A Twist to Every Story


AN: Very deep, dark and agonizing. Maybe you should have some Kleenex with you. You'll need it at the end. Trust me on this. Get the Kleenex. NOW.

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The Fan fiction association of North America rates this story 'R' for violence, mild language, and adult situations. Translated in Español on channel 109.




Now, I honestly didn't know where I was. I was in the middle of this huge mess, and it was all Heero's fault. It's always his fault, one way or another. I mean, why on Earth would he come back to me, after I knew he disappeared after the Eve Wars? How silly of me to be lured in by him.

I guess you could say I was gullible. Well, I'm not anymore. At least, I don't think so. But that was beside the point. I am Relena Peacecraft; I need to be there for the people. And if I'm not… I don't really want to get into that. But, just one day as a normal teenager like Lindsay would make my day…

And there I was again, in the middle of a big, muddy, mess.


Bright. That was the first thing Relena knew -- how bright it was. She moaned and absentmindedly brought a hand to her forehead, but instead, she could barely lift it off the sheets.

Sheets? She wondered, and slowly, painfully, opened her eyes.

"You're awake," a cheery, soft, voice said. The room blended together, and Relena blinked once more to straighten the picture. A woman with bushy brown hair and pale purple-gray eyes was looking over her. "How you feeling, Ms. Peacecraft?"

"Horrible... thank you for taking care for me, but, I must be going," Relena stated, and tried to get up, but her body protested and she sank back into the pillows. "I don't even know who you are," Relena finally mumbled.

The woman laughed. "Catherine Bloom, Ms. Peacecraft. You know my brother, Trowa."

"Trowa?" Relena repeated. "And please... call me Relena, Ms. Bloom."

"Catherine. Or Cathy," Catherine smiled, and placed a cool wet cloth on Relena's forehead. "Trowa went outside in the forest because a horse got loose. Instead, he found you with the horse near-by, grazing. He brought you back. You have a fever and you nearly got pneumonia."

"Did I?" Relena asked, lazily, her eyelids becoming heavier.

"Yes; sleep. You need your rest. I'll tell Trowa that you woke up and know where you are right now," Catherine hushed, and got off the bed. She walked away, and Relena closed her eyes once more.


Trowa looked up at the sound of Catherine closing his bedroom door.

"How is she?" He found himself asking. Catherine ran a hand through her bushy hair before sighing.

"Okay, I guess. She's not that bad off... she just needs to sleep. I think ... I think that whatever happened with Heero has something to do with her stress. And something else, obviously. She's very pale and probably hasn't been sleeping too well lately." Catherine muttered, before heading into the tiny kitchen attached to the living area. She bustled about making some tea. "It's best if you not tell any of others that she's here right now -- wait until she's feeling better."

Trowa nodded and gathered his jacket form a chair. "I'm heading out."

"Be back for dinner!" He heard Catherine call out to him before the door swung shut behind him. So, she needs some rest, he thought, and glanced up. A cloud blotched out the sun, but a wind rustled the October leaves and the cloud parted.

"I won't tell anyone, Cathy. I promise," Trowa murmured before walking away from the trailer and towards his truck.


It had nearly been a week since Relena had been found, and she was feeling much better. She had gotten up and walked around the trailer on her second day of staying with Trowa and Catherine, and finally on the last day, Catherine announced ("In best timing," she might add smugly) that the circus was moving closer to the Sank Kingdom's location (Relena had been found nearly a good hundred miles or so away from New Port City, as Trowa and Catherine's circus had been in Northern Sank Territory). Therefore, Relena could finally go home, without much as a cut or scrape.

"Relena, we need to talk," Trowa said bluntly, as Catherine called cheerfully that she was heading into town to buy some groceries.

"So I thought," Relena answered him, glancing down at his bed sheets.

"Why were you out in the forest? So far away from your protection?"

"Ran 'way," Relena mumbled.



Living without you
I know all about you
I have run you down into the ground
spread disease about you over town

Relena had a flash back of all the things that happened to her to make sort of impact on her life. First, it was when she was fifthteen and she met the Gundam pilots. Heero, threatening her, Duo joking, Trowa, silent, Quatre, bubbly with energy, and full-of-himself WuFei.

I used to adore you
couldn't control you
there was nothing that I wouldn't do
to keep myself around and close to you

Then it was when she was sixteen, when Mariemaia had taken her to Brussels. How she felt when she saw Heero's face on the huge screens before her; that rush, the power of feeling that he was finally going to do it — kill Relena Peacecraft.

