The Last Page, Ch1

Miku hid behind a wall as a hail of bullets flew past her through the gap where a shell had blown a chunk out of the wall which was now Miku's shield. When the bullets let up for a moment, she detached a grenade from her belt, and threw it through the gap. When it exploded, dust flew up and through the gap, along with an arm, blood splattering on the ground as it dripped from the severed limb.

Miku pulled out a mirror, and used it to see round the corner, back still to the wall, holding in out in front of her, slightly to her left, the direction of the break in the wall. What she saw was a bloody mess. Calmly, she replaced the mirror in a pocket, and stepped round the corner, then started to run a little, avoiding the mangled limbs. She clutched her assault rifle to her chest, as she reached another corner, and, kneeling low to the floor, put her head round.

Seeing that the way was still clear, Miku turned the corner, and continued jogging until she came in sight of a building, one of the few still standing around her. She slowed as she neared it, and went to the door, a solid metal one, which slid open and shut. She knocked twice, and a voice called from within, "Who is it?"

"Miku," she called back.

The door opened, and revealed a brunette girl, who looked relieved, "Miku, thank goodness your okay. Are you okay?"

Miku smiled as she stepped into the hallway which presented itself, and the door was slid shut behind her, "I'm fine Meiko. Everybody else make it?"

The brunette nodded, "Len took a shot in the arm, but Rin's looking after him."

"Good..." Miku stepped along the hallway, and up a flight of stairs. Meiko just sat herself on a chair by the door, her holstered pair of pistols knocking against the chair as she sat.

Miku reached the first floor, and went past a couple of doors, before reaching a particular one, and knocking. The door opened to reveal a girl, barely 14, with blond hair and the biggest blue eyes imaginable. "Miku-nee!" the girl said with surprise in her voice.

"Hi Rin, Len," she replied, first to the girl in front of her, and then to the girl's brother, who was sat on a bed in the room, a bandage on his left arm. "How's the arm?"

Len, the blonde boy with a ponytail, who looked a little too much like his twin sister, smiled, "Not bad, Miku-onee-san, but I don't think I'll be using it for a while."

Miku nodded, "Well make sure you get some rest. And you too Rin, don't overwork yourself looking after him."

Rin nodded, "Of course Miku-nee."

Miku smiled gently at the pair, "Well, I've got to go talk to Kaito-san now, see you later."

The twins both nodded simultaneously.

"See you later Miku-nee."

"Take care Miku-onee-san."

Miku left the room, closing the door behind her, and gave a light laugh. Even at the end of the world, those twins never failed to amuse. She walked along the corridor, and knocked on another door. This time, when it opened, something flung itself at her.

"Miku! Never do that again! Understand?" a voice said very quickly.

Miku looked down at the short girl who had grabbed her, seeing the blond hair of her cousin, "Neru-chan, don't worry so much."

Neru glared up, "I wasn't worried! Don't even think that!"

Miku laughed at her stubborn cousin, "Okay, okay. So you weren't worried after your cousin?"

Neru stuck her tongue out. A voice came from inside, "Akita-san, don't you have work to do?"

Neru sighed, "Yeah, yeah, I'll go." She left, looking dejected.

A blue-haired boy stepped out of the open door, and stood next to Miku, "That cousin of yours sure is an odd one Miku."

Miku nodded, "Give her credit Kaito, she's been pretty badly hit by all this, especially since the whole phone system was knocked out. You know she loved her phone, and always used it to communicate with all her friends around the country. She's just worried for them all."

Kaito sighed, "Well... I suppose. Now come in Miku."

The two stepped into the room, one of the larger rooms in the building. It was their planning room, from which the group worked out their movements through the destroyed city. Kaito sat at a table, and Miku drew up a chair facing him, and sat too.

"So... what did you find out?" Kaito asked.

"Those guys have a fair bit of food stored up, I'd say enough to last them about three months. Mostly canned stuff, they probably raided a few supermarkets to get it. Anyway, I managed to get into their storage room, and found all that food before they found me."

"A couple of them came in and put their guns to me. I managed to run for it, with the help of a grenade once I was out of the room. But when I was halfway back, I ran into some more of the bastards. I took care of them, just before they managed to make me into Swiss cheese."

Kaito looked thoughtful, "Anything else?"

Miku nodded, "Their food storage room is constantly under direct surveillance. I watched them for a while, and they seem to have three people in the room next door at all times pretty much. I only got in by crawling past the door when they weren't looking."

Kaito folded his hands, and nodded, "Okay then... so this food... you think it'd be worth us getting it?"

"Yes, it's not like they'd share it, and there's enough there for months."

Kaito stood, "Very well. I'll organise a party to break in tomorrow. You'll be leading them, and setting off tomorrow evening. Okay Miku?"

"Sure." Miku stood too, "Now, if you'd excuse me, I have things to do."

Kaito nodded, and Miku turned on her heel, walking out of the room. When she was in the hall again, she walked to a flight of stairs, and walked up them. She went up two flights, then reached a door, which opened onto the roof.

She stepped out, and walked along the flat roof to where it rose up, near the centre of the building. It rose into a small tower-like structure in the centre of the otherwise flat roof. The 'tower,' about twelve foot in height, had steps up one side of it, leading onto a flat area a few square yards in size, with brick pillars in each corner, holding up a dome, sheilding what was underneath from the sun. Miku climbed up to it, and looked at the scene there.

