Pure Kismet: Chapter 12

HEY guys! Look, a new chapter! I know, five months was just too long to make you wait but I have a sort of legitimate excuse. I've been having a hard time connecting to Glee lately, so much that I'm even considering changing my pen name. This season is particularly distressing me and honestly I'm really behind on watching the newer episodes. I am aware to an extent of what is going on, I.E the circumstances of Kurt and Blaine's breakup, NYADA and his work situation. I honestly don't care for any of the new characters (except Adam, he's a cutie) and you will not see any of them appearing or even mentioned.

I've had a lot of reviews lately worrying about me abandoning this story but I just want to set the record straight. I hate it when authors write a story I love and then abandon it before it's finished. So I can promise you that won't happen with me. It might take a while but I will finish it. Thank you guys for reviewing and hanging on.

Warnings: Blatant Homophobia and hints of behavior from a psychopath.

As soon as court let out for recess, Kurt escaped to the bathroom, weaving in and out of the bustling courthouse with speed and very little precision. A man grunted angrily at him when he accidently clipped his shoulder but Kurt paid him no mind, pushing open the bathroom door and striding over to the marble sinks. Shaky hands reached out and turned on the cold faucet as he desperately tried not to look at himself in the mirror. He already had an idea about what he would see and he wouldn't like it. Cupping his hands together, he filled them with water and splashed it on his face.

Kurt had no idea what a heart attack felt like, nor did he ever want to experience that horror first hand but he tried to imagine that it felt something similar to right now. Kurt loosened the knot to his tie and leaned over the sink. He placed both his hands on the counter top and let the water droplets drip off his face. His heart hadn't stopped racing since George's arrival, leaving his body on edge and shaking from the effort of keeping a calm front.

"Snap out of it, Hummel." Kurt scolded himself. Part of him was ashamed at his reaction and part of him wanted to crawl back home and bury himself under his bed sheets like George Anderson was the boogeyman himself. His reputation preceded him. He was every bit of monster that people described him as, merciless towards the opposing council, cutthroat and determined to win, and apathetic towards his clients. He was at home in front of the judge, leading this case as if it were a murder investigation, not a petty civil dispute.

Kurt took a deep breath, closing his eyes as he tried to center himself. He had just about calmed down when the door behind him was pushed open and the sound of it scraping across the tiled floors caught his attention. Kurt watched silently through the mirror as a man, roughly twenty years older than him with a healthy head of wavy brown hair patched grey at the temples, walked over to the urinals and unzipped his pants.

Kurt averted her eyes, lowering his head so as not to appear creepy and took a deep breath through his nose, slowly letting it out through his mouth.

"Is this your first divorce?" The man asked, startling him. Kurt looked up to see him glancing back over his shoulder, still concentrating on relieving his bladder at the same time.

"Huh?" Kurt asked, genuinely confused.

"Don't sweat it. I know that look. Your wife just left you and you think that this is the end of the world. She'll take half your stuff, leave you with all the debt and if you have children, take them away too. But fear not. You'll find another and the next divorce won't be so hard." The man told him, sounding smug. He appeared to have confidently figured out all of Kurt's problems.

Kurt stared at him in bewilderment, "And you speak from experience, no doubt?"

The man nodded, "I'm on my fifth one. Marriage only lasted six months." He said proudly.

Kurt didn't know whether to be disgusted or appalled.

"That's not an accomplishment." He said his grip on the counter tightening.

But instead of getting rude and defensive like Kurt expected, the man gave him a look of warped understanding and pity. He jiggled a little bit, zipped his pants up and walked over where Kurt was standing in front of the sinks.

"That's what I used to think. But you'll soon get over it. Don't worry. I held out until after my third wife left me." He said, still looking at Kurt through the mirror as he washed his hands.

"And they think I shouldn't have the right to get married," Kurt mumbled to himself. The man didn't hear him and clapped him on the shoulder in an act of one-sided camaraderie.

"My name is Rick. If you need someone to talk to, I'm down in courtroom C," Rick said and walked out before Kurt could form a proper reply.

Kurt let out a sigh, looking down at his hands. He was happy to see that they had stopped shaking. His sudden and departing anger had somehow calmed him, taking away the panic and giving him an anchor. This was normal, something he hadn't felt like for an hour now.

