through.

The buzzing of the sonic grew louder as he ran deeper and he eventually reached an opening in the heart of the forest. The green mist started to clear until the air was clean enough to be breathable. In the centre of the opening were a small pedestal and several stone blocks with engravings on. Sitting on top of the pedestal was an orb about the size of a tennis ball and the clear crystal was tinged a faint orange.

The Doctor scanned the orb and grinned. He strolled over and grabbed the orb but as he pulled, he couldn't lift it off the pedestal. It was almost as if it was fused to the stone.

There was a flagpole behind the pedestal with the pirate flag waving in the breeze and after reading the engravings on the stones, the Doctor realised that he needed Jolly Roger to take the treasure from the pedestal because the treasure is rightfully his.

He made his way back to the TARDIS and spluttered for air once he managed to escape the fog. "Good thing I have timelord lungs..." He entered the TARDIS then marched up to the console and began the dematerialisation process to take the TARDIS back to the Black Pearl.

The familiar roar of the great time machine's engines echoed across the sea as the blue box materialised on the upper deck of the Black Pearl. River's eyes lit up and she smiled as she saw the box for the first time in what seemed like forever!

The Doctor poked his head through the door and grinned. "Is there a Mr Jolly Roger around? You're needed."

Jolly Roger stepped forwards. "That's me."

"Ah brilliant, hop on board." The Doctor nodded towards the doors.

River followed Jolly Roger up the steps and to the TARDIS doors. "It's good to see you again." she smiled at him.

"Ah Song, I've missed you. Hope you haven't been getting into too much trouble?" He grinned cheekily.

"Oh you know what I'm like..."

"Indeed I do."

"So, do you need me too?" She asked almost hoping that he did because she couldn't stand being away from him for so long.

"Not just yet..." he poked her nose. "You're a better asset to these guys at the moment; I don't want anyone else dying today..."

River nodded her head in complete understanding. Little was she to know that the mist she had been infected with was slowly shortening her time and something had to be done soon otherwise the Doctor could lose the woman he loves...