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Chapter I: Involved


'It's not bad here. The people seem friendly enough, and there are plenty of things to do to keep me distracted.'

Kagome sighed softly as she looked up at the blue canvas overhead, following the clouds as they lazily inched across the sky.

Two years, three months, and fifteen days. It has been two years, three months, and fifteen days since she had returned to the present and her life in Sengoku Jidai ended. Her mother, deciding that perhaps a change in location would help Kagome accept the devastating realization of never being able to return, packed them up and moved to Karakura Town. It's not like she protested much on moving, in fact she readily agreed. But her mother didn't realize that Kagome had accepted her banishment the moment she returned.

Her hands grasped the grass beneath her body and shook her head violently as her thoughts began to wander back to those last few moments.

'I won't think about it. I won't think about it. I won't think about it' Kagome chanted to herself, taking a deep breath and calming her shaking body.

She had graduated high school only by sheer willpower. Needing something to focus on, she buried herself in her studies, using Chemistry and Calculus formulas to distract her troubled mind. Kagome's mother asked if she was going to college, but Kagome shook her head. She didn't want to go…maybe later on, but right now, she just needed time to wander and get a feel of moving on. Misora only nodded her head, saying that it was fine with her. Honestly, Kagome was grateful to have a mother like Misora, she never pushed her into anything that she didn't want, but was always there for advice. She doesn't deserve such love. She doesn't deserve to have a mother who cared and worried so much.

'Not like I can blame her for worrying' Kagome snorted, 'for the past three days I've lain in the backyard watching the sky doing nothing,'

Kagome sighed again and then slowly dragged herself to her feet. 'I'll go walking for a bit. I should at least try to ease Mama's thoughts.'

Brushing off dirt, Kagome made her way in the town, taking in her surroundings carefully. Although they had moved here to get away from Kagome's supernatural past, there is nothing normal about Karakura Town at all.

Although she suppressed her miko powers and aura when she returned home, she was still able to draw upon them without actually using them. Because of this, Kagome could clearly see the multiple spirits roaming about. But spirits aren't the only thing that dwelled in this town…no, there are monsters too.

Monsters of all shapes and sizes with holes in their chests that terrified the spirits and attempted to cause havoc. She knew right away that they weren't demons, but something else entirely. She had seen other strange things too, people in odd black and white uniforms with swords that sailed through the air slaying the creatures. Apparently other humans didn't notice them.

'Go figure, I'm the freak show again that can see stuff like this,' Kagome thought bemusedly.

She didn't want to see stuff like this, she wanted to be blissfully ignorant like other people, but she couldn't. So she did the only thing she could do and walked away.


Out of nowhere a roar reverberated throughout the town. Kagome could feel it echoing in her bones.

'Another one of those monster things… and it feels close.' Then she saw it, the monster standing erect, the face covered with a white mask. It was a sickly green color, with scales and long claws. It roared again, swiping its claws through the air viciously. Suddenly she heard a shriek. Quickly spotting what made the sound, she saw a small spirit girl desperately trying to crawl away on the ground.

'Damn it! Where the hell are those slaying people? They need to hurry up and stop that thing!' But her angry demand wasn't answered; instead the monster reached down and grabbed the crying girl, squeezing her tightly.

She wanted to walk away, pretend that she hadn't seen anything.

But she couldn't.

'Shit. I was really hoping to avoid this at all costs,' Kagome thought.

Quickly she muttered a spell under her breath turning her body invisible to the normal human eye as she ran forward to where the crying girl was captive. As she reached the monster, it turned to look at her, giving out a loud cry. The thing swiped at her with its free hand but Kagome lithely jumped away. She closed her eyes for a second and focused, drawing her concentration together. When she opened her eyes a black sword was grasped tightly in her right hand. There was a small tweak in her senses, but she ignored it.

She smirked.

"Come get me ugly!" she yelled and rushed toward the monster. It responded with a low roar and tried to crush her with its feet. But it wasn't fast enough.

Kagome sped across the ground, jumped up and swiped her blade through the arm that held the girl. The girl began to fall through the air with a shriek as the monster yelled in pain. Kagome dived after the spirit, her hair whipping wildly in the air as she grabbed the girl by the arm and somersaulted safely to the ground. Putting her down, she looked at the girl, "Go. Run. Understand?" she said in a clipped voice.

The girl nodded, whispering her thanks and ran.

Kagome turned back around to face the monster that was still thrashing around in pain. It wasn't powerful at all, just big and annoying, she wasn't even winded.

'Time to end this.'

Kagome ran again to the monster, leaping as it went to grab her and lightly touched her foot on its arm, using it as leverage. Jumping high in the air right in front of its face, she grabbed her sword in both hands and brought it down hard right in the center of its head.

The monster gave a final roar as she split it into two and then began to disintegrate.

As she gently landed on the ground, she sighed. That was easy enough, but she still got involved.

'This will be the only time. I only did it to save that girl. Never again.'

She was about to meld her sword back into her being when she felt the same tweak she did earlier.

Slowly, she turned around, her sword still grasped tightly in her hand. There, in front of her were four of the monster hunters. They were clad in their odd black and white uniform, besides one, who wore brown and green clothing with a pin-striped hat.

One of the slayer-hunter guys took a step forward, his eyes looking at her intently. He looked to be about sixteen to eighteen or so and had a shock of bright orange hair on his head. In his grasp was a ginormous sword that he held in both hands.

"Who are you?" he asked as he pointed his sword at her.

Kagome watched as he readied himself into a fighting pose.

'Ah shit.'


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