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Alex pulled their car into an empty space at Woodland Park in Seattle. They were fashionably late to the party because it had taken him over thirty minutes to convince a very stubborn Arizona into attending the Seattle Grace – Mercy West Family Picnic. He knew why she didn't want to attend; she didn't want to have to see Sofia. She had been so strong throughout their months in Seattle but Alex knew that Arizona needed to deal with the Sofia situation head on. She needed to be able to put it past her once and for all. He knew that she would always love Sofia but she needed to be able to say goodbye. She had gotten closure with Callie during their stay in Seattle but she needed closure with Sofia as well. If Alex had his way, Arizona would get her closure at the party whether she wanted it or not.

As Alex turned the car engine off and unbuckled his seatbelt he noticed that Arizona hadn't moved from her position in the passenger seat. He leaned over and released her seatbelt for her. "We don't have to stay long, Zo. The zoo is right next door and I know two little boys that would love to see some m-o-n-k-e-y-s and some animals from home."

Arizona nodded, "Why are we here again? Can't we just go straight to the zoo?"

"We're here because you, Miss Manners, have always said that it is rude to turn down an invitation when you don't have other plans."

"Well at least I know you listen to me sometimes. Sometimes I think you belong in the zoo," Arizona muttered under her breath as she opened her car door.

"I heard that," Alex yelled from the other side of the car as they both opened their respective back seat doors to free their children from their car seats.

Arizona smiled as she put Eli on the ground and went to grab Della from her infant seat, "Good. I meant for you to hear it. I wish I was with my mom and Emily. A day at the spa sounds way better than being here."

With their hands full of children and bags of things for the children, they made their way toward the playground and picnic part of the park to meet the rest of their friends. Alex jostled the bags he was carrying from one arm to other so that he was able to reach down and hold Arizona's hand and give her the support she would need to get through the day.

Arizona flashed Alex a grateful smile and leaned over the baby in her arms to give him a chaste kiss in thanks. "Promise me you won't leave me alone?"

Arizona scanned the playground from her seat on the ledge of the playground where the sand turned into woodchips and grass. She was grateful that she was able to find a quiet spot away from the hospital gossipers. She spotted one son who was scaling the toddler climbing wall and making his way toward the slide. His tiny Boston Red Sox cap that was still too big for his head made him easy to find in the crowd of children. He looked up before he entered the tube slide and made eye contact with his mother. He smiled brightly and gave a wild wave to her before he disappeared into the slide and came out at the bottom seconds later. Arizona saw him giggling as he made his way back to the climbing wall to repeat the process over and over again. Arizona smiled and waved back as she watched him go. After spending a few minutes watching Eli play on the slide she searched out her other son. He wasn't far from her. He had strict rules for playing at the playground because he was still recovering from major heart surgery. The main rule was that he couldn't run. He had to work up to running and right now just walking was enough exercise for his heart. Arizona had no doubt that by next fall he would be playing on his first soccer team but for now he still had to take it easy. Abe was right where she left him a few feet away from her playing in the sand. Abe was busy operating a toy truck that he was using to dig a small hole in the sand. Unfortunately for Abe the sand kept filling in on itself so he wasn't making much progress. It didn't deter him though. The little boy just tried to move the sand faster. Once she had made sure that both of her sons were busy playing she searched out the rest of her family. Alex was standing in a circle talking with Meredith and April. Alex was busy making faces at Meredith's young daughter who was trying to escape her mother's grip. That left only one missing person in her family and after another scan of the playground she found Teddy with Della on her lap being pushed on the swings by Mark. This was the first time in the hour that they had been at the Seattle Grace – Mercy West Family Picnic that she had seen Mark. If Mark was there, then that meant that Sofia was probably somewhere nearby. The thought of seeing Sofia again made Arizona's breath catch in her lungs. She took a few calming breaths as she reminded herself that she was okay and that she would be okay even if she had to deal with Sofia.

"Mama!" Abe squawked from his spot near her.

Hearing Abe's voice caused Arizona to forget all about worrying about Sofia and instead put a huge smile on her face. "What's up, bubba?"

"Mama!" he pushed a dump truck in her direction. "You help."

Arizona raised one eyebrow and her son immediately knew he had forgotten a crucial part of his question.

"Please?" Abe asked. "Chonde?" he added throwing in the Chichewa translation to help him get his mother into his sand adventures.

