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I mean yes it almost every guys dream to be able to be with two or more beautiful girls and for it to be real is really not all that plausible with today's society. That's why I chose to redo things again with changing various things to make it more lifelike. Hopefully I'll be able to redo the chapters faster than before.

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Unknown to every one in Bayville, a lone figure could be seen high above on one of the many buildings of the city. Overlooking the city with a look of interest yet at the same time boredom. The cloths that he wore were torn and at other places barley hanging on.

"Oi fox, did you find out were we are?" Asked the shinobi as he leaned against a building; playing with a kunai. God how he wished they found out where they were just so he could find a way home. Home…or what was left of it at least. They could handle the situation in his absence he supposed.

"For the billionth time gaki, I have no idea where we are for all we know we could be in a different dimension, hell maybe even in the future. I may be a thousand year old demonic fox but I don't jump around dimensions" growled Kyuubi annoyed at the boy constant questions since arriving, truth of it he really didn't know.

Sigh "Well at least I was able to kill him before getting sent here. If not the bastard would have arrived here with us." responded the leaf Nin, remembering how he arrived here


All he could see was darkness, was he dead? But he had done it he finally gotten the bastard that took everything away from him. Opening his eyes he could see that he was falling about a hundred feet above the ground, looking under he could see there was a pond. Was he at the training grounds? How'd he get here? Forget it no time to think about it, he had to cushion his fall. Summoning all his remaining chakra he was engulfed in a sphere of blue energy sending it to his limbs, right before he landed on the source of water causing a huge wave, from the impact. Looking around his surroundings he could see this was defiantly not the training grounds.

The trees line was far to thinned out, the path ways far to cleared out. To easily assessable for civilians. Looking toward the tree line he could see the lights from buildings. Buildings he knew were not in his village. Hell the design of them was wrong from what he could see. Trying to move towards them he felt a sharp pain run up his body. Looking down at his hand he could see blood running down from his arm. He slowly took in a breath before he tried moving towards some of the thicker foliage. Albeit he did make slow progress in actually reaching his haven, by the time he reached it he was near the border of unconsciousness.

"Kyuubi, we got a problem" said the blond out loud as he closed his eyes hoping that no one would find him till he regained some strength. Because one thing was clear this was not home.

Flash back end

"Indeed, it still surprises me how you were able to take on Madara" responded Kyuubi truly amazed by the feat but he would never admit it to the blond. How could he really admit that a pitiful human even if it was his container beat someone he could not fully take on?

"Meh, admit it your proud but I had no choice others were counting on me, besides being Rokudaime Hokage means you can't let your people down… no matter how many times they let you down." Naruto responded though muttering the last part. Even though he had gained the village's respect; old wounds sometimes never truly heal. Isolation from your own home…yeah not the easiest subject to explain with words.

However Kyuubi was able to hear it with his advance hearing, responding "Meh, face it kid if it weren't for the old hag you wouldn't be kage the way the treated you. Even though they warmed up to it in the end."

"Meh, whatever fox, we have more important issues to deal with like figure out what to do in this situation, I can feel the power here it's different from chakra yet so similar and only I could call her an old hag!" responded Naruto trying to change the subject and move away from the memories that caused him pain.

"Please any power that could possibly exist here is nothing. If you want to really find someone powerful than find a true demon. Besides humans are so weak and easy to kill" replied Kyuubi in a superior tone. He couldn't help but point out the flaws of the human race; he himself had been unstoppable until he was sealed. Then when freedom was presented the blonds cursed father came along. Damn the blood that ran through the veins of his mothers ancestors.

"Oh so I have to find a 'true demon' like your self. Please fox just look at what happened with my father. And before then you've been sealed within my mother and her ancestors Face it you got your furry as handed to you and still wine about it" responded the blond cheerfully trying to take a blow at the demons ego; almost as if reading the demons mind.

"Why you little bastard that one didn't count!" Growled out the fox from his confinement in the blonds head; at the same time proving the blond was right about him wining. It wasn't his fault the red eyed bastard could control him! Seriously who the hell even gave that clan those eyes?

"How the fuck didn't that count? I mean yeah you were forced into the fight but you still lost" taunted the blond with a smile as he looked across the strange city before he continued "But anyways if we're lucky we might just find something to keep us entertained and maybe a way to get back home. I can't let sensei and Ko to fix everything on their own. But for now lets do a little recon." before disappearing in a yellow flash.


"Hey chuck you okay?" asked a gruff voice from the man next to Charles Xavier; as he observed the man's face contort in concentration. He hadn't seen him strain this much since he first sensed Jean.

"I wish I could say so old friend." Answered the man as he removed the cerebro helmet and place it back on the table. After seeing his friends look he continued "When checking for other young ones I felt an incredible amount of energy beginning to leak out. But that's putting it frankly it was more as if a damn had been open. It has been some time since I have last felt such a force. However I couldn't pin point the origins exact location. Amazingly the power stopped flowing as fast as it appeared."

