The Skeletons of the Marked

Summary: A series of lists. Lists which contain the secrets of Voldemort's most trusted death eaters. These secrets answer 'Why' 13 people would torture, maim, and kill other people for a insane man's cause.

Bellatrix Lestrange nee Black (May 3rd, 1951 – May 2nd, 1988)

1. When Bellatrix was born on May 3rd, 1951, her father, Cygnus Black, walked out of the delivery room with a sparking wand the moment the child's gender was determined. He did not stay to hold his first born; instead he went home to a bottle of Ogden's finest and the portraits of his ancestors. As far as Durella, his wife ever knew Cygnus never touched Bellatrix during her entire life.

2. Durella was oblivious and wrong; Bellatrix wished she was right. Cygnus started sneaking into his eldest daughter's room at night after she turned five years old. After the third time Bella stopped bothering to cry, instead she started a tally for the number of times he came into her room.

3. Bella never told anyone what her father did to her at night because he bribed her. Cygnus prayed on the love of Bellatrix had for her sisters. He swore up and down if she let him touch her, he'd never touch Andromeda or Narcissia.

4. Of course there were moments in time Bellatrix almost cracked and informed someone of Cygnus's actions towards her. Then the man would pull out the serious bribe: teaching her the family spells. Female children were not supposed to be taught the family spells because they could give them to their husband's family. But Cygnus was desperate, and he placated his daughter this way often.

5. When she finally made it to Hogwarts she was not immediately placed in Slytherin. It took a minute and fourteen seconds for the eleven year old girl to talk the hat out of placing her in Hufflepuff for her loyalty to her sisters. And another thirteen seconds to make sure her father's actions against her would not be leaked.

6. Two months after Bella began Hogwarts she 'met' Rodolphus Lestrange. She walked in on the fifth year perfect shagging their mudblood defense against the dark arts teacher. The woman looked like she enjoyed herself, not like how Bellatrix felt when Cygnus touched her. At that moment Bellatrix Black decided she wanted to be Bellatrix Lestrange. She made sure the mudblood was fired and incarcerated for rape of an underage pureblood student and spent the next few years working her way into Rodolphus's good graces. It all seemed worth it when they married the day after she left Hogwarts.

7. A half year later, Rodolphus had not managed to make Bella feel as good as he made the mudblood feel. Instead he somehow managed to make her feel disgusted with the idea of sex and being touched by anyone at all. At least that was what she felt until she met a handsome, dark friend of Rodolphus's father called Voldemort.

8. For their first anniversary, Rodolphus and Bellatrix kneeled before the Dark Lord and took his mark. Rodolphus never commented on their Lord taking Bella back to their marriage bed that night.

9. For their tenth anniversary, Rodolphus killed Cygnus, but before he killed the man, Rodolpuhus used a slicing hex 197 times on Cygnus's body. One hex for each time the elder man snuck into Bellatrix's room during her childhood. That was the first and final moment Bellatrix ever favored her husband over the Dark Lord.

10. While in Azkaban, Bellatrix lost the memory of Rodolphus killing Cygnus. Her head filled with her sobs and Cissy's mythical screams for Cygnus to stop touching her. The first thing she did after her Lord released her from prison was return to her childhood home looking for him; to hurt him for what he did to Narcissia. She found her mother instead. The oblivious woman that allowed her Cygnus to touch her and Narcissia according to Bella's dementor induced delusions. Bellatrix killed Durella rather painfully that night, but never regained her memories of her father's death. The dementors had completely taken them.

11. After the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, Bellatrix had a brief moment of doubt in her glorious Lord. He had not managed to kill the mangy half-blood or even harm Albus Dumbledore, the mudblood loving fool. Then He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named took her to bed, and the doubt lessened, but it never fully evaporated.

12. The worst moment of Bellatrix's life came not long after Potter, Mudblood, and the Weasel escaped Malfoy Manor. Narcissa's cries became real, but it wasn't Cygnus causing her pain. It was their Lord. For this reason she became hopeful that Harry Potter would win. For if Potter won, Cissiy's screams would stop.

13. During the Battle of Hogwarts, Bellatrix only had two goals: die before her master and take as many people as she could with her. She did not want to go back to Azkaban. She did not want to relive Cissy's screams or her own sobs again. She did not want to see her Lord, the only man she had ever loved, die. She planned to die. She did not plan to die at the hands of Molly Weasely. But looking down, it seemed fitting.