Arizona couldn't turn down one of her favorite boys so she plopped herself down in the sand next to Abe to help him dig his hole in the sand. "Like this?" Arizona asked Abe for guidance on just how he wanted her to help. While Abe was usually most like his father, his compulsion to have things done his way or no way at all was very much like his mother.

"No, Mama," Abe shook his head and took the truck from her hand and demonstrated just how she was to dig. "Like this. See?"

"Let me try," Arizona took the truck back and purposefully did not dig the way he had instructed. She loved to see Abe get huffy with her. He would throw his hands up in the air and then put them on his hips, just like she would do when she was frustrated. It was too cute for her not to play with him for a few minutes. After having her almost three-year-old instruct her on the proper way to dig in the sand with a Tonka truck for a third time she finally was able to do it to Abe's satisfaction.

After fifteen minutes of digging the best hole she had ever seen, Abe declared that he was thirsty. Arizona grabbed their trucks and dusted herself and Abe off and headed back toward the picnic table where she had left their bags. When she glanced at the picnic table and saw who was sitting at it she swore under her breath.

"Of course Cristina and Callie are sitting there," Arizona mumbled.

"What Mama?" Abe looked up to his mother curiously, not understanding any of what she had just said.

"Nothing, baby. Let's go get a juice box."

Arizona plastered her best smile on her face as they walked up to the women at the picnic table. "Hey guys," she greeted as she set the trucks down on the ground next to their things.

"Hey Arizona," Cristina and Callie chorused together.

"Abe – you remember Dr. Cristina?" Arizona asked the young boy as she fished out a juice box. The little boy nodded his head. "And this is Dr. Callie," she introduced him to the other woman sitting at their table.

Abe mumbled a shy greeting as Arizona sat him down next to her on the picnic bench next to Callie and opposite Cristina.

"How's he doing with his recovery?" Cristina asked.

Arizona ran her hand over Abe's short hair. "Really well. The hardest part is keeping him from over exerting himself. If he had his way he'd be running all over the playground with Eli right now."

Abe perked up when he heard his brother's name. "Can I go play with E?"

"Sorry, bubba. Not right now. You want some crackers?" Arizona asked trying to distract him from a potential meltdown.

"No," Abe shook his head and went back to sucking on the tiny straw.

"How long until he can be back up to full speed?" Callie asked. Callie knew how difficult it would be to keep a toddler calm and felt bad for the little boy who was busy swinging his feet against the bench as he drank his juice box.

"Hopefully he can start running in another month or so. I hope at least," Arizona sighed. "I don't know how many more tantrums I have in me."

Abe looked up at his mother as if he knew he was being talked about. "I'm hungry, Mama."

"You want those crackers now?" Abe shook his head no. "Of course not," Arizona sighed. Kids never made anything easy.

"What's for lunch?" Abe asked as he finished the last of his juice causing a slurping sound to come out of the box.

Arizona grabbed the box away from him to keep him from annoying those around them, "Why don't you go ask Daddy – he's in charge of lunch."

Abe stood up on the picnic bench seat and looked around trying to find his father. When he was unable to spot him he looked up to Arizona for help. "Kuti is my Bambo (Where is Dad)?"

Arizona turned Abe's face in the right direction so that he could see him clearly and pointed. "I'm going to watch you walk straight to him. Go straight to Daddy. No stopping and no running. Okay?" Arizona emphasized. Normally she would make sure that she had made eye contact with Alex to nonverbally communicate the exchange of children from one parent's care to the other but Alex was too wrapped up in his discussion with Meredith and April to notice so instead she laid down the law with Abe.

"Okay, Mama. I go to Daddy," Abe said as he wrapped his arms around her neck and planted a wet sticky kiss on her lips.

Arizona put Abe's feet on the ground and in the right direction of Alex. "Go on," she said as she patted his bottom. She didn't take her eyes off of the little boy until she watched him collide with his father's legs.

When she looked back at the table she had four eyes watching her curiously. "What?" Arizona asked to their raised eyebrows.

"I still can't get over the fact that you and Karev are married with kids," Cristina responded.

As if on cue, Eli picked that moment to run up to his mother and tugged on her arm.

"Didn't you just get rid of him?" Cristina asked as Arizona lifted the boy into her arms.

"Identical twins, Yang," Callie hissed.

Arizona glared at Cristina as Eli burrowed his head into her neck. She gently lifted the hat off of his head that was poking into her neck. "What's wrong, Eli Bear?"