"So what we go a powerful mutant running around here?" asked Logan in a tense tone ready to move out and face the opposition.

"I'm not sure; as far as I can deduce is that they are extremely talented enough to control their power. All I could gather was that they were in the general vicinity of the city. And if you do find this person please don't confront them Logan. This person can very well be on the same level as you." answered the Professor as he looked at the animalistic man in front of him.

"I can't promise anything Charles but I'll try. But if this person seems like a threat I won't hold back" called out the man as he walked away; unknowingly doing the same as his target.


"Mystique I have a new assignment for you" called out a shadowy figure from one of the corners of the principles office as he appeared like a phantom.

"Just tell me what it is and I promise I'll try my best to fulfill it" said Mystique as she looked at the shadowy figure; trying to hide her shock of him just appearing abruptly.

"I have traced a mutant with so much power that it's incredible. If this person were to join me; my plans will easily fall in order not even Charles new team will get in the way" answered Magneto with his voice full of confidence. Yes with such a person under his control then a new dawn would arise for mutants everywhere. Though he needed to upgrade his technology since he wasn't able to locate the person. From what he could gather from the abrupt trace was that this mutant was indeed on a whole different level than what Xavier had on his team. Not even Wolverine would be able to stop the new mutant.

"I will have the brotherhood keep a look out for any new mutants in the area and if we do locate them then I will try to persuade them to join us," said Mystique trying to please him

"The mutant isn't here within the city however" commented Magneto "However I have a feeling that they will soon arrive"

"As I said already I won't let you down" responded Mystique meeting his cold gaze

" For your sake I hope you don't or you may end up…broken," said Magneto as he left but before leaving the small metal plague on her desk rose and bent at strange angles before falling back.


"Well Kyuubi, what do think?" asked our neighborhood friendly shinobi as he was back on top of one of the buildings.

"Not really all that impressive; five rabbits I could take over this place in a few days. A week tops" commented Kyuubi as he scratched at the cage. Maybe whatever happened weakened the seal. A fox could hope…

"Dumbass you couldn't even take out my own village." responded Naruto with a teasing tone. All he heard as response was a growl. "But I do have to give it to them their technology is really advanced it's sad however their bodies are so weak. They wouldn't last too far into any real shinobi training."

"So what will you do now?" asked our favorite Kitsune as he curled into a ball

"Well for starters got to learn the language, then get some cash , a place to crash at, and we'll see were we go from there. " responded the shinobi as he listed the things with his fingers. Now that he thought about it he could use a bath too. He still had his cloths torn and matted with blood.

"Well I do know of a certain demonic justu that will solve the first problem." answered the fox; the blond could just feel the grin on his muzzle

"Well I'm all ears!" responded the blond, happy of the thought of not having to do that much work now.

"Well for starters you will have to use my chakra then, it will also leave the person you use it on brain dead, you might want to kill them afterwards." Said Kyuubi cheerfully.

"Ne, fox does everything with you have to do with death? But death is my life…" his response was a deep chuckle, "Eh, any ways I think I know who will be our first guinea pig tonight…" responded Naruto as he felt out a concentrated amount of tainted chakra. Humans really couldn't have tainted chakra yet thanks to some training from the toads he was able to tell humans intentions through the way their chakra acted.

At a abandoned ware house

Drake Paterson usually thought of himself invincible I mean look at him he had power, money and women what more could a man want right? I mean yeah the road to getting himself here was tough he had to do a lot of backstabbing and illegal work to get here so if you asked him if it was worth it he would respond without hesitation yes. Yet he finds himself here cowering before a 6 foot man dressed in steel toed combat boots, black baggy pants with many pockets torn in various places with the bottoms taped with black medical tape. A black long sleeve shirt being torn to shreds at the right arm, with a green vest with several pockets having a slash mark from the right should down towards his left hip and some kind of head band tied on his forehead and over that he wore some kind of cloak, that had seen better days, was bloody red with black flames licking the bottom yet worst of all he had in his hand a black katana pointing at his freaking neck!

Moments before

"Yeah, well you tell him…." began Drake before he was interrupted by the door to the entrance being blown off.

"Eh, sorry about that but your guards wouldn't let me in" responded the blond as he dusted off the dust from his cloak.

"What the fuck do you think you are just barging in here like that do you know who I am?" responded an angry Drake.

"I bet if I could understand you, I'd come up with a witty remark" responded Naruto looking up from his icha icha book.

"What he say?" asked Drake to the thug next to him, who just shrugged his shoulders, "Forget it boys just surround him and kill him!"

