Author: Me

Warnings: Set heavily around a 24/7 BDSM lifestyle. BDSM stands for Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, Sadism/Masochism so be aware of that when you read. Rated M for lemony goodness and some mild swearing. So if you don't like this kind of stuff, I'm here to tell you now, please don't read my story. I'm not responsible for what happens if you do and I do not appreciate flames. Constructive criticisms, by all means, but please no flames.

Spoilers: None. Future/AU.

Kurt sighed and rubbed his temples, where a massive headache was erupting, going off like fireworks in his head. And not the good kind like the ones they set off for the Fourth of July every year at time square. They were the painful kind that he wanted to drown out with more ibuprofen or alcohol.

Around him half-naked men, wearing latex and leather, leashes and collars, swarmed and gyrated to the beat of the top 40, techno remix playing from the loudspeakers. Strobe lights from the ceiling cast a blue light around the large warehouse-like atmosphere. The entire building consisted of two levels, the downstairs dance floor where dancers of all ages could lose themselves to the music, hooking up with others that showed any interest. The upstairs consisted of the gallery, where proud Doms showed off their trained subs, making them pose in all sorts of positions, and the lounge, where you could relax and listen to the music without the intensity of the mess of sweaty bodies. Normally, a sub in this capacity would sit at his Dom's feet as he took advantage of the many couches and chairs available.

The club was packed tonight, as was most nights in the city that truly never slept. Las Vegas was child's play compared to New York. In Las Vegas there were too many hicks and drunkards roaming around whereas New York was the city of fashion and theatre. It held a certain charm that Las Vegas could never hold a candle to, a charm that didn't include as many prostitutes and emo druggies. But that was just the day life. The night is when New York finally came alive. The lights were so bright that Kurt was sure aliens passing by in their chrome spaceships would stop and stare at the brilliance from space.

It was everything Kurt had hoped it would be when he arrived from Lima Ohio, the town he was born and raised in. Four years ago, he was a simple small town boy with larger than life dreams, naive and unmolded. New York had turned him into a man.

And now he was living it, living a life he was sure his dad would be uncomfortable learning about. Gay was one thing but a Dom in a BDSM scene was asking a little too much. It was his cathartic release, something he tucked back inside a box every time his family came to visit. His dirty little secret.

Hair, normally coifed to perfection, was spiked with light gel, making it look like he'd just drug his fingers through the brown tresses. Dressed to kill, he'd left his modest upscale apartment and made his way to Hammer and Tonic, the most popular of the club's he visited. His old boyfriend Charlie had introduced him into the scene, awakening secret desires he'd never known he'd had. He's started out as a hesitant sub but while pleasurable, didn't completely satisfy him. He'd always felt like something was missing.

It wasn't until after he'd broken up with Charlie that he realized what he'd been missing. He wasn't a sub (which really didn't surprise him, taken into consideration how much he liked to boss people around). He was a Dom. A Dom that liked to bottom.

An odd combination, Charlie had said when they accidently bumped into each other years later after their amicable breakup. Charlie wasn't any type of switch and once he learned Kurt's true nature, they went their separate ways. It didn't hurt matters that Charlie was up for a promotion that would send him to live in California and Kurt didn't want to leave this wonderful city.

But his days of promiscuity were over. His goals had changed. Now that he was a man of twenty-six, he wasn't looking for a simple fuck. He wanted a relationship. And he was done training inexperienced subs. He wanted someone who knew what they were doing. He was looking for his mate, his other half.

It was how he found Hammer and Tonic, searching for a new haunt to check out new stock. He'd been coming here for a few weeks now, and so far he hadn't found anyone that peaked his interest for long. And the few that did weren't looking for the same things he was. He made that very clear to all the beefy Dom's that approached him with shit-eating grins on their faces.

Kurt knew he looked like an easy mark. They saw him as a defenseless flower, ready to wilt at the slightest provocation with no idea of the shark that hid beneath. Kurt was a flower alright, a carnivorous fly trap that waited patiently for his prey to approach, not the other way around.

He wasn't stupid though. He knew the dangers of this lifestyle, finding men who just wouldn't take no for an answer. But he had a pretty good instinct, being able to look at a person and tell if they were too much for him. He played it safe, only baiting those who he knew he could take on. For being so small, Kurt could pack a hard punch and the years of jujitsu that his father had suggested he take after a month of intense bullying, really helped scare off those who wanted to have and eat their cake.

