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Background: Luke and Lorelai met when Lorelai first came to Stars Hollow. She was 17 and had Rory with her. Luke and her began dating instantly and they got married when Rory was five. When Rory was 8 they had William Richard Danes "Will" then when Rory was 9 they had Max Jacob Danes. The pressure of having two kids about the same age and just being in their early twenties made Luke and Lorelai fight a lot and so they separated for about a year. Then when they got back together they had Emma McKenzie Danes. Who was always with Luke and was a Daddy's girl. For plot purposes Rory and Luke are very close but Rory isn't really like a daughter to Luke. Chris is in Rory's life a lot. Will looks like a perfect mix of Luke and Lorelai he has Luke's lighter color hair and Lorelai's dark blue eyes. He's 17 and a junior in highschool. He's the captain of the football team. He's very outgoing and very popular in school as the rest of the Danes kids are. He's about 6'2. Max also plays football he's very good at it and he's 16. He's a little shyer but for the most part outgoing. He's 6"0. Then there leaves Emma. Emma plays volleyball which she loves. She's always with her friends and very popular in school. She's 14 a freshman in highschool. She's about 5"5 and very short considering how tall both Luke and Lorelai are. She has Lorelai's dark brown hair but Luke's light blue eyes. She is very pretty as is a little intimidating to people not in her inner circle.

"Lorelai breakfast is downstairs, I have to get to the diner I'll see you tonight for dinner"

He kissed Lorelai on the cheek as she was curling her hair

"Thanks hun will you go check on Emma for me, I know the boys are up their out back taking their morning run but I'm sure she's still in bed"

"Will do" he says and leaves to go to Emma's room

He looks at her to see her fast asleep. Her dark hair falling in he face, he smiles and lightly taps her

"Em hunny, you have to wake up, you have school in an hour"

"Daddy?" Emma said sleepily not yet opening her eyes.

Luke grinned hearing her call him that, she hadn't done that in many years.

"Yeah sweetheart come on get up, Will and Max will be back from their run any minute and you know they like to get to school on time."

"Okay dad I'm up" Emma said getting out of bed in her volley ball sweatshirt and plaid PJ shorts.

Luke kissed her on the forehead and told her to have a great day at school and went downstairs to finish eating breakfast. About an hour later Emma came out in a pair of skinny jeans from American eagle with holes, a tank that said "PINK" on it and an oversized sweater. She had straightened her hair and had a braid on the side that was pulled back with a bobby pin. Lorelai was downstairs with Luke at the table and Will and Max were hovering by the door

"Finally" Will shouted

'I know I'm sorry, I'm coming just let me get my Uggs on.

While Emma was doing that Lorelai asked the kids what the plan was for the day

"Me and Will have practice until 6:30" Max said

"And I have Volleyball practice until 5:00, and remember mom you promised we could go to the mall today to find a dress for homecoming" Emma shouted from the other room

"Hunny I cant today I have a meeting
'I could take her" Luke volunteered

"Really?" they all asked

"Yeah sure, I'll pick you up after practice Em, then we will head to Hartford"

"thanks dad"

"Lets go I don't want to be late again" Will grunted. All the kids headed to Will's car and Lorelai followed them getting into her jeep and Luke got into his truck.

"Bye I love you all, we'll grab something out for dinner" Lorelai called and they all pulled out of the driveway.

Emma was surrounded by a group of her friends it was lunch and as always their table was overflowing. There was an older looking boy sitting next to Emma starring at her. Luke recognized him as one of Max and Will's friends who played on the football team. Luke made his way over to the table but before he fully got there Emma saw him and ran over.

"Hey dad what are you doing here?" Emma asked.

"You forgot your volley ball bag at the diner yesterday when I was helping you with your math, so I figured you'd need it. I checked and your shoes, your pads, are in there. I came home and found a pair of your sofie shorts, the green pair I know is your favorite and this black shirt from your trip to DC, I figured would work"

"thanks dad, I would be in huge trouble if you hadn't have noticed" Emma said hugging him

"your welcome, better get back to that table jock over there seems to be missing you"

Emma swatted his chest thanked him again and walked back to her lunch table.

At Luke's diner it was getting very busy with the lunch crowd a girl around Emma's age walked in.

"Hi can I have a sample of your hair"

"No" Luke said in-between taking plates to different tables

"Please I'm doing a project for my science fair of who my father is, I have the other two samples your all that left"

Luke looked at her stunned

The girl reached out and grabbed a few pinches of his hair

"Thanks so much, my fair is the 21st come see if you're my dad…if you want to of course… well see ya…maybe" and with that the girl was off.

"Dad oh my gosh I had the best practice of my life, Coach says I'm doing great keeping up with all the senior and junior varsity players"

"That's great hunny" Luke said distractedly

'Don't forget dad we're going to the mall"

Luke sits silently driving to the mall as Emma goes on and on about her day

"So dad anything exciting happen for you today?" Emma asked

"Uh nope. Why? Did you hear anything?" Luke asked frantically

"No why? Dad you're acting so weird, your all quiet did mom and you get in a fight or something today?"

"No I just don't feel too good"

"We can go dress shopping another day if you want"

"No lets go today between you and your brothers and your mom and I's schedule's you know it will never get done."

Emma began to take her pads and stuff off and slid on her rainbows. She pulled her hair out of her pony tail and smoothed it over.

Once in the mail Emma pulled her dad's arm into a dress shop and began to look around.