Do you have an opinion?
A mind of your own?
I thought you were special
I thought you should know
but I've run out of patience
I couldn't care less

Then it was all the things in between point A (fifthteen year old Relena) to point B (sixteen) to point C (now). How she was worried about Heero, how he never showed himself when men tried to assassinate her at meetings and briefings, how he let the Preventer's actually do their job. It irked her badly. Every time, her fingers itching to go around his shoulders, shake him violently, and shout, "HEERO! Where were you?! They nearly got me!"

Do you have an opinion?
A mind of your own?
I thought you were special
I thought you should know
but I've run out of patience
run out of comments
I'm tired of your violence
I couldn't care less

Then it was now, with Heero using her, Duo using her. What next? She thought. It can't get any worse, can it?

"Ooh, darling, never say that, it only jinxes the rest to let ya know something will happen." A voice scolded in her head. Relena sighed.

"Duo…Heero…stress," was all Trowa heard as the rest was slurred. He nodded.

"When you want to talk, you can call." He then got up and left the room, but as he had a hand resting on the door panel, Relena called out feebly, "Thank you… Trowa."

He turned around a bit, and nodded, but something flickered in his eyes. It was gone before Relena could identify it. 


When Catherine and Trowa dropped Relena off in the same small village outside the actual New Port City and Sank Kingdom territory, Relena's first thoughts were: Go to the phone.

Finally locating one (which happened to be inside the café, she dimly noted), Relena dialled a special phone number for her brother to let him know she is alive, and yes, fine, no cuts Millardo, and that she would be home soon.

After sighing and hanging up, Relena wandered to her now usual table in the back. Lindsay came up to her, sliding in, and demanded to know everything.

Relena grinned and took an immediate liking to this girl; something about her bossiness got to Relena, making her snaps and instantly grins. So, leaning forward and armed with at least a dozen cinnamon buns, Relena began to tell Lindsay all about her sickness and how Trowa came to her rescue.

At the end, Lindsay breathed, "wow," and flashed a million-watt smile, "you've got the coolest friends, Rel, I mean, and I doubt anyone I know would save me! They would leave me in the forest to rot!" She wrinkled her nose up in disgust.

Relena laughed along with Lindsay, and then paid for her food, leaving for Sank Kingdom with a heavy heart.

What I wouldn't give just to be normal for one day, she thought, and jumped when a car honked at her.

Stepping aside, she saw Quatre behind his black Mercedes. "Need a ride, Ms. Relena?"

"Sure," Relena grinned, and as she strapped herself in to the passenger seat, she chuckled, "you're the second one to offer."

Puzzled, Quatre looked over at Relena, and frowned. "You didn't go with them, did you?"

"Wish I hadn't," she muttered darkly, before smiling brightly again, "don't worry, Q-man, it was only Duo."

"No wonder, he's rubbing off on you already," Quatre muttered, staring ahead.


Once Relena had been settled in to her mansion once more, and by strict orders of Millardo Peacecraft, and acquired a bowl of chicken noodle soup, did she question Quatre's sudden appearance.

"So, Quatre," Relena began (sip, sip), "what brings you here?"

            "Um, well, Ms. Relena"—

            "Relena, Quatre, please, we're in no need of formalities if we're friends for nearly ten years, am I not mistaken?"

            "Yes, of course, Relena," Quatre choked. He inserted a finger down his tight, stiff-necked collar and pulled, letting some imaginary steam let loose. "Well, you see… Dorothy and I have called of the engagement."

 "You're kidding," said a flabbergasted Relena.

 "No, I'm afraid not… we — Er, this is hard to admit to," Quatre bit his lip, "well, it was over a simple argument, and we are no longer seeing each other as of what came up."

            "What came up, Quatre?" Relena asked gently, instantly regretting it.

            Quatre threw his hands up in the air, and nearly yelled, "Damn that woman!! All I said was that I wanted to help her with her family past, and what does she do? She blows up on me — ME! The only male in the most prodigious Winner corporation — and says, 'No, Quatre, I want to do this on my own'. Well, of course…"

            Relena absentmindedly nodded here and there, to act like she was listening. Dear God, she thought, first I'm a slut, then a prostitute, and now what am I? Quatre's shrink?

