A Twist to Every Story


AN: Very deep, dark and agonizing. Maybe you should have some Kleenex with you. You'll need it at the end. Trust me on this. Get the Kleenex. NOW.

AN2: Oh my God. I just found this. I wrote this… like… a year ago. So, tell me what you all think?? Thanks!!

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The Fan fiction association of North America rates this story 'R' for violence, mild language, and adult situations. Translated in Español on channel 109.


I can hardly believe that I'm writing this. Really, me, write something down other than my signature. How strange… anyway… I've always wondered, when you're in the middle of a crisis, or anything really, do you ever notice that there's an obvious beginning, middle and end? I've never really thought about it until now.

It started innocently enough, as one little mishap with Heero that lead to a huge chain of events. Heero was the beginning. The beginning of my troubles…


The room was a bleak gray, reflecting that of the young woman's heart. She had one delicate hand placed on the glass door pane, her tears matching that of the rain, which cascaded down the pane. Her body heat made a mark on the door, creating a handprint. But it was smudged away quickly by an angered and sad sleeve.

Tearless sobs engulfed the woman as she crumpled to the floor, still facing the door's pane. A steady beat of pliter-platter was heard over her sobs. They were heart wrenching, agonizing sobs that would break even the Devil's heart. 

All alone staring out watching her life going by
When her days are gray and her nights are black
Different shades of mundane
And the one eyed furry toy that lays upon the bed
Has often heard her cries
And heard her whisper out name long forgiven, but not forgotten

The young woman sweeps her gaze once her sobs calmed down around her room, anything that reminded her of him…God, she didn't want to think about that right now. Her eyes rested on the furry toy on her bed, that only now had one eye. The other was clawed out not so long ago out of her rage.

"Why?" She murmured, ever-so-calmly before screaming. "WHY?? WHY DID I HAVE TO GO DO THAT?!!?"

No one heard her scream, her own room was well soundproofed and also, no one was home. The Vice-Foreign Minister lived alone. Lived alone in a large, dreary mansion. Her life was lonely; her love had just left her anyway…

She choked back another sob, endless sobs that would come daily at night now, now that he was gone…

"Oh, my Heero…why did you do that? Why did you?" She asked quietly, her voice hoarse. Sniffing, she crawled around her fluffy rose-coloured carpet to her desk where a Kleenex box waited for her. Blowing her nose loudly, that somewhat reassured her.

You're forgiven, not forgotten
You're forgiven, not forgotten
You're forgiven, not forgotten
You're not forgotten

Relena smiled slightly, a sad smile, which broke anyone's heart. She sighed, a shuddering, long sigh. She then raised her head to stare at her ceiling, as she recalled the night before, the cause of her suffering.

Relena lay in bed, facing her beloved. Heero lay beside her, stroking her honey-coloured hair and murmuring sweet nothings in Relena's ear as he held her close.

Both were exhausted after what had happened a few hours ago, and neither wanted to say something that could break the mood.

Relena slowly drifted into a light sleep, she was far too alert to sleep. Closing her eyes, she evened out her breath to try to fall asleep, wrapping her arms around Heero's waist to ensure dreams and not nightmares. After only what seemed like a few minutes, Heero de-tangled himself from her grasp and slipped easily out of the bed, gathering his clothes along the way.

He reached for her vidphone and dialed in a number. Relena listened to the conversation, confused thoughts racing through her head.

"Heero, are you ready?" a manly voice asked from the phone.


"Have you finished your objective then? The Peacecraft girl knows nothing except your endless love for her?"

"I've done what I was asked, I screwed her and made her believe something that's a lie. My job was to get her trust to steal the files on her brother from the office and I succeeded. Am I to report to Oz now?" Heero's voice called.

Relena bit her lip in anger. How dare he use her, like some common whore on the streets? She nearly refrained from calling out, but as soon as she heard him say "Mission Accepted." She blurted out, "how dare you!"

Heero whirled around, ash-pale face, and stuttered before catching himself, "H-how much did you hear?"

"Enough," Relena answered coolly.

"I see. I'm glad you thought my conversation was open to you now."

"Don't fuck with me, Heero Yuy!" Relena cried out, her eyes narrowed.

"I thought I already did, Relena," Heero retorted calmly back.

Relena's lower lip began to bleed, as she was biting it so hard. She screamed out in rage and shouted, "How could you use me? You're even going against your friends by joining Oz! Do you not care that you once fought against them and won?"

"They are stronger now, without our Gundams we can't do a damn thing, Ms. Peacecraft," Heero answered coolly, his monotone voice adding to the deadly glare he was giving her.

"Don't pull the 'Ms. Peacecraft' shit on me, Yuy! I have a name so Goddamn use it!" Relena hollered. "I want an explanation, and I want it now! H-How could you do that?"

Heero said nothing but placed on his jacket. Slowly, he turned and asked, "do you really want to know, Relena?"

Relena nodded curtly, anger still bubbling within her; Heero walked up to her like a panther stalking its prey before he lean d in close to her.