"Sleepy, Mama," Eli said into her neck.

"You want to take a nap?" Eli nodded and moved so that he was hugging her with his arms and legs wrapped around her body as they sat at the picnic table. "And I guess you're going to take the nap on me?" Arizona said sarcastically more for herself than Eli. Eli didn't answer instead he snuggled himself in closer to his mother.

"Seriously, how can you tell them apart? They really are identical," Cristina asked.

"That is kind of the point of identical twins. With all of their different surgeries it's really easy to tell with their scars. But if you can't take their shirts off then the easy way is that Eli has a small birthmark at the top right of his hairline and Abe has a tiny mole by his left ear. Their personalities are also really different and usually an easy way to tell too. Abe is outgoing and loud while Eli tends to be more reserved and introverted," Arizona explained as she ran her hand up and down Eli's back lulling him to sleep.

Cristina stared at Arizona. She squinted her eyes as if she was studying her. "You know, I still don't get it."

"Don't get what?" Arizona asked.

"How you and Alex ended up together. Don't you miss girls? Boobs?"

"Cristina!" Callie exclaimed at her friend's brashness and nodded toward the sleeping boy in Arizona's arms.

Cristina shrugged off Callie's concern. "Oh he's asleep. Plus he seems to like boobs too the way he's cuddled up in there right now. So you don't miss girls?"

Arizona rolled her eyes at Cristina but knew that she wasn't going to let up until she answered her. "Just because I'm married to Alex doesn't meant that I'm blind. Did you stop looking at guys when you were married to Owen?"

"Of course not," Cristina smirked.

"Well, I can still appreciate a beautiful woman too. I'm just not going to act on it. I can look but not touch. Just like Alex still checks out hot girls too," Arizona explained in a soft voice so that her sleeping son wouldn't hear her.

"So you miss boobs?" Cristina again asked.

"It's different. Right, Callie?" Arizona turned to her former lover for help.

"Right," Callie nodded. "You don't really miss what that person doesn't have. It's hard to explain. Maybe you should try it and then you would know, Cristina."

Cristina fake laughed, "Yeah right. You just want to hit this. I think I'm going to go over there before you try to seduce me."

Arizona quirked her eyebrows as she watched Cristina walk off toward Meredith.

"I'm sorry," Callie started to apologize for her friend.

"Don't," Arizona cut her off. "No need to apologize for Cristina. It is nice to see that she hasn't changed a bit."

After Cristina left the picnic table an awkward silence took over the table between the former girlfriends.

"So…" Callie attempted to break the silence.

"So…" Arizona agreed.

"You know," Callie began. "I had no idea how this was going to go. Seeing you again after all this time. But none of it has been as expected."

Arizona tilted her head as she questioned her ex, "What did you expect, Calliope?"

"To be honest… yelling… anger."

Arizona glanced down at Eli who was still snoozing away. "If we would have run into each other in that first year after I left, you probably would have gotten a lot of yelling and anger. I was so angry. So bitter for that first year. You made me want things that I had never wanted in my life. You made me want kids. You made me want marriage and commitment. Then you just took it all away from me. I get that you were hurting and lashing out but that didn't make things any better for me. It might have helped you in your recovery but it didn't help me not to be heartbroken."

"What changed after that year?" Callie asked sincerely, trying to understand how she handled the breakup.

Arizona glanced at the man who was still talking to his friends with Abe sleeping against his shoulder. "Alex. And this was way before Alex and I were Alex and I. But he made me see how holding everything in had basically turned me into a time bomb waiting to explode. He actually made me start boxing. Though it was purely for selfish reasons on his part. He claimed that living with me was worse than living with Meredith when she was broken up with Derek. He just wanted me to stop being a bitch all the time."

"So you started pretending my face was on a heavy bag?" Callie smiled.

"I'm not going to lie – many days, yes. But some days it was my boss's face or the a-hole that was rude to me that day. It was pretty cathartic to get it all out on the bag," Arizona said doing her best to explain while not cursing with her son in her arms. "Then, life moved on. I moved on. I couldn't worry about what could have been when I had to worry about my present – keeping my kids alive. If you would not have pushed me away, I wouldn't have gone back to Africa and I wouldn't have my family that I honestly cannot imagine my life without." Arizona took another long look at the boy in her arms and smiled. "But if you want me to yell at you, I'm sure I could come up with something," Arizona laughed as she tried to lighten the mood.

"No. I'm good. I'm actually really glad there wasn't any yelling."