Ba ba ba ba
Cut my tongue out
I've been caught out
Like a giant juggernaut
Happy hours
Golden showers
On a cruise to freak you out
We could fly our helicopter
Nothing left to talk about
Entertain you
Celebrate you
I'll be back to bring you

 She bit her lip as Quatre continued on now about her horrid style of clothes. Relena sighed inwardly and rolled her eyes up to the ceiling. Finally concluding in her head that this was what Quatre wanted to do all along, Relena wondered faintly when WuFei was going to come and start yelling at her about how "injustice" Sally was acting.

 Relena then let herself wander in her own daydream, all thinking one thing, when I grow up…

When I grow up
I'll be stable
When I grow up
I'll turn the tables
Trying hard to
Fit among you
Floating out to wonderland
Got 'em pregnant
Damn the consequences

             "…And so, I say, 'Dorothy, dear, can't you at least pluck nicely for once and get rid of those horrible eyebrows of yours?' and she replies — oh, you'll like this Relena — she says…"

            What exactly Dorothy said back to Quatre, Relena didn't know. All she knew was a Relena in her own little fantasy, where she was a knight in shinning armour, and Heero was a peasant, begging for her attention. She giggled, provoking a strange look from Quatre. Nonetheless, he took a breath and continued.

When I grow up
I'll be stable
When I grow up
I'll turn the tables
Blood and blisters
On my fingers
Chaos rules when we're apart
Watch my tempter
I go mental
I'll try to be gentle

Paygen was suddenly at the door of the billiard room, and promptly said, "Master Quatre, your limo has just arrived, sir, it is waiting for you."

Quatre nodded to Paygen, and both he and Relena stood. Pausing for a minute, Quatre finally smiled and hugged Relena tightly. Not expecting this, Relena was caught off-guard. Her eyes widened, but then returned to normal once Quatre had left the embrace.

"Ooh, thank you, Relena," he breathed, "You've been so kind. Ta!" He called, waving, as he got into his private limo.



Trowa couldn't help but to feel edgy this close to Relena, and yet, do nothing about it. He knew somehow, someway, that Heero was out there, and he was planning to do something. Something, maybe with OZ, or maybe something to the world's beloved Dove of Peace. His Dove of Peace.

Stopping short of his walk to the lion's cage, he let the bucket drop with a clatter. His Dove of Peace? Where had that come from? Trowa thought, eyes wide.

"Hey, Trowa!" Catherine called.

"Yeah, sis?" Trowa called back, after clearing his throat.

"You done? The horse's cage needs mopping!" She called back, leaning out the boss's trailer window.

"I'll do it right away, when's the show?" He called back.

"Some time around eight tonight, get ready for a sold-out show!" Catherine called back, winking.

"Great," Trowa muttered, but for some strange reason, his voice sounded strangled.


Relena fell asleep instantly when her head hit the fluffiest pillow she could find. Her dream, she recalled later, was that of the weirdest insanity she could have thoughts up, but it scared her and humoured her at the same time.

::Relena's dream::

Relena was in limbo, surrounded by grey nothingness. The floor was only of the sleekest black, and Relena was perched on it, looking around, and licking her lips nervously.

Suddenly, voice sprang up around her. Heero suddenly appeared as if an artist who was erasing him was going backwards, and un-erasing him.

 "Heero?" Relena asked timidly.

 Heero turned around, wearing a blue plaid shirt over a green tank top, and black slacks. "Relena, what are you doing here?" He asked in his monotone.

 "Er— I can ask you the same thing," she replied nervously. Was Heero really here? She wondered.

 "Well, still," he huffed. "Where is Hans and Jay? Shouldn't those two bodyguards be around you all the time?"

 "I doubt they would be in my dreams, Heero," Relena answered back smoothly. Obviously this dream was the one she could slightly control.

 "This is a dream?"

 "No, it's limbo… yes, it's a dream!" Relena snapped. "Now, how do I wake myself up?"

Heero sighed and looked around the nothingness, before he began shyly, "Relena… about that fight we had, y'know, when I slept with Hilde…"

 "Wait a sec, why would you be trying to make up with me? I want nothing to do with you!" Relena spun around, suddenly stopping her mutterings of waking herself up.

            "You don't?" His face fell.

This is so NOT the Heero I know, Relena thought, wrinkling her brow. This is the Heero I want his to be… oh dear…

            Relena gulped and then looked around. "Well, talking about it won't be that bad, I suppose."

