After Karizuwa

Chapter 1: Ren, I need You.

Ren felt uncharacteristically worried after Kyoko's strange phone call. The way she had been speaking was making him worried. Her words said she was fine, but her tone belied the fear that was laced in her voice and Ren was too practiced in it to be able to miss the verbal cues she was sending him. Yashiro was looking at him eagerly, sitting on the couch across from him. He frowned though, seeing Ren's expression.

"Ren, what's wrong?" He looked up at his manager of four years. [This is an approximation, I can't remember exactly].

"Call Director Ogata, something's wrong over there and I have the strangest feeling that Ogata-san can tell us what's going on. I have to go and finish the shoot, so have some news for me when I get back." Yashiro nodded dutifully,

"Of course, I'll have the story by the time you're done." Ren strode off while Yashiro snapped on his surgical gloves and got out his cell phone and dialled Director Ogata's cell phone.

"Moshi Moshi? Ogata-san? How are you? Good, good, glad to hear it. Actually, I wanted to ask about Kyoko- eh? What? Wait, wait, slow down sir, and say it again. SLOWLY." Yashiro listened intently, his face going pale as Ogata-san recounted the day's events down to the rescue of Kyoko by Fuwa. He quickly thanked him for telling him and hung up. He paced like a caged animal as he waited for Ren to finish work.

"Pssst, Ren!" Kijima, Ren's co-star for the shoot motioned him closer while they waited for the photographer to give them the next set of directions. "I say we do this part fast, your manager looks like he's going to lose it if you don't talk to him NOW." He snickered as he motioned in Yashiro's direction. Yashiro was looking at Ren with a we-need-to-talk-now look. Ren began to feel nervous; his gut was telling him he was not going to like what he heard. Normally though, Yashiro kept a calm face during shoot, he didn't let his emotions overcome him when doing work. . He was usually the epitome of professional behaviour when it came to dealing with personal matters.

"Aaaand that's a wrap! Kijima and Tsuruga-san, thank you for the hard work!" The photographer bowed at the two actors. They bowed back and shook each other's hands before Ren was allowed to go to his manager. They ran back to his dressing room and grabbed his things, with Yashiro explaining things on the way.

"All Ogata-san could tell me that he thought we should get to Karizuwa immediately. He said you were the only one that could fix things. Although because he was surrounded by other people, he couldn't tell me what had happened.

They sprinted to the car and jumped in; with Yashiro hanging on for dear life as Ren floored it in the direction of Karizuwa, it would take about two hours to get there from Tokyo.

"He said that an individual had approached the set and made a nuisance of himself because he was looking for Kyoko. Apparently he was so dangerous to Kyoko that she had to flee the set."

Ren's grip on the steering wheel tightened, leaving his knuckles white. His vision was clouded; someone had made her so scared she had to run away from the set In order to get away? She never backed down without a fight! What in the hell was going on?

Oblivious to Ren's thoughts, Yashiro continued.

"Also, I`m not sure how, the director was crying too much for me to understand him, but apparently, Fuwa is involved toooooeeeEEEYAH REN SLOW DOWN!"

****In Karizuwa****

Kyoko curled up on her bed, shaking. She couldn't understand why but she was terrified. Okay scratch that – she knew, but usually even things that scared her didn't reduce her to this trembling state. She tried thinking of something that would calm her down. She thought of Moko-san first, her lips curving into a smile as she thought about her shy best friend. She acted very rough, but in reality she just didn't know how to deal with a girl who wanted to be a friend. But as soon as she thought of Moko-san, she thought of the PV she did for Sho, and then Sho linked back to the stupid beagle and all of a sudden, she was right back where she had begun. The encounter replayed in her mind,

"I wonder, if I were to make you hate me as much as you hate Fuwa, would you react this way for me as well?" Reino's lips curved into a psychotic smile. "Ahh it gives me shivers just to think about it." She remembered how he had slowly unzipped her dress and slipped his hands inside her dress to grab her bare skin in places she had never allowed another man to touch. She shivered, she had felt so hopeless, that bastard was weaker than Sho and yet she couldn't shake him off, she couldn't even loosen his grip on her. She began to feel the anxiety and the fear all over again. Kyoko lay in bed, shaking and shivering, completely gone in her fear, repeatedly whispering the name of the only man who could save her like a mantra

"Ren. Ren. I need you. Ren please..."

***in the hotel lobby***

Ren and Yashiro careened into the hotel lobby like a pair of tornadoes. The guests in the hotel instantly recognized the Japanese superstar, but something about his wild manner was keeping them from approaching. Yashiro scanned the lobby and located Ogata-san talking to the project director about the next location for shooting.

"Ogata-san!" Ren waved the director towards him. A look of obvious relief washed over his face as he realized that it was Ren who had called him. He jogged over.