"It's a job that I get paid for," he whispered, then locked lips with her greedily, before she pushed him away with an "ugh!".

He then smirked and walked out of her room.

She never saw him again, and heard from Lady Une he had left Preventers the very next day. No one knew where Heero Yuy went. But Relena knew.

A bleeding heart torn apart left on an icy grave
In their room where they once lay face to face
Nothing could get in the way
But now the memories of a man are haunting her days
And the craving never fades
She's still dreaming of a man long forgiven, not forgotten

Relena sighed, her sobs all gone and only her broken heart left. Her eyes fell onto the pile of Kleenex that was on the floor next to her. It was nearly up to her knees, as she had used three boxes. For once, she cracked a smile and began to chuckle. It then escalated into a bubbly laughter into a full sidesplitting laugh.

Relena slowly wound down, and glanced at the clock on her dresser. Only three am. Not very late. I'll catch some sleep. Maybe I'll deal with this in the morning. She picked up her letter-opener and stared at its cool edge for a while before setting it down on her bedside, as she crawled under the covers and fell into a deep slumber.

You're forgiven, not forgotten
You're forgiven, not forgotten
You're forgiven, not forgotten
You're not forgotten
Still alone staring on, wishing her life goodbye
As she goes searching for the man long forgiven, not forgotten


Quatre rubbed a hand over his eyes tiredly; this endless paperwork was getting to him now, and with the latest amount to deal with. He groaned and leaned back in his chair, a hand draped over his beautiful green-blue eyes.

It had all started a month ago with the problem Dorothy aroused. She had gotten a call from Lady Une, who said one of her cousin's aunts' was on her deathbed and requested Duke Dermilles to show up. When Dorothy had asked Lady Une to tell the lady that her Grandfather was dead, Lady Une declared Dorothy should go. So Dorothy left the next day, but not without a fight.

 "Dorothy, you're suppose to be my fiancée, are you just going to get up and leave me?" Quatre asked, visibly shaken in anger that she would do such a thing.

Dorothy sighed. "Dear Mister Quatre," she began, a cool smile on her lips, "I must do this or Lady Une will be at my throat."

"Aren't you afraid that I'll be breathing down your neck?" Quatre asked, taking a sip of his tea. "Or at least let me escort you there!"

"NO!" Dorothy suddenly cried out, turning in surprise. Quatre's eyes widened, and Dorothy quickly regained her posture. "No…what I mean, is that I need to do this alone. I want to learn about my past, Quatre. I know nothing as my Grandfather said nothing to me about it before I was nine."

Quatre's eyes softened, but the hardness was still there with determination. "Dorothy…can't you do that with me? Here?"

"I think it would be best to find out from my Aunt."

"Your second cousin's Aunt, Dorothy," Quatre corrected.

"Whatever," Dorothy snarled, snapping shut her suitcase. "Do you need to correct my every mistake, Mister Winner?"

"No, Dorothy, but I am worried about you, and I'd wish to spend some alone time with you." Quatre sighed, wishing she'd give up.

"Well, you can take your worries and concerns and shove it up your ass, Mr. Winner, because I'm leaving and not coming back!" Dorothy declared, throwing at him the engagement ring he so carefully chose out.

The door snapped shut with a //bang// as the cool L4 wind flitted into the foyer, leaving Quatre standing there, his shoulders hunched.

"Why…?" he finally asked in a small voice.

And after Dorothy left, he received no calls, postcards, or anything. She had simply disappeared from his life, leaving no trace, like the good little spy she was to be.

            Quatre sighed again and stood from his chair. He left his office and walked into the comfy hall and finally to his bedroom, where he lay on his king sized bed. The other problem was Heero left Preventers and disappeared. Lady Une had declared he had no missions, so up-and-at-ing it was not an option for him. She thought of asking Relena where he was, but she told her that she had no idea.

Quatre had been in the room with the other pilots at the time Lady Une called Relena, and Relena had looked a little strange to him. When Heero's voice was mention, she didn't light up like she usually did when she heard his name, no, this time she looked happy, yet insane happy. Quatre shuddered. That was a freaky look. She had spoken in a nice, polite tone, sweet as she said he wasn't there or had been around lately.

Once Lady Une was about to end the transmission, Relena asked, "Have you heard of a new Oz lately, Miss Une?"

Baffled, Lady Une stuttered, "there have been some rumors, but nothing you should concern yourself with, Ms. Peacecraft."

"Of course," Relena replied, but Quatre and the other pilots noted the grin she had on her face when she hung up — an evil grin that just didn't fit with her tranquil façade.


When Relena opened her eyes a crack, the sunlight of an after-storm hit her full blast, making her roll over with a groan. Unwilling to open her eyes, which felt like parched eggs; she stumbled blindly out of bed and into her dark bathroom.

Fumbling for a moment to find the switch, the bathroom was finally illuminated in white light, bouncing off the gleaming countertops, Jacuzzi and bathtub. She quickly turned on the taps to the sink and splashed her face with cold water.