            Heero looked up, happily, and they sat Indian-style on the ground. "Well, you see, Relena… I… well, um…"

I would die for you

I would die for you

I've been dying just to feel you by my side, to know that you're mine

            "You what, Heero?" Relena asked.

             "Relena, darling, I'm sorry for what I did, and I would love to have you back in my arms — my life, make no mistake! I love you every breath I take, and I want to be with you, protecting you—"

 "Enough of the dramatics, Yuy, and spit it out," Relena sighed.

"Would you marry me, Relena darling?" Heero asked, such hope written on his face as it shone.

 "Um, Heero?" Relena asked, "You forgot the ring."

 "I have it right here, Ms. Relena!" another voice rang out, and soon Quatre appeared.

 "Great, Quatre, what are you doing here?" Relena asked sarcastically. 

             "Relena-sama, will you marry me?" Quatre asked, going down on one knee.

 "Quatre, you're my friend, why would I want to marry you?"

 "Because, Relena-sama, you make my life! Without you, I would be lost and I wouldn't be able to stand up for myself, or fight for what's right!" Quatre replied, grinning.

 "Quatre, you're a damn Gundam pilot, you were trained to kill, you can take care of yourself, besides, Dorothy is looking for you," Relena replied, sharply. Quatre's face fell, and he began wailing.

Great, I wanted a Quatre that depends on me, and here he is, Relena thought sadly, and watched Heero yell at Quatre's quivering form.    

I would cry for you

I would cry for you

I will wash away your pain with all my tears; I'm drowning on fear

I will pray for you

I will pray for you,

I will sell my soul for something pure and true, someone like you

See your face every place that I walk in

Hear your voice every time that I'm talkin'

You will believe in me, and I will never be ignored

 "Ojousan!" another, male voice rang out. Relena, Heero, and Quatre groaned.

"What the hell do you want, Duo?" Relena asked, as Heero tempted to get Quatre to find Dorothy so he could propose to Relena again (once he found the ring).

 Duo's face was spilt into a huge grin. "Come with me to the park, 'Jousan?" Duo pouted, "just for me?"

"Weakling!" WuFei's voice echoed before he appeared behind Duo. "You do not ask the Queen to go to the park, Maxwell, she has much more important matters at hand."

"WuFei? Aren't you going to lecture me on being a woman?" Relena asked weakly.

WuFei looked bewildered. "What in the world for, Relena? You are Nataku!"

Relena's jaw fell to the ground, as she looked up at WuFei. Duo was grinning down on her; WuFei was beaming at her; Heero was on one knee, staring at her, awaiting her answer; and Quatre had stopped wailing to watch.

"So, Relena Peacecraft, are you going to marry me?" Heero asked finally.

 "What?!?! Why would Relena-sama marry you, she'd marry me!" Quatre jumped in.

Suddenly, all the men began arguing on who Relena should marry. Relena sat there dumbstruck, only after realizing she wanted to be respected by WuFei; admired by Quatre; teased playfully by Duo; and crooned by Heero.

I will burn for you

Feel pain for you

I will twist the knife and bleed my aching heart, and tear it apart

I will lie for you

Beg and steal for you

I will crawl on hands and knees until you see; you're just like me

 "Where's Trowa?" Relena suddenly asked. The men shifted uncomfortably, stopping their fight. 

 "Do you not remember, 'Jousan?" Duo asked sadly, giving her a sympathetic glance.

"Remember what, Duo?" Relena asked, looking at each Gundam pilot. "What?"

"Relena-sama, Trowa-chan, well… he," Quatre trailed off and looked at WuFei who muttered "Weakling" under his breath.

Heero cleared his throat. "Trowa died in a battle. You gave the world a speech about him last year when he died."

Relena stared at Heero. 

Violate all the love that I'm missin'

Throw away all the pain that I'm livin'

You will believe in me, and I can never be ignored

I would die for you

I would kill for you

I will steal for you

I'd do time for you

I will wait for you

I'd make room for you

I'd sink ships for you,

Take the cross for you

Make me a part of you

Because I believe in you

I believe in you

I would die for you

            "NOOOOOOOOOO!! TROWA!!!!!"  

            Relena cried out, and opened her eyes, scanning her room wildly, before her eyes rested on the nightstand beside her bed.

"Only four?" She murmured tiredly. "What the hell happened in the dream?" Vowing to remember it, she replayed it in her head, scribbled it down in her dream book that lay under her pillows, and fell back asleep like nothing happened.