Sitting against the pillar to her right was a man, with long purple hair, who initially appeared to be asleep, but who, upon Miku's arrival, looked up at her and smiled. The long katana, contained in its sheath at his waist, knocked against the pillar as he stood to great her.

The other figure there, was a girl with long pink hair. She was knelt over a long gun, which stood on a tripod. Her eye was at the scope, but she raised her left hand in greeting when Miku stepped up onto the plateau of brick. The girl then lowered her hand to steady her gun, and then the index finger of her right hand squeezed the trigger.

A bullet, if you can call a piece of metal that large a bullet, fired from the gun. Miku looked into the distance as there was a faint explosion some way in the distance, and smoke rose from somewhere.

"Still a good shot I see, Luka-chan," Miuk commented.

The pinkette, Luka, sat up from her gun, and turned to face Miku, "Not that good, I've been aiming for that car all morning."

Miku raise an eyebrow, "Somebody got a car working? I thought they all fried after that EMP. It took us long enough to find functioning light-bulbs, let alone any kind of vehicle."

Luka shrugged, "Somebody got lucky, and it wasn't us. So just now, I made sure they got unlucky."

Miku laughed darkly, "Well there hasn't been much luck coming our way."

"It could be worse," the man chipped in.

Luka sighed, "Don't tempt fate Gakkun."

'Gakkun,' or rather Gakupo, chuckled, "It's not like the world's that likely to blow up again."

Miku yawned, "Well let's not make the odds any higher."

Luka nodded, "Any more information on what happened in the first place Miku?"

Miku shook her head, "We're still either on the meteorite theory, or the volcano one. To be honest, I don't care why we're in this shit, just how we get out of it."

Luka sighed, "True I suppose."

Miku looked out over the ruined city around them, "Although if somebody had caused this, then I might care."

Luka replied, "I doubt it was deliberate."

Miku nodded, "I know, but if it were, I'd have somebody extra on my 'to kill' list."

Luka smiled sadly, "You're still cut up about that are you?"

Miku looked back to her friend, "Which 'that' would you mean?"

"Your boyfriend."

Miku bit her lip, "Yeah... I still miss him."

Gakupo smiled, "Well, he may still be alive..."

Miku shook her head, "It's best I accept he's dead. What are the chances he survived? We only did through some miracle, and I went to his house, remember. The whole house was just gone, blown apart by someone or something. I even found his brother..." Miku tailed off, shuddering at the memory. She did not react to blood and death that much any more for a very good, but very unfortunate, reason.

"But you didn't find him," Gakupo said, calmly.

"Yeah... but he could have been blown to pieces. I don't think there's much of a chance of him being alive any more, so I'm just going to accept it. If he turns up some day, fit and well, then I'll rejoice, but I don't think that day'll ever come."

Miku had not realised it, but she had begun to cry a little. Gakupo bit his lip, and refrained from speaking, while Luka gave her friend a hug, "It's okay Miku..."

Miku nodded, and Luka released her, as Miku stood up and spoke, trying not to choke on her words, "Sorry... I'd better be going now... I need to rest up." Luka nodded, and Miku left, walking down the stairs swiftly, but not so fast that her rush was obvious.

She entered the building-proper again, and descended a flight or stairs, before turning onto the second floor hallway, and going up to a door. She opened the door, and stepped inside, closing it behind herself.

The room was not huge, but had room for a bed, desk with a few things scattered on it, and a small wardrobe. The bedsheets were the same shade of blue-green as her hair, and it looked very welcoming.

Miku pulled her gun-strap over her head and deposited the gun and her belt of gear on the floor. She then sat down on the bed, and lay back, staring at the ceiling. She sighed, feeling a little comfort from the soft sheets.

But then she remembered, that these were the same sheets, although this was not the same bed, which he had first slept with her on. She looked over at the desk. On it was a photo from happier time.

It had been when she and Luka had taken their boys out on a double-date. They had asked a classmate they happened to meet to take a picture. She and Luka were smiling in the middle, with Luka holding tightly onto Gakupo's left arm. To Miku's left stood a tall boy, with brown hair going down to his collar. He was smiling along with the others, his brown eyes staring at the camera, while he had an arm round Miku's shoulders.

Miku's eyes watered as she looked at him, the boy she had lost, in all the madness after the end of the world came...

...but that wasn't quite true, it wasn't the end of the world.

Humanity had much of its technology wiped out, but there were rumours that there were some countries that had not been affected as badly as Japan. Some said that, while most of the USA had been badly hit, some parts were still fine, near-undamaged. Others said that the UK had entirely avoided being hit by the disaster, and was even now beginning rescue operations to the rest of the world. Though where these rumours came from was uncertain.

Regardless, humans were still around, but times were desperate, and desperate times lead to desperate people, willing to take desperate measures. There was anarchy in the streets of Tokyo, and in ever Japanese city terror reigned. The group Miku was in was just one of many, formed in the madness after first the earthquakes that struck the archipelago, and then the unexplained EMP that hit shortly thereafter. Miku's boyfriend had been lost in the madness, Miku having not seen him since the first quake.

Now, she and the others would fight with other groups for food and other necessities. They had found a stockpile of weapons in a destroyed military facility, and had helped themselves. The dead soldiers did not seem to mind.

Miku often wondered why she bothered to continue this life any more, having lost her lover, and having to live by taking from, and killing, others. But most of the time, she just lived for the sake of living. It helped to pass the time.

Miku yawned on her bed, and lay still, her eyes fluttering shut, as sleep overtook her.

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