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Chapter .1.

Isabella's POV

He left me. Me. All because he thought I was a 'fragile human' girl. He left because he was to dangerous to be with me. I should have told him sooner maybe then he wouldn't have left me here in the middle of the woods tears running down my face.

'Maybe I should just go home' I thought as I stood and made my way back to Charlie's.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Isabella Katerina Salvatore. I am 151 years old. I was born on the night of September 13th, 1860, to a miss Katherine Pierce and Mr. Damon Salvatore. I never knew my mother as she left my father and myself the night after I was born leaving my father to raise me.

You see I'm different then what children should have been back then. The reason for that is I was not a normal child, I was what my father would always tell me a miracle as should never have been born. You're probably wondering what is she babbling on about. Well the thing is when my mother conceived me she was a vampire and my father was not. You're probably thinking now this girls crazy, well it's the truth, I'm not fully human, I am only half. And that is what makes me different, being half-human and half-vampire.

Two night's after my birth my father killed himself along with my uncle Stefan. Only the difference was father knew he would awaken but uncle Stefan did not. By awaken I mean he would go into the transition where he needed to drain a living person in order to became a vampire. After the transition was complete he was ready to take me away from his father to keep me and now himself.

But he stopped because he found uncle Stefan by the old gazebo where father used to take him, but when he found him he wasn't a human but a vampire. He had killed their father not realizing what he would became and how dangerous it was to go back to their home.

After that they both traveled together of course me with them. But after a while uncle Stefan began to resent father because my mother had played a game with them both by compelling them to love her. But her game backfired when they discovered that she was pregnant with me. But uncle Stefan began to drift away from father and the two started arguing but would stop if they were in my presence. After a while uncle Stefan had gotten tired with their arguments and left. Leaving father and myself to travel once again.

When I became of age at 17 I stopped growing and told father that I was going to travel alone which I complied but only with a request that I was to visit him. And I did every 50 years or so I also would go see uncle Stefan. And that is how I came to Folks and mete Edward. I had compelled a man named Charlie Swan to believe that I was his daughter that still lived with her mother abroad.

I compelled him to believe that I came to live with him to give my 'mother' and her new husband space as they wanted to travel so I came to live with him. I enrolled myself into Folks High and that is how I mete the man that hurt me so.

Picking myself up off the muddy grass that I had fallen into when he left and ran back to Charlie's home to pack my stuff that I had brought. When I arrived Charlie's Police cruiser still wasn't outside so I had some time. Running into the room I occupied I grabbed the suitcase I kept under the bed and started packing my personal stuff as I already had the clothes that I would have worn before coming to Folks packed.

I picked up I picture of myself at a younger age, uncle Stefan and father up from next my lap-top and held it in my hands before packing it. Next was the lap-top and the rest of my pictures. Once all done I went down stairs and sat on the couch waiting for Charlie to get home.

'what is it like there I wonder, it will be nice to go there and learn about the town I were born in and see the place father and uncle Stefan grew up in. I thought, wondering about Mystic Falls, Virginia.

The front door opened and then slammed shut, "Bells, I'm home." Charlie called while hanging his gun belt up and talking his boots off.

I got off the couch and walked toward Charlie, "Charlie." I whispered.

Looking up I caught his gaze making him look eye level with me, "Isabella went back home wanting to be with her mother. You will miss her but you knew it was for the best." I said compelling him.

"I knew it was for the best." he replied mechanically.

I picked up my suitcase and quickly ran through the woods and straight to the Cullen home. Tears sprung to my eyes the closer I got to the house but I knew that the only way I was getting out of Folks and straight to Mystic Falls was by a fast car.

Going into their garage while holding back a sob I saw that the only cars that they had left was Carlisle's Black Mercedes S55 AMG, Emmett's grey Jeep and Ed-Edwards Silver Volvo.

More tears streamed down my face as memories forced their way through my mind reminding me of the time I spent in that car and with whom. Deciding that the safest car to take would be the Black Mercedes S5 AMG as I have never been in that car before.

Grabbing the keys that hung on the hook by the garage door I unlocked the car and quickly threw my suitcase in the back seat, jumping into the drivers seat I started the car and sped out of there as fast as the car would take me speeding my way out of Folks and on my way to Mystic Falls…

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