Finally opening her eyes at the shock, she saw what she looked like. God, I look dead. She giggled. Well, I could be a little later today…that letter opener seems to be calling my name. She took a towel from the rack, wiping her face clean and left the bathroom. Finding something un Relena-like in her closet, she finally chose a light purple sweater, and tight-fitting black jeans. Accenting her outfit off was her hiking boots.

"Perfect," she murmured, giving herself a ponytail as she took our her two intertwining braids and clasp it up on her head with a claw to give her the hair falling over the top of her head look.

She perfected her make-up before heading out of her mansion and to New Port City to find a dinky café where she could have a nice breakfast and blow off her meetings — she would have Paygen call the delegates and tell them she was heartbroken after her boyfriends' disappearance.

She bounced down the marble stairs that were in front of her room, spotting Paygen watering one of her tropical plants. She smelt its fragrance from the stairs and wondered why everything was so happy when her heart felt so bad?

As she passed him on her way through the living room to reach her front foyer, her heart leaped into her throat. He stood off to one side, holding a photograph of them, a wistful look on his face. He didn't hear Relena come in. She wondered why he would come, and after last night, how dare he show himself to her again!

His scent reached her nostrils, his tank top showing off his well-toned muscles, Relena felt her heart quicken.

"Who the hell do you think you are, coming back here?" Relena spat, suddenly, making her and him jump. He dropped the photograph, and when it hit the ground, the frame smashed, the glass breaking. 

You're only just a dreamboat
Sailing in my head
You swim my secret oceans
Of coral blue and red
Your smell is incense burning
Your touch is silken yet
It reaches through my skin
And moving from within
It clutches at my breast

"I once said the day that picture frame breaks would be the day our love is over. There's your omen, Heero," Relena said softly, her eyes on the photo.

"Yeah, I guess our love is over," Heero repeated.

"We never had a love to begin with," Relena snarled venomously. "Get out of my house. I don't want to see you here anymore, and if I do see you, I'll call Preventers."

"Like you would," he smirked.

"Take the chance. Lady Une knows about the new Oz. I suggest you lay low. You never know when I could call her up and tell her that you've been here the whole time," Relena replied coolly. "Now if you excuse me, there's the door now leave." She pointed to her foyer door, and waited for him to move. When he did, she followed him to the door, holding it open with grace, and waited impatiently for him to step outside.

"It's a shame really," he finally spoke in a tight voice, "that I had to screw you for a job. But it was a good screw. Too bad that it couldn't be on normal terms."

"Get the hell out," Relena said through clenched teeth, "And I hope you find some whore to take liking to you, because it sure as hell won't be me!" Once Heero was outside an inch, Relena slammed the door shut into his startled face.

 Once the door was shut, Relena had a queasy feeling in her stomach. Have I done the right thing? She asked herself, clutching the ends of a near-by table. Her socked foot slipped on the smooth tile as she fell to the ground with a //thump//.  

But it's only when I sleep
See you in my dreams
You got me spinning round and round
Turning upside-down
But I only hear you breathe

And when I wake from slumber
Your shadow's disappear
Your breath is just a sea mist
Surrounding my body
I'm workin' through the daytime
But when it's time to rest
I'm lying in my bed
Listening to my breath
Falling from the edge

Relena took a deep breath before helping herself up. Paygen entered once she had straightened and had placed on her light spring jacket.

"Miss Relena, are you okay? I heard a thump and came as fast as I could," the old man looked around and asked in his raspy, kind voice, "where is Mister Yuy? I saw him in, but has he left?"

"Yes, Paygen," Relena answered, smoothing out her windbreaker. "Gone for good. If you see him on this property, call Preventers and tell them I'm being harassed by someone who won't take 'no' for an answer."

 "Y—Yes Miss," Paygen rambled, a confused look on his face. Relena then gave him a curt nod as she left the mansion and began a brisk walk down the gravel road and finally to the old country lane that lead into the city. A nice jog would do her good.

She smiled as she heard the birds chirp in the distance, welcoming the summer that was on its way. She looked up through the meshed branches, watching the sun shine through the openings between the leaves, a scene of perfect serenity.

Up to the sky
Where angels fly
I'll never die
Hawaiian High
In bed I lie
No need to cry
My sleeping cry
Hawaiian High
It's reaching through my skin

Relena continued her walk, a sad smile on her face as she walked through a little down outside New Port City, finally leading into the large city that was at least a good half a mile from her home. She thought:

He's gone. Finally. It's over.


Trowa Barton straightened up from his bow and nodded to the crowd that was before him and his sister as they posed for their applause. This act had gone fairly well, Catherine threw six knives at him and not one nicked him. But a few were a little to close for comfort. He chuckled at the thought, Catherine throwing him a curious glance from the sidelines where they retreated.

"What's so funny?" she asked. Grabbing two water bottles form one of the other clowns, she handed one to Trowa and took a swing from the other one once unscrewing the cap.

"Just thinking."