"Me too," Arizona agreed.

Another peaceful silence fell over the table that was only interrupted when Eli let out a soft snore against Arizona's chest and shifted against her to get more comfortable.

"Being a mom looks really good on you," Callie acknowledged the truth that she had realized from the first time she saw her holding Della in her arms that Arizona looked absolutely stunning with a child in her arms. "Aren't you missing one though?"

"Della," Arizona pointed to Teddy on the swings with Mark and she sighed when saw that Sofia had joined them as well. "Teddy is currently monopolizing her. If she has her way, I won't get her back until we're at the airport tomorrow and even then I'll have to pry her out of her arms."

"Well, she is pretty cute," Callie commented. "I can see why she'd want to keep her."

"Thanks but after nine months of pregnancy, I'm definitely not letting her go for at least twenty years," Arizona smirked. "Teddy's wanted a baby for awhile now. She actually started the adoption process on one of the kids from our clinic in Malawi two years ago but that fell through," Arizona confided.

"Wow. I had no idea."

"Yeah. Adoption laws in Malawi are really strict, sadly and we couldn't make it work. Too many babies end up in orphanages when they could go to good homes. The government there… needs some work. It was a small miracle we were able to adopt the boys."

"So Teddy and Mark, are they serious?" Callie asked knowing that Teddy's best friend probably knew the answer better than anyone else. She noticed that Arizona was biting her lip like she didn't know if she should say what she knew or not. "I mean, just so I know for Sofia. If I'm going to have competition."

"You'll never have competition. But yeah, I think Mark is actually really good for Teddy. I never thought I'd ever say that but he's really grown since I last saw him."

"And they're coming this way," Callie announced so that Arizona wouldn't keep talking about them as they walked toward them.

Mark and Teddy were all smiles as they made their way up to the picnic table. Sofia ran ahead of her father and right into her mother's arms. She immediately started talking a mile a minute about what she had been doing on the playground. She explained dramatically about how high in the air she had gotten on the swing thanks to her father pushing her. She was the spitting image of her mother in both looks and mannerisms.

When they finally caught up, Mark sat down on the other side of Callie and Teddy sat down next to her best friend. Arizona instinctively leaned over to kiss the top of her baby's head that rested tiredly against Teddy's shoulder.

"Your baby needs a diaper change," Teddy scrunched up her nose at the little girl who couldn't keep her eyes off of her mother.

Arizona laughed, "You can handle that. Her diaper bag is on the floor right by me."

"But she's your baby," Teddy replied hoping to get out of dealing with a dirty diaper.

Arizona used her feet to kick the baby bag toward Teddy, "Rule in our house is the one to figure out she needs to be changed is the one that does the changing. Plus, I wouldn't want to deprive you of any time with your precious goddaughter."

"Fine, fine," Teddy muttered as she reached down to grab the diaper bag. "I'll just take her to her daddy."

Arizona chuckled as she watched Teddy get up and start making her way toward Alex. She knew that Alex would turn her down too and force her to change the diaper. If Teddy wanted a baby then she got to deal with the entire baby including the stinky parts.

Mark who had more than enough diaper changing experience hopped up to follow his girlfriend, "I'll just go help her or else she'll probably go through four diapers and still not have it on right." Both Callie and Arizona knew that Teddy was more than capable of changing a diaper; Mark just wanted to give Callie, Arizona and Sofia some privacy.

With the others joining them and then leaving again and Sofia rattling on about the playground a sleepy Eli woke up with a large yawn. He unwrapped his arms from around his mother's body and balled his hands up as he stretched and wiped the sleep out of his eyes.

"How was your nap, Eli?" Arizona asked when his big brown eyes met hers.

"Good, Mama," he replied, sleep still evident in his voice.

Eli settled his head back against Arizona's chest. While he was awake he clearly did not want to move off of Arizona anytime soon. Even though he was a tiny furnace against her body she wasn't going to refuse cuddles. She knew it was only a matter of time before her little boys realized that it wasn't cool to cuddle with their mother. Arizona rested her chin on top of Eli's head and realized that she had another pair of little brown eyes staring at her. Sofia was standing in front of Callie but her gaze was on Arizona. Her head was tilted and she had her finger on her chin as if she was trying to place where she knew Arizona from. She knew that she knew the blonde woman on the bench but she didn't know how.

"Hi," Arizona said at almost a whisper to the little girl watching her.