Ignoring the fickle and promiscuous one-night-subs, Kurt had just about thrown in the towel for the night, sipping his Appletini—which was, admittedly, not a very manly drink.

The stranger that approached him was gorgeous, with a mop of curly black hair that was heavily gelled back, mysterious hazel eyes and a long angular face. He was slightly shorter than he usually went for but the lazy smile on his face sent spikes of arousal to Kurt's neglected cock.

"My name's Blaine, what's yours?" Kurt heard the man shout over the pounding music, watching as he moved closer to him instinctively when a man tried to push past, heading eagerly into the crowd.

Kurt sipped his drink, appearing to be uninterested in what was going on. Inwardly he was smirking at the man, all the while luring him in deeper and deeper into his trap.

The stranger had proclaimed to be a Dom, confident that Kurt looked too innocent and vulnerable to be anything but a sub. But Kurt could smell the reek of a submissive wafting off this gorgeous stranger, his eager eyes trailing up and down Kurt's delectable body, incased in a black and purple mesh corset and skirt combination outfit that left nothing to the imagination. He was hot and he fucking knew it.

"Kurt." Kurt blinked his innocent doe-eyes coyly. He smiled shyly and took another sip of his drink.

"You come here often?" Kurt giggled at the lame pick up line but nodded, deciding to indulge him. He was cute, in dorky sort of way. It was new and Kurt needed something different.

"All the time." He replied vaguely, fluttering his abnormally long eye lashes. His small feminine face and petite frame was another the reason he was instantly classified as a sub, with delicate looks that seemed to attract the burliest of Doms. One of his best friend's, Mercedes, had often joked that if he'd donned a long wig and a dress padded in all the right places, he'd be mistaken as a girl.

"I'm surprised I haven't seen you before." Blaine replied while bouncing excitedly from foot to foot, happy that Kurt seemed to be interested in him.

Kurt sat his empty glass down on the bar, smirking at the man. He was done playing games.

"You're not a Dom, are you Blaine?" he said, managing to make it sound like a very innocent accusation.

Blaine's eyes widened in shock at having been discovered and he gulped nervously. He looked at the ground, blushing in shame and when Kurt sighed and turned to leave, Blaine's hand shot out to stop him frantically.

"I'd be a switch for you." Blaine said desperately, practically begging for Kurt's attention. Blaine didn't know what it was about this man that drew his interest but he wanted to find out. He was gorgeous that was for sure but it was something beyond that, something that pulled him in like a magnet.

Kurt stopped, his lips curling into a smug smirk. Hook. Line. And sinker. He had him.

"Would you now?" Kurt asked, spinning back around to face him. Blaine nodded frantically, anything to keep this man from walking away.

"You know," Kurt walked closer to him, noting with an amused smirk how Blaine's breathing started getting faster, his pupils widening, "Most people think that it if you are a Dom, it automatically means you are a top. But that's not necessarily true. Dom's are just the dominant personality in the relationship, hence the name. Sub's are the submissive personality, the slave to the master. Unfortunately for me, all the new boys who enter the scene are stuck with the old stereotypes. They only consider themselves a sub because they like to be fucked up the ass. And they're not interested in a Dom that has the same interest."

Kurt's fingers had worked their way up Blaine's arm, gently caressing the dark hair that grew on it and finally up the short sleeves of the blue collared dress shirt Blaine was wearing. Blaine gulped, sensing the dynamic of power had shifted, suddenly realizing he misjudged Kurt all along. He grew hard at the thought of Kurt dominating him, making him submit to his every whim.

Blaine's pupils were blown, lust overtaking him. This man was an enigma, a sexy enigma that he really wanted to get to know better.

"I love to make them beg for it, torture them to the edge of fucking bliss and then make them earn the right to fuck me." He whispered into Blaine's ear, his breath tickling the man's neck. He stood close enough that he can feel the shiver that his words create.

The man trembled where he stood, practically pleading for Kurt to end his misery and take him home like a puppy that had been abandoned by its previous owner.

'Please, let me earn the right' his dark hazel eyes seemed to say. Kurt smirked, leaning forward to place a teasing kiss on Blaine's jaw, giving him a quick taste of pleasures to come.

"Do you want to fuck me, Blaine?" Kurt purred, his hands reached down to fondle the obvious hardness he could see straining the front of Blaine's jeans. He held him, cupping his length, weighing him in his hands. To Kurt, it was like buying a horse. You didn't buy the merchandise without checking his assets out first.