"About what? Or more precisely, who?" Catherine smiled, her bushy brown hair bobbing as she leaned in. "Is it that Midii girl from long ago? Or is it a friend?"

"Cathy," Trowa warned, rolling his eyes. "I don't see Midii, the last I saw her was when we were ten. And besides, she's a spy, she won't show herself."

"Sure she won't, Trowa," Catherine grinned now, "she sure won't. But you'll introduce her to me when she does, right?" She began walking away. Once far enough, she called out, "invite me to the wedding!"

"CATHERINE!" Trowa's angry voice echoed throughout the backstage of the tent. He sighed once she was out of eye range. He headed to their shared trailer, and once inside quickly found a clean yellow tank and pair of tight jeans (^__^) to wear. Once he had changed of his clown costume, he decided to walk around the forest they were in; he could take care of himself. It was Cathy he worried about.

And lately Quatre, Heero and Relena were also on his mind. Quatre had called him to tell that Dorothy had broken off the engagement, and there would be no more wedding. So he was worried about his best friend, he vowed once on L4 he would stop by his little Arabian's home.

Heero was also on his mind ever since Lady Une informed the pilots he was gone, missing, vanished. He suspected it was nothing until he heard from Relena that he wasn't at her place. But he was sure he was — Heero was finally showing interest in Relena in the past few months, getting closer to her than all the other pilots.

And then Relena was on his mind. He was worried for the Minister's well being, being away from Heero was something she didn't take likely. So he monitored the news regularly, and jumped every time the vidphone rang. He wanted to protect her — just like he was sure the others did, but did not vocalize it.

Shaking is head; he let his feet carry him to a near-by stream. Everyone was having problems lately. Luckily, WuFei hadn't called yet to say Sally was leaving him — Trowa himself knew that the Chinese man couldn't bear his wife to leave.

After a few more hours Trowa left the stream and walked slowly back to the tent. Once there, he spotted Catherine right away, carrying a bucket with food to the lions' cages. Trowa walked up and gladly took it off her and feed the lions himself, he wondered what was going to happen next. He just knew that it was something. Something big.


Relena turned the corner of the street and spotted a nice, dinky café, exactly like the one she wanted to eat in for a change. It stood in the corner of the street, ivy vines growing from the garden in front of the shop and up the building. The building itself was small and old, but all the while home-y looking.

Relena pushed open the door, a tiny //ring// above her head made her look up and see a small bell hanging over the door, announcing a new customer. She smiled slightly. What an idea.

She found herself a vacant booth near the back facing the door, so she could see the whole café. Light came from the kitchen, spilling over the bar there, and to the booths that lined the walls in the small square-shaped café.

"What will you have, Sugar?" a young lady, Relena's age, came up with an apron and pad asked.

"Oh! Um…coffee and maybe two cinnamon buns?" Relena asked politely. "Thanks."

"Great. No problem," she smiled, and then walked away.

So this is what it's like to be a normal teenager, having no one come rushing up to the Minister, Relena thought, smiling a bit wider now. She watched people in the near empty café, and saw one man left his newspaper on the booth seat.

"Sir, your newspaper!" Relena said, pointing to it.

He laughed, smoothing out his business suit, "I don't need it anymore. You can take it."

"Thanks!" Relena replied, picking it up and bringing it back to her booth, the same time the waitress brought her, her food.

"Here you go," she smiled. "I'm Lindsay, by the way. Anything else you need, refills, more buns, call my name."

"Thanks. I'm Rel"— Relena caught herself in time and smiled. "Rel Dary."

"Nice to meet you." Lindsay smiled, slipping into the seat across Relena. "Have you heard the latest news?"

"What news?" Relena frowned, she was sure she heard all the stock market exchange, the weather, the news…

"Relena Peacecraft is missing! Her butler called the delegates to cancel her meetings, and when they didn't believe him, they showed up at her place!" Lindsay whispered excitedly.

Oh dear, poor Paygen, Relena thought, biting her lower lip. "What happened then? I didn't hear anything!"

"It's all on page ten!" Lindsay exclaimed, pointing to the newspaper. She flipped it open and the headline: Relena Peacecraft, princess and vice foreign minister missing! Jumped out at Relena. Confused how they ever got that idea, Relena went on reading:

This morning, the home of Ms. Relena Peacecraft was searched, when the police came up with the verdict, Relena Peacecraft is missing! How she ran away or was kidnapped is no clue, but her butler says, "Miss Relena simply went out of a walk. Why cannot you believe that?"

Somehow, this reporter doesn't believe so. I personally believe Miss Relena Peacecraft was under too much pressure of the current new Oz that is being formed under the name of "His Excellency" the deceased Treize Khushrenada. However, when I confronted his daughter, who tried to also take over the ESUN a while back, she said, "I have no idea they were forming a new Oz! They could at least have told me I'm the daughter of Treize Khushrenada! It must be someone new, I have no siblings and no living relatives except my God-mother, Miss Anne Une."

So who is telling the truth? No one, in my ideas.

The rest of the article was about Relena's current project and paper signings. "Oh dear."

