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Epiphany and Girl Time

After Sif had left the men lingered in the room for sometime, in their usual manner Hogun had brooded and Volstagg ate, however Thor was oddly contemplative and Fandral had begun pacing nervously again.

They discussed different ideas and possibilities and wondered at their female friend's mysterious (almost innate) knowledge.

"Perhaps it is some type of Earth parasite?" Hogun suggested, flipping through the pages of a text concerning human ailments.

"From where? We were only there for a short period of time, most of which was spent being thrashed by the Destroyer. I certainly found no time to eat or drank." Fandral grimaced at the memory.

"And it certainly wouldn't explain his impotency." Thor chimed in.

"Don't use that vile word!" Fandral looked horrified at the thought. "It was just that the maid in question didn't appeal to me…"

Suddenly the heir to the throne of Asgard looked up with a jolt, a large grin lighting his features. Thor's mind flitted rapidly through Fandral's time on Earth, especially his interactions.

"You said the lady's complacency and lack of fire caused you to loose interest?" Thor asked cautiously.

"Should we not be analyzing how he came to be infected?" Volstagg interrupted as he rose from his own text to pour another glass of wine. "If it is contagious, or lies latent for sometime any of us may suffer from the same ailment."

However Thor began laughing thunderously, "Sif was right my friend you are not dying, nor even ill. In fact I completely understand and sympathize."

"I'm not? You do?" Fandral looked at Thor with hopeful and confused eyes.

"Of course you-"

The door the chamber suddenly opened and a servant strode in briskly.

"The All Father demands your immediate presence my Lord." He told the thunder god And, fearing bad news from Midgard, Thor left with haste after a quick nod to his friends.

"Wait!" Fandral shouted, running to the door only to catch sight of a red cloak as it disappeared around a corner.

Turning back to his closest friends he groaned despondently, "I suddenly feel as though the fates are conspiring against me."

"Worry not, if Thor was able to solve this riddle, the three of us shall unravel its answer in no time." Volstagg thumped his friend's back in condolence, and then he pulled the blond warrior back to the piles of books.

Sif took another gulp of wine.

"An illness?" Frejya finally managed to wheeze out as she bodily pulled herself back into the chair she had fallen out of some time ago. The last ten minutes had been spent on the floor breathless with laughter and unable to articulate words.

Idunn was in little better condition, as she had been drinking at the time of Sif's explanation and was now coughing up from her lungs the wine she had inhaled.

Eir and Brunnhilde sat smirking and chuckling, though the former was also gently striking Idunn on the back to help with her coughs.

"I mean I knew they didn't really listen to anything I had to say about emotions, but surely over the centuries something stuck in their subconscious minds?"

Brunnhilde, looking in better humor than Sif had ever seen her, grinned, "There you go again Frejya, giving men credit where none is due. I assure you, all that that group of men has thought of in their lives are food, drunk, fighting, and wenching. I'm sure love was never deeply philosophized on."

"But Fandral always seemed to go on about love so," Idunn croaked between coughs.

"He went on about lust that he mistook as love, I do believe he is rather smitten this time, and from what Sif said it is not merely a physical attachment, he seems most enamored with her personality." Frejya had a small secretive smile on her lips; she did so love it when men got what was coming to them.

"And the maid in question?" Eir asked, for as gifted as she was in battle, the sweetness of Eir's demeanor was always slightly shocking. The goddess of compassion and medicine looked truly concerned for Fandral's emotional well being.

"We shall see, with the Bifrost destroyed my ability to look into the hearts of those in the other realms has been limited." Frejya admitted.

"I'm sure it will be mended again soon," Sif spoke up, "Thor has been working tirelessly with the All Father to repair it." If she had any personal feelings about this devotion, she did not make them known.

But her thoughts shifted to the young human maiden whom she had briefly met on Midgard who had so captured Fandral's attention. She was certainly unlike the Asgardian women he usually pursued, given that she had a thought in her head other than the blonde's good qualities. The situation could prove to be vastly entertaining.

"I wonder if any of them have figured it out yet or if they're still searching for a cure" Brunnhilde mused out loud.

This sent the entire party into another fit of laughter.

A/N Thor figured it out! Unfortunately for Fandral the Norse fates, also known at the Norns are, in fact, female and decided to pull Thor away before he could share his epiphany. He's just getting slammed from all sides isn't he?

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