Sofia's eyes darted to her mother's as she looked for reassurance about the stranger but familiar woman who was talking to her.

Callie smiled at Sofia and pushed her to say hello. "Sof – this is Dr. Arizona."

"Arizona?" Sofia questioned her mother. Sofia knew the name Arizona. She knew that the woman who saved her when she was born was named Arizona.

"Yes, Arizona, baby," Callie reassured her.

Sofia smiled brightly and looked at Arizona. Seeing as how Arizona's arms were full of another child, Sofia settled for hugging her leg.

"Oh, okay," Arizona smiled down at the little girl.

"Thank you," Sofia mumbled into Arizona's leg.

Arizona looked at Callie confused about what was happening. One minute Sofia didn't know if she should even talk to Arizona and now she was hugging her leg.

"I told you she knew who you were," Callie told Arizona.

"You made my heart go when I was a baby," Sofia released Arizona's leg and pounded on her chest as if Arizona had forgotten who she was.

"I remember," Arizona said simply.

"Where did you go?" Sofia questioned.

"Sofia, remember what I said. Dr. Arizona had to go help other babies like she helped you," Callie quickly stepped in, hoping to spare Arizona from any more pain.

"You had to go help?" Sofia asked again.

Arizona nodded her head, "I did. I had to go save other babies."

Sofia was in a questioning stage. She wouldn't be happy until every question she had was answered. "Now you're back?"

"No, just visiting. I've got to go home tomorrow," Arizona smiled at the little boy who had turned himself around in his mother's lap so that he was now looking curiously at the girl in front of him.

"Oh," Sofia said sadly. "Who is he?" she asked about the boy in Arizona's lap.

"This is my son, Eli. Your Mama fixed his arm last month," Arizona explained hoping that she would turn the questions off of her and onto Callie.

"But he doesn't look like you," Sofia stated like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Callie's mouth hung open and she whispered an "I'm sorry," to Arizona. Arizona shook her off knowing full well the brutal honesty children offered to the world.

Sofia continued, "But I don't look like my daddy either. Do you look like your daddy?"

"No," Eli shook his head. "I look like my brother."

"Okay," Sofia smiled. "Want to play?"

Eli looked to his mother for approval and when she smiled and gently pushed him off of her he got his answer.

Arizona thought she was in the Twilight Zone as she sat on a park bench in Seattle watching her son play with Callie's daughter. She was apprehensive as she watched Eli follow Sofia up onto the jungle gym but as she watched them play and laugh together she began to feel oddly calm about it.

"This is surreal, right?" Callie looked at the kids playing and then back to Arizona.

That comment made Arizona start giggling loudly, "Very."

When they got to the picnic Alex left Arizona for just a moment to go find drinks when he ran into Meredith and April. What was meant to be a three minute search for sodas turned into more than an hour of gossip. Every few minutes he looked back to where Arizona was – making sure that she was okay. He knew that she was nervous to be left on her own at an event where Sofia would be. But he also knew that this would be good for her so while he could have made an excuse to go back to his wife, instead he chose to let things happen and stayed and caught up with his old friends. He was concerned when he looked up at one point and saw that Arizona and Abe were now sitting with Callie and Cristina. He debated going and rescuing her but again knew that she needed to do this on her own. So instead he listened intently to Meredith as she told a story about a drawing her daughter did at the hospital daycare involving a stripper pole.

As they reminisced about the days spent living at the Grey house, somehow Alex got put in charge of grilling. Besides Mark, he was the only male at the party that the ladies trusted to be in charge of the meat. Alex was busy flipping hamburgers and hotdogs when Teddy and Mark came walking up to him with Della in their arms.

"Let a real man take care of the grill," Mark said as he tried to grab the tongs from Alex's hands.

Alex pulled his arm away and shook his head. "I got this, dude."

"I just thought you might want to pay more attention to your wife," Mark said as he again tried to take the tongs.

Hearing Mark mention his wife caused Alex to lose focus and loosen his grip on the tongs allowing Mark to snatch them right out of his hands. Alex's eyes immediately found his wife and his body tensed at what he saw. Arizona was talking to Sofia. Alex was silently hoping that this was going to go okay; that this wouldn't lead to a breakdown for Arizona but would instead give her the closure that she needed.