The door opened again but Kurt didn't look up to see who it was. He didn't want to have another run in with Rick or anyone else at the moment. He just wanted to be alone. The man walked up next to him and washed his hands in the sink beside him without using the facilities. Kurt didn't stop to think if that was strange, too absorbed in his own thoughts.

"I will admit, Kurt Hummel, you did have me fooled for a while." George Anderson's voice had a deep tenor, aged with sophistication and poise. The suit he was wearing reflected his rather posh demeanor but Kurt had a feeling that it was worn purposely. He made no attempt to hide the fact that he was a wolf wearing sheep's clothing.

Kurt jerked his head up to stare at those dark hazel eyes.

"I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about." He tried to keep his voice steady, hoping that George didn't detect the small break at the end. George smirked as he shut off the faucet and pulled a few paper towels from the shiny chrome dispenser.

"I must admit, using Mr. Quinn as a decoy was quite clever." He said. He wasn't afraid to show his hand. Playing with a full deck had its advantages. Kurt kept quiet, neither confirming nor denying what he was saying to be true. He hadn't intended to use Andrew or Kevin for anything but they had somehow gotten mixed up in his mess.

"It might have even worked if you hadn't gotten arrested last night. Once you and Blaine were entered into the system, I was alerted about the situation. You would have remained anonymous, letting me chase my tail searching for relations between Andrew Quinn, Kevin Ward and my son. With which you have no material connection to." He continued. Under difference circumstances, had that been his motive and he wasn't conversing with a suspected psychopath, Kurt might have felt smug about the grudging respect that George had for him. Kurt decided not to correct him. Letting him think that it was all part of a master plan was better than admitting to having no plan at all.

"You're keeping tabs on your son?" Kurt asked but he didn't sound surprised by it.

George nodded, "Of course I am. I'm invested in his future. I won't let him screw it up and I will not tolerate any distractions. When its time for him to find a proper wife, I will procure one and negotiate the deal on his behalf."

"Do you even hear yourself? That's not love. That's slavery. He's your son." Kurt said in outrage, "How can you not see that he will never been who you want him to be?"

George's expression didn't change towards Kurt's impassioned words. His soulless eyes were darkened by whatever had corrupted his heart.

"Blaine doesn't know what is best for him. I do," He replied, with those eyes boring in him. Kurt felt his knees start to involuntary shake.

Kurt held his ground, "I won't be so easy to chase off." He said.

"I had thought as much." George wasn't surprised by his declaration. They all fought in the beginning but sooner or later he'd wear them down until they didn't have anything left to fight with.

"I didn't think it would be as easy as the others. Adrianna would never allow me to affect your job, your family is too far away to be of any real use to me and you don't have many other connections here in New York. You like to keep to yourself. But everyone has secrets. Some are easier to find then others and some are more incriminating than we like to think. You Mr. Hummel, have a very big secret." He said and it reminded Kurt of a lion stalking his prey.

Kurt's heart skipped a beat. There was only one big secret in his life and it was a secret that he and Blaine shared.

"You have done your research. Not all of it legal I might guess," Kurt said calmly, "But then if you've done so much research into my background you must know what kind of relationship Blaine and I share." There wasn't any use pretending.

"I know Blaine is a pathetic weakling who submits to others because he cannot stand up on his own. I've known it his whole life. It pains me to know I have a son who can't control his abominable perversion."

Kurt's anger, which had cooled down slightly, was now stirring at George's fowl words. He'd always known he was a protective Dom. Andrew's situation was just one of the many times he'd shown it but hearing the slander towards his sub was making him more infuriated than he ever remembered being. It was pulsing, burning under his skin.

"Blaine isn't weak. He's stronger than you give him credit for," Kurt said, gritting his teeth. He grabbed hold of his anger, using it as an anchor. George wasn't going to get away with intimidating him anymore.

George looked intrigued by his defiance but it quickly passed. The means wouldn't change the ending.

"You strike me as a rational person, so I'm going to offer you a deal. You leave now, never to return. You will never contact Blaine and if you happen to run into him, you will pretend he doesn't exist. Your dalliances with my son will no longer be tolerated." His voice had a take-no-prisoners edge to it.

"And what do I get in return if I do leave?" Kurt asked, "I don't see anything in it for me."

George's sudden smile threw Kurt off balance. He was amused by Kurt's determination. None of the others had this much fire in them. He was going to look forward to crushing this one's spirit.