"Yeah, but isn't it exciting? I don't think she ran away anyway. She loves her people too much to disown them." Lindsay said. She flicked some of her blonde-red hair behind her shoulder and winked at Relena, her green eyes sparkling. "What about those pilots? Aren't they hotties?"

Puzzled, Relena's eyes went wide and Lindsay flipped the page over which showed a picture of the pilots and her and the girls having a pool party in Relena's spacious backyard.

"My God…" she trailed off and Lindsay mistook it as she thought they were cute too. How on Earth did they get this picture? My backyard…they had to be there the whole time!

"Yeah I know…did you hear that Heero Yuy disappeared? And rumor has it he was engaged to Relena, and left because she was cheating on him with Duo Maxwell! And Duo was cheating on his girlfriend, an ex-Oz girl with Relena and a circus girl. Can you believe that?"

"Nope," Relena replied, shaking her head. "Heero Yuy left because he's an ass who used the Princess and Duo is only her friend who is dating Hilde right now anyway, and Catherine is on L2 with her brother, Trowa perfecting their circus act." Relena said, tapping people on the page as she said their name.

Lindsay's eyes widened as she listened to Relena say all the pilots and girls whereabouts. "You speak like you know them!"

Relena smiled at the girl, stood, and left the correct change for the meal and a tip for Lindsay. As she walked to the door, Lindsay called out, "hey, Rel! Why don't we hang together some time? Where do you live? I'll stop by later today!"

"Sure," Relena said, turning in the doorway. "I live in the Peacecraft mansion. Thanks for the gossip, Lindsay. Now I have to correct the police and call Preventers. See ya."

The door shut with a tinkle from the bell, leaving Lindsay staring in shock at the door where Relena Peacecraft had just stood.         


Relena chuckled inwardly as she left the café, wondering if Lindsay would actually stop by later or not. Relena continued her brisk walk down the country lane when a sleek, silver Mercedes pulled up beside her.

"Rel…hey Relena! Hop in!" a voice called out, and Relena turned to see Duo's head poking out the driver's window. "Need a lift?" He grinned, wriggling his black sunglasses up and down.

"Sure," Relena replied, smiling slightly. She walked around the car and opened the passenger door, shutting it carefully not to get it caught in her purple sweater.

"New look for you," Duo grinned.

"Yeah," Relena replied, staring ahead, watching the scenery whip by as they speed down the lane. Duo had rock music blaring from the radio, but turned it down nervously.

"Not talking much, are ya?" Duo licked his lips. "Is it because of Heero? I mean, I know you guys were…well, if you ever need to talk at all…"

"He was a user, Duo," Relena finally said, and Duo stopped talking to glance over at her.

"Excuse me?"

"He used me. To get to files on Millardo." Relena's voice was filled with bitterness.

I haven't slept at all in days

It's been so long since we've talked

And I have been here many times

I just don't know what I'm doing wrong

"WHAT?" Duo choked out, leaning forward to the steering wheel. "Are you kidding, 'Jousan?"

"No," now her voice was sad. "How could I have been so blind as not to see it? Oh, Duo…it was horrible!"

Duo pulled over to the side of the road with a grim expression, and unbuckled his seat belt. Relena was now tearing, sobs escaping every now and then. Duo scooted a bit over and wrapped his arms around her, rocking her a bit back and forth.

"Calm down, it's okay, he can't hurt you now," Duo whispered, hoping to comfort her. She sobbed into his button-up shirt, getting it all wet, but after a bit, she sniffed and calmed down. Duo still held her, both their eyes closed, still rocking in silence.

What can I do to make you love me?

What can I do to make you care?

What can I say to make you feel this?

What can I do to get you there?

There's only so much I can take

And I just got to let it go

And who knows I might feel better, yeah

If I don't try and I don't hope

Relena was the first to open her eyes, and she looked up at Duo. He felt her move, and opened his eyes too.

"Feeling better?" He asked quietly. A small, sad grin was on his face as he held her. Relena nodded and raised her eyebrows.

"Uh…" she began, but he silenced her.

"Hilde and I broke up, that's why I was heading to your place. Trowa and Catherine left the day before for L3. I decided to visit an old friend." Duo said softly, reading her thoughts.

 "Oh, Duo, I'm so sorry! I knew how much you cared about her! What happened?" Relena cried out. Her eyebrows furrowed together as she coaxed him into telling her.

Duo sighed. "Well, let's just say she got a little 'close and personal' with another Ozzie. Specifically, Heero. That's why I knew something was up when I saw them in my bed together…"

"Oh, Duo…" Relena said, then sniffed. "I feel so bad for you!"

Nothing more was said for a bit before Duo smiled sadly. "Me too."

No more waiting, no more, aching...

No more fighting, no more, trying...

Maybe there's nothing more to say

And in a funny way I'm calm

Because the power is not mine

I'm just going to let it fly

Duo patted Relena's back as she hiccuped. "Mind tellin' me what Heero did to you?"

Relena shook her head and whispered hoarsely, "some other time…when I can talk about it."