Alex stood back from the grill and watched the scene unfold. He couldn't hear the words being said but he watched as Sofia latched onto Arizona's legs. He watched as Eli ran off after miniature Callie. He couldn't miss hearing Arizona's laughter reach his ears all the way across the park. He smiled to himself as he loaded up a plate full of food to carry over to his wife. He knew that Arizona had gotten the closure that she needed.

"Lunch," Alex said as he placed the plate onto Arizona's lap as Teddy, Mark, Meredith, Cristina and April all joined the table with food for the group.

Arizona looked up and smiled, "Thank you." She noticed that he was alone and she distinctly remembered that she had sent one of her sons over to him a little over a half hour prior. "Aren't you missing some things?"

Alex pointed to Cristina who had Abe on her lap and Teddy who still had Della in her arms. "Abe is currently charming the pants off of Cristina. And Teddy still refuses to let Della go," Alex said as he took a chip off of Arizona's plate.

"Abe is with Cristina?" Arizona asked suspiciously.

"Yep," Alex nodded. "She is very impressed with his knowledge of the heart and its' systems. I think she wants to make him her protégée."

Arizona smirked, "I wish her luck with that. He tells me everyday that he doesn't want to be a doctor like us. That it's gross."

"That's because you've gotten it into his head that he can be the next soccer star," Alex rolled his eyes.

"He can be anything he wants to be," Arizona smiled into her drink. She was just grateful they were even able to talk about what Abe wanted to be when he grew up. She knew the likelihood of him being the next David Beckham was slim but he's just a child and that is the time for dreams; he'd grow up soon enough and have to live in reality.

"So what do you guys have going on back in Boston?" Meredith asked the couple across the bench from her.

"Back to work on Wednesday," Alex groaned.

Arizona grimaced, "I can't even imagine what I have waiting on my desk for me."

"But it's only three days and then on Saturday we have the boys' birthday party," Alex reminded his wife.

Arizona poked him in the side, "Because that is fun. A house full of twenty pre-schoolers hyped up on sugar."

Cristina laughed, "Sounds like a headache to me."

"I wish I could be there," Teddy frowned. "I've already had their gifts sent to your house."

"Please tell me it's not another very realistic fire truck," Arizona groaned.

"They love that truck!" Teddy exclaimed.

"Yes they do but you don't have to listen to the sirens going off constantly. Remember, payback is a bitch, Teds. I will so be picking the loudest and most obnoxious toys for your kids."

"Wait – Teddy is having a kid?" April butted into the conversation.

Teddy glared at Arizona for putting that out there. Having kids wasn't something she had even brought up with Mark yet. "Someday. Hopefully."

Mark grabbed Teddy's hand under the table and gave her a small smile that told her that he would be okay with having another kid.

"Well, I think babies are great," April mused. "They are, right? Because I can't wait to have one," she turned to ask the parents of the group.

"They are," Arizona nodded. "And I used to never want one so coming from me that is saying something."

"And now you have three," April smiled.

"Even with everything we have been through with Abe and Eli, they along with their sister, are worth every minute of pain that we've gone through." Alex smiled at Arizona. "I mean if they weren't we wouldn't want more, right?"

Arizona kicked Alex under the table. They had just somewhat decided on having more a few nights ago. It was certainly not something she wanted to talk about with their friends but men did not understand the need for keeping some things to themselves. Arizona thought Alex's slip of the tongue must have been payback for her own slip of the tongue about Teddy wanting kids.

"Back it up babysitters," Cristina put a hand up to halt the conversation. "You have three brats and you want more?"

Alex knew to keep his mouth shut after getting a kick to the shin so he let Arizona take Cristina's question. "We're open to the idea. But right now we're focusing on the three we have."

Cristina let the topic of babies drop and the group then moved onto more interesting topics such as Cristina's love life with her intern. As they finished their lunch the group dispersed leaving Alex and Arizona on the bench next to Callie, Teddy and Mark as they watched their kids play together. The five adults were able to laugh and enjoy conversation as they watched Sofia chase Eli around the playground. Mark made jokes to Alex about keeping his son away from his daughter and Alex fought back saying that it would be Sloan's kid that needed to stay away from his son as she was a product of the manwhore. After the kids had run out all of their energy, it was time for the Karev family to say goodbye. They had promised the kids a trip to the zoo and they needed to make good on that before it was nap time. Hugs and hand shakes were passed generously between everyone with promises to visit soon.

Arizona reached out and held Alex's hand tightly as they made their way back to their car and loaded up to go to the zoo. They were going to enjoy their last day in Seattle as a family.