"Politics is a game, Mr. Hummel. The rules are very simple. There is a winner and there is a looser. There are no excuses and the man with the most connections will win. And I am a very well connected man." George said smugly. He adjusted the cuff links on his ends of his shirt sleeve and smoothed the lapels of his suit in the mirror for show.

Kurt wasn't a hundred percent sure where this was going. He was a little suspicious that George just liked hearing himself talk.

"With one phone call I can turn your life upside down. How would the media feel about your secret? A scandal in your career can make or break someone." George continued.

Kurt didn't react, to his fascination, "Interesting. It seems you have quite a selfless streak in you. You'd give it all up for Blaine?"

"You give me too much credit. I wouldn't be giving up much. Adrianna cares little what I do outside of work as long as I'm not being vocal about it. As you said, I live a very private life compared to others. I keep to myself. I feel secure that I'd get little more than a raise of an eyebrow. Gays. We're a wild bunch. "He punctuated this with a little shrug, very proud of himself for not being cowed by this bully any longer.

"I see." George said, his expression unreadable, "You are quiet correct. The media nowadays takes a more liberal stance on you and your people. Always afraid of offending someone," He sounded truly disgusted. "Since it seems I cannot touch you professionally, then a how about this. Mr. Harris has thirty-five more years on his sentence before he is up for parole. How would you feel if I… sped up the process?" George said, taking great pleasure in seeing the panic in Kurt's eyes when he finally registered what he was saying. He made a valiant effort to hide it, but George was an expert at reading people. He wouldn't be very good at his job if he wasn't.

"I know a judge who could overturn his case," he continued, "New evidence appears all the time."

"That sounds more like a threat." Kurt said, his heart beating rapidly, "And what makes you think I care?"

"The fact that you know who he is tells me a lot. And are you sure Mr. Quinn or Mr. Ward would feel the same way?" George asked. He didn't quite smile but the superior look in his eyes spoke volumes.

"Think about it." George said, "I'll be in touch to get your answer."

He left the bathroom, throwing his used paper towels into the garbage on his way out. Kurt stared at the door for another five minutes, unable to move. Shock kept his limbs immobile, his feet stuck to the ground. It wasn't until someone else came into the bathroom that Kurt realized where he was supposed to be. He had no doubt that he wasn't ready to go back into the shark pool but Adrianna was counting on him. He couldn't worry her. Already there was so much he couldn't explain and keeping a level head would put him off her radar.

He had no clue what he was going to do but he did know one thing. He couldn't let Blaine go. Just thinking about it sent sharp spikes of pain to his heart. Blaine was such an important part of his life, a part that he didn't know he needed until he had it. And that wasn't even stopping to consider how his sudden departure would affect Blaine. Kurt had so thoroughly convinced him that he would never leave that he feared that leaving would completely shatter Blaine's trust in anyone, leaving him fragile as putty for his dad to manipulate even worse than before.

The alternative was just as bad to consider. Scott was such a destructive force. He wasn't the sort of person to forgive and his short stint in jail would only fuel his fire. He would come after Andrew, after Kevin and anyone in his way. The sense of betrayal that he would feel would be crippling. Kevin was his best friend and he'd grown protective over Andrew, almost like an older brother.

How could he even tell them? Would they ever forgive him for involving them?

Kurt took a deep breath. He straightened his tie and jacket, smoothing the lapels down and walked towards the door. He had to get back before anyone noticed he was gone.

For Kurt, the rest of the day went by in a blur. He sat through the rest of the court session thinking about his impending doom, hardly paying attention. When it was his time to speak, Adrianna had to nudge him to get his attention. He gave his testimony, answered honestly to Donna's lawyer and when it was time to be questioned by George, he tried not to squirm in his seat under the pressure. Chester Hackney was twitchy and if he was complete honesty, a complete imbecile. So it wasn't a surprise when the judge ruled in their favor, banging his gavel firmly against his pew and got up to leave.

George gathered his suitcase and left the room without another word to either of his clients. Neither of them were very surprised by his abrupt dismissal. Adrianna turned to look at Kurt, who was doing his best to ignore everything around him. He picked up his satchel and swung it over his shoulder as he walked past a fuming Donna. Her lawyer had to hold her back as she attempted to launch herself at them, face twisted in fury. Then she turned on him. The poor man had no way to defend himself against her, hands held over his head to protect himself from her vicious and somewhat amusing assault. Finally the bailiff had to come and restrain her as a security guard came running into the room with a taser in one hand. Chester slinked away from the commotion, head ducked low.