If only it hadn't, then maybe, just maybe, the mess would've been a little cleaner.


Heero knew that he couldn't go back to Hilde's; Duo would take care of that. Going to Relena's was out of the question, since she hated him with a passion. Too bad that I can't turn that passion back around, he thought sadly, if only she or Duo knew why I really joined OZ. They didn't make such a fuss when Trowa did… this… all… the while… DAMN!

Heero jolted forward in the shuttle's seat and slammed his fist onto his tight. Why didn't I see it before? Not only was I blind — Oh fuck.

Heero stared out in space and vowed that once he got to L1, he was taking the next flight to Earth, where Relena was… and Trowa.

He cursed himself again, and then buried his head in his hands, messing his hair even more.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, he thought over and over again, okay, so you were acting mean around Relena that night… okay, you deserved her verbal abuse…and yes, okay, you deserved to be kicked out. But she would take you back after she heard what you did, joining OZ because you went in undercover. But whom did she go crawling to? Duo, then Quatre. WuFei hasn't seen her; he's stationed in China. Trowa is the only other one near by… he'd take her in, I know it.

Heero looked up to see L1 colony appear before him, and soon they were ready to land.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please bucket up your seat belts, and place all trays in the upright position. We hope you enjoyed your flight on Sank Airlines. We await your next flight with us, and please, remain seated until the shuttle comes to a complete stop. Buh-bai!"

 Relena plus Trowa, damn them both to Hell and back, as Duo would say. Relena needs to hear me out… Heero gulped as he got up and then grabbed his bag.  She's my life. I can't loose her.


Quatre knew he couldn't loose Dorothy, he had this weird dream he was proposing to Relena and she told him to find Dorothy. He shook his head, and opened his little velvet box. Inside, sat the engagement ring Dorothy threw at him only a month and three weeks, twenty-two hours, ten minutes, and thirty-two, no thirty-three seconds ago.

He was obsessed. He needed to see her, and he needed to see her now. So he tracked down Lady Une, told her his problem, and she gave him the address Dorothy was living in now.

"Okay, so she's in New York." Quatre nodded. "It sounds small. I think I can find her easily. I wonder what this 'west side' and 'east side' means?"

So Quatre boarded his plane, and hoped for the best. (We wish you luck, Q-man!)


Trowa's act last night was the absolute best he had done in his whole time at the circus with Catherine and company. And it wasn't because he and Catherine had been rehearsing the knife-throwing act endlessly, or that the lions were well fed before the act, it was because someone was on Trowa's mind.

Relena, specifically. He couldn't get her out of his mind. The way she smiled at him when he was taking care of her when she was sick, the way her voice was quiet and shy as she talked to him, everything about her drove Trowa insane.

"Hey, Trowa!" Catherine called, "Why don't you show us that smile?"

That line would endlessly tease Trowa since he was one of the most staid pilots and people in the world, but tonight, he cracked a smile, resulting in Catherine to exclaim something quite loudly.

"HOLY SHIT, Trowa!" She cried out. "I've never seen you smile like that, is a girl on your mind?"

"Yeah," he answered slowly. "But it's not the one you're thinking about, Cathy."

He then left the tent to go to the trailer, leaving behind a very confused Catherine.


As Trowa lay his head on his tattered pillow, one thought raced through his mind: Relena.

He knew now that he was in love; it stood out so badly.

Opened my eyes today
And I knew there's something different
Saw you in a brand new way
Like the clouds had somehow lifted
And if yesterday I heard
Myself saying these words
I would swear it was a lie

And then he realized, how could Relena love me? A clown in the circus, a nobody, someone who doesn't even remember his own name.

As his heart was trying to convince him, it reminded Trowa of something Duo said once, "names are just things given to you by other people. There's no sense in worrying about that."

He had replied, "I am still without a name."

And Quatre's reply, "Trowa sounds good to me, you'll always be our Trowa Barton."

His mind wasn't so convinced yet that Relena Peacecraft could love him, but his heart was doing a pretty damn good job.

