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Chapter 9

Isabella's POV

Shock washed through me as I looked at him. He looks slightly older but he still looks the same. How the hell am I going to explain this one to dad?

"Bella?" Alaric asked looking at me with wide eyes, "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I-I, ah." My mind has gone blank I literally can't think of anything to say. Shit, Dad is really going to kill me.

Everyone was still staring at me, dad had crossed his arms across his chest and gave me a look telling me that I better explain myself now or I'm going to be in more trouble than what it's worth.

I looked back at Alaric only to see that his shocked expression turned into a cold glare

"You know hime?" he all but growled at me.

I opened my mouth to reply but i couldn't, something was enabling me to talk. Fear began to creep in as i thought of all the possiblities that i could take now. I could lie and say that that Charlie sent me to stay with dad because of the hurt I went through and dad is a family friend, but that only get me into more trouble with dad. Or I could tell the truth and risk Alaric trying to kill me again.

"Isabella." a warning voice said bringing me back from my thoughts.

"I-I uh, mete him through Charlie they are very close friends, of course when we did meet we had our problems." I said giving Alaric a pointed look while he glared back.

"I was right from the beginning wasn't I?" he asked not taking his eyes off me.

"No, like I said from when we mete I am no threat to anyone other than well people who cross me." I finished with a slight smirk.

Slowly he moved toward me and I saw something move in his hands and apparently I wasn't the only one as Jasper was instantly infront of me blocking Alaric from moving any closer.

"Move." Alaric growled glaring at Jasper with a look that I have never seen in his eyes before.

"No," Jasper growled, "You are not going to hurt her I will make sure of that." he finished with a warning.

"You think you scare me Cold One? Do you? Cause I can tell you now that I don't and if you don't move right now then I can promise you that you will die as well as her." Alaric warned.

Before Jasper or I could comment Alaric was against the wall with my father's hand crushing his throat.

"You might wan't to rethink your threat against my daughter, Ric, o'r she won't be the one dying." he growled while he exposed his true face as he glared.

"Y-your d-daughter?" Alaric questioned through gasps as he tried his hardest to remove the hand that was blocking his windpipe so he couldn't breath.

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