She picked about 5 dresses and tried them on while Luke sat thinking about the girl who could potentially be his daughter. He couldn't help but compare her to his Emma. The girl was maybe an inch taller than Emma. She had dark hair about Emma's color but her eyes were brown, Emma's were a light blue. The girl's hair was kind of frizzy and pulled back into a low pony tail, Emma's hair was never frizzy and was down most of the time. The girl also didn't dress much like Emma. She wore more of what Rory wore, when Rory was about 14 simpler clothes. Emma would die if she was forced to wear anything other than from the few stores she shopped at. He kind of liked that this girl seemed not to be so high matience. He thought of what it would be like if Emma and the girl were in the same school and were sisters. Judging from Emma's friends who always surrounded her, the girl at the diner today wouldn't fit in. He thought of Will and Max and how they were so protective of their sister. When one of Will's friends were hitting on Emma, Max flipped out and punched the guy. He wondered if the girl was infact his daughter then if they would be that protective over her to. Then he thought of Lorelai if she would accept the girl and make her part of the family. Then it finally dawned on him if this was his daughter how would his family react. Lorelai knew that when Luke and her separated for that year he did see someone, he saw Anna. He didn't love Anna and he was really just filling time with her. He remembered he dated Anna for the last 2 months before him and Lorelai reconciled. Then 4 months later he remembered Lorelai telling him that they were having another baby. He was so excited and was hoping for a girl. That would mean that the girl in the diner today would be about 4-6 months older than Emma. Just then his thoughts got interrupted when Emma came out in a pale pink dress. It went really well with her tanned skin tone. It was a short dress it came 3-4 inches above her knee. It was a one shoulder with beautiful pink flowers on the strap. Above the waist was defined and then it slightly flared out.
Luke just stared at his daughter, he couldn't make out words

"Do you like it daddy?" Emma said timidly

"I love it, you look so beautiful and so grown up"

"Thanks dad, I love it, I think this one is defiantly the one"

Luke agreed and they went to the buy the dress. On the car ride home Luke kept ranting about how expensive the dress was, completely forgetting about the girl in the diner. "I cant believe that, it's ridiculous. That dress is tiny, 300 dollars. That is completely outrageous. We are never going there again, I am going to write them a very heated letter discussing how angry I am and how I will be taking our business elsewhere"

"Dad just calm down"

"How can I calm down 300 dollars for a peace of fabric?"

"Dad that dress was more than just a piece of fabric, it was gorgeous you said so yourself, and besides I am your only daughter it's not like you have any other super amazing, daughters who love their daddy so much to buy overly expensive dresses for"

Luke got quiet. Emma looked over at him

"Dad did I say something wrong?'

"No hunny, I was just thinking, you're right I shouldn't complain, you looked stunning in that dress and I'm very lucky to have gotten to see you in it"

Emma just smiled in response.

A couple minutes passed before Luke turned to is daughter

"Em did you ever want a sister?"

"Not really, I kind of liked having only brothers. And plus I have Rory she's my half sister.'

"I know but like did you ever want a sister your own age, I feel kind of bad that Will and Max have each other and you don't really have anyone there"

"Dad you know me and Will and Max are so close, I have them and I wouldn't change them for a sister besides dad Ms. Patty and Babette always said that I have you wrapped around my finger and if you had another daughter it probably wouldn't be that way I wouldn't be so special to you like Ms. Patty says I am"

"Sweetie, even if I have I mean had another daughter you still would be just as special as you are to me. I mean that no other daughter would ever make you any less to me than you are."

Emma smiled

"Admit it dad, I'm your favorite, Max and Will have nothing on me"

Luke laughed "Alright you're my favorite"

They pulled up at the house and it was 7:30. Lorelai was watching Max" and Will play COD. When they saw Luke and Emma walk in Lorelai jumped up and kissed Luke.

"Finally we can pig out' Will said making his way into the kitchen and putting all the Chinese food on the table.

"Will was hungry if you couldn't tell" Lorelai said laughing

"I haven't eaten since lunch and you know coach is a brute"
They all sat at the table and ate dinner and talked.

"How was everyone's day?" Lorelai asked

"Good, Coach worked us so hard, I am so wore out" Will said shoving food in his mouth

"Max, how did you do on that Chemistry test?" Luke asked looking at Max

"I got an 84, hey Em Jordan ask you out yet?" Max asked

"Ooh who's Jordan?" Lorelai asked

"No one" Emma looked down and blushed

"Was he that guy drooling at you during lunch" Luke asked

"Oh that was him alright" Max said clearly annoyed

"Jordan's a cool guy we've hung out a few times "

"He's way too old for her" Max chimed

"Alright Dad" Emma said rolling her eyes at Max

'Hey!" Luke said pretending to be hurt

Everyone laughed. Luke looked around at his family and realized if that girl from the diner was in fact his daughter everything would change. He prayed right then and there that the girl wasn't his.

Later that night everyone talked to Rory on Skype. Emma showed her the dress she got and they talked for 45 minutes in the mean time Luke and Lorelai talked up stairs. "Thank you so much for taking Emma to find the dress, I know shopping's not really your thing".

"No it was fine, it only took her an hour"

Lorelai laughed. "So this weekend is packed. Emma is going to the lake with "Paige, Jessie, Sammie, Alexis, and Nicole, the boys have football camp all weekend so lets say we go away for the weekend?" Lorelai asked

"Yeah that sounds great to me" Luke said and kissed her lightly.

The Danes family all went to sleep dreaming of their weekends.

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