Duo nodded and tilted Relena's head up to look him in the eye. "Relena." She fidgeted, looking everywhere but where he wanted her.

"Relena, I'm not Heero," Duo whispered, calmly. Relena this time looked him in the eye and they leaned forward, their lips brushing before they truly locked lips, taking it up a level. They sat in the car, just kissing, not aware of anything else but the feelings they were having…

What can I do to make you love me?

What can I do to make you care?

What can I say to make you feel this?

What can I do to get you there?

And love me... love me...


Duo packed his things right away; he wasn't staying in this hellhole any longer with Hilde cheating on him, and with his own best friend who turned against him! Turned Ozzie! Damnnit!

 "Duo, you can't go, you just can't!" Hilde cried from the doorway as she watched him toss things into his suitcase, carelessly shoving them to make everything fit.

"Sure I can Hilde," he said in what would be a clam voice. "See, it's simple. You cheated on me with Heero, and now I leave. See?"

Hilde choked out a sob and stamped her foot on the ground. "I couldn't help it, Duo!"

"Couldn't help it?" Duo asked slowly, turning to face her. "What the hell is that, Hilde? Are you trying to make an excuse?"

             "Duo!" Hilde sniveled. "You knew I had a teeny crush on him and Trowa since I saw them both, and you know I'm a flirtatious girl…"

"Yeah, I know…you already slept with one." Duo grumbled. "Go on."

"And well…Heero said he knows he well…uh…" Hilde blushed here and trailed off.

"He said what?" Duo sighed, exasperated. "Say it, Hilde if you want me to stay!"

"He said that he had a good fuck the other day and well…he said the girl loved it so he knew he was good, and offered me," Hilde said slowly, then speed up hastily, "but I knew I should've waited until I was married, I told you that anyway, but…"

"But what?!" Duo asked, slamming shut the suitcase.

"But he was so good…" Hilde whined. "Duo, you know you can't go, I'll…I'll make steak!"

"Forget it Hilde. Say hi to Heero for me. I'm leaving this colony and not coming back." Duo snarled, pushing past Hilde as he stomped down the stairs to their apartment and out the front door.

He caught a shuttle to Earth that night and arrived at Preventers headquarters in the morning, got a duty patrol there and head out after talking to Lady Une to Relena's.

Duo yawned and stretched, bringing his arm down, only to feel something warm beside him. Tensing, his opened his eyes, and saw golden honey hair fanning out around the pillows and sheets. He relaxed, knowing it was just Relena, but in the corner of his mind, he was almost wishing that it was Hilde he saw and everything had been a dream.

"We didn't do anything, right?" a tiny voice grumbled from underneath the covers, snuggled right up to him.

"Not that I know of…but then again, we could also find out by doing it now," Duo teased, poking Relena's shoulder as she appeared.

"Very funny, Mr. Maxwell." Relena grinned. "I need to get going…I have a meeting this morning I really don't want to go to. I wish I was a normal teenager…" She smacked her forehead. "Did anyone call?"

"Paygen said some girl dropped by, but the guards wouldn't let her in," Duo said, a confused look on his face.

Relena groaned and began to crawl to the end of the bed, when Duo grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back against him. He nuzzled the back of her neck and asked, "mind tellin' me who you're going to see this early?"

"Duo, it's nearly eleven, and you call this early?" Relena laughed, playing with his long bangs, before she turned and kissed him quickly on the mouth before scooting out of the bed and his range. "My friend I met while I was out. You picked me up right after I left."

Duo pouted once Relena had left, but now he looked interested. "Friend, eh?"

"Yes, a girl friend," Relena smiled, and disappeared into the bathroom. Sticking her head a bit out, she called, "head downstairs. I'm sure Pierre will have a large buffet breakfast ready for you!"

Duo jumped up at the word 'food' and was out of the room before you knew it.


Relena knew that this "thing" with Duo wouldn't last. She was cool water, while he was hot fire. The two didn't mix, and even though he was good company, he wasn't the one for her.

Sighing, Relena leaned against the closed door. She knew that soon she would see him again. It was destiny. Destiny was there to make them stay together, through thick and thin.

She quickly changed into Silver navy blue jeans and a tank top with a light sky blue knit top over it. She quickly brushed out her hair into tiny waves and applied her usual lipgloss and eyeshadow. She then bounced out the bathroom, searching for Duo.

She reached the dinning room, where Duo had stacked two plates full of food. She was about to say a "good morning" when Paygen came in the room and announced, "Master Duo, you have a call. You may take it in the study, sir."

"Thank Paygen," Duo said, then winked at Relena. "Be right back."

"Very well sir," Paygen said curtly, and turned to show Duo to the study. Relena chuckled slightly and took some food onto her plate before sitting down to eat.

Time passed. Duo didn't come back. Relena was beginning to feel edgy, so she left the dinning room and headed for the study, down the hall.