Normally Kurt would have taken time to be amused at the events unfolding but his worry about Blaine and Scott kept him from paying attention. He walked right by and out the courtroom.

"Kurt, wait." Adrianna called and took off after him, heels clicking quickly. He slowed to let her catch up but refused to look her in the eye.

"What was that all about?" Adrianna asked.

Kurt shrugged, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Adrianna hooked her arm through his and pulled him to a stop, spinning him around to face her.

"I'm worried about you. I've never seen you so… quiet." Adrianna said, "So don't give me that bullshit. What happened in there?"

Kurt sighed, slowly taking a deep breath, "Nothing okay. I just wasn't prepared to meet him in person so soon. I thought I'd have more time to prepare myself." Which was the truth, just not the whole truth. There was no way he could tell her everything, no matter how much he wanted to.

Adrianna gave him a sympathetic smile, "He does that to you. I know the feeling." She said.

"I'll meet you back at the office." Kurt said and turned around, already trying to fish his keys out of his bag.

Adrianna watched him go with a worried expression and a sigh on her lips.

When Kurt got back to work Gavin handed him some work that kept him busy for most of the day but Kurt's mind ended up wandering. In the end, he saved it for another day and grabbed his bag. Gavin tried to get him to go out and have drinks with him and some of the others but Kurt wasn't in the mood to pretend it was what he wanted to do. He texted Blaine on his way down to his car and, for the first time since they'd started dating, told him to take the train home. It would take him an extra hour to get back to the apartment, giving Kurt a little time to think.

He still had no clue what he was going to do. If it were any other problem, Kurt could call Kevin and get some advice but this wasn't something he could talk to the other Dom about. He knew what Kevin's reaction would be. Anger. He would be angry at George, angry at Scott and even a little angry at Kurt. And Kurt didn't think he could take that right now. Not on top of everything else.

Kurt was deep in thought when Blaine knocked on the front door. This was the first time he arrived at the apartment without Kurt. He wasn't sure if it was locked but hesitated at reaching down to check. This whole situation was new and he wasn't sure what type of mood Kurt was in. He'd sounded mad on the phone earlier but it was hard to judge emotion over a text. It could have been that Kurt was just busy and had to work a little later than usual. That theory was blown when Kurt opened the door to let him in. His blue eyes were stormy, a mixture of grey and steel blue that Blaine had never seen before. Something was troubling him.

"I'll have to get you a key." Kurt said absently and then sat back down on the couch, throwing his head back and stared at the ceiling, "When I get close to deadlines, I tend to get home later than usual. You'll be locked out."

"I thought you might be working late." Blaine said nervously.

"I had some things I needed to think about." Kurt said which instantly sent alarm bells off in Blaine's head. Kyle had said something similar right before he left.

"Oh." Blaine felt leveled. He knelt down on the floor in front of Kurt with no idea how to make this better. He slowly crawled closer, placing his hands hesitantly on Kurt's legs. Instinctively they widened to give him more access and he sat up so Blaine could settle against him.

"How can I help?" Blaine asked quietly. He sounded distressed, much more like begging.

"You can't." Kurt said. He reached up and ran a hand down the back of his gelled hair, saying nothing as he held the back of his head.

"I want to help." Blaine repeated, holding onto Kurt's arm. He didn't like this sort of melancholy mood that Kurt was in. It sounded too much like goodbye and that was something that Blaine couldn't deal with.

"Please." Blaine crawled close, leaning in for a chaste kiss. They kissed languidly for a few moments. Kurt pulled him up into his lap, hands keeping him steady. The kiss was so tender and delicate but it had a hint of desperation about it.

"I can't give you up." Kurt said pulling away for air. Blaine felt like crying despite his determination to stay strong. He silently watched as Kurt seemed to come to some sort of decision, ending the turmoil that had been warring within him since this morning. Today it was time to stop putting all his trust in Kevin and start putting it in Blaine. Otherwise he was going to lose everything. Blaine, Kevin, Andrew. He had to trust that Blaine was strong enough to handle this.

"I spoke with your father today." Blaine shivered, face going pale with surprise.

When Kurt was done explaining, Blaine had fallen silent. He stared at the spot on the wall behind Kurt's head, his eyes glazed over. Kurt held him tightly, afraid that he'd said too much, pushed too hard. Kurt watched as tears started silently falling from Blaine's eyes. His world was shattering and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

"You have to go." Blaine finally said with such profound sadness that Kurt's heart clenched.