Alex reached across his lap to buckle his seatbelt after taking one of the twins to the bathroom for the fifth time over the course of their nonstop flight to Boston. "Can we not travel for a long time? I am traveled out. Three kids and airplanes and car seats and 'I'm hungry' and 'I need to go to the bathroom' and 'I'm bored.' I am really exhausted from all of the travel."

Arizona laughed as she took her eyes off of the airplane window and looked at her husband who had a most serious expression on his face. "And you want to have another?"

"Well it is pretty great. Exhausting but great," Alex smiled.

"I'm pretty sure you won't be allowed any more time off for the next year so you don't have to worry about traveling anyway."

Alex ran his hand over the top of Arizona's thigh, "I thought that was one perk of being married to the boss? Getting all the time off I need."

"So that's why you married me?" Arizona joked.

"That is one of the many reasons."

"I thought it was for all the sex in my office," Arizona flirted.

Alex squeezed Arizona's hand, "That is a benefit too."

"I can't wait to be home in our own bed," Arizona sighed as she leaned her head against Alex's shoulder.

"Doing dirty things in bed, right?" Alex whispered into her hair as he kissed her temple.

"Very dirty things, Mr. Karev," Arizona turned into Alex's body and leaned in to capture his earlobe with her mouth. "I can't wait to get you alone so that I can get you naked. Then I'm going to trail my mouth down your entire body before using it to…" She trailed off her speech as she bit down softly on his ear.

"Then… then you're going to do what," Alex croaked out wanting to know exactly what his wife had planned for their first night alone in their own home and their own bed in three months.

Arizona settled back in her seat with a smug grin on her face. She reached her hand out and settled it on his lap where she felt what her teasing had done to Alex. "That is for me to know and for you to find out later… if you're lucky."

Alex picked up Arizona's hand and placed it back in her own lap. "You, Arizona Karev, are a tease. Remember that when I have my mouth all over your sexy body later tonight."

Arizona and Alex settled into a comfortable silence as they enjoyed the rest of the flight. All three of their kids were passed out in their seats allowing their parents some well needed rest. Alex and Arizona couldn't keep their eyes off of the window when the city of Boston came into view. It was hard to miss the unmistakable cityscape of Boston as they made their descent.

"Welcome home," Alex whispered into Arizona's ear as the plane touched down.

Alex turned off the lights to the boys' room and quietly shut the door behind him. He made his way to his bedroom but when he saw that it was still empty he turned around and went back down the hall toward the nursery. Alex peeked in through the cracked door and watched as Arizona stood looking out the window as she sang softly to Della. The room was only illuminated by a small lamp on the dresser. Alex thought the light in the room literally made his wife glow. He didn't want to intrude on Arizona's private moment with their daughter but he couldn't help himself. He pushed the door open further and grimaced when it creaked. Arizona didn't seem to notice his entrance. She jumped softly when he wrapped his arms around her and rested his hands against their daughter's back.

"I think she's still on Seattle time," Arizona whispered to Alex as their daughter blinked up at them.

"My poor baby," Alex said sympathetically as he rested his head on Arizona's shoulder.

Arizona trailed her finger down Della's nose, a perfect miniature replica of Alex's, "I think she needs the secret weapon."

"Arizona," Alex groaned. He should have never started singing to Della. But it was one of the only ways that Della calmed down when she was kicking up a storm in Arizona's uterus. They discovered that their daughter loved listening to her Daddy sing as he sang along to the radio one day while they were driving to work and Della was being particularly active. Ever since, his voice has always soothed his baby girl.

"She loves her Daddy's singing," Arizona said as she tilted her head to make eye contact with Alex. "So does her Mama."

Alex sighed and took a deep breath as he moved his hands to Arizona's waist and began to sway them together. "She's got eyes of the bluest skies as if they thought of rain. I hate to look into those eyes and see an ounce of pain…." By the time Alex got to the end of the song Della's blue eyes were closed and she was peacefully asleep in her mother's arms. "She didn't even make it to the grand finale," Alex frowned.

"I'd like to hear it," Arizona smiled as she placed Della down in her crib.

Alex brought his voice to a whisper as he leaned into the crib and hovered over his daughter. "Sweet child o' mine… sweet love of mine. Sweet dreams, baby girl. I love you." He left a lingering kiss on her forehead and straightened up his body.

As he stood Arizona immediately grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him into her body. "You singing Guns N' Roses to our baby. So hot," she mumbled against his lips before crashing them together.