What are you doing, Relena? You can't barge in and say, "Duo! I missed you! What was taking so long!" Yeah. Get serious. Relena scolded herself and paused in front of the door. She knocked, but heard no response. Pressing her ear against the door, she strained to hear something. 

Curious, she heard voice but they made no sense to her. Silently and stealthily, she turned the handle and peeked in the room. Duo stood over by the desk, a little bit with his back to her, and she could see who was on the vidphone.

The banging of Duo's hands on the desk made Relena jump, but she stayed silent.

"Dammit, Heero! You love the damn girl, and yet you go out, screw mine, and then say you want my help? How the hell did you know I was here, anyway?" Duo snarled, leaning in to the screen.

"I knew where you were because Hilde told me."

"Gee…how nice of her."

"Did you touch Relena?" Heero asked in his cold monotone.

"What do you think? That I'd go and have a one-night stand with her? Yeah, Heero, that's exactly what I did. NO SHIT IDIOT! How can you not love that girl?" Duo cried out, pointing to the doorway without looking back to see Relena there.    

Relena brought a hand to her mouth to muffle her cry. Did…did Duo use me too? To get something that Hilde couldn't give him?

"Relena is the nicest person I know and you blow it with her. You finally made a mistake, Heero, but you can't admit to it. You shouldn't have called OZ from her house, one, and two, you told her your fucking mission! Whatever happened to, 'I destroy all obstacles in my way'? Are you getting soft?" Duo continued on, red with rage.

"Duo, don't make me…" Heero trailed off, a warning tone in his voice.

"Don't make you what? Come here and punch me like old times? Heero, we've grown up. I still can't believe you went back on your word to protect Relena. Leave us with your dirty job."

"I still protect her." Heero argued. "I still watch over her."

"By joining Oz?" Duo snorted. "Yeah right, Heero. Nice try."

Relena shifted the weight on one of her feet before she listened in some more.

"Duo, answer me this. Did you touch Relena in any way? You didn't give a straight answer last time I asked. Now, tell me," Heero demanded. He narrowed his eyes when Duo didn't reply.

"So I did. So what? Does that make a difference that you touched Hilde when you knew she was mine? You God-damn *KNEW* that I was going to propose to her too! What makes you any better than me if we both had a one-night stand?" Duo argued. He balled his fists, and slumped his shoulders.

I don't need an education
I learnt all I need from you
they've got me on some medication
my point of balance was askew
keeps my temperature from rising
my blood is pumpking through my veins
somebody get me out of here
I'm tearing at myself
nobody gives a damn about me
or anybody else

                 Relena's hand didn't muffle out her larger cry as she felt a sob coming up. Another user…what am I? A slut in the Sank Kingdom who charges five bucks a night?

Duo turned at the sound of her sob, and instantly his face softened. "Relena, I"—

            "Don't you 'Relena' me, Duo Maxwell! Here, I thought you were the one who understood me the best, and now…" Relena trailed off, glancing at the vidphone where Heero had a smirk on his face and was watching the whole thing. "You're no better than him!"

Heero's smirk vanished and he now looked confused with a 'me? What did I do?' look on his face.

"Thanks a lot, Duo. Make sure your stuff is packed by the time I get back — I want you out of my house by then!" Relena cried out between hiccups and sobs. She then turned and ran down the hall.

I seem to do lots of that nowadays, she thought before bursting through the front door, leaving it banging at its hinges.

I wear myself out in the morning
you're asleep when I get home
please don't call me self defending
you know it cuts me to the bone
though it's really not surprising
I hold a force i can't contain
somebody get me out of here
I'm tearing at myself
nobody gives a damn about me
or anybody else

Paygen said nothing as Relena ran out of the house again today, but sighed and called out pointedly to a stunned Duo and a concerned Heero, "I believe she means it, Sir…I'll get your things ready for you."

Duo nodded glumly, and whipped his head back at Heero. Glaring, he mouthed, "I will get my revenge another way", before he left the room, his hand casually flicking the 'off' button.


 Relena ran out of the heavy oak doors and held one shaky hand to her face. She felt wetness soon on her hand, and she knew that she was crying; she hadn't noticed before. She continued running blindly wherever her feet took her.

 She soon realized that when she stopped to look around, she was in the middle of the forest that surrounded her home.

 Great, she thought, lost in a forest... what am I suppose to do now? Hug a tree?

 She laughed scornfully at her bad joke and then crumpled to the ground onto a flat riverbank nearby. She delicately traced a ring around its cool liquid, only hiccuping now. She narrowed her eyes in thought, and said nothing, did nothing.

 It was only after a good few hours that she seriously considered that she didn't know her way back home. She ran in the forest blindly, and took many turns to avoid fallen logs and think bushes. She now glanced up, her honey-blonde hair sweeping off one shoulder and landing on the next. She brushed a bang out of her eyes and shivered.

 "What am I going to do now?" She murmured, her teeth chattering against each other as she watched the sun set between the trees. "Best find some place warm for a night stay."