"Do you want me to?" Kurt asked, needing to be sure. If it was what Blaine wanted, he would disappear. He could never leave New York. It was his home, where he worked and lived. But Blaine would never be apart of the equation. The city was big enough for them both to live out the rest of their lives without running into each other.

Blaine turned to face him, face filled with heartbreak and anger.

"No, never!" he cried as more tears fell. "I want everything to stay as it is but we can't allow that."

It was then that Kurt finally understood. Blaine was sacrificing his happiness for Andrew's safety.

"Then your father wins. Scott wins." Kurt said. He pushed Blaine away and stood up, walking towards the kitchen. He hadn't the stomach to eat but he was growing restless. He needed to be doing something.

"But what else can we do?" Blaine asked helplessly, eyes following him. He looked up at his Dom for the right answer, still on his knees. His father was a tyrant who would do whatever was necessary to win. How could they fight him when he wasn't fighting fair? It was now very clear that the situation wasn't about him finding the courage to walk away anymore. It was about salvaging a hopeless future.

Kurt looked away, ashamed that he didn't have the answer.

"What about the cop?" Blaine asked after a few strained seconds. Kurt looked confused.

"The cop who let you off when you punched that guy in jail. Do you think he could help?" Blaine sounded hopeful, his eyes shining. Kurt hated crushing it.

"Even if he believed us, he's not in any position to help. He's a patrol officer." Kurt said sadly.

"We have to do something!" Blaine yelled, surprising even himself with his outburst. Kurt could tell he was on the verge of breaking. Instead of punishing Blaine for his insolence and disrespect, Kurt walked over and gathered him up in his arms, holding him tightly. Blaine sobbed loudly, beating his hands against Kurt's chest in frustration. Kurt let him, knowing that it was what he needed right now.

"I won't let you go. I promised you, remember." Kurt whispered into his ear, rubbing his back and placing a kiss to his hair. Blaine's sobs had slowly dissolved into pitiful hiccups when Kurt finally released him.

"But if Scott gets out…" Blaine left his sentence unfinished, too horrified to think about the consequences.

"I will do everything in my power to make sure that doesn't happen. And if it does, I will become Andrew's personal body guard. I promise you. Scott will not touch him." Kurt said confidently.

Blaine pulled away from Kurt's hold, gazing unsurely up at his Dom.

"Can we at least go talk to him?" he asked, "Just so someone knows."

Kurt let out a soft sigh and nodded. It was the least they could do.

"Tomorrow. I'll have Darcy cover for me."

"I want to come with you." Blaine said adamantly and then blushed at his impertinence, "Please, sir."

"You need to go to work too." Kurt argued, not having the heart to discipline him for it. There would be time for that later.

"I don't care about my job. I never have." Blaine pleaded, "Please."

Kurt's eyes softened at the soft plea and he nodded. Blaine lurched forward and hugged him tightly.

"Thank you, sir."

Kurt shook his head, happily kissing him. "I spoil you too much." He said indulgently when he pulled away.

Blaine let out an uncharacteristic giggle. He never known what it was like to be spoiled but the happiness welling inside of his chest made him think that he would welcome it in the future.

"I supposed letting you skip work will tell your father what my answer is." Kurt said absently. He sighed. He had hoped the confrontation with Blaine's father had happened on his terms and he would have liked to keep Andrew out of the equation but he figured there was nothing he could do about that now.

"He'll have mine too." Blaine agreed with a smile. Kurt helped him to his feet, noting his red puffy cheeks. They were still swollen from his violent tears and looked painful to the touch.

"Why don't you go wash your face while I start dinner." He said leading Blaine towards the hallway. Blaine nodded, rubbing awkwardly at his face. He winced when his fingers made contact with the stinging flesh.

"I hate crying." Blaine admitted, "I turn redder than a tomato and it stays like that for hours."

"I bet you'll have a headache soon too. Take some paracetamol. I should have some in the cabinet above the sink." Kurt said fondly and walked into the kitchen. Blaine watched him for a few seconds, rooting through cabinets until he found what he was looking for. He could tell that Kurt was still worried, no matter how hard he tried to hide it.

Turning away, he fled to the bathroom to look for the medication, hoping that everything was going to work out tomorrow.

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