Alright you guys first of all I'm sorry that I've been gone for so long. It's not that I haven't wanted to come back it just that it hasn't been possible for me to. The University has kept me busy and I barely get any sleep as it is. But I'm coming back. I've kept tab on the stories though and I still get hits and favs everyday and I thank you all for that. I know I have some fans that are still sticking with these stories and I want to do them justice. Now the two that get the most attention are Never Too Late and Another Chance. I love both and I had said that I was going to focus on NTL and I have. But there are so many of you that want me to post some new material for AC. So I want you all to be a part of this. I've already posted the poll on my profile and I want you to vote for which story you want me to vote focus on. The winner will get an overhaul and will be my focus while the loser will get one chapter for every two of the loser. Though I still have the final say. My last final is on Wednesday (December 12) and it ends at 10 am, so the poll will be closed at 12.

I had already said that I was going to redo NTL but I'm doing the same with AC though not as drastic. Just going to change how Naruto behaves and interacts with everyone. I started that one a long time ago and my style and view on the way I want him to act has changed. Oh and since artwork is now being done for stories I would appreciate if there were some talented artist that would like to be mine. Just PM me and I'll ask you some questions and a sample of your work.

Well I hope to see you all soon!