"Good size. Very well endowed. Though I'm going to have to take a closer look. After all, your pants are in the way." Kurt squeezed experimentally, drawing a wonton moan from Blaine. He gasped, his dick throbbing in Kurt's grip. He could feel the pre-cum collecting in his underwear.

"You'd let me do it right here, wouldn't you." Kurt said with a wide lecherous grin. Blaine nodded frantically, a needy whine escaping him.

Kurt teased the top button of his pants, slowly popping it out of the hole and little by little, tugged his zipper down, exposing Blaine's blue and green plaid boxers.

Kurt wasn't worried about anyone calling them out for indecency. This was the place for it. Looking up over Blaine's shoulder he could see two guys rutting in the corner, their dicks clashing like two swords. Most people just ignored it, either too drunk to care or too busy enjoying the show.

But Kurt wasn't putting on a show for anyone. As far as he was concerned, the rest of the club didn't exist. It was only him and Blaine, taking and receiving. The important fact, the one that was crucial to Kurt at the moment, was that Blaine wasn't stopping him. And judging from the hardness he could feel poking his hand, he was enjoying this little exercise just as much as Kurt was.

"Would you let me go all the way?" Kurt slipped a hand into Blaine's open pants, ghosting over Blaine's clothed rock hard erection.

"Please." Blaine begged, hands at his side, clenching and unclenching into fists. He couldn't move. Kurt hadn't specifically told him he had to stay still, that he couldn't become a participant in the little game he was spinning. But. He. Couldn't. Fucking. Move. The force of Kurt's dominance kept him in place.

"What if I took you out for everyone to see? Stroked you till you came apart and made you cum standing right here?" Kurt spoke mischievously, a wicked grin playing on his face.

Blaine felt his legs turn to jelly at the thought. Kurt hadn't even properly touched him yet and he was so close. He could feel it coming, coiling in his belly, getting ready to blow. He was going to cum without any stimulation at all.

The power this man had over him was strong. Nothing like this had ever happened to him before, not with any other Dom he'd ever been with.

"I ca-can't…" Blaine stuttered, thoughts racing. His heartbeat was thundering in his ears, drowning out the sounds of the club, muffling them. "Need…"

Kurt leaned forward, still not touching him, and pressed a biting kiss to the side of Blaine's neck.

"What do you need, Blaine?" Kurt kept whispering, his fingers dipping down under the elastic waist band of his boxers, making Blaine breath hitch.

"I need y-you." Blaine managed to get out, and followed up with another guttural moan. Kurt's tongue teased the soft junction between Blaine's shoulder and neck, licking a path up the short column of flesh.

Kurt smiled and stepped away from Blaine, who whimpered at the loss.

"Take me to your place." Kurt instructed and grabbed him by the open 'v' of his pants. He pulled Blaine out of the club silently, not looking back to see if Blaine was protesting. He wasn't.

Blaine followed obediently, whimpering every time Kurt had to stop to let someone pass by, weaving in and out of the throng of people. Every time he did, his knuckles would brush across Blaine's erection, sending waves of desire throughout his body. Blaine thought he was going to die by the time they made it out. The air was colder outside the club than it was when he'd first arrived. Yet still, his erection did not wilt. As soon as they got to the parking lot, Kurt let him go.

"Did you drive here?" he asked, turning to face Blaine.

Blaine shook his head, managing to stutter out, "C-cab."

Kurt nodded in understanding and then glanced over at the parking lot where his own car was parked, "I'll drive us. Leave your pants undone. You won't be needing them for long anyway." He told him. Kurt led them to his car, a dark blue Volvo. He tucked Blaine into the passenger's seat and then instructed him to lead him to his apartment.

Blaine tried not to fondle himself the entire way, thinking of all the things Kurt was going to do to him. His fingers twitched and without thinking about it, reached down touch himself. He didn't move his hand, just resting it on his hard dick, breathing deeply through his nose to settle down and prevent himself from cumming prematurely. Kurt glanced at him on the ride over but never said a word to him.

They arrived at his apartment and Blaine almost tripped over himself as he jumped out of the car to lead the way. Kurt chuckled, shaking his head.

"What am I going to do with you, Blaine?" he asked when Blaine fumbled with his key's, missing the lock entirely. Blaine hoped he'd do a lot of things to him.

He managed to get the door unlocked on his second try and stepped back, waiting for Kurt to go in first. Kurt's smile was genuine, reflecting his happiness from the subs actions and Blaine was surprised at how good if felt pleasing this man. Though they'd just met, Blaine knew he wanted to see him smile every day.