And that's exactly what they did they surrounded the blond and tried to shoot him, key word tried. As soon as they surrounded him and opened fire Naruto easily jumped over the incoming bullets taking out nine of Drakes twenty men leaving him with eleven. Next he swiftly ran right past seven of the men and in a flash blood sprayed from various cuts on their bodies, killing them. The remaining four looked towards the blond to see him holding a pitch-black katana in his hands. Naruto quickly flashed forward slashing a man at the stomach, turning swiftly to decapitate the man behind him. Then flashing forward to stab another in the neck. Spinning quickly and using the momentum he stabbed the last in the heart. Ah the joys of wind chakra, hacking and piercing a body like it was butter.

He then slowly made his way to Drake slowly flicking the blood of his katana. Mean while Drake was in shock this man, no monster, had just taken out twenty of his men who were armed with a freaking sword! By the time he recovered the man was before him. He was just about to reach for a gun he had on his desk when in a flash he found his arm slashed, which cut the tendons stopping it from moving.

"What ever the fuck that is don't seem to nice to me… so no touchy?" called out the blond said in a teasing tone.

"Fuck you! Talk English bastard!" responded Drake through the pain.

"Hm, why do I feel you just called me a teme" responded Naruto before he palm strike him in the torso then following it up with a kick in the jaw. Then pointing the blade at his neck.

"Aright what do you want, please just no more?" Pleaded Drake

"Sorry dude I have no idea what you just said… so yeah" called out the blond while shrugging his shoulder before continuing "Whatever, I just need you to hold still for a second" Before flashing thru some hand seals while red chakra began to leak out. "This shouldn't hurt a bit; well actually it's the first time I use so tell me if it hurts when I see you in hell!" Said the blond before calling out Demonic release: Soul absorbing jutsu! After saying this Naruto's hand was surrounded with red chakra before grabbing Drakes head after this Naruto's and Drakes eyes glossed over then drake screamed out in pain and fell over twitching. "Fuck that felt weird." Responded the shinobi who stabbed drake in the neck.

"So that's what this thing has inside of it" thought the blond out loud as he began looking through the computer "Eh, time to hack into his files and get me some cash!" added the blond who wasn't a bit put off by the massacre he had just caused. Living the life he had lead as a shinobi had taught him to put away feelings such as remorse when the time called for it. Besides he had no real reason for regret as he had seen some of what Drake was planning on doing tonight. To him the death of a few thugs was worth more than the life of one good man.

"I'm so proud kit!" called out the fox with joy; it had been a while since he had seen the blond cut loose. Not since that last skirmish with those Oto nin, god how he wished he could be free.

"Eh, what ever you crazy old fox." Responded the jinchuurki of said demon as he got the information of Drakes banking accounts and figured out how to return some of the money back to the people that Drake took it from.

Break several weeks have passed since this incident

"Well fox I say it's been good since that Drake incident don't you think?" asked the blond as he pulled up to the nearest high school.

"I believe so; you even got your self an apartment. Though I still can't figure why you want to go to school, dammit!" responded the aged demon as he looked out into the world through the blonds mind.

"Well as I figure it's better than just staying at home. Besides I need to figure out more about this world if I want to stay in the cover. Though I doubt I'm going to enjoy this" Replied the kage as he stepped out of the car.

"I suppose so but remember don't come crying to me when you get bored" grumbled the fox; causing the blond to grin and reply

"Thanks for the support you mangy flee bag"

Principle office

"Naruto Namikaze, it's a unique name. I have heard of several strange names before but never one as this." said Principal Darkholme as she stared at the young man across from her. Something about him seemed very off; he was far to relaxed. Normally she would have students squirming under her icy stare…but he looked like he was talking with an old friend

"Yeah I've got that a lot lately; even back home people would ask me that. Guess my parents wanted my name unique and I can't say that it doesn't fit. I couldn't think of a more fitting name than 'maelstrom'" replied Naruto with a shrug as he leaned into the chair

"Yes I can only assume so and hope that it isn't for misbehavior" responded Principal Darkholme dryly as she eyed the boy. He was hiding something and she wanted to know what that was but for now she would have to wait. Though for a second she began to think if this boy could be the one Magneto sensed but shot that thought down quickly. Honestly this boy was probably a total idiot.

"Well it seems you have everything order so welcome to Bayville High and please stay out of trouble, I have enough to deal with" said Principal Darkholme after a moment before handing Naruto his class schedule. She couldn't honestly deny him access since the records he presented showed that he was a decent student. Never suspecting the blond had counterfeited the records. Yup one of the rules his godfather taught him was to make the right kind of friends and that he did.

"Thank you and I'll keep that in mind." said Naruto as he took the schedule and bowed to the woman before exiting the office. As he left he was thinking 'Strange chakra signature'

'There is something strange about that boy,' thought Principal Darkholme as she watched Naruto leave. She may have shot down the idea of him being a mutant but the way he moved caught her attention…the way a fighter moves.

'Heh, she expects me to keep out of trouble, The Jinchuurki of the Kyubi no Kitsune, oh I'll show her real trouble, shinobi style!' Thought the blond at the same time all of Bayville High felt a chill down their spine.

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