I don't know why but suddenly I'm falling
Was I so blind
I was loving you all the time
Now I'm hopelessly addicted
Helplessly attracted

He was in love; and Trowa wasn't going to let his logical mind get in the way, no, he was going to act on his emotions. Something he should have done years ago. Too bad Heero Yuy was too much of a hypocrite to loose Relena…

I'll make a wish this day
And I'll send it to the heavens
That we will always stay
Entwined like this forever
And though the world may change
Coz nothing stay the same I know we will survive

But why did he join OZ? This was on Trowa's mind, before it clicked. He was working undercover like he used to… but this time he wasn't so sure. After all, Heero was acting (if he was) pretty well… it's nearly (or is) completely stumping Trowa himself, but…

I don't know why but suddenly I'm falling
Was I so blind
I was loving you all the time
Now I'm hopelessly addicted
Naturally we acted

Helplessly attracted
Chemically reacted
I was loving you all the time

Helplessly attracted
Chemically reacted

Naturally we acted

Well, Trowa thought. Only one way to find out. He'd find Heero and ask him. That wouldn't cause too much of a commotion, after all, he and Heero were quite alike.


Relena was far too quiet at dinner with Noin and Millardo for Millardo's liking. The only time she actually got this quiet was when she had something on her mind. And most of the time, on her mind, was none other than Heero Yuy.

"Relena," Millardo cleared his throat. "Pass the butter."

The butter was passed wordlessly.

Millardo and his wife, Noin, exchanged a worried glance. Noin turned back to Relena, and poked her in the shoulder. "Relena, honey? Are you okay?"

No reaction. Millardo began to growl, "if that damn Yuy kid did anything to you —"

"Millardo, what do you think of Trowa Barton?" Relena blurted out.

Millardo blinked a bit, before he shook his head and peered at Relena beneath his platinum bangs. "Well, I've never talked to him really, Relena… why?"

"Oh, just wondering," Relena, replied evenly, stabbing at her stringed greens, before popping them into her mouth.

Noin and Millardo watched for a few more minutes silently, and went back to their eating, when Relena piped up, "Noin, you took Trowa and Heero to Alaska, didn't you? To fight Millardo?"

"Er— yes, I did, Relena," Noin stuttered, looking back at Millardo. What's with this sudden interest of Trowa Barton?

"What was he like? Easy-going? Nice? Silent?" Relena asked, placing her fork down to watch Noin intently.

"Well, Trowa was, Er — actually rude in a short, he was trying to help me, but I was the rude one, more so than him. He was silent usually. Then when Heero fell asleep, he took over from two am to around six, when he got two hours of sleep before the battle."

Millardo narrowed his eyes as he saw Relena shine and listen to Noin explain this all intently.

"What's going on, Relena?" he asked, suspiciously.

"Nothing, brother dear," Relena replied innocently.

"Yeah, right," Millardo replied, his eyes still narrowed. "Spill it, Relena Elizabeth Peacecraft."

Relena winced. The full name threat, oh dear, she thought, but then forced a smile, and laughed impishly, "Brother, don't worry! I've gotten over Heero, isn't that enough for you?"

"Over Heero?" Millardo snorted. "For who? Nice, innocent, Quatre Winner? Prankster Duo Maxwell? Justice-man Chang WuFei?"  

"Err— no, actually, silent Trowa Barton," and with that said, Relena excused herself from the table.

Noin and Millardo continued eating for about two minutes before Millardo let this sink in and he roared, "TROWA BARTON!?!?!"


Relena giggled as she heard her brother's eruption from her room. She had been expecting that, but now her brother couldn't at least pick on Heero anymore. Not like I care anyway, she thought.

Now, she had promised to help Quatre find Dorothy and make them set things straight. Dorothy had called Relena earlier that week, and as soon as Dorothy gave her the number, Relena wrote it down. Once the phone call was over, Relena dialed Quatre's place and gave it to him, including the address she had received, but Dorothy warned her she was moving the next day, and wouldn't give her the new one until she was in properly.

Quatre had thanked Relena endlessly, and then said, "I'm so glad my dream of proposing to you was wrong!"

"What?!" Relena asked, staring, "I had one like that too! Where Heero there too — was he proposing?"

"Yeah," Quatre answered, nodding vigorously. "Weird…"

They then said their good-byes and ended the phone call. 

But Relena couldn't shake off that feeling that something was going to happen, messing up her life more that it already was.


AN: That's all I had of "A Twist to Every Story". So. Trowa loves Relena, and Relena loves Trowa. Now I just have to finish the story! By the way, all songs are by Garbage and The Corrs – there will be a list of them at the end of part three, which is the last part. Thanks to every who reviewed so far! You guys rock!