Kurt stepped into the apartment first, looking around at the décor with a poorly disguised wince. The furnishings were horrible, horrible enough that Kurt was considering revoking Blaine's gay card. It looked like a frat house, a straight frat house. Dirty clothes, empty food wrappers and other unmentionable things laid about on the tables, bookcases and couches. The couch and recliner set had a rustic feel to it, a wooden and blue cotton blend. Kurt much preferred his two-tone, black and white leather and microfiber sofa. The entertainment center across from couch had every games system known to man and a shelf full of DVD's that Kurt looked forward to perusing through at a later date.

Judging from the gaming controllers that were still lying out on the wooden coffee table—reminiscent of the players that had left them there— he'd had some company today, some very male company judging from the mess they'd left behind. He'd never met a girl in his life that made this big of mess.

"Could use a little work." Kurt said not looking at Blaine. He didn't see how crestfallen the other man was at his words. But they suggested a chance at redemption, one he wasn't going to ignore.

"I can redecorate." Blaine said willingly. If it made Kurt happy, Blaine would gladly do it. Kurt graced him with another genuine smile that made Blaine's legs feel like jelly.

"I'd like that."

"Is your bedroom clean?" Kurt asked, slightly wary now. Blaine nodded vigorously. He always made sure to keep that part of his apartment spotless, just for this reason.

"Good. Go there and strip. Wait for me." Kurt told him and Blaine took off, eager to follow his orders. Kurt made a note of which door he'd gone through, and then headed for the kitchen.

Blaine's apartment was small, smaller than his certainly and if Kurt hadn't known Blaine was gay beforehand, he never would have guessed. This looked a lot like his step-brother's apartment back in Lima before he married Rachel and she'd whipped him into shape.

"Looks like he'll have to be house trained. I will not have this lying around." Kurt cringed, picking up a dirty sock with a pencil he'd found on the floor. It smelled like dirt and sweat. Kurt gagged and dropped them, wiping his hands on a nearby paper towel. He'd never submit his clothes to such abuse.

The fridge was practically empty, beer and chips the only edible substance he could find. The ice tray in the freezer was full, ready to be used and Kurt searched the cupboards for a clean glass. He found one in the upper right hand corner and inspected it thoroughly before even thinking about using it. The only thing he could find were the water spots left over from the dishwasher so he cracked the ice tray and dumped a few cubes into the cup. He lamented over the fact that Blaine wasn't sensible enough to us a water purifier like he did and reluctantly ran the tap over the glass, filling it part way.

Despite that fact that he swore he could taste lead, the water felt good against his dry throat and though he hadn't had nearly enough alcohol to even be feeling tipsy, it was always better to be safe than sorry.

Figuring he'd let Blaine simmer enough, he set his glass down on the counter and headed into where he'd last seen the man disappear. He was pleased to see the sub kneeling on the bed, patiently waiting for him.

The room was very bare, only a cedar chest in the corner, an old chunky TV at least ten years out of date sitting on a entertainment center similar to the one in the living room, and a small bedside table with a lamp and digital alarm clock on it. There were two other doors besides the one he'd just entered through, both closed and he assumed they lead to a closet and bathroom respectively.

A picture of a big oak tree hung on the wall over his bed but the real art was the man kneeling on the brown corduroy comforter, remaining quiet as he watched Kurt silently appraising the room.

Blaine was surprisingly fit, given the state of his fridge, with a firm stomach and lean muscles that spoke of hours of training at a gym. Trailing his eyes downward, he licked his lips when he gazed upon Blaine's dick, nestled in between dark clean shaven pubic hair. His cock was a thing of wonder. It was long and thick, big enough that he knew would create an amazing burn. Kurt had to stop and check himself, resisting the urge to run over and impale himself on it right away.

But there were things they needed to get out of the way first. Just like he was cautious with who he went home with, he needed to make sure Blaine knew how to stop this if he became uncomfortable. Just saying the word 'no' or 'stop' wasn't enough.

"You know the safe words?" Kurt asked him and Blaine nodded.

"Say them." Kurt ordered, not playing around. He took this part very seriously.

"Green: I'm ok with everything your doing. Yellow: This is getting too intense. Red: Stop, I don't want to do this anymore." Blaine said obediently, showing off his experience.

Kurt smiled at him. They were generic but he wasn't going to complain. Later, if he decided to keep Blaine, he could personalize his own safe word but for right now those would do.