"Bedroom," Alex breathed out as he broke from the kiss to take a breath. He grabbed the monitor by the crib and let Arizona guide him out of the nursery. As soon as the door was closed, Arizona immediately began kissing him again. She slipped her tongue in his mouth and smiled as she felt him sigh into the kiss. She refused to let him break the kiss to go to turn around and walk into the bedroom. He was a surgeon – he should easily be able to multi-task making out with walking backward into their bedroom. When Arizona backed him into the closed bedroom door he let out a yelp before reaching behind him to twist the handle to open the door. While Alex was always turned on by a dominant Arizona, he wanted to be in control that night. He wanted to show Arizona just how much she meant to him. How grateful he was to have her in his life. As Arizona was unbuttoning her jeans Alex caught her off guard and lifted her onto the bed before replacing her hands with his on her jeans. Once he successfully had her jeans off of her, he began to slowly kiss his way up to her lips. "I believe I promised that I would have my mouth all over you today," he whispered as he reached her lips.

"That you did, Mr. Karev," Arizona sighed as she tried to focus on what Alex was doing to her. But between his hands all over her body and his lips on her neck, it was very difficult to focus on anything.

When Della's cries broke through the baby monitor several hours later, Arizona and Alex were still wrapped up in each other.

"I'll go get her," Arizona whispered against Alex's chest. "She wants to eat."

Alex gently pushed Arizona back against the mattress and fumbled in the dark for his boxers, "I'll get her and bring her here. You stay."

"There she is. There's Mama," Alex whispered into Della's ear as he walked back into the bedroom. Della greedily tried reaching out for Arizona and started whimpering. She was hungry and she knew who had the milk. "Those just went from sexy to a meal in less than a minute," Alex laughed as he watched his daughter latch on to a nipple that he had been playing with just a short time earlier.

"The life of a parent," Arizona laughed.

As Alex was getting comfortable next to his wife they heard a loud clap of thunder shake the house. He braced himself for what was coming and passed Arizona her pajama bottoms. Their bed was about to get smaller. Alex smiled as their bedroom door open and watched as two shadowy figures made their way to the bed. He always enjoyed being right.

"Mama," Eli whimpered.

"Daddy," Abe joined his brother in whining.

Alex sighed and leaned down to pick them up and deposit them onto the middle of the bed. "What's wrong boys?"

"Scared," Eli cried as he burrowed into his mother's side.

"Oh no!" Arizona gasped. "That mean thunder won't get you. Not when Daddy's here to protect us."

"Mama, we sleep here," Abe said. It wasn't a question. He was not going back to his bedroom where the thunder could get him. He was safe in his parents' bed. He knew they would never let anything happen to him.

Alex grabbed Abe and got him settled under the comforter and against his pillow. "You sleep here, buddy."

Alex reached his hand out over his sleeping boys and toward his wife who had a just finished eating Della snoozing against her chest. Arizona moved her arm to link fingers with Alex's. She squeezed lightly before quietly getting out of bed and moving to place Della in the bassinette that they kept in their room. If they were going to have a family sleepover it didn't feel right if Della was off in her room by herself. Arizona got back into bed and leaned over her sleeping boys to give her husband a goodnight kiss.

"I love you," Alex told his wife.

Arizona smiled, "I love you too."

Even with their bed full of their toddlers and rogue legs and arms hitting them in their sleep, Alex and Arizona couldn't have imagined a better first night home. It felt good to be home. Home was no longer a bedroom in her parents' house or his dorm room at college. It was no longer a bedroom in his friend's house or in her apartment in Seattle. It wasn't a tiny house in Africa where they were always tripping over toys. Home was now a rather large house in the suburbs of Boston. It was surrounded by the laughter and cries of their children. They were returning home with all of their children happy and healthy. Throughout everything over the last four years they always had each other. Home was in each other's arms.

A/N: A bit of an anti-climactic ending but it fits - everyone has closure and is happy. I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has read this. I never expected to get so many readers and reviews with a Alex/Arizona pairing. A lot of people have asked me to write more A/A stories and I would love to if I can come up with an original idea. Part of the pairing, I feel like there needs to be a realistic way to bring them together and past Africa I'm not sure that I can come up with one. Let me know if you have any ideas that you'd like to see. I also might consider some one-shots based off of this story - both flashbacks and future shots. Again, thanks so much for sticking with me and I hope you enjoyed the story!