"Thank goodness you're here!" He looked around nervously and lowered his voice. "I haven't seen Kyoko–san since the incident. She's been holed up in her room since about 3 in the afternoon. Ren looked at his watch. She had called him at 3:12 PM and it was now 5:30 PM. He looked at Ogata-san and opened his mouth to say something but Ogata beat him to the punch.

"You want to know which room she's staying in right? She and Momose-san are sharing a room on the 15th floor, room 1503 and your room Tsuruga-san is room 2213 on the 22nd floor. Yashiro-san's room is on the 4th floor, room 404." Ogata-san smiled and handed Ren the cards to his room.

"Now if you'll excuse me I think Yashiro-san and I have some business to attend to, so why don't you go on ahead Tsuruga-san?" Ogata-san looked knowingly at him and led Yashiro away, who gave Ren one last go-get'em! Look before allowing himself to be dragged away by Ogata.

Ren on the other hand, waited only two seconds looking at the key card in his hand before bolting to the elevator. As the elevator began its ascent, he took in the way he was dressed. He had been shooting for a perfume line. He was wearing dark wash jeans with a black tank top and a blazer. He sighed; at least he wasn't wearing anything too flashy. His height and stature made easily him easily visible to people and the last thing he wanted was to stand out because of his clothes.

The elevator dinged its arrival on to the 15th floor. Ren peeked his head out and looked both ways, checking to see if anyone else was in the hallway. Seeing that no one was there, he sprinted the short distance down to the girls' room and knocked on the door. After a moment the door opened and revealed the face of Momose. She looked as if she couldn't believe her eyes. She let him into her room silently.

"Tsuruga-san? I thought you weren't going to be here for at least another two days!" She hoarse whispered. Ren looked over and could see the Kyoko's raven hued hair sticking out from the edge of the blanket. She seemed to be shivering although there was no logical reason for her to be in the warm room with its thick luxurious comforters.

Ren looked back at Momose.

"Sorry, can you please tell me what she's been doing since she came here?" Ren asked. Momose thought for a second."Well she came into the room and she was pale as ice. So I went into the bathroom to run a hot bath for her, while I was in here, I heard her talking on the phone. Then when I came out, she went into the bath almost mechanically, and then got out, and curled into a ball on her bed. She just lays there and shivers. She doesn't respond to anything I say and only keeps repeating one thing." Momose wrapped her arms around herself and looked at the girl worriedly. She was fond of her, she couldn't help her if she didn't ask for it. Kyoko was just like that, she would struggle until she could struggle no more. But now the man who could help her was here. Seeing Tsuruga-san she could feel the strength emanating from him and she knew he wouldn't let Kyoko down, he would save her no matter what the cost. She gave him way to walk over to her bed.

"Mogami-san?" He waited to see if she would respond. When she didn't, he leaned over and gently peeled the comforter from her body. He cupped the side of her face and whispered her name again.

"Mogami-san, it's me Tsuruga Ren." Kyoko's eyes opened blearily then snapped wide open. In her dazed state she only saw the top of Ren's blazer which she mistook for Reino's black trench coat. Thinking that he had somehow entered her room, she lunged away from the startled man and began to yell. She tried to hit him where ever she could reach while Ren attempted to calm her.


"Mogami-san –" Ren tried to calm her down, he had grabbed the top of her arms in an effort to hold off her blows but she didn't waver. In fact she struggled harder.

"NO! DON'T TOUCH ME!" she tried to kick Ren in the leg only to have her legs pinned to the bed by his own legs.

"MOGA-" She started to flail her arms and began trying to punch Ren in the face while a horrified Momose watched, her hands covering her mouth. Kyoko on the other hand began to cry while screaming at him.

"NO! NOOOOO! REN, HELP ME OH PLEASE HELP ME! I WANT REN!" Ren held her in an iron grip as he suddenly realized what was going on. Kyoko had mistaken him somehow for the man that had stalked and had attacked him in a sheer desire to protect herself. What was more she was calling out to him to save her from this unknown man, Ren was now doubly worried for Kyoko. He grabbed her face and forced her to look at him.

"Mogami-san calm down! It's me Tsuruga Ren!" All at once Kyoko relaxed. She took a good look at him.

"T-t-tsuruga-san?" Her eyes squeezed shut. "I'm dreaming . I have to be dreaming, he's not due here for another two days."

"Oh I assure you I'm very real." Kyoko's eyes began to water as she went limp in his arms. Suddenly, Ren became acutely aware of Momose-san in the room. He scooped Kyoko up in his arms and walked towards the hotel room door, leaving Momose standing there; hand over her mouth, eyes wide thinking only one thing:

Tsuruga Ren is in love with Mogami Kyoko and...Mogami Kyoko loves him back!

***Authors Note***

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