"You're such good boy." he praised him, walking closer. Blaine preened under the compliment, like a strutting peacock and nuzzled into Kurt's hand as it grazed over his head, fingers tangling into his curly tresses.

"I think you deserve a reward." Kurt told him, pushing him back roughly onto the bed, his naked back hitting the clean sheets.

Kurt straddled him, crushing their mouths together, and teased Blaine's bare erection with his clothed one. Frottage ensued, the raw friction against Blaine's cock driving him wild with pleasure.

Kurt beamed at the sounds that Blaine emitted, the needy groans mixed in with the whimpers. He was on the edge, had been for a while now, and Kurt knew it.

He trailed a path of kisses down Blaine's neck, starting behind his ear, going past his the indent where his shoulder and neck met and down to his chest, pausing at his nipples. He licked them, swirling his tongue around what Kurt discovered was sensitive flesh, sucking them into pebbled points. Blaine mewled, arching his chest into Kurt's generous mouth.

Kurt viciously pinched Blaine's left nipple, the one that wasn't currently sucking on, creating a contrast of pain and pleasure, his hips still undulating into Blaine's, trapping his aching hardness.

Blaine cried out, toes and fingers clenching, digging into the sheets. He could feel his climax approaching, his balls drawing up, getting ready to shoot his juices. Mercilessly, Kurt grabbed his testes viciously, halting the oncoming orgasm in its tracks.

"Did I say you could come?" Kurt moved up to whisper in Blaine's ear, his breath tickling the lobe. Blaine shivered when Kurt took the fleshy lobe between his teeth, sucking hard on the piece of cartilage.

"N-no." Blaine sputtered.

"Hmmmm…." Kurt hummed thoughtfully, pulling away slightly so he could look Blaine in the eyes, "Maybe you aren't as good of boy as I first thought."

Blaine shook his head violently. It was all too much, pleasure turning into pain. He bucked in Kurt's grip, hoping to dislodge him but Kurt held strong, his grip tightening on his sensitive balls.

"You're just going to hurt yourself." Kurt told him, lying back watching as Blaine came unglued.

"Do you have any toys?" Kurt asked, not really expected Blaine was coherent enough to answer.

Blaine heard Kurt speak but the words made no sense to his lust addled brain. Leaning down, Kurt gripped his chin tightly and forced him Blaine to look him in the eye.

"I'm going to find something to help you control yourself but until then you have to. If you cum, you will be punished. Am I clear?" Kurt told him, slapping him across the face lightly when it appeared Blaine wasn't going to answer him.

"Clear." Blaine used everything he had to hold it inside, thinking of the ugliest things he could to stave off his climax. He heard Kurt moving around his room and turned his head to look at the beautiful man as he searched for something.

"Jackpot." Kurt hissed, pulling open the top of his cedar chest that held all his toys. Blaine whimpered, closing his eyes, picturing the image of boobs in his head.

Pulling out a medium sized cock ring, Kurt turned around, twirling it on his finger.

"You have quite a collection. Been doing this long?" Kurt asked casually as if this was just an informal visit and Blaine wasn't hoping he could bury himself in Kurt's sublime body, pounding his length into him.

"Ye-years." Blaine almost came at the image of Kurt underneath him, writhing in his own rapture. He wanted to give this man as much pleasure as he was giving him.

"How many?" Kurt palmed his own erection through his leggings, enjoying the view of Blaine coming apart at the seams.

"Six. Since high school." Blaine panted, arching. "Please."

"High school, huh?" Kurt pondered, ignoring Blaine's plea, taking a moment to wonder if anyone from his old life had the same urges as him. Surely they never would have admitted it out loud even if they did.

"Perks of an all-boys boarding school." Blaine grunted, making Kurt chuckle.

"And what is such a sexy man like you doing without a regular Dom." Kurt asked, moving closer till Blaine could almost feel him.

"I d-don't kn-know." Blaine stuttered, shaking his head.

"Maybe we won't need this after all. You're doing such a good job on your own." Kurt indicated towards the cock ring he was still holding and then towards Blaine's cock. He hadn't been aware that he'd reached down and gripped the base of his dick so hard he was sure he'd have a bruise there in the morning.

"Please, I want to cum. Please." Blaine begged, wanting to just let go but he also craved the dominance that Kurt held over him.

Kurt giggled, fucking giggled and slowly, oh so slowly, lowered the leggings he wore underneath his skirt, stripping off his skirt as an afterthought. His corset tied in the back but he'd mastered the art of undressing himself in them years ago. With the flexibility that shouldn't be possible—Blaine's eyes bugged out at the sight of it—he stripped himself naked and climbed on top Blaine, using his knees to hold himself over him, not quite touching.

