Raphael shoved Leo out of the way, pounding on the door with his fists.

"You- goddamn- little- fucker!" he screamed between his punches. "Mike! Open this door or I swear I'm gonna eat yer intestines for supper!"

"Yeah, that's so effective," Leo said sharply. From the soft light peeking under the door, he saw Raph turn and glare at him.

"You shut up," Raphael snarled, then banged on the door once more. "Mike!"

"It's good for youuuu," Mikey replied in a sing-song voice.

"Have fun, you two," Donnie added.

Leo and Raph shared a surprised glance.

"Donnie's in on this?" Raphael asked, slumping against the door.

Leo gave him a wry smile even as he shifted further into the closet away from him. "What, you think kind, gentle Donnie doesn't have a mischievous streak?"

"No, but… Ugh. What's the fuckin' point?" Raphael drew his knees to his chest and rested his chin on them.

"Who knows?" Leo shrugged, then glared at Raphael's scowl.

"I meant that meta- meta-,"


"Yeah," Raphael snapped. "Just- Don't talk to me." He hid his face between his knees, mumbling, "Not that ya wanna anyway."

Leo's eyes narrowed, his heart twisting painfully. He wanted to talk to Raph, to apologize, to atone for what he'd done, but… Raphael knew. He knew what Leo had done, and was obviously scared of him. Disgusted with him. Justifiably so. Leo sighed, content to wait out the bewildering punishment of their brother's.

Raphael couldn't resist sneaking a few glances at Leo as they sat in uncomfortable silence. The light from under the door limned his muscular form, the slope of his face, curling in the dark eyes and making them glow. His breath caught in his throat, and he squeezed his eyes shut. No. No more of that line of thinking. Leo hated him now, for what he'd seduced Leo into doing.

He couldn't stand the disappointed look in Leo's gaze any longer.


Leo's head snapped up. "What?"

"M'sorry you hate me so damn much," Raphael spat, hugging his knees closer. He glanced over, his amber eyes burning with animosity.

"H-hate you?" Leo blinked, trying to understand why Raphael would be apologizing to him. "Why would you think I hate you?"

"'Cause of that night!" Raphael exploded, gesturing wildly. "Why the fuck else would I think that? Look, m'sorry I suggested the whiskey. Just- just know ya hate the cold and- and I musta gotten too frisky an' whatever else I did to convince you to- to be with me, m'sorry." He fell silent, curling defensively again and glaring at Leo. How could Leo act so stupidly innocent like this? It was infuriating.

Leo rubbed his eyes vigorously before staring at Raphael again. "Raph, it's me who should be apologizing. You did nothing wrong."

"Wha'?" Raphael snapped.

"I- I don't drink, you know that." Leo glanced at his hands, balling them into fists. "I- I must be the most vile, horrible person who's ever lived to have forced myself on you like that."

Raphael frowned. "What the hell are ya talkin' about?"

Leo leaned forward, confused. "What are you talking about?"

They stared at each other silently.

"Y-You think you raped me?" Raphael asked hoarsely.

"You think you seduced me?" Leo asked incredulously.

Raphael snorted. "Well, duh. How else would you've ever willingly gotten in bed with me?"

Leo felt like he'd suddenly forgotten how to breathe, and he gasped air into his lungs clumsily. "You wanted that?"

Raphael shifted, his eyes darting about guiltily. "Yeah. So. You didn't, 'cause you freaked the fuck out on me that mornin'-,"

"Only because I thought I'd done something terrible!" Leo retorted, crawling forward and gripping Raphael's shoulders tightly. "You wanted that?"

"I just said so!" Raphael yelled in his face. "But-,"

"But I did too," Leo said quietly. "I just thought-,"

Raphael's face twisted with fury. "Hell, Leo, you think you could force yerself on me like that? Fuck no. No matter how drunk we were."

"So you wanted-,"

"Yes, Leo, fuck, ain't you listening to me?" Raphael said irritably. His expression softened as he added, "But you wanted it too?"

Leo nodded, his eyes deadly serious.

"Then what the fuck have we been doin' this last week?" Raphael muttered, feeling embarrassed under his piercing gaze.

Leo slid his hand up to Raphael's face, tracing the curve of his cheek. He smiled when Raphael leaned into the touch. "Wasting time, apparently."

Raphael had just enough time to grin before he launched himself forward, rolling Leo onto his shell as he roughly pressed their lips together.


[Author's Note]
Thank you for reading, and thanks again to Turtlecest101 for nudging me to write this!