The Last Page, Ch5

Miku ducked as a hail of bullets passed over her head, narrowly missing her. She pointed her assault rifle over the top of the wall which she stayed ducked behind, and fired a spray of bullets at her attacker. She did not hear anything to suggest she had hit, and quickly removed a new magazine from her belt, as the old magazine ejected automatically, and she slammed the new one in place.

She glanced to her left, where she saw a figure slowly aiming his gun. She smiled slightly as Satoru stopped moving the gun, his right eye blinked once, and he pulled the trigger.

Miku heard a body fall, and saw Satoru raise his gun, and nod to her. She turned and stood up, looking at the fallen body of her attacker, as Satoru walked towards her.

"That should be the last of them near enough, let's head back," Satoru said, and Miku nodded. Satoru slung his sniper rifle over his back, and took out his twin pistols, as the pair moved back towards their home.

Satoru's good eye kept darting about to the sides, in case there were any more of the group they had been fighting. It was another group like theirs, which had moved to the area, and were a little too close for comfort. Not that they enjoyed the killing, but it had to be done if they wanted to survive themselves.

Miku's radio crackled, and she picked it up, "Hello?"

"Miku, are you alright?" Meiko's voice came through the radio.

"Yeah, Satoru and I are fine, is everybody else back?"

"Yeah, the others all made it back, but Miki's out of action for a while. She took a hit to the arm, and one caught her neck. The others should be fine after some rest, and a bit of patching up. Oh, but Kaito's furious that Satoru ordered the operation without even telling him."

That was true, Satoru, upon hearing about the group, and that Kaito was taking ages over deciding what to do, had quickly got the rest of the group together, somehow without Kaito knowing, and prepared the attack that they were now carrying out.

"Well... you could tell him to go screw himself," Miku replied, pissed off at Kaito after what he said about Satoru. "Or you could just point out that the operation was a success."

"I don't think he'll like that."

"That's why I want you to tell him that," Miku chuckled as she replied.

"Well, expect him to be angry when you get back."

"Sure, sure. See ya soon," Miku put the radio down, and sped up to catch up with Satoru.

"Anything important?" he asked her, his eye still not looking at her, as he kept looking out for any potential threat.

"Kaito's furious, and Miki's injured."

"Unlucky Miki. Nothing too bad I hope," Satoru said, a little sympathy in his voice.

"She'll live, but a shot hit her arm, and another caught her neck."

"Ah, so she'll be out of action for a few weeks at least then."

"Yeah," Miku nodded, shifting her rifle on its strap.

"And about Kaito, how angry are we talking?"


"How very?"

"Very very."

"Oh goody, so I've got some oversized child to deal with when I get back. Joy!" Satoru said, the sarcasm clear and heavy in his voice.

"Well, you did do it all without him even knowing," Miku pointed out.

"But if he had known, he would have tried to stop me."

"Yes but do you really think he would have succeeded? I know you, and when you have your mind set on something, you don't stop for anybody."

"I stop for you," Satoru said, a smirk on his face.

"Maybe..." Miku looked ahead, to where their home stood. They advanced to the metal door, and knocked.

"Miku? Satoru? Is that you?" came the muffled voice of Meiko through the door. She sounded slightly shaken.

"Yeah, it's us," Miku replied loudly.

The door opened, and Meiko was revealed looking slightly scared. Behind her, Kaito was stood, holding a pair of pistols. One of the pistols shifted from Meiko to Satoru, while the other was already trained on him.

"So, this is the kind of mad you are at me Kaito?" Satoru said, his good eye glaring. "And you set up a trap? How brave of you, to give yourself as much of an advantage as possible."

"Cowardice is just the same as genius Klein," Kaito said, a scowl on his face.

"Really?" Satoru chuckled, then began to outright laugh. His entire frame shook with laughter, then he suddenly stopped, and leaned forward, giving a one-eyed leer to Kaito, "Then, coward, do the clever thing, and kill me."

Kaito blinked, taken aback, and shouted "What the hell? Shouldn't you plead for your life?"

"Why the hell should I do that?" Satoru asked, hands firmly in the pockets of his brown jacket. "I don't see the point. If you're set on killing me, pleading isn't going to change your mind. But I wonder if you have the guts."

Kaito stared at the other man as if he were crazy.

"Can you do it Kaito? Kill a man? And I don't mean the ones we've shot in the street, the ones who we don't know, who're just more blank faces to us, nobody important. I mean to ask, can you kill a man who you know well, who you've known for years?"

Kaito was visibly shaking, and he had a look of fear in his eyes. Miku stood scared stiff by Satoru, watching the two men, as Meiko sat on the floor, having collapsed with fright. Others were drawn when they heard Satoru's laugh, and were standing at the foot of the stairs, watching in shock as the stand-off continued.

"Do you have the guts, Kaito Shion? If you do, pull that trigger!" Satoru shouted the last words, and Kaito closed his eyes, and began to squeeze the trigger.

Satoru reacted in an instant, pushing Miku to the side, so she landed on the ground, then ducking as Kaito shot. He then leaped at the other man, drawing a hidden knife from his pocket, and lunging at Kaito.

Blood spattered on the ground, and Kaito fell limp, a wide gash open in his neck. Satoru stood over him, splattered with blood. Miku just lay on the ground, shaking, and watching the scene before her, wide-eyed.

Satoru turned to Miku, and spoke, "Miku... I'm sorry."

And Miku saw a tear in Satoru's good eye.

There was a patch of upturned earth just outside the base. Meiko had placed a rough cross, with a scarf wrapped round it, in the ground at the head of the grave. Kaiko was knelt at the foot, crying, while Meiko stood next to her, a sombre look on her face.

Miku was watching from some distance away, standing in the doorway of the building. She wanted to go and comfort Kaiko, but she knew that she was one of the last people the girl wanted to see after what happened to her brother.

She heard somebody behind her, and turned to see Satoru walking towards her. She could not look at him, and looked at the ground instead. Satoru passed her, muttering to her quietly, "I know I did wrong. But I don't regret what I did, I just wish circumstances had been different."

Miku looked up and round at him as he walked over to the grave. When the pair by the grave heard him, they both looked up. Meiko glared at him, while Kaiko looked close to crying again. Satoru stepped past them, and stood by the side of the grave. Reaching up, he pulled the eyepatch from his face, and put it over the cross.

"I promise I'll keep this eye on her for you. I'm sorry, I hated you... but you weren't so bad..." Satoru said, before turning and heading back towards the building.

Miku looked at him as he passed, his nearly-healed eye still squinting slightly. Yet there was purpose in that eye.

"Satoru..." Miku said quietly.

The boy stopped, but did not look round.

"Even if none of the others ever forgive you, I do."

Satoru chuckled, "You always do. You forgive anybody for anything. I've never seen you really angry at anybody. Even this murderer."

"He would have killed you, you had no choice. Even if you don't think that, I do," Miku stated simply.

"I know. But killing somebody you know like that will always cause you to hate yourself. If I didn't feel this way, I'd be worried that my humanity was on the way out."

Miku turned to look at the back of his head, his messy hair covering any sight of his face. "You don't have to worry about that, Satty..."

He chuckled, then walked off and up the stairs.

Miku took one last look at the grave, before turning to follow him.

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