He wore the cock ring around his slim wrist like a bracelet as a warning. Blaine still wasn't allowed to cum yet. Gritting his teeth, Blaine was only allowed to watch and feel as Kurt resumed his torture, licking around his belly button, bending over him.

"You're going to kill me." Blaine forced out, sure that his cock was now blue and purple.

"You're fine." Kurt assured him, shaking his head. "And they say I'm the dramatic one."

Blaine had never felt more fucked than he had this night. Kurt was true to his word, making him beg and whine, bringing him close but never letting him fall over the edge. It was delicious torture, just like he said it would be.

He thought he saw stars when the warmth of Kurt's wet mouth enveloped his throbbing erection, sucking on the abused organ like a damn lollypop, using his tongue skillfully to drive Blaine crazy.

He kissed Blaine's circumcised head and then licked down his length, over his perineum and fluttering hole. Taking one of his balls in between his lips, he sucked hard, feeling Blaine quake above him.

Kurt grinned, very pleased at how Blaine was doing. So pleased that he knew Blaine deserved what was coming next. Climbing back up Blaine's sweaty body, he kissed him softly.

"Cum for me, Blaine." He whispered against trembling lips and Blaine didn't need telling twice. Howling Kurt's name, he came so powerfully that it was physically painful. Kurt milked him, stroking his cock as ropes of creamy gobs of semen splashed their stomachs and scrotums. Blaine collapsed, fainting from the overwhelming sensations that he was experiencing.

The expressions on Blaine's face as he came, triggered Kurt's climax and he closed his eyes as he rode out his orgasm. When he opened his eyes, he noticed Blaine had passed out. He smirked and lovingly peppered chaste kisses on Blaine's closed eyelids, cheeks, nose and mouth.

He shifted, his sticky groin growing uncomfortable and stood up to go find a washcloth. He found one in the bathroom, surprisingly as clean as the bedroom and cleaned Blaine up, wiping his genitals and stomach of both their cum. Afterwards he tucked Blaine in under the covers and went to go take a shower.

There were no clean towels in the bathroom, something he'd overlooked beforehand, too excited about the prospect of cleaning himself off. So he walked, naked as the day he was born, out of the bathroom and searched Blaine's apartment for the laundry room. He found a towel folded on top of the dryer.

Blaine was slowly awakening when he got back, eyes fluttering open and smiling sleepily at him from the bed.

Kurt leaned over and kissed him. The man underneath him eagerly reciprocated, unable to keep his hands to himself.

"Nu uh." Kurt pulled away when Blaine got too handsy. Kurt turned away from him when he dressed, aware that Blaine was staring at his rapidly disappearing, naked backside lewdly.

Blaine whimpered in protest when Kurt started to leave without a word, not looking back. He didn't want him to go.

Getting up, ignoring the ache and burn of his crotch, he crawled after him, whining like a bitch in heat. Kurt stopped at the front door, turning back to face the whimpering Sub.

"Tomorrow night after work, you're not going to go out looking for a good time." Kurt told him, leaving no room for argument. He pushed a kneeling Blaine further into the carpet with his foot, looking down upon him.

"You're going to wait for me, kneeling at the front door naked. I expect you to be there from the moment you get home to the time I arrive. I want to see the carpet burns on your knees, do you hear me?" Kurt grabbed his hair, lifting his head so they made eye contact. Blaine could see he was deadly serious. If he didn't do what he was told, Kurt would leave and never come back. It was a test; a test that he desperately wanted to pass.

Blaine nodded wildly. The prospect of going back to the club to pick up another guy didn't appeal to him anymore. He didn't want anyone else. He wanted Kurt.

"Good." Kurt patted his head, smiling. "Maybe someday soon, I'll let you fuck me."

Blaine heart rate accelerated at the idea, his face splitting into a wide excited grin but Kurt tutted and pushed him away.

"But remember. You have to earn it."

Kurt left him, whistling as he walked towards his car and drove to his apartment. He grinned every time he thought of what tomorrow was going to bring, earning him a few confused looks from his neighbors as he climbed the stairs to his apartment on the third floor.

It was kismet, Kurt thought as he hummed the tune of "Candles" under his breath, having gotten in stuck in his head after hearing it on the radio driving home. Wonderfully pure kismet.

P.S Kismet= fate for all those who don't know. Let me know what you think.