 She got up on wobbly legs, and looked around. A lone wolf howled in the distance, and Relena shivered more violently. Spotting an over-hanging rock formation, she crossed a small puddle of water to get to it, splashing the left pant leg up to her knee in muck. She swore softly and crouched down near a pile of leaves. She brushed them together into a small pillow and prayed that there weren't any hungry wolves or bears out tonight.

 She closed her eyes, and yawned. Wrapping her arms tightly around her, she shivered a bit more but felt her body slowly give in to sleep. She yawned once more before darkness over-came her.

::Relena's dream::

 Relena was dressed in a beautiful opal gown, her hair wrapped up, piled onto her head. The dress itself was simple yet elegant enough for her. It hung straight from the waist-down, but the top was shaped perfectly for her curves and wrapped around her neck to hold it all in place.

 People around murmured about her beauty, but where was her Prince? Relena was searching, searching for an answer. She looked this way and that for someone. Relena wasn't sure whom. Finally, the dark shape of a crowd parted and their in the light was Heero, looking around for something or *someone*.

  Relena drew in a breath and approached him. "Heero."

 He turned to look at her and took her hand in his. He nodded and drew her close for a dance. A circle formed around them, shielding them from prying eyes and rants. "Relena…I think we should see other people."

Now here you go again, you say you want your freedom

Well who am I to keep you down

It's only right that you should play the way you feel it

But listen carefully to the sound

Of your loneliness

Like a heartbeat drives you mad

In the stillness of remembering what you had

And what you lost

 Relena let nothing on her face change, but she looked up at him and whispered a heart-broken, "why?"

  "I've gotten word that there's a new threat to you. In order to protect you, I must stay on full guard. I cannot let my emotions get in my way, Relena," Heero said, looking down on her. He felt her stiffen.

 "Am I just a symbol of peace to you, Mr. Yuy?" Relena asked curtly, looking at his shirt tie.

 Heero winced slightly, not enough for a normal human to catch, but well enough for Duo and the other pilots to. "Relena…don't make this hard on me."

 "Thank of what you'll loose, Heero," Relena whispered into his ear as she broke away from him when the song ended. She felt the crowd push her back. Someone blocked her view of Heero, and she only remembered his last look of utter pain…and loneliness.

Yeah, thunder only happens when it's raining

Players only love you when they're playing

Yeah, women they will come and they will go

When the rain washes you clean you'll know, you'll know...

Relena walked out to the balcony, and watched the stars twinkle in the distance. She could see storm clouds rolling in from the distance, and could faintly hear the thunder. She watched a small, single rose near her flutter in the wind.

"I know how you feel, little one," she muttered softly to it, leaning her elbows on the stone rail. She could hear in the background people laughing and talking gaily. She then tilted her head up and sighed, counting in her head down from five. Four, three, two, one…

Now here I go again, I see the crystal visions

I keep my visions to myself

Well It's only me that wants to wrap around your dreams and

Have you any dreams you'd like to sell

Dreams of loneliness

Like a heartbeat drives you mad

In the stillness of remembering what you had

(Drives you mad,) and what you lost, (remember what you had)

Thunder only happens when it's raining

(Thunder only happens when it's...)

Players only love you when they're playing

(Players only love you when they're...)

Yeah, women they will come and they will go, (they will go...)

When the rain washes you clean you'll know...


 Bingo. Right on time.

 "Yes Heero?" Relena asked, not facing him. She had a sickeningly sweet voice being used.

 "I'm…uh…I'm sorry for what I said back in there…I shouldn't have even told you about the new threat or breaking up with you." He replied in his monotone, but something was different...there was a trace of emotion in them.

 "Really? Well, isn't it a bit too late to take it back?" Relena asked cheerfully.

 "Yes, but…"

 "But what, Heero?"

 "I was hoping you'd forgive me. Relena, come back inside…it's going to rain soon, you'll catch your death," Heero scolded.

 "For that I should go tag Duo…then I'd have caught my death then, wouldn't I have? No wait, he's really just like you…isn't he? Hmm…well, maybe I'll catch a hundred dollar bill instead, ne? I'll go see Quatre then," Relena snapped. She tossed her only loose piece of hair out of her face and stared ahead at the garden.

 The thunder was getting louder, as the people inside were.


 "GET LOST HEERO!" Relena called over the thunder as it boomed above them, and the people in the ballroom screamed as a glass panel broke, crashing down to the marble floor.

  Relena woke up, gasping, and blinked as the forest was lit up. Thunder overhead crashed and made Relena jump. She looked around with wide-eyes and saw night creatures scurrying this was or into their burrows.

 She also jumped up and ran (again) blindly somewhere, possibly deeper into the forest. She jumped every time thunder crashed, its booms intensifying every time. She gasped as her foot caught an up-rooted branch and she fell to the ground.

 Crying out in pain, she could make out some twinkling lights in the distance. She narrowed her eyes, but the rain that poured down on her and her tears of pain muddled the picture.

The last thing she remembered was closing her eyes and giving in to the darkness and pain.


Well! That was Part One… ready for Part Two? Let me change it around and we'll see what we have, won't we?? ^_^